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How to invite a girl to the cinema


The most common problem the guys have is of course the question of the script for dating. Therefore, with this article, I will begin a series of articles on dating scenarios. I'll start with the simplest scenario - this is a trip to the cinema with a girl. One of the most popular and not the worst scenario for a date, if used correctly, but not everyone knows how to do it.

First date at the cinema

I note right away that going to the cinema with a girl cannot be suitable as a scenario for a first date. Since for the first date, it’s nevertheless suitable that will help you gain a foothold in communication with the girl, establish comfortable contact and create a trusting background of communication. Therefore, the cinema is not very suitable for the first date, but is suitable for the second or subsequent dates.

Also, the movie is perfect for a date in which you have planned several stories and several changes of places. Here the same logic, you do not put the movie on the first plot for a date, and the movie is the second or third change of place and events.

As a rule, if you want to invite a girl on a date, then you will have to take care of the tickets. Therefore, try to make sure that the tickets are in good central places, and not in a corner from which nothing is visible. Next, make sure that the girl did not watch the movie. The easiest way to do this is to go to the premiere. Then the probability that the girl was on the film that goes on the first or second day is extremely low.

Since girls often like to be late, it’s better for you to arrange a meeting a little earlier, even if the girl is late, you will still come in time and will not make your way through the darkness pushing your knees to their places.

What movie to go with a girl

You can choose any film, it’s not so critical, the only one, in my opinion, you can choose films that are guaranteed to hurt emotions. For example, I like to drive to horror films, since this is very likely to be emotional, as well as characteristic pluses, such as taking a girl by the hand and saying that you are afraid. It is funny and conducive to touch.

What to do with the girl in the movie

During the film, you don’t have to say, anyway, the girl will not hear anything, but everyone will strain from this, so this is even a plus for those who are not a fan of talking. During the viewing, non-verbal communication will be strengthened, as I already said, you can take the girl’s hand, saying that you’re scared, you can treat her with popcorn, the girl can lie on your shoulder, well, or you can do the same. That is, the situation is great for touching.

By the way, I am not a supporter of the fact that you tried to fuck a girl in a movie or almost. With a high degree of probability you will not succeed. Since this requires a lot of conditions. Somehow I’ll tell you how to do it, but another time. Therefore, try to just spend quality time watching a movie. And so go on to sex after you have it at home.

And then what ...

What is good about cinema, as a script for a date, is that after the cinema, you immediately have topics for talking with a girl, you can discuss the actors, the film, how you were afraid and other things. Therefore, it is desirable that after the movie there was an opportunity to either take a walk or go to a cafe to have a cup of tea. This is great, as it will change the situation and help to get closer even more. By the way, the movie is also good because you and the girl spend one and a half to two hours together, which contributes to the trust between you.

So during this walk or get-togethers in a cafe, you can test the soil on the basis of whether the girl is ready to go to you or not. And if she reacts positively to everything, then you, in principle, can go with her to you. It often happens that after the movie you can go to you. This will be your second or third date, which means that there was enough time for everything to go well if you did not click. If everything went wrong, then it’s okay to leave today, but after a couple of days almost immediately after the meeting, go to your place. This is normal.

I want to note that the disadvantages of cinema for a date is that it is a pretty hackneyed scenario for a date. Therefore, going to the cinema, you don’t especially hit the girl. But this date can be perceived as the one on which you simply gain a foothold in seduction.

Well, what’s good is that the movie is great as an option for dating newcomers. It is easy to implement, there is no need to talk a lot during, after which you can talk about the film. And if you use this script correctly, as I described in this article, then such a meeting will only play a plus for you.

Stage One - Preparatory

If you like horror movies or awesome action movies, that doesn't mean anything. If you do not guess with your girlfriend’s taste preferences, going to the cinema may be your last meeting. It will be right during walks to talk on the topic of cinema, carefully find out what genres the girl prefers. The conversation on this topic should be conducted at ease, not accented. After all, you want to make the invitation unexpected, original.

So, you find out what your darling from the movies likes. Perhaps you even hinted that soon a new tape will be released, for example, “FIR-trees - 4,5,6 or 12). By the reaction of the girl, you realized that she was interested in this film. So, the choice is made - it’s time to act.

Stage Two - Practical

You set a goal for yourself - to invite a girl to the movies in a fun, unconventional way. The film itself is selected, now we determine the date and time of the session. As for the time of day, the evening for young people is the best time for romantic walks or hiking. Having chosen this or that day, try to find out in advance from your pretty friend what she plans to do. You can call her for a walk, you can even hint that she will have a little surprise. Creativity, diversity, the ability to think and act are welcome non-standard.
Well and most importantly - do not forget to voice your proposal. Otherwise, all the preparations, worries and worries will be useless, and you will never know whether she would agree to go to the cinema with you or not.

How to say what needs to be said? There can be a lot of examples. It all depends on your character, the level of relationships between you and a specific point in time. For example, walking around the city, you specifically choose the route that passes by the cinema or an advertising poster with a repertoire. Show interest, offer to see what’s new on the movie market. Well, here is the time to offer: "Let's go to - THIS is a movie."

Another option is to start a conversation about movies that you watched not so long ago, try to interest your girlfriend, draw her into the discussion, and here is the time to invite her to any session.

In no case should your superiority be shown in terms of going to the cinema. After all, the main task is a joint date. And on dates, and indeed, when communicating with the fairer sex, a guy, a young man, a man, should behave like a gentleman.

Unexpected invitation

If you like originality, unusualness, a manifestation of novelty in your actions - try to invite a girl to the movies beautifully. There may also be many options for action. For example, - you buy two tickets in advance, and pack them beautifully. At the meeting, you offer the girl to open the package, and there she finds these same tickets. The main thing is that you provide for a good time, the availability of free time for your charming companion. If you are a smart and risky person, you can put the tickets in your pocket or purse for a girl. The original way is to use a boy or a little girl. Tickets purchased in advance, and to them - a bouquet of flowers (or just one rose), at the right moment the baby hands your chosen one. A positive result is guaranteed.

First meeting

The methods of action outlined above were more concerned with young people who were already more or less familiar. But what if you only want to make an acquaintance, build a relationship? Of course, first of all, you should take advantage of the technological progress that has given us the Internet and mobile communications. You can try to make your first contact using a written email. More effective for girls is receiving SMS messages. Having started an active correspondence, you evaluate the girl’s readiness for the development of relations and right there, you sound the invitation to go to the movies together. As soon as a positive result is obtained, we immediately begin preparations.

  • The first is buying tickets. To do this, it is not necessary to run to the cinema. Use the service of the online service and redeem tickets at pre-selected locations.
  • The second is appearance. Urgently wash, brush, iron! Make sure you are irresistible, critically evaluate your external data, from gait to bad breath. Take all necessary measures, and the result will achieve your goal.
  • Third - come up with something interesting, original. Such that the evening spent together, your darling wanted to repeat more and more.

How to invite a girl to the cinema? The method of choice and the procedure is up to you. The main thing is confidence, a certain determination, and also attention, concern for your chosen one. Try to be an interesting conversationalist, tell funny things, make jokes, and be able to listen.

And the last: if you really like a girl, there is every chance that from a simple trip to the cinema, a warm romantic relationship will be established between you. And it will happen very soon!