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Retaining chlorophyll


In the age of healthy eating, many have turned their attention to a product such as broccoli. Broccoli is one of the varieties of cabbage, outwardly it looks like cauliflower, but unlike it has a bright green color.

Inflorescences are used in broccoli food. They can be served even raw. Broccoli is very rich in vitamins, but in order for them to not disappear during heat treatment, broccoli need to be steamed for 3-4 minutes or boiled in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

The beneficial properties of broccoli have been known for a very long time. Broccoli contains fiber, iron, zinc, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, vitamins: B, C, A, beta-carotene, folic acid. Broccoli removes excess salts from the body. It is useful for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for cardiovascular diseases and even oncology.

The last property was discovered not so long ago. In the process of research, it was revealed that the composition of broccoli includes the substance sulforaphane, whose action is directed against bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. This substance is a good prophylactic against stomach cancer. Currently, scientists are actively working to develop drugs based on this substance.

The systematic use of broccoli prevents aging and the occurrence of atherosclerosis. Broccoli is useful for both children and adults and the elderly.

In supermarkets he sells frozen and fresh broccoli. If you are shopping for the future, it is better to buy frozen broccoli, but if you plan to cook dishes from it in the next couple of days, then it is better to buy fresh, but you need to look so that it has a juicy green color, it is not bad and strong.

Salads, hot dishes and soups are prepared from broccoli. We are ready to share recipes for some of them.

Broccoli salad

Boil broccoli in salted water for 2-3 minutes. Boil the carrots. Cut the broccoli into slices 3-4 cm, grate the carrots on a coarse grater. Finely chop the onion and cucumber. Mix all the ingredients, prepare a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper. If desired, you can add a little sugar.

Sesame dressing broccoli

This salad will appeal to those who like Asian cuisine.

Boil the broccoli inflorescences in boiling salted water for 2-3 minutes, put in a colander and let drain.

Fry sesame seeds in a dry pan, stirring constantly so that they do not burn.

Prepare the sauce in a separate bowl: whisk the soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sesame seeds and sesame oil with a whisk. Pour broccoli sauce and mix thoroughly.

You can eat a salad right away, but it’s better to cool it properly in the refrigerator, because when it is cold, it is even tastier.

For piquancy, you can add a clove of garlic, frying it in a pan after sesame.

Broccoli Puree Soup

Wash and chop vegetables. Passion onions and carrots in vegetable oil until golden onions are obtained. Pour water in such a way that it covers vegetables by 2 cm, and cook for 10 minutes.

Add broccoli, if all broccoli is not covered with water, that's okay, it will be steamed. Cook for another 5 minutes.

Prepare a creamy cheese sauce. Melt the butter and fry the flour on it. Pour milk and cream, bring to a boil, stirring constantly, so that no lumps form. If there are small lumps, then they need to be wiped through a sieve. Add grated cheese to the sauce and stir over low heat until it melts.

Place boiled vegetables and sauce in a blender and beat until puree mass.

The soup is ready, it can be served with wheat croutons or a fried baguette, grated garlic.

Diet Vegetable Stew

This dish is suitable for those who are fasting or just dieting.

Boil potatoes in salted water with bay leaf. 3-4 minutes before ready to add broccoli to it. Once the potatoes are boiled, drain the water.

Fry the onion and bell pepper in a pan. Season with the spices that you like best. The resulting mixture is added to potatoes and broccoli.

The dish is prepared very quickly, it turns out very tasty and, most importantly, aromatic.

Quiche with broccoli

A very popular dish in many coffee houses, but you can cook it at home.

In order to prepare the dough, you need to grate the chilled butter grated in a bowl with flour. Add ice water and knead the dough quickly. Make a ball from the dough, wrap it in cling film and put in the refrigerator for an hour.

After time, roll out the dough, distribute it in the form in which it will be baked, forming 2 cm high sides. Let stand in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, then bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

At this time, prepare the filling. Boil broccoli in salted water. Bell pepper cut into rings, after removing the grain.

Grate the cheese on a coarse grater. Beat eggs with cream, add salt and pepper and half the cheese and beat thoroughly.

Put the base of the dough with the remaining cheese. Spread a layer of broccoli and a ring of pepper on top. Pour cream-cheese dressing.

We send to the oven for 35-40 minutes, bake until the filling starts to rise and brown.

In addition to the described recipes, broccoli is often used as a side dish, and as a filling for pastas, and as a main dish in combination with other products. Other recipes for cooking broccoli can be found on our website.

Read more about broccoli dishes here.

Preserve taste and color

Like any green vegetable, broccoli requires delicate processing. It is important not to overheat, so as not to destroy chlorophyll, which gives it color and partly taste. If you keep broccoli on fire, it will become lethargic, ugly, tasteless, because chlorophyll is destroyed by prolonged heating.

When boiling broccoli, it needs to be dipped in boiling water (previously disassembled into inflorescences, which should be approximately the same), cook until the stalks of the inflorescence are ready, and then put on a sieve and put in cold water. It is even better to add ice to this water. This will stop the cooking process, and thus we will not overheat the vegetable. Cooking time depends on the size of the inflorescences.

It is enough to add cooked broccoli to meat or fish in the last minutes of cooking. The inflorescences will warm up and soak in the smell of the main course. This is the easiest way to cook broccoli.

Most of all I like to cook steamed broccoli (and other green vegetables). When we boil vegetables, water is obtained with a vegetable hue, it takes part of vitamins and nutrients, taste and aroma. And steam instantly penetrates into the core of the vegetable, it quickly warms the broccoli from the inside. Thus, vitamins, color are preserved. For fans of healthy lifestyle - a double boiler is an indispensable thing.

When we are steaming, the ice bath after cooking becomes no longer mandatory.

To make mashed potatoes for a side dish or broccoli soup puree, I recommend taking a pan with a wide and thick bottom. You need to disassemble the cabbage for inflorescences, heat the pan over a fire, pour oil and fry broccoli well, adding a little garlic, salt and pepper. Frying enhances the vegetable taste of the product. Fry until golden brown, and then fill with hot water. And here we need to take exactly so much water, so that later we get the desired consistency of the soup. For mashed soup, this is approximately 1.5 liters of water per 1 kg of broccoli.

The water boiled, for 2 minutes we cook cabbage, then we mashed everything with a blender or wiped through a sieve - everything, the soup is ready.

For baking, you can pre-cook cabbage. And you can bake raw, parsing, as usual, for inflorescences. When baking, I would recommend sprinkling cabbage with something sour - lemon or lime juice, grape vinegar, white wine and covering the broccoli with foil. Acid - this cabbage goes very much. You can bake broccoli with the product with which you will serve it so that the vegetable is saturated with meat or fish smells - and vice versa.

For baking, preheat the oven to 180-200 degrees.

Cabbage goes well with something sour, as I said. However, this applies to all green vegetables. I like the combination of broccoli with Asian delicate spices: turmeric, saffron. You can make a sauce based on them: fry the garlic, add saffron, olive oil, chicken stock and tighten everything with a piece of butter - you get an emulsion that is good to water broccoli when cooking, it will be absorbed.

What to cook with broccoli is delicious and simple

In fact, if you make friends with broccoli cabbage, there will be no problem creating a wholesome and tasty menu!

This product is very easy and simple to prepare. Broccoli can be fried, steamed, boiled, baked. And most importantly, this vegetable is quite acceptable to use without preliminary heat treatment. True, not everyone will like this option. A slightly steamed or fried vegetable becomes softer, and the taste acquires very interesting notes. For the preparation of delicious dishes based on green kale, many additional products are not required. And the kitchen utensils need the simplest. You can cook broccoli quickly and tasty in a slow cooker, saucepan, pan, oven, double boiler, on the grill. You can cut the inflorescences in raw form and flavor them with lemon or lime juice - this will also turn out pretty well.

Broccoli is in harmony with the following products:

  • potatoes and sweet potato,
  • celery and carrots,
  • almost any greenery
  • lettuce leaves of any kind,
  • cauliflower,
  • green beans
  • rice and buckwheat
  • sunflower, olive oil,
  • green onion, turnip, leek,
  • garlic,
  • flour and products based on it,
  • yogurts, sour cream, dairy products,
  • cheese.

When cooking this cabbage, you can use any favorite spices. It can be combined, but can be used as an independent dish. Here it all depends on the imagination, the situation and personal preferences.

There are some tips to help make broccoli really tasty.

  • In most cases, you do not need to cut cabbage. It is enough to disassemble it into inflorescences, which are very small.
  • Wanting to taste cabbage in its raw form, it should be thoroughly doused with boiling water. So it will become softer and tastier. At the same time, all vitamins will retain their qualities, and the aroma will appear brighter.
  • Do not expose the product to too long a heat treatment. In the case of broccoli, this is not required. Typically, the vegetable is cooked in 20-30 minutes, fried for 5-10 minutes, baked for no more than 20 minutes, steamed for no longer than 25 minutes. Of course, unless otherwise specified in the recipe, it is worth following the selected cooking instructions.
  • Sometimes it’s enough to add broccoli with a drop of olive oil and fresh lime juice and nothing else is needed. It will turn out an incredibly tasty dish.
  • You can cook cabbage for lunch or dinner. This product is also suitable for the holiday menu.
  • If you add a drop of olive oil or any other variant of vegetable fat to the inflorescences, and then fry the cabbage over high heat, gently mixing with breading, you will get a very satisfying and tasty version of the dish.
  • Soups from this cabbage are tender, nutritious, nutritious. Is it worth recalling the benefits of such a food option?
  • So that a dish of broccoli does not disappoint with taste, do not cook it for the future. This cabbage is preparing quite quickly. Therefore, it is absolutely easy to prepare a fresh dish just before serving.
  • Of course, for the preparation of tasty and wholesome food it is better to choose fresh products that have not undergone cold processing and preservation. However, frozen broccoli can also be used to make broccoli dishes. This option will not work, only if you plan to try a salad of raw vegetables. Here, a thawed product can play a cruel joke.

How to choose and store broccoli

If you want to enjoy a dish of curly green cabbage, you should choose a fresh product. Today, broccoli is easy to find in the market, in a store or in a vegetable shop. But, unfortunately, sometimes you can get on a low-quality vegetable, which will prettyly spoil the impression of food.

So what do you need to know about this vegetable?

Fresh quality broccoli cabbage looks like this:

  • The fork consists of many curly velvety inflorescences.
  • When pressing on the surface of the inflorescences, the fading of the pulp, friability, stickiness or moisture is not felt.
  • The aroma of cabbage is pleasant, fresh, barely perceptible.
  • The tops of green, uniformly colored, without interspersed rot.
  • Inflorescences have a juicy green hue.
  • The stalks of cabbage are also painted in a deep green color.
  • On the surface of the "curls" you can see small dull green villi. This is normal.
  • Forks are elastic, do not fall apart.

In a word, fresh ripe broccoli looks so that you can’t take your eyes off. Her appearance and aroma are mouth-watering, and does not cause suspicion. It is such a product that is worth buying for your kitchen.

The vegetable is stored for a long time. But he needs a cold. Cabbage can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 14 days. It is advisable to wrap it in cling film for greater safety. In the freezer, this product will last up to 12 months or more. Before sending broccoli to freeze, it should be divided into inflorescences and packaged in food bags or containers.

Broccoli: recipes

Our site has a whole section with recipes where you can find original instructions for cooking this cabbage. And here we give some examples of recipes for broccoli dishes that can be prepared quickly, simply and tasty!

Broccoli Puree Soup

This soup is very tasty and nutritious. It can be prepared not only for adults. The soup and the kids will delight.

To prepare 3-4 servings you will need:

  • broccoli - 1 medium forks,
  • carrots - 1 average,
  • potatoes - 2 small tubers,
  • onion - a small onion,
  • Diced crackers to taste,
  • parsley and dill greens to taste,
  • feta cheese - 100-200 grams.

Sprinkle cabbage with boiling water and disassemble for inflorescences. Peel and dice the carrots and potatoes. Peel the onion, but do not cut. Put the vegetables in a saucepan and pour water on top. Put on fire and cook. Remove vegetables from the heat. Throw the onion. And turn the rest of the mass with a blender into mashed potatoes. Serve the soup in deep bowls, garnishing with herbs and adding cubes of feta cheese and crackers.

This delicious dish will be appreciated by everyone at home! Do not even doubt it will appeal to you.

Green smoothie from broccoli, celery, cucumber

Smoothies are a healthy drink! Green smoothie is also very tasty. This version of the drink is suitable during the diet period (for weight loss). Such a drink fits perfectly into the menu of a healthy diet.

To prepare 3-4 servings, take:

  • broccoli - ½ average head of cabbage,
  • celery - 1 medium stem,
  • cucumber - 1 medium,
  • fresh lime juice - 3-4 drops,
  • water - ½ cup.

Broccoli can be slightly boiled in salted water until soft. Disassemble the finished cabbage into inflorescences and cut off a thick stem. Dice celery and cucumber. Put all the ingredients in a blender bowl and add water mixed with lime juice. Apply a blender to get the desired consistency. If you get too thick a drink, you can add a little more water. Serve smoothies in transparent glasses, garnished with a sprig of mint.

This drink nourishes, refreshes and gives a feeling of satiety for a long period.

Glass noodles with cream broccoli

This original dish will fit perfectly into your dinner. You can also try it for lunch.

To prepare 3-4 servings:

  • funchose (noodles or spaghetti) - 1 pack,
  • broccoli - 1 average head of cabbage,
  • olive oil - 3-4 drops,
  • soy milk, sour cream or creamy yogurt - ½ cup,
  • favorite spices to taste.

Cook the noodles in the manner indicated on the package. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan and put the broccoli that was previously sorted into inflorescences. Fry over high heat. Reduce the heat to a minimum and put the glass noodles in the pan. Gently mix the components and pour everything over with yogurt (sour cream, soy milk). Let it literally 5 minutes. The finishing touch is spices. After adding spices, the dish is ready!

This is a spicy dish that will delight connoisseurs of original cuisine. Simplicity of execution allows you to make this food option on duty.

Broccoli is a vegetable rich in healthy ingredients. It tastes good, nutritious and beautiful. Any broccoli dish is quick and easy to cook! Well, the pleasure of such a meal will be provided. It is nice to know that in the diet there are only natural products that bring benefits, strength and energy to the body!