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What to give for a birthday? The answers are here!


Today, it is increasingly possible to meet a situation where, for example, many of the guests invited to your birthday ask questions regarding which particular gift they should buy.

People do this for good reason, because they want the purchased item to be useful and interesting to the birthday person, and not go to the far shelf of the closet.

Therefore, if a holiday is approaching, try to think in advance - what gift I would like to receive in order to know exactly what to answer to my friends and relatives.

It is necessary to begin such discussions with a “revision” of one’s interests and hobbies. Perhaps you are interested in any kind of sport - then a new uniform or special shoes, a spacious backpack for training, or some special accessories will come in handy.

If your subscription to attend sports classes ends, ask your friends to extend it as a presentation.

It will be useful and profitable for you, and invited guests will not puzzle over searches for options on how they would like to wish their friend a happy birthday.

When wondering what gift I would like to receive, I should also decide if you want a practical and useful thing, or something “for the soul”.

Perhaps you need some kind of household appliance that facilitates the work in the kitchen, an accessory for a computer or mobile phone. Maybe it's time to replace the wallet or buy a new handbag. Any of these products can be purchased for you by guests invited to the holiday.

If you trust the taste of friends or relatives, and have long thought about updating the interior in your house or room, order them a piece of furniture, a picture or a souvenir that will decorate your home.

Among other things, such a product will remain for you a reminder of the goodwill of those people who presented it, and about the most recent holiday.

Almost every girl, thinking about the question, what gift I would like to receive, recalls cosmetics.

To stay beautiful and young for a long time, the birthday girl needs to use high-quality and natural cosmetics, which can be an excellent present for her birthday.

In this case, take care to warn the guests in advance which cosmetics of which brands you prefer to use, and then the present will be necessary, useful and pleasant.

What kind of gifts do people really want to receive for their birthday

Birthday is associated with gifts and special attention to the person of the birthday. For one day in a year, each person becomes the center of the world, at least for his loved ones, and expects that all his wishes will be fulfilled. But this does not always happen.

While most of us, while preserving childlike spontaneity, love to have fun at a friendly party and look forward to colorful boxes and gift bags, some people have lost their love of traditional birthday celebrations over the years. Some people stop celebrating their birthday after a certain age, but still value gifts, others have completely abandoned the tradition of accepting gifts, or prefer to spend time in a close circle of family and close friends with all material signs of attention. Remember a friend who traveled the world last year? It is unlikely that he will be impressed by the decorative bowl in ethnic style from the gift shop.

Mothers of young children are constantly faced with the problem of cleaning and storing a large number of toys, so it is not surprising that they are horrified at the sight of a huge teddy bear. All people are different, and they are constantly changing due to personal choices or life circumstances. So the next time you get the idea to mail a funny birthday present to a friend whom you have not seen for several years, stop and think about how many things could change in his life. Ask yourself, this is really what he needs and will bring joy right now.

Although the most difficult situation with the choice of gifts is for the Christmas holidays, it is not much better with birthday presents. You can focus on the preferences of one person, rather than say 20, but this does not make the choice easier. Most likely, you, like most people engaged in everyday worries, forget about the birthdays of loved ones and acquaintances, and a mark on the calendar, a telephone reminder or an alert on social networks takes you by surprise.

Lack of time forces us to choose a gift at the last minute, spend more money on it than planned, and at the same time choose something completely not suitable for the occasion and personality of the birthday person. It happens that we literally exhaust all gift ideas for many years spent together with the closest people. And it happens that over the years spent in separation, people change so much that a gift that would make a childhood friend jump up with delight cannot eventually cause even a slight smile. Regardless of how expensive the gift is and how it is presented, it will ultimately be thrown out / sold / gifted if it does not find a person's interest in the response in his soul.

To ease your torment about choosing a gift, follow these simple recommendations:

  1. First of all, ask the birthday man himself. If he can’t say what he really wants, or he already has everything, it’s worth considering an option with some exciting and memorable joint activity (skydiving, diving, safari, trekking in the mountains, a short weekend trip) .
    There are times when they do not want gifts and do not celebrate birthdays this year due to the loss of loved ones or illnesses, in which case it is worthwhile to limit yourself to sending a bouquet of flowers with a short congratulatory note. Heart-reassuring words can comfort you in difficult times better than any gift.
  2. If you decide to buy something, set a budget and find the best that stores can offer for your money.
  3. Take a closer look at the interests and hobbies of the person being gifted. The more individual the gift, the more likely it will be to enjoy it.
  4. If you well know that a person loves something very much, but would never buy it for himself, help him, make a surprise.
  5. When you can afford to buy only small or cheap things as a gift, make sure that they are either beautiful or useful.
  6. If a person dreams of some big and expensive thing, give him cash or a gift certificate. So he will remember you as one of the people who made it possible to carry out the treasured purchase.
  7. If you live far from each other, or do not communicate for a long time live, use the Internet to find possible hints of what a person likes. Social media profiles and activity monitoring in the most visited communities make it easy.

Sometimes you have to go from the opposite. Start with yourself and think about what you really want to say through this gift. If you want to express your love or gratitude, choose what best reflects what love and appreciation means to you. If you want to cause pleasant surprise or sincere laughter, apply your creative skills and creativity to deliver these emotions. You may be surprised how differently people can react to such an unusual gift, like a story written specifically for a birthday man, or a song performed in his honor.

Gift wrapper answer:

Ask them for a good holiday, so that the memories of this day are preserved for life. Let them have a theme party with a boomerang fling and body art and a memory photo shoot. (In principle, the content of the holiday can be anything you like). Or ask to give you an impression as a gift in order to experience something that has not yet been experienced. If all this is not to your liking, just tell them to give gift certificates to the shops where you usually go. And then you can choose.

Regards, Eugene Schaffert.


I love gifts when you give gifts to someone or most likely people close to you give people joy gifts are not only New Year's or birthday gifts, but just when you are in a good mood, this will include love of work and it will give you joy of love and happiness, I hope our life will change for the better and our attitude towards each other will become much brighter and more beautiful, we won when generosity knocked on our door and always awaken the joy of people and gifts will be distributed around the world

Not so long ago, a neighbor had a birthday, and as he basically has everything, then thinking, my wife made him a cake in the form of a beer mug, on the side she also wrote a wish. so the neighbor didn’t let anyone eat it on anyone on the first day. only two days later. after DR, when I went to him, he decided to cut and treat everyone. I liked it very much, and according to my wife the recipe is quite simple, but the mug (jug) looked pretty impressive and it was really a pity to spoil it, but for that cake too, what should I eat?

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It’s better to ask and buy the right thing.

Everyone has different requests and different opportunities. I would like a car. BUT it was exactly what I wanted, and what I get. at best, a bottle of toilet water. But this does not mean at all that I will not be glad or that I do not value my husband. If there was money, then I would have received a car. Therefore, between what I want and the fact that there can be a big difference)) I just gave my husband DR today nonsense, which you can’t even talk about as a gift, but would like to give him the laptop that he wants.

And I want a dog, a pug dog or a dachshund

For example, I looked after such a present for myself: a set of white gold - earrings and a pendant with gray-blue topazes, coboshone in diamond crumbs. Such an evening set. And the toad strangled me immediately! Why do I need it, I think toad. So run and buy this for your wife, and let her worry why she needs it.

for birthday?! crazy. Unless you're over 50, of course.

Suitcase with a million US dollars. And I don’t need anything else.

Remember, maybe the wife hinted at something recently?)

Are you crazy? The husband must buy a dishwasher as well, such as a sofa, TV, refrigerator, etc.

Are you crazy? The husband must buy a dishwasher as well, such as a sofa, TV, refrigerator, etc.

The phone is good, a steam generator, a blender, a car, an apartment, a DSLR.

Yes, I’m also a new laptop and I want shoes too

maybe the wife wants romance, but they want to crush her everyday life - a steam generator, a blender.
still say iron and skillet
Husband asks someone else's aunt, what to give his wife.
to the garden of such a husband)

Yes, I’m also a new laptop and I want shoes too

Gel balls for growing plants. A lot to have enough. And glass vases into which plants are planted.

Gel balls for growing plants. A lot to have enough. And glass vases into which plants are planted.

Tour to some exotic country.

Zyaba, hi, did you like going on vacation in April?

Perfume, a trip to some super spa with all the procedures, a parachute jump, travel, a good watch, a dog, jewelry

sorry, the message did not go right away, it's not my fault)

That the husband was always with me.

My husband gave me a DSLR for this DR, it’s a must for me by profession. :) I was pleased, of course, because She herself chose the model she needed. Another phone is possible. New netbook or tablet. I also love DR a lot of money and time for shopping. :)

That the husband was always with me.

Hey. Arrived already.

fear your desires, sometimes they come true (s))

By the way, I also really want a DSLR. Interestingly, is it difficult to learn or just pick up and understand everything at once?

Better to lose the anchor than the whole ship. (s)

What is a DSLR?

What is a DSLR?

And I love money. Better than me nobody will choose a gift for me!
I know, some do not like that, but I love!)

often it’s not better)

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