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The administrator is the person who meets guests at the hotel, helps them choose a room and check in, solves all the problems that arise. In all senses, this is the main person in the hotel during the absence of the director, his right hand.

The administrator is the person who meets guests at the hotel, helps them choose a room and check in, solves all the problems that arise. In all senses, this is the main person in the hotel during the absence of the director, his right hand.

In order to become an administrator, special education is often not required. However, this does not mean that anyone can hold a similar position. For this it is necessary to have a higher education and to have strong-willed qualities. The administrator must be an organized person and able to organize the work of others. Internal discipline is one of the qualities necessary for successful work along with stress resistance. Since this work involves the resolution of emerging conflict situations, good mental health and a calm nature are some of the most important criteria.

Hotels with special requirements for staff prefer to hire highly qualified employees. Hotel Villa Schwaiger, for example, requires a candidate to take a training course in accommodation management or courses for administrators and hotel managers. Some hotels organize similar courses on the basis of their own institutions, thus introducing staff into the course of the specifics of their work.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​becomes an almost mandatory requirement for a candidate for a position. The most common is English, and the level of proficiency should be no lower than average. However, in large hotel complexes focused on foreign clients, additional knowledge of several of the most common languages, for example, German and French, would be desirable.

Large hotels can have several administrators at once, between whom their responsibilities are distributed. So, some may be responsible for booking rooms over the phone or connecting customers via the Internet, while others may communicate with guests and fulfill their requests.

Hotel Florence, among other things, entrusts the administrator with performing settlements with customers and maintaining documentation. The administrator, having information about the rules of living in rooms and using hotel property, must also monitor the implementation of these rules. He also controls and coordinates the work of all hotel staff. In addition, he takes care of constantly improving the quality of service, adjusting his work and the work of other employees.

Hotel administrator profession description

The hotel administrator combines several roles: manager, customer service specialist, secretary, manager of the support department. This is a hard job where sociability, a positive attitude, stress resistance, the ability to show leadership qualities and manage are required.

The rapid development of the international hospitality industry creates a stable need for professional administrators who not only know how to advise clients and give keys, but also understand the intricacies of the hotel business.

Knowledge of several languages, high-quality education and work experience open the doors for such specialists to international five-star hotels and private luxury boutique hotels. They can work anywhere in the world, from small European towns to large resorts on the islands of the Caribbean.

Hotel Administrator Responsibilities

To begin with, the profession of administrator obliges you to know everything about the hotel and the events on its territory. He welcomes and registers guests, monitors the delivery of baggage to the room, answers all questions arising not only from guests, but also from staff, checks out, informs about additional services and delivers correspondence.

What else does the hotel administrator do? He is responsible for creating home coziness and comfort for all guests. His area of ​​responsibility: booking rooms, monitoring the cleaning of vacated rooms, changing linen and light bulbs, proper condition of swimming pools, bars and restaurants. In fact, this is the operational manager, on whose work the effectiveness of the entire hotel depends.

To summarize, the administrator is responsible for:

  • Room reservation
  • check-in, accommodation and check-out of guests,
  • payment of accommodation and financial reporting,
  • communication with guests and potential customers,
  • quality control of customer service,
  • organization of work of hotel staff
  • resolution of conflict and force majeure cases.

Hotel Administrator Requirements

This profession requires attentiveness, stress tolerance, friendliness, tact, multitasking and sociability. Administrators should know the psychology of people, be able to show “soft skills” and manage the team. Useful business acumen and ability to conduct workflow. Necessarily - knowledge of foreign languages, while the more the better. It is important to look well-groomed, presentable and neat.

  • hospitality education
  • work experience (internship),
  • grammatically correct speech,

Hotel administrator training

The rapid development of the tourism industry and increased competition has led to improved customer service. Therefore, hotels prefer to hire high-class administrators who have received specialized education, and during the training passed several internships. So they get a competent professional and do not spend extra money on retraining an inexperienced worker.

The quality education of the hotel administrator becomes not just a pleasant bonus, but a necessity and demand of the time.

The recognized leaders in hospitality education are the Swiss schools Les Roches and Glion. Here, students from all over the world study hotel management in a variety of specializations: finance, HR, marketing. There are undergraduate, graduate and second degree programs. A person with any level of training and previous work experience will find a suitable training option. Graduates Le Roche and Glion know all about the work of companies in the hospitality industry, internal business processes and the intricacies of working with clients. You can learn more about hotel management training from consultants at the official enrollment center - STUDIES & CAREERS.

Admin is just the beginning! After graduating in Switzerland, you can work as a hotel manager, human resources manager, development director or marketer. Take the first step, and the whole world will open to you!

Solovieva Svetlana Ivanovna

Psychologist, Gestalt therapist. Specialist from the site

But what's the point?
Well, go to an internship then. And what didn’t they tell you about the device?

It depends on the hotel. maybe you will be the "working staff" there

Hotel administrator is strong :) and work with staff too :)
I understand that we are talking about working at the front desk? This is one of the starting points at the hotel. No work with staff, on the contrary, you obey everyone.
The main functions are to meet the guest, arrange check-in of the guest by his preliminary reservation or sell the room from the counter if there are free rooms, accept payment. If the hotel is small, and even more so in a small city, then it is most likely that accepting a reservation by phone and email is also a responsibility, they will already talk about this at work.
Also, the solution of all issues from guests living. All questions (where is the restaurant, whether they have breakfast included, how to get there, where to order excursions, etc.), all problems (the toilet does not work, the light, the room is not cleaned, etc.) - call the appropriate service (everyone will also numbers you have) and leave a request if the guest again complains once again to call and rush.
Usually this is a shift schedule, maybe with night shifts (depending on the hotel).

For such a sn, they do not have the right to pay so little)

Sorry) For knowledge of the language)))))

No way. You simply will not be hired or fired after a week. Who needs you in a crisis, without experience?

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No way. You simply will not be hired or fired after a week. Who needs you in a crisis, without experience?

It depends on the hotel. maybe you will be the "working staff" there

It depends on which hotel. If five stars, then of course. If 3 or less, then they’ll normally take it, they have a wild fluid there: night shifts, constant fines, delays sn, high demands. In addition to what was written in our hotel, we also tracked payments by bank transfer (phoned organizations, asked when the payment would be made), shift reports, a lot of bureaucracy and scribble for a small payroll, resolving conflict situations. Sometimes there is little work, and sometimes the blockage is complete. To register one guest five minutes is necessary. Sometimes it happens that 10 people are at your desk and everyone needs it most! As for the knowledge of the language, this is also only in hotels of 4-5 stars - they are paid more there, but they also have standing work. Sometimes it happens that the guest does not pay for the minibar, and then you yourself pay your hard-earned money. In general, the hotel business seems unprofitable. I know 5-star hotels with 3 months arrears of payroll. Even if the foreigner is issued incorrectly, then the fine from the hotel is 150 tr. in my opinion, well, and you

It’s hard to get into a good hotel by anyone, to summarize.

In YouTube, look at the tutorials for "hotel front desk tutorial" and similar - this is a short course of what you would be taught in a normal hotel (which they only take with experience and / or specialized education).

I think that they will tell you on the spot how to work and what to do. I also settled without experience. She naively thought that this was an easy and cool job when she saw a vacancy on Avito. It turned out to be tougher, but still very cool. Interesting job. Sooo many responsibilities, frequent night shifts and work a day after three, sometimes even a day after two. But you get used to it, you start to allocate time correctly, and in general then you start doing everything on the machine, so I can’t say that the work is very difficult.

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