Useful Tips

30 killer party contests


This means a lot of guests, a lot of drinks and a lot of noise. The more of all this, the cooler. The theme of the party can not be invented so as not to bother with costumes, food and decoration. Just call friends and friends of friends and have fun.

How to arrange everything

Buy red cups and garlands. Red cups are a symbol of any American party, and under the garlands everything will be like in a movie. It is better to use disposable dishes, and do not lay a tablecloth on tables with snacks. Take away the vases and in general everything that may break, stock up on garbage bags and napkins.

What to listen

To create an atmosphere of general frenzy, cut something poppy, but not tasteless. No strange music and hard rock - just the music you want to dance to.

The best music at the party is loud, so take care of the speakers. For example, ION Audio has an ION Block Rocker Sport wireless audio system with 100 watts. The speaker produces a cool sound, it has special cup holders for drinks, it is not afraid of rain or spilled beer and works autonomously for 75 hours. Life hacker already wrote about this audio system, a full review can be found here.

If you have a music lover, call him as a DJ. Let it put vinyl records, it will add style. For a noisy party, the ION PRO 100BT vinyl player is suitable. It has built-in speakers and the ability to connect to external speakers via Bluetooth.

How to have fun

Play Birpong and Fizz Buzz, arrange table dances and a wet shirt competition.

Birpong is a game of American students. Guests are divided into two teams, each with 10 glasses of beer. Players take turns throwing a ping pong ball into the opponent’s glasses, trying to hit. If the ball hits, another player drinks the contents and removes the glass. The team with the most hits wins.

Fizz Buzz is a funny mindfulness game. Players take turns counting from 1 to 100, replacing the numbers that are divided into three with the word “fizz”, and those that are divided into five with the word “buzz”. And if the number is divided into three and five, then they say "fizz-buzz." Anyone who is mistaken, performs a task or drinks a free kick.

And about the wet shirts contest - just don’t say that you need to explain how to arrange it.

Retro party

We are not talking about a boring meeting with one glass of cocktail in the evening and languid looks. A real retro party is a crazy party in the style of the 50-60s, when people knew how to have fun. Rock and roll, carelessness and optimism - you forget about the problems and dance until your legs give up or the light goes out.

Dress the lady

Props: tape or rope
Each woman holds a ribbon twisted into a ball in her right hand. The man takes the tip of the tape with his lips and, without touching his hands, wraps the tape around the woman. The winner is the one who succeeds in the outfit, or the one who will cope with the task faster, or by decision of the jury.


Props: not needed
Everyone settles in a circle and someone speaks any word in the ear to his neighbor, he should as soon as possible say in the ear of the next his first association with this word, the second to the third, and so on. until the word returns to the first. This contest is considered successful if from the first word, for example, a shot glass, the last one turned out “gangbang” :)

I love - I do not like

Props: Love! :)
The host asks all the guests sitting at the table to name two parts of the body: what they love and what they don’t like from the neighbor on the right. For example: “With my neighbor on the right, I love the ear and do not like the shoulder.” After everyone calls it, the facilitator asks everyone to kiss what they love and bite what they don't love. A minute of violent laughter is provided to you.

Props: nothing :)
Write the first lines of love songs on paper hearts and invite each of the guests to sing the verse of the song, the first line of which he got.

Feed your beloved-2

Props: food! :)
Guests are divided into pairs. In each - a man and a woman. In front of each pair a few meters away are plates of ice cream. The task of women is to take a spoon, scoop ice cream and, taking a spoon by the handle of the lips, carefully return to your partner and feed him, without letting the spoon out of your mouth. The pair, the first to eat ice cream, are winning.

Situational contest for women

Props: Nothing
The host asks:
1. You have come home, and an unfamiliar man is sleeping on your bed. Your actions?
2. You come to work, and another employee sits in your place. Your actions?
3. You were invited to a restaurant, you had dinner and suddenly your companion disappears without paying. Your actions?
4. You bought hair dye, dyed your hair, but it turned out that it is green, but you don’t have time to repaint it before the reception. Your actions?
5. You have an important report tomorrow, and your neighbors have a big party that keeps you awake anyway. Your actions?

Boxing match

Props: boxing gloves, candy (preferably caramel)

Before the start of the contest, the presenter calls two real men who are ready for anything for the sake of the lady. Ladies of heart are present right there to exert a beneficial psychological influence on their knights. Cavaliers wear boxing gloves, the rest of the guests form a symbolic boxing ring. The presenter’s task is to intensify the situation as much as possible, suggest which muscles are best for stretching, and even ask for short fights with an imaginary opponent, in general, as in a real ring. After the physical and moral preparation is completed, the knights go to the center of the ring, greet each other. The host, he is a judge, recalls the rules, such as: do not beat below the belt, do not leave bruises, fight until the first blood, etc. After that, the leader gives the fighters the same candy, preferably caramel (they are harder to unwrap, especially when they are sticky), and asks for his lady's heart to unfold this candy as soon as possible, without removing the boxing gloves. The one who wins the task before the opponent wins.

Props: tape or rope

At my signal, the first participant takes a rope in his hand and one runs the entire distance. Returns to the start, the second “kid” from the group grabs the rope. Now I’m running the entire distance for two, then three, etc., until the whole group holds onto the rope. Which group will come to the finish line first, that won.

Several pairs of MJs are participating. For the game, forks are required for the number of players and a few threads.

The forks are tied to the belt at about the level of the knee (fitting experimentally) at the back. The goal of the game is to face each other, catch on forks. Attention. Skirts on girls - not a hindrance! Difficulty can be controlled by the length of the thread.

The road to Freedom

Two teams: in one man, in another woman.

Two teams are formed: in one man, in another woman. At the signal, the players of each team begin to take off their clothes (whatever they want) and put them in a line. Each team has its own line. The team that made the longest line of clothing wins.

7-8 people participate
The game is generally for children of preschool age, but at parties and weddings goes to "Hurray!". 7-8 people participate, each chooses an animal for himself and shows the rest the characteristic movement of this animal, only movement! :) So the “acquaintance” happens. After that, the host will select the beginner from the side. He must show “himself” and another “animal”, this “animal” shows himself and someone else, and so on until someone makes a mistake, i.e. will show the other “animal” incorrectly or will show the retired. The erring one is eliminated. The game ends when two remain. "Then a toast :)

Props: Pencil
Teams in which men and women alternate must pass from the first to the last a simple pencil, and it is transmitted sandwiched between the nose and the upper lip of the players! Naturally, you can’t touch the pencil with your hands, but you can touch the rest with your hands :))), if the guests have already taken a certain amount of alcohol, the spectacle will turn out

Props: toothpicks (matches), ring
A large company (of any age) rises in the order M – F – M – F – F – M – F. Each participant takes a toothpick (match) in his mouth. For the first time, a ring is put on a match (any, you can practice). The meaning of the game: pass the ring in a chain (from match to match), of course, without the help of a hand until the last participant.

Loud Readers Contest

Props: newspapers (male participants)
The facilitator announces that the participants must demonstrate how they read aloud newspapers at home for the whole family, and the winner is the one who does it best and loudest. To do this, they sit down in armchairs or chairs, roll one trouser leg up to the knee (so that the bare leg is visible), throw their legs over the leg (bare leg, of course, above) and they are given a hand in the newspaper. Reading texts should be as versatile as possible. At the host’s command, the participants begin to read newspapers aloud, trying to cross the opponents. Such a funny whine begins that the audience skates with laughter ... At the stop command, reading stops and the host announces the winner. The last joke: the host announces that in fact this contest was not for reading, but for the hairiest legs, and the prize goes to the most “shaggy” one. :))))))))

Where to invest the money?

Props: paper money wrappers
The presenter calls up two pairs (in each pair a guy and a girl): “Now you will try to open a whole network of banks as quickly as possible, investing only one banknote in each. Get your initial fees! (Gives money wrappers to pairs). Banks for your deposits can serve as pockets, lapels, and all the secluded places. Try to feed up your deposits as quickly as possible, open as many banks as possible. Get ready, start! ” The facilitator helps couples complete the task; after 1 minute, the facilitator sums up the results. Presenter: “How many notes do you have left? And you? Sumptuously! All the money invested in the case! Well done! And now I ask the women to switch places and as quickly as possible to withdraw from the accounts the entire amount. Open banks, withdraw money! Attention, we started! ” (Sounds music, women are looking for money from foreign partners).

Props: two sheets of format - A4 or A3
Two boys and two girls take part in the game. Two chairs are put on which the young men sit. Next, two sheets of A4 format are taken and placed on the knees of young people. After which the girl sits on a sheet of paper lying on the boy’s lap. The task is to wrinkle the sheet as much as possible within 1 minute. From the side it looks very impressive and fun! :)

Girlfriend's leg

A good version of the game to buy the bride
Good company, a celebration with friends (just do this joke with parents, grandparents or vice versa children - no need), birthday, etc. In the room, ladies sit, chairs 4-5 people. From practice - no longer needed. They show the man that among them sits his wife (girlfriend, acquaintance) and he is taken to another room to blindly tighten his eyes. At this moment, all women are transplanted, and among them (for color), 1-2 men are seated. All bare one leg (just above the knees) and let the man in with a bandage. He squatting, alternately touching the bare leg of everyone, must recognize his wife. There is nothing very terrible, but jokes - it’s a lot. There are many options. And a man “climbs” his legs for a long time, and sometimes he doesn’t recognize the “missus”, but if he pointed to another man, they say my wife (and he has a stocking to hide his hair) - the OTAP will be complete. Then all the men want, will not drag.

Props: inflatable balls (1 for each), ordinary thread, adhesive tape, clerical button (1 for each)
The number of people - the more the better. The game can be both a team and everyone for themselves. For the game you will need: inflatable balls (1 for each), ordinary thread, adhesive plaster, clerical button (1 for each).

The ball is inflated and tied with a thread in the waist area (the ball should be on the level and in the area of ​​the buttocks). A piece of adhesive plaster is pushed with the button and glued to the player's forehead. Such a procedure is performed with each participant. Then each player must put his hands on the chest or behind his back (during the game he cannot use them), but you can connect them.

After all these preparations, a start is given (it takes some time - for the team game, after which time it is considered who survived, and for the game each for himself - is played until the last), after which the task of the player is to click on the forehead with the ball of the opponent (not using hands). It all looks just awesome, the main thing is that there should be more people. Well and the winner of the incentive prize.

Props: Absolutely any (and as many as possible) items the organizers of the game are tied to strings and hidden in a bag.

They call a volunteer, blindfolded him. When his eyes are blindfolded, the facilitator takes out one of the prepared items hanging from a bag and brings it to the volunteer's nose, hanging on a rope. It is necessary without the help of a hand, only by means of smell to determine: what kind of contraption. Guess you'll get this as a gift ...

The very first give something simpler, such as an apple. The rest, inspired by the example, will then stand in turn. It is very funny when an unfortunate sniffer pokes his nose, for example, into a suspended can of beer, which darts back and forth ...

Finally, it comes to the fact that volunteers are allowed to smell flavored preservatives. A volunteer with all his strength draws his nose in his air, and people from laughter just crawl under the furniture. You can also give sniff notes. And if he guesses, then let him say how dignified the money was. Practice shows that there is always someone who is able to guess dignity by smell ...

On the wedding night

Props: pen and paper for the host
Each guest is asked to try to reach his heel without bending his knees. Everything that the player says during this “exercise”, the leader writes on a piece of paper (do not forget to indicate the name of the speaker next to each statement). If a player silently tries to perform this exercise, the facilitator asks leading questions: what do you feel now, what are your feelings, etc. When all the guests went through this and all their statements were recorded in detail, the host announces: “And now we find out what he thinks (for example, Anna) about his first wedding night,” and reads all the recorded statements of this player. And so with the statements of each guest.

Ball hunting

Props: inflated rubber balls
The group version of the game "Balls". Party attire is not a hindrance. Inflated balls are tied to the ankles (we tied one at a time), for the lack of balls or their shortage at all, you can replace them with “rubber products” (verified - no worse). On command, everyone rushes to break one another's balls with their feet, trying to protect their own. The game continues until the last ball. The winner is the owner of the very last ball. The game runs very fast, noisy, fun, but, unfortunately, quickly (but a lot of impressions).

Hanging apple

Props: an apple (grape, etc.) is tied to the tail with a thread and suspended
The first option involves eating apples at a speed that has not yet been lifted from the tree, in the second: the apple is tied to the tail with a thread and suspended from a chandelier (for example). In both cases, you cannot help yourself with your hands. The most interesting version of this game is a team one, when both a guy and a girl take part in eating each apple at the same time. In conditions of poor apples, they can be replaced with grapes of grapes, but the absorption of these Paradise fruits must be carried out simultaneously by a guy and a girl to create a piquancy of the situation.

Props: two chairs and a rope or tape two meters long
Turn out the sleeves of two jackets (jackets) and hang them on the backs of chairs. Chairs set at a distance of one meter, backs to each other. Under the chairs, put a rope (tape) two meters long. Both participants stand in their chairs. At the signal, they should take jackets, unscrew the sleeves, put on, fasten all the buttons. Then run around the opponent’s chair, sit on your chair and pull out the rope (tape) taking it for yourself.

Understand me.

Participants in the game (at least 4 people) are divided into two teams. A “driving” team is assigned. Another team thinks up a word so that it is not heard by enemy players. This word is communicated “in the ear” to one of the representatives of the “driving” team. The purpose of this participant in the game is to use gestures to depict the meaning of the word communicated to him so that his team names the hidden word. It is forbidden to use letters, pronounce this word in lips without a voice (and, of course, in a voice), and also to point to an object called this word. If the team guessed the word, then it gets a point.

Next, the teams change places. In the next round, other representatives should speak from the teams, and so on, until everyone speaks. Of course, this game may not seem very funny, but if you let your imagination run wild, you can come up with very “interesting” words: “vacuum cleaner”, “orgasm”, etc. In addition, of course, the players are required to be relaxed and easy, with a sense of humor, attitude to fun.

To come or not?

One of the biggest misconceptions of some not too sociable employees is the holy belief that you can come to a corporate party “at will”. Чтобы продемонстрировать, насколько такой подход неуважителен и груб пот отношению к руководству, достаточно представить, как вы пропускаете любую другую вечеринку, несмотря на то, что хозяева уже рассчитали на вас меню, алкоголь, места и так далее. Не слишком вежливо, не так ли?

The feeling of “a little gear in a big corporate car”, of course, can haunt you at any corporate party, but here it is your attitude towards the company that plays a key role - respectful and loyal. “No matter how you want to skip the holiday, you must come,” etiquette expert Sharon Schweizer tells the CIO portal. - Mandatory. If you do not come, then this your step will transmit a negative message to the management. Rest assured, it will notice everything. ”

If you cannot attend the party for completely objective reasons, then not letting anyone know is no less a gross violation. Send a response with thanks and explanation, or at least just contact the manager - the main thing is to do this in advance, and not at the very last moment. Otherwise, it may raise suspicions that you, like a little schoolboy, are coming up with a reason not to go.

Punctuality and timing

Another equally common misconception regarding office holidays is that no one will notice in such a large company or corporation if you come later or leave earlier (after all, the main thing is to "light up", right?). And even if you have the most compelling reason for being late - let's say you, unlike your colleagues, take work too seriously and want to do as much as possible in a short day. Just rely on the fact that the leadership will appreciate your hard work, it is likely with a "50 to 50" probability. What it certainly will not appreciate is your negligent attitude to the holiday, for which a lot of effort and solid budgets have been expended. After all, was it really impossible to optimize and finish work earlier?

As a rule, prudent organizers lay a small amount of time under the so-called “gathering of guests” - usually about half an hour. Arriving at the place is necessary during this period, even better - during the first 15-20 minutes.

To arrive on time is very important, also because at the very beginning of the party the leadership takes a welcoming speech and congratulates the subordinates. Skipping this part of the event means demonstrating to your superiors that you are here only for food, alcohol and entertainment.

It is just as important to leave on time - not sooner or later. A change of dishes will help to keep track of the timing: for example, if the staff of a restaurant or club is already serving dessert, then you can guess that the party will soon come to an end. If the waiters are already cleaning the dishes and starting to wash the floors, do not hesitate: you are very late. It’s doubly unpleasant if, when cracking down on the next glass, you missed the moment when the party and the organizers left the party: etiquette obliges you to say goodbye to them and thank them separately for the evening.

Of course, a lot depends on the dress code of the company itself, and it is worth focusing on it when choosing an outfit for a corporate party. Many etiquette experts agree that the image for a party with colleagues should be a bit more elegant than your usual business suit and certainly exclude excessive sexuality (such as deep neckline, short skirts and so on). “Leave all short, tight-fitting and frank clothing at home and keep it for a party that will not have your colleagues,” advises Sharon Schweizer. - Creating a professional image (especially for women) is already difficult. So do not spoil everything in one night. "

Difficulties begin when the organizers indicate a special dress code for the party (you can find it out by reading the invitation or by contacting HR), and it is very far from your usual business chic. And while requirements like black tie or cocktail attire can still be dealt with, more creative proposals, such as “Old Hollywood” or “90s,” can make anyone nervous.

To comply or not to comply? The answer is obvious: of course, comply, otherwise they may be accused of disrespect. But to what extent to adhere to a given dress code is up to you. You can well think through your outfit to the smallest detail, and dwell on the general color scheme or accessories.

Should I take my spouse with me?

This question can also be clarified with the management, but, as a rule, if the invitation does not indicate otherwise, then the employee comes to the holiday alone. In general, such parties in many respects should be considered not just as a compulsory surprise from the company, but also as a typical corporate event designed to strengthen ties between colleagues, increase loyalty to the organization, and so on. If the employee brings with him a spouse, lover or just a friend - there is a chance that he or she will spend the rest of the evening exclusively in his company.

Some people shun it in every way, while others look forward to it, but you will have to communicate one way or another anyway. Neglecting short conversations is not worth it - in the end, this is one of the most effective ways to get useful contacts, get to know your bosses better, knock out a new project for yourself, and so on.

An important point: a corporate party is that rare chance when you can personally see the CEO of a company or someone from the top management and talk with them.

One of the most win-win options is to approach the authorities and the organizers and thank them for a great party, noting the decor, menu or program. “As a rule, office parties are organized by entire teams of people, not to mention the bosses who pay for all this,” says Justin Lavelle, an expert on personal branding, for Forbes. “So take a couple of minutes to thank them.” It would seem that this is a trifle, but the organization of such events for such people in itself is to the detriment of their working time. Therefore, they will be happy if someone appreciates their efforts. Just a matter of politeness. ”

Etiquette experts note another common rule: talk about work should be avoided, because after an already tiring working day such topics are not at all favored by fun. It is also strongly not recommended to complain about anything - be it harmless traffic jams or your dissatisfaction with the company's offices. The negative taboo also extends to the discussion of high-profile news about politics, economics, religion, and, of course, any gossip.

The most winning topics: travel, culture, traditions, leisure. Keeping a distance, it is acceptable to talk about family too - for example, if a colleague praises the success of his child at school, you can try to ask him more about this.

“Let your conversation be positive and last only 5-10 minutes,” advises Sharon Schweizer. “At the party you celebrate the successful end of the year, so a cheerful mood is a must.”

Alcohol and Toast

Only you decide to drink or not drink at a corporate party, but one thing is important: if you decide to drink, then do not overdo it, and if not, then refrain from the phrases “alcohol is evil”, “I basically don’t drink” and the like, so as not to embarrass the rest. Some experts advise at such holidays to still take one glass of champagne for toast, and throughout the evening, if you do not want to drink, choose soft drinks.

In general, the topic of alcohol requires maximum tact both from those who drink and from those who abstain. The phrase "why don’t you drink it?" Is no less confusing than "I don’t actually drink." And certainly you should not aggressively offer a drink to a colleague if he or she refuses.

A separate field for demonstrating good manners is toasts. Most likely, your bosses during the banquet will want to single out several employees and drink separately for their achievements. “If you honor your colleague, raise a glass at the end of the toast and only after the person who makes the toast,” Sharon Schweizer gives instructions. “After this, take a break: your colleague may want to give a response toast.” If congratulations are dedicated to you, then their rules also apply. For example, in this case you should not drink for yourself (as, incidentally, clap in your honor), and after that you must say a couple of pleasant words in response to thank you.

Your company did not throw a party to feed you, so you shouldn’t rush at a meal when you enter a banquet hall and don’t say hello to anyone. The best decision that an employee can make on a corporate party day is to eat something high-energy in advance, so that at the party you can safely eat in good company, and not convulsively satisfy the hunger that has been fed up during the working day. For the same reasons, it is considered indecent if guests take food and alcohol “with them”.

In addition, Sharon Schweizer also advises not to forget about the basic rules of etiquette at receptions: do not talk until you have chewed food, eat from a food warmer, use napkins and always (!) Keep your hands clean - in case of foreseen and unforeseen handshakes.

Photos and social networks

Capturing yourself at a corporate party is not just not forbidden, but even welcome. No one forbids you to take photos on your camera or smartphone, even if the company has already hired a professional for these purposes. True, certain rules still have to adhere to.

Not every colleague of yours likes to be photographed, and therefore you should ask permission every time (!) When you want to catch someone in the lens. The same applies to selfies: you should not just approach a person and immediately take a picture, because your partner may not even have time to orient yourself.

A separate point concerns social networks, especially the recent live broadcasts and stories. Making videos and photographing colleagues without their permission on the dance floor, at the table, at the bar, and so on is the height of disrespect. In the end, they can notice an unflattering publication with themselves in the title role only in the morning - when a good half of your team already sees it. What good, perhaps for you it was just entertainment, and a person may lose his job (eating examplesb: “How to ruin a career with one post on the social network: 17 real stories”). The same applies to photos from the party in the "tape": coordinate the publication with everyone who is present in the picture, and be aware of the possible rejection.

The next day

You will be very lucky if the management decides to organize a corporate party on Friday: there will be time to sleep and recover over the weekend. But if you walked all over the office on one of the weekdays, then the morning after the holiday may not be the most conducive to work. As a rule, in this case, many are tempted to call their boss and take a sick leave. However, is it really worth doing this is still a big question, because with a high degree of probability your boss will still understand the true reason for your “sick leave”. And I won’t be happy about it, because this is how you damage the work process.

Moreover, if the corporate party went by all the rules and without emergency situations, then the next day employees should not feel shame or embarrassment, but a sense of unity and partnership. Immediately after the party, these emotions will be at their peak, and therefore being with the team at that moment, and not in bed, is the same gesture of courtesy and gratitude as the other rules of etiquette.