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How to open a bank account for IP and LLC - step-by-step instructions


The presence of a bank account greatly simplifies the activities of firms. You can make transfers in favor of counterparties or accept payments from them without wasting time for personal meetings.

Making a current account is a simple procedure that does not require much time. You just need to collect a list of documents and transfer them to the bank. Thanks to online services, today you can reserve an account without leaving your office. In the article you will learn how to open a current account, as well as get important recommendations on choosing a bank.

Opening a bank account

Various organizations, including legal entities, also do not experience difficulties in opening settlement accounts.

The procedure differs from the case with IP only in a document package. Legal entities have a more complex structure, and more papers are required to formalize their activities.

Nevertheless, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the instructions for opening an organization account. The latter can be either commercial or budgetary: the process of registering a banking service is no different. To open a current account, a legal entity will need to perform the following sequence of actions:

choose a credit organization (it is better for large companies to choose well-known banks with a wide branch network. They are reliable and inspire trust from counterparties),

decide who will handle the invoice - the head or a proxy (the second option implies the presence of a notarized power of attorney, for which you need to provide certificates to a notary),

collect documents (their list may differ in different banks, and therefore pay special attention to this. Depending on what legal form your company has, you will need to provide additional documents),

go to the bank branch (some banking specialists go to the office of the company themselves or to any convenient place for the head of the legal entity by prior arrangement),

select service tariff (we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the service packages offered by banks. They have already combined various account operations that you can carry out for a monthly fee),

Sign the service contract in duplicate (before putting a signature, check if the banking operator specified all the data correctly. Errors in such documents are not allowed),

fill out an application for opening an account (it is important to indicate the currency and purpose of the account),

connect additional services on the accountu (for example, many businessmen cannot do without a mobile application through which you can view account transactions at any time of the day),

after that, the specialist will inform about the decision of the bank within 1-2 days (and in some cases later). If an account has been opened for you, then you need to deposit an amount on it to activate it. Most often, it is the annual cost of a package of services.

After these simple manipulations, you can ask for details from the banking operator. Now you can make cashless payments and control cash flows on your account.

Open a current account for LLC

To open a current account, LLC will need to carry out the following steps:

choose the right bank (little-known financial institutions will not work. The bank with which the LLC account is open is the most important component of the status of the company. Most potential business partners pay attention to it),

prepare documents (here it is important not to forget about the Charter. It should be certified by the tax authority that registered the LLC. If changes were made to the Charter, then documentary evidence of these must also be provided to the bank),

the head or representative by proxy is sent to a credit institution, where he signs a contract to join the banking service. The latter is compiled in duplicate. There can be no errors in it, and therefore it is worth carefully studying its contents before you put your own signature,

it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the list of service tariffs and choose the best option (it is better to familiarize yourself with the service packages in advance, before going to the bank. This will reduce the time spent by the bank employee),

Further, an application is filled out, in which a request is expressed to open a current account (indicate the type of account, put the date and signature),

within a few days, the bank decides to open an account (after a positive answer, the specialist will call you and ask you to drive to the office to activate the account),

at the last stage, you will need to pay for a package of services and connect additional features (for example, a personal account in the Internet bank).

The whole process of registering an account takes no more than 40 minutes. To speed up this process, you can prepare documents in advance, download application forms from the bank's website and fill them out.

Choose a bank for LLC

How to open a current account online

The procedure for opening an account in all banks is approximately the same, but there are some nuances. For example, in Sberbank, Alfa Bank, VTB 24, increased demands are placed on customers. They are expressed both in the list of documents and in the longer process of their processing by the bank.

Opening an account with Tinkoff Bank, Point Bank, SKB Bank and Modulbank is faster, and an account reserved online becomes available in a few minutes.

If you do not want to spend time going to the bank when opening a bank account, you can use the online application through the website of the selected bank. Thus, you can reserve an account for both IP and LLC.

If you have already decided on a bank, then opening an account through its website will not be difficult. To do this, you need to perform actions, some of which are performed online, and others - when visiting the bank. You can familiarize yourself with them in the table.

Steps for opening an account on the bank websiteThe procedure for opening an account through the bank after submitting an online application
Choose a bank from the rating rating on the account,

go to the main page of the bank’s official website,

find the “Open Account” button,

drive information about the organization or individual entrepreneur (name, TIN required),

indicate contact details (phone number, email address),

expect a call from the bank.

You will need to go to the bank only for the verification of documents by a specialist. Opening an account online is quick, and most importantly, you can do this while in the office. Some banks allow the transfer of documents by the client without visiting the branch. To do this, a bank specialist goes to your office, where he draws up documents.

After the simple steps of online registration, the details will be sent to your email address. The account will be active, but operations on it are limited. You can only replenish it. The bank gives several days to come to the office with a package of documents and finally open an account. If this is not done, then the account will cease to function, and all funds transferred to it will be returned to the senders.

The service of opening an online account is also beneficial because many banks offer the first few months of service for free. This is convenient for savings, especially if you just registered your business.

Notification of the opening of a current account in the tax and FIU

Earlier, after opening an IP account, organizations and organizations, including LLCs, had to inform the tax authority and insurance fund about this. However, from May 1, 2014 this requirement was canceled, and the bank transfers the information about the open account to the tax. Starting May 2, 2014, the credit organization also informs the pension fund.

Thus, in 2017, it is not necessary to write statements to the tax and insurance fund to open an account. There are no further penalties for this, since all responsibility lies with the bank.

Is it possible to work without a current account?

There are no clauses in the law requiring all SPs and LLCs to establish a current account. However, in normative acts there are restrictions on the amount of 100,000 rubles under one agreement. This reservation means that if the amount of the contract with the counterparty is more than 100,000 rubles, the funds must be transferred exclusively to the company’s current account.

For example, you have entered into a lease of premises. The monthly fee is 10,000 rubles. After 10 months, the amount under the contract will be 100,000 rubles. Accordingly, from the 11th month you have the obligation to open a current account.

Some entrepreneurs try not to allow the amount to exceed 100,000 rubles under one contract, and each time they open new ones. However, such actions will sooner or later interest the tax authority, which is fraught with fines.

It is important to understand that there is nothing complicated in opening an account. In addition, it is convenient if in the future you want to expand the boundaries of the business. Modern technologies allow you to control the cash flows of the company online, which is possible only when opening an account.

Recommendations for opening a current account

It is worth approaching account opening responsibly. Your activity and attitude to your company by potential business partners will depend on this. There are some tricks that will help a businessman open an account profitably.

We recommend that you follow these tips when issuing an account:

Choose a reliable bank if you will often interact with counterparties. If for the most part you work “for yourself”, then you can choose a less well-known bank with minimal fees,

try to open an account during the period of holding the shares by the bank (some banks offer free opening or servicing),

it’s better to register an account online (this will save time and allow you to manage your account immediately after its reservation),

if possible, print out the application form, as well as the customer information form from the bank’s website and fill out before contacting the bank (this will reduce the minutes of waiting at the bank),

check in advance with the bank a package of documents and the rules for their certification so as not to draw up paper again.

Account Opening Procedure

Opening a bank account is a simple procedure. Consider what steps you need to take to open an account for a business:

  1. Choose Bank. There are a lot of offers on the cash settlement services on the market, you need to evaluate them taking into account the specifics of your business and the necessary services. This stage is one of the most responsible, because a poorly selected bank can create problems at the most inopportune moment, or you will have to overpay for services.
  2. Collect a package of documentsand transfer it to the bank. The exact list of documents can be found on the website of the selected credit institution or check with managers. It will vary for jur. persons and individual entrepreneurs.
  3. Contact the bank to conclude an agreement.
  4. Sign the necessary documents.

After opening a current account, you can connect the remote maintenance system and other necessary services.

How to open an organization account

By law, a legal entity is also not required to have a current account. But in fact it will be impossible for the LLC to do without it. The procedure for opening an account for legal a person differs from a similar one for individual entrepreneurs only in the package of necessary documents.

To open a current account, you will need to submit to the bank:

  • Charter
  • decision or protocol on the appointment of a director,
  • director's passport.

Additionally, you may need:

  • licenses for the right to carry out certain types of activities (if any),
  • documents on financial condition (tax certificate on absence of debts, financial statements, etc.),
  • rental agreement or certificate of ownership of the premises,
  • reviews about the company (from other banks or counterparties),
  • memorandum of association,
  • Certificate TIN, PSRN (the latter only for legal entities registered before 01.01.2017).

Do I need a checking account for IP and LLC

By law, individual entrepreneurs and organizations are not required to open a bank account.

But, notethat a checking account will be needed:

  • Organizations for the payment of taxes in non-cash form (this rule does not apply to individual entrepreneurs). Until recently, non-cash payment through the payment system was the only opportunity for the organization to fulfill the obligation to pay tax. But, with the entry into force of changes that allowed tax to be paid by third parties, organizations have the opportunity to pay mandatory payments by an individual (director or founder) through the bank's cash desk, bypassing the current account. Judicial practice also speaks of the possibility of this method. This means that the organization can formally exist without a r / s, but the tax authorities negatively relate to such a situation, as evidenced by the letter of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation dated September 28, 2016 No. 3Н-4-1 / 18184 @, which states that the CEO or founder the right to pay taxes for the organization, with the exception of cases when the company’s payroll is blocked and the organization has no other way to transfer tax.
  • Individual entrepreneurs and organizations when concluding an agreement with other individual entrepreneurs or organizations in the amount of over 100,000 rubles. The fact is that payment under such agreements is made between them only in non-cash form. At the same time, it does not matter how payments will be made: at a time or in stages, over a long period.
  • Individual entrepreneurs and organizations with a cash balance limit at the cash desk (since 2014, private entrepreneurs and small organizations may not set a limit, but a special order must be issued for this). According to the rules of cash discipline, all cash of the enterprise, in excess of the established limit at the end of the working day, must be taken to the bank for depositing to the current account.

In the general case, it can be noted that many individual entrepreneurs in practice use a current account even if they do not need it in their business activities, since it is much more convenient to pay taxes and insurance contributions with it (meaning Internet banking). An exception is made by an individual entrepreneur on PSN without employees, who can do without an account, since they do not need to make so many payments during the year. As for organizations, they will definitely need a checking account to pay taxes and insurance premiums.

It is prohibited to use settlement accounts of individuals for business purposes (even for paying taxes or other payments).

Which bank is better to open a current account for IP and LLC

When choosing a bank, you should pay attention to the cost of opening and maintaining a current account. Individual entrepreneurs and organizations, unlike individuals, not only do not receive a percentage of the funds that are on their account, but even pay for its service. Therefore, at the stage of opening your business, this criterion will most likely be the main one.

At the same time, you must try to choose a reliable enough bank to exclude unforeseen circumstances as much as possible, because of which, for example, something simple in your activity can happen.

Below is a table comparing the prices of the most popular banks for opening and maintaining a current account in Moscow as of January 2019. The cost of opening an account includes: 5 sheets of documents certified by the bank, 1 certified card with a signature and a seal, a one-time fee for connecting a client bank (if any). The cost of servicing the account includes: 5 payment orders per month.

What documents will be required:

  • Articles of Association and Articles of Association (if applicable)
  • Certificate TIN
  • Decision to create a legal entity
  • Order on the appointment of the head and other persons entitled to sign
  • Lease or ownership agreement for a business location
  • Passport of the head and other persons entitled to sign for a bank card
  • Organization stamp
  • Notification from statistics authorities (OKATO, OKTMO codes, etc.)
  • Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (the discharge date cannot be more than 30 days from the moment of its receipt)

We open an account for 1 day in the presence of all the necessary documents.
The specified documents are provided in the original or notarized copies. Depending on the types of your business, the Bank may also request other documents.
The list of documents for a legal entity to open a bank account
List of documents for individual entrepreneurs, notaries, lawyers for opening a bank account