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How to remove programs on Mac OS


The macOS operating system is very easy to learn and easy to use. Some processes are intentionally simplified for ease of perception.

So, for example, uninstalling programs comes down to a trivial drag and drop application into the basket. All Windows users are simply delighted when they see such tricks.

Opened folder Programs, chose the unnecessary and poisoned it in the trash, on Windows after this there will be many registry entries, settings files and other garbage in the system, even the shortcut from the desktop will not be deleted.

Is everything smooth on MacOS

On the Mac, it’s not so simple either, the developers simplified the removal process, but they are silent about the fact that the program also leaves data, documents and parameters in the system.

On the one hand, when reinstalling the application, it picks up the parameters and remembers the settings you specified, and on the other, the system will store unnecessary data from each program that has ever been installed.

How to remove all unnecessary

Experienced users can manually search for all data left by a program after deletion, but it is much easier to entrust this to specialized software.

Most heavy “optimizer cleaners” are loaded with dozens of not-so-useful options, take up a lot of space, eat up system resources and often ask for money for their work.

We found simple but free application to completely remove programs from Mac.

1. We go to the developer's site and download the utility Appcleaner.

Please note that for older versions of the system, different versions of the application that the developer provides on the site are suitable.

2. After downloading, you only need to extract the application from the archive and, if desired, place it in a folder Applications.

3. Now, to remove any program from the Mac, you need to run AppCleaner and drag an unnecessary application onto it.

The utility itself will find all the left “tails” and carefully delete them along with the program.

All that remains is to confirm the deletion, and if desired, you can leave the configuration files or the necessary data.

You can remove the program directly from AppCleaner.

To do this, go to a special section and mark unnecessary applications.

The utility will immediately display all the dependencies found and offer to delete everything in one fell swoop.

Remember to look into AppCleaner options.

There you can enable or disable protection for standard applications and running programs. In addition, you can activate Smart delete.

So when you move the application to the trash, AppCleaner will independently clean the system from the dependencies of the remote program.

Use for health!

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Through the basket

Uninstalling programs on Mac OS is different from uninstalling on Windows, since on computers with an operating system from Microsoft, deleting a shortcut does not delete the program itself, but on a Macbook it is the other way around:

    Find the icon of the application you want to remove. It may be located on the desktop or in a separate folder.

This method is only suitable for programs installed from the official App Sore store:

  1. Launch Launchpad from the list of applications in the quick access toolbar.


Also, craftsmen wrote more than one program on the Mac OS operating system, the general task of which is the removal of other programs. One of them is AppCleaner. Its advantages are that it is easy to use and is distributed free of charge.

  1. We go to the official website of the developer ( and install the latest version of the program.
  2. Open the application.

How to remove firmware

Built-in or standard programs include Safari, FaceTime, iTunes, etc. If you try to remove them using the usual methods, you will receive a notification from the system that these applications are necessary and cannot be deleted. Still, there is a way to get rid of them, but if you ever want to restore them, then problems may arise, so act only if you are absolutely sure that you will never need these applications again.

    Run the terminal to enter commands.

Cleaning the poppy after uninstalling applications

If you want to be completely sure that after uninstalling the next program there are no extra folders and files left on the computer, then download CCleaner. It will allow you to scan the entire laptop hard drive and clean it of unnecessary folders and files in just a couple of clicks.

Do not forget to regularly clean your laptop not only from obsolete and unnecessary programs, but also from useless folders left over from erased programs. You can remove programs through the trash, Launchpad, third-party programs, for example, AppCleaner, and the Unistall application, which is located in the installed program folder. After you uninstall the program, it is recommended to scan the hard disk for extra folders, for example, using CCleaner.