Useful Tips

The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games is an extreme game based on a series of books and films. The main goal of this strategy game is to crush all opponents (more details below). Before the start of the games, all participants gather in a predetermined place and time. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen of the Capitol, try not to be late. If you do not know where to go, forget or get lost, the group contains the number of one of the organizers, you can turn to him for help of any nature related to the organization or organization of the Hunger Games.

Since the Games take place mainly in a forest area, who knows what can happen to you. Make sure that you always have water, food (which you will not need during the games), as well as everything you need for first aid (peroxide, bandage, patch). The organizers have them, but it is not always possible to quickly get honey. help. We also advise you to put on things that will not be a pity to stain, tear, etc., as well as comfortable closed shoes, it is advisable to wear things from light natural fabrics. It is advisable to wear a hat on your head.
When participants begin to gather, so as not to waste time, the organizers begin preparations. It consists in the fact that you need to provide your contact details, just in case (Last name, first name, phone number that you have with you) to make a contribution to the prize pool and leave the weapon with the organizer (if you brought it with you).

Ribbons. What is it and why is it necessary? Each tape is your life. During the games, other participants will try to take these lives from you. There are only a few ways to do this: 1) Hit the weapon in the area of ​​the trunk or neck (we hope that no one will aim at the neck). If the hit happened in the arm or leg, the murder does not count. That there wasn’t "ME KILLED IN A KNEEL!"
2) An arrow fired from a bow or used simply as a melee weapon. Yes, arrows can be used as a melee weapon, in fact, like a bow, or rather the ends of the bow on both sides.

When all the participants gathered and received the ribbons, the organizers pick up the weapons with things and carry them to the Cornucopia. You don’t have to worry, nobody is appropriating anything to himself.
When the tributes are put in place, their eyes should be closed. This condition is made for the participants themselves, in order to maintain the atmosphere and good mood of the game before it begins.
When the final countdown sounds, the task of the tributes is to run to the Cornucopia and have time to grab a weapon. Be careful. You may fall into the hands of someone else's weapon, and therefore should be respectful of things.

Now your task is to kill. Members can organize alliances. We really do not recommend creating alliances with a large number of people. Alliances of more than 5-6 people destroy the balance of the game and kill all interest in the game. Believe me, this is a valuable experience of past years. As the game progresses, the number of game participants will decrease. When there are less than a third of the participants, the Second Round will begin.

Rules for posting:

Required area (LxW): 30x25 m.

Power Requirements: 1 kW.


  • those. support
  • tournament moderator
  • office
  • buffer zone
  • sighting area
  • set of equipment
  • sound accompaniment
  • (Attention! Perimeter fence
  • and shelters are not included in the cost of participation)
  • up to 100 people
  • 4 hours of play
  • unlimited number of stages
  • Minimum number of participants - from 20 people

Our version of corporate relaxation based on the famous film (as well as games, comics, etc.) is a corporate tournament in archerie tag. Archeri-tag - a novelty in the field of entertainment, team games and event organization. The best battle, or, as the organizers also call it, the best paintball is a team confrontation, during which the warring parties use bows as weapons, and, of course, arrows as shells. However, there is no need to be afraid: real beam arrows have been modernized: they, firstly, without sharp tips, and secondly, with humanizers, nozzles made of polypropylene. To protect the eyes, a special mask is used - the same as in paintball.

As a basis for holding a corporate event in a team building format, we recommend a tournament (prepare the grid, split into teams, hold and award) or a scenario “war” (prepare a scenario, provide game equipment). If you choose the second option, we recommend that you form two armies with complex weapons, involving also a laser tag. In general, the scenarios of such “hunger games” can be the most exciting: with missions, opportunities to get “extra lives”, with “infirmaries” and “headquarters”.

A tournament or a game can be supplemented by various shooting galleries, intellectual tasks by games, mini-quests, team relays: each request has its own answer.

The “The Hunger Games” team building is original, new, and on the other hand, is quite a team, in the spirit of the classic team building in nature.