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Eye relaxation


The tension of the eye muscles in the life of every person occurs daily, in this case, relaxation of the eyes will help, which must be carried out periodically to relieve fatigue, as well as to prevent ophthalmic diseases. Special eye exercises are offered that help improve vision.

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Causes of stress

There are many factors that affect eye strain. They provoke regular tension of the eyeball, muscles and blood vessels, which causes fatigue and pain in this area. These include:

  • work at the computer
  • psychological stress
  • improper lighting
  • general overwork
  • lack of certain vitamins in the body.

A common cause of overload is the prolonged use of the computer. The mucous organ in this position becomes overdried. Eyes see information at close range, you have to concentrate on the details, as a result of which the eye muscles strain.

How to relax?

There are ways to relieve a painful condition and relieve fatigue from the organs of vision. To do this, you need to regularly perform simple exercises that can affect the restoration of previous functionality and the removal of the pain syndrome that appears from fatigue. They consist in physical training of the eyes, the impact of the fingers on the eyeballs, suggesting light massage.


With strong stress (working at the computer), special exercises are performed to relax the eye muscles. It is recommended that you first transfer your vision to neighboring objects, such as landscapes outside the window. Helps relax green color. Therefore, if the window is a warm season, it is easier to relieve fatigue. To do this, consider green trees.

Defocusing will also train your muscles. To do this, it is worthwhile to carefully look at a thing located at close range. It can be a mug, a lamp, a notebook, etc. Then you need to sharply look away, then again concentrate on a certain subject for a few seconds. Blinking for a minute will also help. It is better to alternate it with fast and slow. The latter suggests a strong tension of the eyeballs when squinting and their sharp opening. The method of rotation and movement is part of specialized gymnastics to restore vision. It is necessary to perform circular movements with the eyes, and also look first to the left, then to the right, up and down.

Physical relaxation

Human physiology is closely interconnected with his psychological state. Therefore, one cannot relax physically, having a stress dependent on mental causes. To relieve fatigue, including from the organs of vision, you will need complete relaxation of the whole body, for example:

  • It should be as comfortable as possible to sit on a chair, close your eyes and relax your limbs. To be in this position during the day for 5-7 minutes, presenting something pleasant.
  • Take a horizontal position. Open and close the eyelids in turn, looking up.
  • Apply a variety of relaxation techniques. For example, imagine circulating warm energy that triggers all the relaxation mechanisms.

Gymnastics for the eyes helps relieve fatigue and relax the intraocular muscle.

Palming for the eyes

The palming technique is effective in relieving stress. To do this, you need to close your eyes with your hands, blocking the access of light to them. It is important that the hands do not press on the eyeballs, and the neck and body are in a relaxed state. This training is taken from some yoga techniques. It will help to remove the load after excessive work at the computer, a hard day, prolonged reading and just overwork. However, it is worth noting that palming involves not only physical impact, but also psychological. You need to imagine something pleasant or remember the positive events from life. Such training can be carried out for 3-5 minutes before bedtime or throughout the day.

Other recommendations

It is also believed that auto-suggestion allows you to relax the organs of vision. This helps a kind of relaxation for the eyes. The eyelids need to be closed, the body is preferably in a comfortable position. Pleasant moments of memory need to be presented in detail so that the brain sends a signal to the whole body to relax and relieve fatigue, distract from current problems. Eyes at this time will feel as comfortable as possible. It is proposed to try to represent neutral soft colors. For example, green, white, blue colors affect calm, and accordingly the restoration of the eyes. To ease the load and relieve fatigue from the muscles of the eyes, it is worth remembering some rules:

  • If a person wears glasses, it is better to take them off during training.
  • It is recommended to keep a look in front of you, without lowering your head.
  • It is necessary to monitor posture, the position of the shoulders and neck.

The main rule that will help improve vision is to protect your eyes. Do not overdo it with the computer, ensure a long healthy sleep so that your eyes can recover at night, monitor the normal level of light while reading, reduce the viewing of multimedia information and TV, regularly perform gymnastics to reduce stress.


Judging by the fact that you are reading these lines now, a victory in the fight against blurred vision is not yet on your side.

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