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How to install uTorrent


For the latest versions of uTorrent, developers for some reason left only the English version of the installer, although the program itself, after installation, starts and works with the Russian interface. So that you do not have problems and questions, I decided to describe in detail each stage of the installation in this step-by-step instruction.

Download uTorrent from the main page of our website, or from the official website of the developer. Both they and we have placed links to the same version of the program. If you download from the developer's site, do not confuse the classic desktop client with uTorrent Web - this is another program that works through a browser.

Run the downloaded file. If the operating system asks if you allow the program to make changes on your computer, answer Yes.

The first installer window is a greeting. There are no changeable parameters. Click the Next button.

Next will be a warning not to pay anyone for the free uTorrent program. Only scammers can ask for money for downloading and installing. The developer recommends downloading the program from the official site, here is a link to this site. Read, understand, click Next.

The standard step for installing each program on Windows is to read and accept the license agreement and privacy policy. Click Agree to continue.

Next will be an advertising window. It is proposed to install free programs from well-known publishers. These are not toolbars, but really useful software. If the proposal is interesting, or you just want to express support to the developers, click the button under the number 1 (Accept). If other programs are not needed or not interested, click the button number 2 (Decline). Installation will continue no matter what you select.

There can be several such windows, usually the installer displays them 2 times in a row.

The next window configures where the shortcuts will be created. The first checkmark is in the Start menu. The second is on the quick launch panel (at the bottom of the desktop). The third is on the desktop. Unchecking disables the creation of a shortcut in the specified location. To continue, click Next.

Here you can configure the interaction of the program with the operating system. The first checkmark adds uTorrent to the firewall exceptions. The second is at startup, so that uTorrent starts automatically with Windows. The three lower ones will make uTorrent the default program for opening torrent files, magnet links and files with the extension .btsearch.

Checkmarks that do not need to be removed are circled in red. Click Next.

The next step is to install uTorrent. Copying files will take no more than one minute, at the end a window with thanks will open. Click Finish. If you did not uncheck, the program will start.

What to do if, after installation, the uTorrent interface is in English

If in the Windows settings the Russian language is selected as the main language of the operating system, then the interface in uTorrent will also be in Russian. If the program started in English, press CTRL + P, or through the top menu go to Options - Preferences.

Set Language to Russian. Then click OK and restart uTorrent.

What to do if there is no Russian in the language list

From the top menu, go to Help - Download translations. After downloading the languages, restart the program, then change the language in the settings, as described above.

You can install uTorrent in Russian, that is, so that the installer itself is in Russian by downloading its previous version, for example, uTorrent 3.4.5. After installation, simply update the program, or wait until it is updated automatically.

We understand how to install uTorrent:

1. To start the installation, double-click the uTorrent.exe file.

By the way: We watch the video and find out what torrents are.

2. The Setup Wizard dialog box appears on the monitor. Under the wizard’s welcome message, you will see a “Next” button. By clicking on it, you will proceed to a short warning from the creators of the program, notifying you of the existence of fakes and infected files that offer to download unscrupulous sites.

3. The next step is to familiarize yourself with the license agreement, you can scroll through it and read it, or ignore it and just click "Accept". You can be principled and read the whole huge text, but our advice is simply to accept the agreement and that’s it. Torrent developers are not the kind of people who will palm off some kind of kaku on you.

4. Now select the folder in which the program components will be located. We recommend that you follow the proposed option and by default locate in C: Progam Files uTorrent. In addition, you will need to decide whether torrent shortcuts are useful to you in the Start menu, a shortcut on the Desktop, or in the Quick Launch Panel. If in some of them there is no need - just uncheck this item.

5. Next, there will be a proposal to add uTorrent to the Windows Firewall exceptions, which will ensure downloading and distribution without blocking from the firewall. In addition, you can choose whether to start uTorrent as soon as the computer turns on and Windows starts or not.

6. After that, you will be asked if you agree to make changes to the browser browser panel (Yandex toolbar or something else). Here you can again uncheck if this is not what you need.

7. Well, finally, the last step - click the "Install" button.

Basically, this is all the instructions on how to install uTorrent.