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How to quickly drive an unwanted person away from home: conspiracies to salt and not only


Many years ago my husband’s friends were very strong pestering us with their visits, they "stayed up late", and these gatherings got on my nerves, because in the morning I had to get up early for work, and I did not get enough sleep. Over time, I came up with a new solution to this problem. For example, when a guest came without a call:

Without opening the front door I reported that I feel bad and waiting for the doctor.

Looking through the peephole and seeing an unexpected guest, she did not open the door.

If the guest reported his visit, then I put off the meeting, referring to my employment.

So that there are no grievances on the part of my husband, I suggested accept friends in your absence so that upon returning home not to see any of them.

Joint gatherings are good when they are not frequent, and if friends do not have families, then people do not always understand this and create discomfort when they come to the house where the family lives.

What if the guest unexpectedly arrived, and is not going to leave?

People who come from another city without warning and not reporting it behave very badly. I had situations in my life, when distant relatives and friends confronted me with the fact that they have nowhere to stop, and asking for three days, they stayed for two weeks. In order not to be unfriendly, I cordially welcomed all the guests who arrived, seated for the best seats at the table, fed, watered, borrowed money in order to feed everyone. And then, I'm tired of all this, and I began to act differently:

As soon as the guest arrived, I reported that in a couple of days the masters came to make repairs and we were leaving for the cottage.

A business trip is a great reason to send out all unwanted guests.

If the guests arrived and give a “hint” that they want to stay, they need to immediately make it clear that they move to a hotel, or offer them an option with a rented apartment, otherwise the excursions and shopping will never end, and they will always be present not only in the bedroom, but also in the kitchen!

Conclusion: Uninvited guests are always communication, fun, and good mood, and they must be accepted as they are, but at the right moment, you need to make it clear that the owners are tired and it is time to go home.

What are the categories of intruders

Our people have always been distinguished by hospitality. Therefore, it is very difficult to break their foundations, even when it comes to uninvited guests. But it is important to think about yourself, about your family and its well-being. In this case, a conspiracy from unwanted guests comes to the rescue, which each person who finds himself in this difficult situation can independently apply at home.

Uninvited guests

There are several types of obsessive people that you want to get rid of as quickly as possible:

  • They go only to you. People seem to be nice, but they often came to visit you, never having invited them to their place.
  • Alien in spirit, enemies and enemies. With this category, and so everything is clear, you need to get rid of yourself and your family as soon as possible.
  • Relatives. It’s much more complicated with them; a diplomatic approach is required. But in extreme situations, so that dissatisfied, annoying or unfriendly relatives come and come, as rarely as possible, resort to magic.
  • Uninvited temporary lodgers. If you live in the capital or the southern city, then there are surely people who want to use your living space for a certain time. Over time, such endless unwanted visits will turn your apartment into a kind of station. And you have every right to put an end to this, since you are not obligated to please anyone in this way.

All of these situations can be resolved using a conspiracy from uninvited guests. However, no one can wish for evil by directing his negative energy at him - then the boomerang cannot be stopped later. Wish him peace and prosperity, but let him remain in his home. Protecting your home from the unwanted effects of uninvited guests is not evil, but a vital necessity.

What magic method to choose and how to use it correctly

Now there are many ritual actions, thanks to which you can get rid of the unwanted guest or ill-wisher in your house so that you never go again. You have the right to independently choose the method that you can use: reading a prayer, conspiracy, or conducting another magical action.

Conspiracy from uninvited guests

Whatever you choose, the main thing is to follow the basic requirements that are prescribed for magic rites:

  1. Sincere belief in a conspiracy from uninvited guests. If you are not 100% sure that the performed ritual will help, it is better not even to start. If there is even a drop of doubt, no spell from an unnecessary visit will work.
  2. Any protective or liberating prayer, in particular, a conspiracy to push an uninvited person away from his home, is read in the waning moon.
  3. Say a conspiracy, like any prayer you need to be barely audible, carefully pronouncing each word. A prerequisite is memorization of the text for memory.
  4. Spells may contain words that are not understood in meaning. You need to find out their meaning or choose another, more understandable conspiracy. Changing the text or throwing words out of it is strictly prohibited.

If you want uninvited people to come to your house no longer, follow all the rules for magical rites. Your diligence will also protect you from unwanted consequences.

Salt rituals from intrusive visitors

In magic, salt is used very often and in many situations, since this product has strong energy and can act as a kind of shield and purifier. Therefore, a conspiracy to salt is a proven way to discourage unwanted guests and make sure they leave and never come back.

Salt from uninvited guests

Salt on the doorstep

If uninvited guests or relatives did not come with good, and you want to get rid of them faster, you need to quietly conduct the following ritual:

  1. Put a little salt on your palm. Go to the front door and open it.
  2. In a whisper, read the plot:

“Let all corruption and misfortune go to the one who sends evil against me.” Another version of the text: “I interfere, stir, knead. I’m wrapping your path from my house! I turn you away from the doorway! Let it be so! Let it be so!".

Try not to let salt crystals wake up on you or get on another household, otherwise the rite’s effectiveness will be impaired.

Prayer for Consecrated Salt

If the protective ceremony is performed using blessed or Thursday salt, the effect will be simply stunning. If you want to get rid of the visits of an annoying person, pour the sacred product in a small linen bag and hang it over the entrance to the house. It is desirable that the salt be consecrated on some great church holiday, for example, on Easter. In this rite, read the prayer:

“All the negativity that is being sent to me will be returned to the performer. Angels of heaven guard my house and my body. No corruption and no evil eye can harm me, the servant of God (name). I read prayers and believe in God. My faith puts on me amazing strength protection that will not break, even the most experienced magician. No one can negatively affect me or the moss of my native people. No person can ruin my life. The Lord helps the servant of God (your name). And it will always be so. Amen".

How to get rid of annoying relatives

Communication with a loved one gives joy. But there are situations when, for example, a mother-in-law who came to visit just starts to piss off her daughter-in-law with constant moralizing and remarks. Here you are already going to any tricks so that the annoying and imperious person as soon as possible returns to her home.

To implement this, you will need smoldering chicory, which you need to fumigate the guest room. It can also be sprayed with thistle infusion. In the process, read the following plot:

“A leaf from a branch was torn off, it brought into our house. As the wind brought you, so it carried you further. You didn’t stop here, you went on the road yourself. You are sad here, everything here is not nice. From us (name) get out, come back to your home. Amen".

When a person finally leaves your home, sprinkle the threshold with dry garlic, powdered bay leaf and clove with the same words.

Spell on purchased milk

So that people you don’t want to see come to the house, you can perform a ritual using ordinary milk. On the way to the store, repeat one single magic phrase:

At home, you need to wait until the dairy product turns sour. To speed up the process, you can put it in the sun or in some warm place. Using the resulting kefir, wash your hands and feet. During the rite, repeat the plot:

“How milk is sour, so that you sour from me, (full name of the enemy). How I wash my hands and feet, so that you also laundered from me, (full name of the enemy). Amen".

Conspiracies from unwanted people are easy and simple to use. If the rules prescribed by magic are followed, everything will be fulfilled very quickly. The main point when conducting magic rituals is your mood. The stronger you want the fulfillment of the desired, the better the result will be, since white magic will fully show its strength.