Useful Tips

How to glorify God in your life


Choose joy in the Lord and learn to glorify God. Recognize that your joy, your confidence and hope come from Of the Lord! Below are some examples of how to glorify Him.

  1. 1 Start with prayer, for example:

"How much you, oh Lord, have done for me day after day until this very moment. Lord, You have all the power in my life." - and about the transformation of their negative emotions, for example:

"I feel Your work in me, may praise take the guise of worthy, peaceful actions and" turn my anger (or rage) into more useful manifestations. " (Anger may seem unacceptable to a Christian, but there are always reasons behind heavy emotions that you need to actively deal with.)

  • Control your anger: "And in anger against" [evil] "I praise you for a good purpose and constructive expression. I will not allow my anger to turn into revenge or hatred.".
  • 2 Reflect on the life of Christ:

    "I extol Thee because You took the form of a person to die on the cross to atone for my sins and to resurrect again so that I can live in You". 3 Fill yourself with awareness that will empower you:

    "I glorify you for every day of my life, and the realization that you gave yourself fills me with gratitude for your love, which is saturated in my life." Try saying:

    “I’m not afraid to admit my limited understanding of many facts and truths”. Another option:

    "I praise you that my knowledge and research is my own path, which I do not have to go alone, but you give me your word, brothers and sisters in faith and the Holy Spirit to better streamline my thoughts.". 4 Start listing the qualities of God's character, for example:

    “You are powerful!”, “You are omnipresent, My Father, God!”, “You are all in everything.”

  • 5 Give thanks:“I thank you for everything in my life, small and large. You have provided me with everything for my good.”try to thank out loud.
    • “I thank and glorify you, O Father, my God, for the gift and beauty of Creation and for giving me life, according to my will”.
  • 6 Praising God, refer to creation, for example:

    "Heaven and sea praise the Lord," "May all that is in me bless the Lord."

  • 7 Let Him guide you in the process of expressing your love for God."I praise you, Lord, for dwelling in the midst of the praise of your people." [those who love Him]! Psalms 22: 3
  • 8 Do good to others, as Jesus said, "And what you do less, you do for Me."And Isaiah said:" This is the glory that He chose: glorify the Lord, sharing communion and his property with the poor - especially widows and orphans. "
  • 9 Prayer at His will and the glorification of His name together lead to the success of a prayer life.
  • 10 Keep a prayer diary and you will be blessed to see how prayer and praise transform all areas of your life.
  • 11 Praise Him, despite all the storms of life:"I praise you, Lord Father, that you are here and will always be there, granting help, comfort and peace. Your plan is more than I can realize and even imagine. Your glory and refuge of Your hands reassure me."
  • Kenneth Hagin Jr.

    Although God does not really need anyone to show Him in a good light, believers must show the world that God is good. Our words and deeds determine how He looks. Thinking about this places a great responsibility on us.

    The apostle Paul said: “So, whether you eat, drink, or do what you do, do everything to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31). In other words, we need to glorify God in everything we do!

    But what does it mean to glorify God? The Greek definition of the word “glorify” means “to exalt”, “to praise”, “to exalt”. When we glorify God, we represent Him better than people ever thought of Him! We glorify God by reflecting His goodness, because He is Good!

    Many Christians think that glorifying God is simply going to church and raising their hands in praise and worship. But this is only part of it. If that’s all you do, this is the only time that you reflect God's goodness. People who worship God in the church already know how good He is! However, people outside the church — those who live on the same site with you or those with whom you work — they need to see God's goodness.

    “Beloved ones, I ask you, as aliens and wanderers, to move away from the carnal lusts that rise against the soul, and to lead a virtuous life between the Gentiles, so that they curse you as villains, seeing your good deeds, glorify God on the day of your visit. So be submissive to all human rule, for the Lord: whether to the king, as the supreme authority, to the rulers, how to be sent from him to punish criminals and to encourage those who do good, for such is God's will that we, when doing good, block the mouth of the ignorance of the insane l Dei - as free, and not using your liberty for a cloak of maliciousness, but as the servants of God "(1Pet.2: 11-16).

    It follows from this passage of Scripture that when we live a holy life in full view of the unsaved, they will come to glorify God! Now let's look at verse 17 because it opens up some practical ways to glorify God and reflect His goodness!

    “Honor everyone, love the brotherhood, fear God, honor the king” (1 Pet. 2:17). According to this passage of Scripture, we can glorify God by honoring all. This means that we must show respect for the people around us. An easy way to do this is to be a good neighbor. In the world we live in, most people do not know their neighbors at all, and all the more so do not show a good attitude towards them.

    For example, you tear out weeds in your garden, and you do not have a fence that would separate your garden from the neighboring one. And you are careful not to cross the invisible line dividing your sections. But nothing terrible would have happened if you had helped your neighbor a little. This is one example of how to be a good neighbor.

    Human nature is characterized by hatred and selfishness, while the heart and spirit of a person are characterized by love and giving. And these two forces always fight against each other.

    Let me explain what I mean. If someone has offended you, your spiritual person wants to show love and let the world see that the Lord is truly good. Your heart says: “So in all that you want people to do with you, so do you with them.” But carnal nature says: "Take everything to yourself when you can and take it away, until others are ahead of you." That is why it is not always easy to walk in love with others. However, we can do it!

    Jesus said: “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love among yourselves” (John 13:35).

    This does not mean that we should love human sin. We should not love the bad things that people do, but we must love people.

    I want you to learn something here. Love is not a feeling. Love is an action that produces a feeling. If you really love someone, you will show him that. You do not just say, "I love you." We tell the world that God loves them, but these are just words. We need to show that the Lord loves them through our actions.

    A good illustration of love in action is the story of the good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25-37). Interestingly, nothing is said about what the Samaritan felt. All attention is focused on what he was doing. You see, how you feel in a situation is not as important as what you do. As a Christian, everything you do must be in accordance with God's Word, because it is your actions that will show God in a good or bad light.

    Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves (Mat.22: 39). The apostle Peter commanded us all to honor (1 Pet. 2:17). But none of them talked about how we should feel. It had nothing to do with feelings.

    They talked about action. According to the Word of God, we must treat our friends with love, dignity, and respect - no matter what we feel. We do not walk according to our feelings - we walk by faith.

    Peter also said that we glorify God by loving the brotherhood of believers (v. 17). This does not mean that we should love only those who believe in speaking other languages ​​or accept healing. To love the brotherhood of believers is to show reverence and respect to all who were saved by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of beliefs.

    We must have the same attitude towards humanity as God. God loves everyone. He is not respectable (Acts 10:34). But for one reason or another, if a person does not believe in the same way as in our opinion, he should, often we do not even want to communicate with him.

    I heard my father say many times that people steal God's blessings from themselves because they do not show love and respect for the whole Body of Christ.

    For example, one person says: "I was born again through the Blood of Jesus Christ." And another says: "I am born again and believe in speaking in tongues." The third one says: "And I also believe in healing and prosperity."

    These are three different levels of beliefs, but they all have a “common denominator" - being born again through the Blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore, they should be able to communicate with each other based on this “common denominator”. However, sometimes it seems that some believers have a position of self-righteousness, which says: "We cannot communicate with them, since they are not from our movement." Or: "We cannot go to this church because it is not the church of the living word." I will tell you a secret: if they preach Jesus Christ and His crucifixion, then this is the church of the living word, because Jesus is the Living Word! Here is what the apostle Paul says about this: "There is no longer Judea, not a pagan, no slave, not free ... for you are all one in Christ Jesus" (Gal. 3:28).

    We can read this verse like this: "There are no Baptists and Pentecostals. There is no this or that denomination." If we were born again, we are in Jesus Christ. Believers must come to unity in order to achieve peace and in order to win more souls for Christ. Let's stop arguing about denominational differences. Let's save people!

    Too often, God's people spend time arguing with each other, while people from the world are right on their way to hell. This is exactly what the devil wants. You see, if the devil cannot persuade Christians to sin, then he will try to set up various denominations against each other. As a result of this, churches do not arrange citywide evangelism to achieve the "perishing", since they do not cooperate with each other!

    The Bible calls controversy and separation sin. So let's go together for one purpose: to free people and make them free. If we are going to glorify God and reflect His goodness, we must show unity in the Body of Christ. We must learn to love and respect every member of the Body of Christ.

    Verse 17 of this epistle also tells us to glorify God, fearing God (1 Pet. 2:17). The fear of God is spoken of in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. But this does not mean to be paralyzed by fear and fear, or, as people are now saying, to be "scared to death." It means standing in awe of God and having respect for Him.

    Years ago, when one company decided to build a hotel and casino worth millions, one of the leading employees of this organization quit his job, protesting against this. When asked why he did this, he replied: "My attitude and respect for my Lord Jesus Christ led me to this decision." This man was so faithful to the Lord that he quit his lucrative job in a prosperous company. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a lot of money - it is bad if they are your god (1 Tim.6: 10). You know, many people say that Jesus is the Lord of their lives, however, when it comes to their wallets, a completely different conversation begins.

    We must have the fear of God and respect for Him in every area of ​​our lives. When the world sees that we are doing things that God likes, it glorifies Him!

    Finally, 1 Pet. 2:17 says that we can glorify God honoring the king. In other words, to be a good citizen. In Bible times, they had kings. Today we have a government and a president. But the principle remains the same: we must honor those people who have power over us (1 Pet. 2: 13,14).

    When we obey the "earthly" laws, it brings glory to God. And although a person can be a good citizen without being a Christian, I believe that Christians should be good citizens and take an active part in what is happening in their country. It is important.

    “Remind them to obey and submit to the authorities and authorities, to be ready for any good deed” (Titus 3: 1). This verse says that we must be ready to roll up our sleeves and go to work. Many Christians sit idly, constantly complaining about the government, but not many of them go to the polls or take part in public affairs. They complain about the education system, but only a very few Christian parents seek to participate in school activities.

    If you want to change the society in which you live, you cannot just sit back and complain. You have to go and do something because nothing will change if everyone is sitting inactive.

    When our children went to primary school, my wife and I were always involved in their school life. Each year, a Christian director asked my wife if she was planning to join the Parents and Teachers Association this year. Why? Because he wanted to maintain a good atmosphere in his school. He knew that if he retained Christians in leading roles in the Association of Parents and Teachers, then the school would have a good Christian influence.

    If we are going to glorify God and reflect His goodness, we must do something. Some people just sit and say, "I will wait for Jesus to come." But if they just sit and wait, they will not obey God's Word. Jesus said: “... use them until I return” (Luke 19:13). This means that we must do the work of the Lord before He comes to earth!

    Matthew 5:16 says: “So let your light shine before people, so that they can see your good deeds and glorify your Heavenly Father.” We still have a lot of work to introduce God to this world. We should constantly ask ourselves: "Do I reflect the goodness of God or not?" After all, the God whom people see is the God whom we show them in our words and our actions!

    The magazine "Choose Life", 2000.