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How to attract a man you're crazy about


How to fall in love with a man to madness so that he lost his head from love?

How to interest him and keep for a long time?

There are some tricks with which a woman can turn her head even to the most inaccessible man.

The following tips should be taken into account for girls who want to get a man and keep him for a long time.

How to fall in love with a guy 10 ways

Step: 1 Become an Independent Woman

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An independent woman is one that can make a man lose his head and drive him crazy!

There is nothing more seductive and attractive than a girl who knows who she is, what she needs, and who does not need anyone's confirmation or approval.

She knows what she wants and how to get it. She never needs anything, does not complain about anything.

This is the type of girl who just drives men crazy.

She is strong, independent, does not rely on anyone, men are attracted to such. There is something attractive that she does not need him, but at the same time he chooses him.

Such a woman is able to fall in love with anyone.

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Step 2: Leave It In A State Of Desire For Something More

Always leave him wanting something else!

Men are hunters by nature. They like to fight for something and someone. Sometimes you have to fight to get what they want. And this fight is interesting in itself.

The inaccessibility of a woman and the hunt for her is a kind of fun for them, and this is what makes them appreciate more when they get what they want.

If you immediately present yourself to him on a silver platter, and he clearly understands that for him you are ready for anything, it means you got him easily.

And this ease of owning a woman will not make him go crazy.

Figuratively speaking, tame your man gradually. Show him your affection at once. A man should feel that he needs to work, fight for your relationship, seek you throughout your life together.

It does not matter whether he is your boyfriend or he is already your husband, do not forget that you should always stimulate a man and not let a hunter who has been living in him for centuries to die.

A way to fall in love with a guy

Step 3: Be Unpredictable

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Being predictable is boring. Predictability is usually a routine. Routine destroys.

Unpredictable active girls who know how to cheer up always attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Give up the usual framework, from time to time, doing something unusual. Believe me, men lose their minds from women, who sometimes commit something unusual that goes against the generally accepted norms.

Rules are created to break them. Remember this at least occasionally.

Step 4: Do not get hung up on your appearance

Most men believe that girls who pay too much attention only to their appearance are boring and uninteresting.

They really like a woman who takes care of herself, but a measure is needed in everything.

To focus on always looking beautiful and never relaxing is tiring for everyone. Including for a man who is next to such a woman.

Guys are very attracted to girls who can overcome various situations, while not focusing on how they look.

Step 5: Be Fun and Open

Be fun, open and cheerful. This will make him want you even more.

Everyone loves cheerful and friendly people. And it’s quite logical that the guys are attracted by funny, funny, active, girls who know how to laugh, like to have a good time and do crazy things.

True, many girls are only in words. In fact, they prefer to pamper themselves and just chat, praising themselves.

A cheerful girl, capable of suddenly becoming wild and crazy, will definitely attract the eyes of men.

Seeing such a girl, the guy will probably not miss her, he will be interested and want her next to him.

Step 6: Show That You Are A Confident Woman

Perhaps this is the best advice to all the girls: others see only what we show them. And if you present yourself in a certain way, they will perceive you.

This applies to everything, including self-confidence.

Do you know that most people who exude confidence are actually just pretending to be?

Psychologists say that it’s best to behave this way. Thus, over time, we get used to the role that we portray for others, the role of a confident person, and gradually we really become one.

There is nothing more attractive and beautiful than a confident girl who knows her worth.

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Step 7: Meet him and drive him crazy

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No wonder they say about love at first sight. Sometimes in order to drive a guy crazy, just one look is enough.

Look intently into his eyes, meet your gaze. This look is all that is needed to light a spark and turn the head of a man.

Your eyes, gaze and right moment can create real magic with a guy. You can arouse emotions in him that he did not even know about!

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Surprising a man, fueling his interest in you, is necessary. Surprises are an important and integral part of our life.

Show him that he does not know you well. He must constantly discover new facets of you.

For example, if he is used to seeing you in a strict dress, put on sexy shorts and an original T-shirt so that he sees that you are not afraid to be different.

If he is used to being responsible and punctual, take one day to take a break from work and just spend it with your beloved man. Take your time together, have fun so that you remember this day forever.

This is especially true for married couples. After all, as a rule, the relationship is ruined by everyday boring routine and routine.

It is very difficult to maintain a relationship as it was at the beginning of your acquaintance.

Therefore, various surprises and amenities are simply irreplaceable in a relationship.

Do something that he does not expect from you!

But most importantly, always remain yourself. Do not try to become someone else, you just need to show him the other side of your character.

If you do everything right, he will definitely want to see more of what you can offer him!

How to drive a man crazy

Step 9: Be Mysterious

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The mystery woman always attracts guys. This is definitely the type of woman who can drive you crazy.

A light riddle is dizzying the opposite sex.

At first, a man shouldn’t open himself up, giving him all the information about himself.

For example, if he asks you questions about your past, limit yourself to general information.

You should not tell him in detail what and how it was in the past.

Or, if he compliments on a successful hairstyle or dress, you do not need to reveal all the cards, telling you which barber shop or store you are so lucky.

Keep a little mystery in yourself, an open book is not interesting to anyone. Become the one you want to study and rediscover for him.

Step 10: Don't Be Intrusive

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A woman who shows a guy a slight disinterest always catches men. While the one that sticks and imposes itself, on the contrary, repels.

Do not call a guy or send messages every hour. And even more so, there is no need to present a sea of ​​complaints to him, why he did not answer the message, did not call, did not come, etc.

Such tenacity and obsession on the part of the girl will scare away even the most persistent man. The sticky and annoying fair sex, unfortunately, quickly tire.

Manic and excessive perseverance few people like. To make it clear to the guy that you are too interested in him, and that you are afraid of losing him, is the same as saying to him "I'm obsessed with you."