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The most terrible birthday (Who had it?


The course of life can be compared with a computer program that connects people and events in the temporary space. Sometimes this program crashes, and what is destined to happen happens sooner or later. As a result, everyday problems like a bus that has left under the nose takes on the scale of a natural disaster. If you understand the causes of what is happening and take measures to eliminate them, you can survive an unsuccessful day with minimal losses.

NA bad day is a series of troubles arising at the wrong time. Pantyhose that started the “arrow” at home is just a small chagrin, on the way to a business meeting - a disaster. Coffee spilled on a nightdress is a trifle, on a light suit - a nightmare. You must miss an important call only because you are in a noisy place. And the boss will gather to discuss pressing problems at the very moment when you rush to work, late for an hour and a half, or, conversely, at the end of the day, disrupting all plans for the evening. If this is not the first time in a day you are wondering: “Why didn’t this happen today a little earlier or later ?!”, be aware that everything is to blame for the failure in the life program. There are only two causes for a malfunction called “bad day,” and they can be fixed quite simply.

Lack of energy.

The expression "man is the master of his destiny" is only partially true. For fate, we are a battery with a certain amount of energy. People who are active by nature or increase their potential magically are more successful, their everyday life is brighter and richer. The rest is destined for life without abrupt take-offs, otherwise the internal battery will instantly exhaust its charge. But we still spend energy every day, giving away a lot when we feel fear, sadness, irritation, anger, resentment. But in the modern world there is hardly a person who would not feel these emotions at least once a day.

If you do not periodically replenish the charge with good rest or witchcraft rituals (who prefer), the supply of internal energy will be at zero, which is one of the reasons for the failure in the life program. The physical body reacts to this with a sudden acute need to eat or drink something. In order not to be distracted, the desire to better satisfy, or at least take a sip of clean still water. Water will help if you want alcohol. To conjure while intoxicated, even light, is like playing an upset piano: you seem to be doing everything right, but the result is not impressive. Moreover, to replenish vital energy by the express method, complete self-discipline is needed. Well, let's get started! Turn your arms with your palms up and focus on the sensations at your fingertips. After a while, you will feel cold and light pressure or tingling. This means that you have caught an energy wave and the procedure can be stopped.

For beginners, the whole process takes about 10 - 15 minutes, but with experience you will learn how to find the right source almost instantly. This method acts on the body in the same way as energy drinks, and in this way you can get a special type of energy that does not fill a person, but only activates the available resources. In order not to bring yourself to complete exhaustion, it is better not to use it too often.

Many unsolved problems.

The more tasks the computer performs simultaneously, the worse the programs work. Perhaps in your life at the same time a dozen "unresolved" unresolved problems and outstanding tasks. To quickly fix the situation, it is worth resorting to a simple magic trick. Cut a sheet of paper into small, thin strips. Remember all possible things, without exception, whether it’s calling a plumber, visiting a doctor, calling your grandmother, learning foreign languages ​​or even buying a new curtain for the bathroom. Write each of them in a couple of words that you understand in strips. Fold the pieces of paper together, roll them up and pack them in a small box, for example, from jewelry, or just into a matchbox. The problems archived in this way cannot be solved by themselves, but they will stop, as computer scientists say, “load the system” and will not interfere with the life program. For the reception to work, the box must be within reach, so it must be carried in your pocket or purse. In the future, having completed the business, do not forget to get and throw out the corresponding note.

Have a good day, friends.

Ziganshin Vladimir Vladimirovich

Psychologist, Psychotherapy Sexology Supervision. Specialist from the site

for once I decided to celebrate the DR (it usually takes place on my daily routine), I was going to have a holiday - a close relative died that day and now all my DRs are doomed to become funerals :(

21 years old. We had an argument with my mother, both were wrong, in the end I had to call the invitees and cancel everything. It was fun".

At the age of 14 I was forced to wash dishes for guests (relatives came), and everyone watched TV. But I couldn’t, I was the pryness on this day and the navel of the earth. Then she wept all night and this was the only time I missed school for an excusable reason - by the morning my face was swollen.
Since then I haven’t expected anything from my birthdays and try to spend it alone to avoid another exposure of the process. I am 31. Well, do I have the right at least once a year to be the navel of the earth ??

Oh, it was like that with me ((I’ve been told by my husband for 20 years that we will do a baby)) and then I found out what he had done to a neighbor ((

19 years
The day before something, apparently, was poisoned on the trail. they began to celebrate the day with friends and relatives, and I Puke!
And the whole D.R.
Che was given to me then and who was - it was not important anymore!

Only in childhood. (Grade 3) The girlfriend decided to recall something and quarreled everyone. And so, everything usually goes peacefully. Relatives, thank God, congratulate only by phone.

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Not that terrible, but remembered. It has long been. I ordered a big cake for cooking at work, in the morning I came to pick it up, and they tell me that they don’t have boxes for such a cake and how I carry it, nobody cares. I ran, caught a taxi, agreed that I would put the cake in the back seat on a cardboard. So I brought it.

27 years. Because of some kind of nonsense, all the relatives were repowered, I don’t remember where it started, word for word - and off and on. Then, when they had already left, I roared and drank the remaining brandy alone, but I did not get drunk at all and did not calm down.

My daughter had a very nasty DR 2 years ago. She turned 11 years old. She invited a man of 7 girls from her school. As a result, not one came. Only one of the guests called back on the evening of the same day, saying that she had been lying all day with pressure and could not move (at the age of 12!), The rest did not explain anything at all. At the same time, the daughter did not quarrel with anyone, no one announced a boycott to her, after the DR everyone talked to her as if nothing had happened.
In order to somehow save the situation, we called my daughter's friend, whom she initially did not want to invite, and my lonely girlfriend, who was almost always free. We bought and prepared a bunch of food. intended specifically for a children's feast, as well as all sorts of amusements, etc. therefore, even after these 2 guests a lot of things remained. DR was on Saturday. On Sunday, we still urgently invited our friends on the line of our son - a large family. Fortunately, they all came. She was madly grateful to all these people who did not get into the pose that they were not invited in advance. In my opinion, they even understood what really happened and what caused their urgent invitation, but did not say anything. Now, first of all, on DR our daughters invite them.
Well, the sediment on the soul, personally with me, still remained. Every daughter’s DR is remembered. And the daughter after that became less sincere and trusting.