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Search for people for free by last name, first name, and other data


On this page you will find out how you can make a free search on the Internet for a person by his first and last name, photo, phone number, address or email address E-Mail. The modern Internet provides a ton of opportunities for this: searching for people on social networks, specialized directories of international organizations that search for missing friends and relatives, through special search engines for people on the Internet, as well as through instant messengers or messaging services, IP telephony, etc. These methods will help in finding a person in any country in the world.

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  • Search engines
  • People search engines
  • Social networks and search engines
  • Messengers, chats and IP-telephony
  • State registers
  • Search Services Sites
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§ Before starting a search: what information should be collected about a wanted person

Before you start searching for a person on the Internet, you need to collect the necessary information about him that will help you in your search. The following list contains information that needs to be collected. More information about what information you need to collect about the wanted person and why you can find out on a separate page of our site.

  • Name, surname, patronymic (in Russian and other languages)
  • Nicks on social networks and instant messengers
  • Photo
  • Address of his last location
  • Phone number, e-mail and other contact details
  • Age, date of birth

§ Internet search engines - the easiest way to find people

The most simple and common way to search for a person on the Internet is the use of search engines. Some search engines, for example Yandex, have in their arsenal a people search system. This system searches for available data on social networks and other sites. The disadvantage of using search engines is that they give out a lot of information that is difficult to process and review. Search engines, on the other hand, do searches across the largest number of sites. Also in search engines, you can search for a person by photo.

Look for a person not only by the name of the surname, indicate any, especially unique information. This may help in the search.

Google searchThe ability to search for any person’s data, as well as photos. To limit the search results, specify the name and surname of the wanted person in quotation marks, for example: "Ivan Ivanovich", in this case, the search will be done for this phrase with exact coincidence. To search by photo, go to the Pictures section on the Google website and click on the camera icon in the search field to upload a picture.
Yandex SearchYandex feature is that the system has a search for information about people, Yandex People. This service searches the pages of social networks.
Other search enginesOther search engines can also be used to search for people on the Internet:
  • Bing
  • Yahoo

§ People’s search engines on the Internet

In addition to the usual search for a person by name and surname on Google, you can use the websites, which are free search engines of people. These sites search for people on social networks, phone books, websites, email addresses, photos, etc. Having gone to such a site, you need to specify the name and surname. Some sites can search by username, nickname, school, address, email address, phone number and other parameters.

  • - USA
  • - ​​Italy
  • - Germany

§ Search for a person in social networks and through search engines on social networks

Social networks now contain a huge number of created profiles, for example, Facebook said that more than 2'000'000'000 (2 billion) people are in this social network. Thus, social networks provide an excellent opportunity to do a person search by last name and first name.

First of all, it is worth noting that there are sites that search for names and surnames immediately on all or some social networks, which greatly simplifies the search task.

  • - search for profiles in networks by last name, first name in real time
  • - search for people on networks from Yandex
  • - Google search on selected social networks
  • - search in social networks

Of course, these search engines on social networks do not cover absolutely all social networks, therefore, in some cases, you may need to do a search directly by going to social networking sites.

§ Messengers, chats and IP-telephony, VoIP

In addition, most of the people on earth use messaging services (Messengers) or programs for phone calls over the Internet, which also provide search capabilities for their users. Of course, each user of the messenger can forbid to give out his profile in the search for users, but not many do it. By running the program on your mobile device or computer, you can also search for people by name and surname. The most famous programs are listed in the following list:

§ State registries of registration of people, events and property

In many countries, registers of registered people, car numbers, debtors, criminals wanted by the police, individual entrepreneurs, etc. are kept. Contacting these registries may help in the search or at least exclude the wanted person from a certain category of persons. True, information from these registries is not always provided free of charge. Go to the sites of these registries in the country you are interested in to search for people, you can find them by doing a site search on Google using the phrase "Databases of individuals" and the name of the country.

§ Search services of international organizations and private firms

Various international organizations and services are involved in the search for missing people, as well as in the search for lost relatives and friends. On their sites, you can also apply for a person search or check their databases if this person is looking for you or if someone else is looking for you. Below you will find a list of such organizations:

§ Search for a person in the phone book, in the phone book

A great opportunity for free human search is provided by phone books posted on the Internet. They can usually be used to search for a person by their last name and first name, as well as their address and telephone number. The following is a list of phone books of various states.

  • Germany Phonebooks
  • Telephone directory for Russia and other Russian-speaking countries

§ Registries of wanted people: search and registration

As mentioned above, states, as well as international organizations engaged in people search, post on the Internet lists of names and surnames, as well as photographs of wanted persons. In addition, there are sites on the Internet with private announcements in which people also make messages about the search for missing persons or the search for relatives and acquaintances. These registries can be used to find out if the person you are looking for is not looking for you and whether other people who could be found out about the results are looking for you. The fact is that people usually rarely update information on bulletin boards and even after a successful search do not remove their ads, so by contacting them, you can find out more.

In addition, you yourself can advertise for a person. Since search engines analyze and index such ads, it is likely that they will be read by the person you are looking for or someone from his or her acquaintances. To search for such sites, type in the search engine the words: search bulletin board and, if necessary, the name of the city or country.

We are not responsible for advertisements placed on our site for people search. Searching for people is FREE. Search for people without registering and sending SMS.

Databases of people are classified information. At least many of us think so. However, in reality, almost all bodies and departments have access to these bases. GRU, FSB, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Narcological control and SVR. This list can be continued for a very long time. As for ordinary people, for them these bases are closed, and this is not surprising, because the information is of the type marked “SECRET”.

What data do these databases store? Almost all the data about people, starting with the full name and date of birth, and ending with the place of residence and registration. Have you ever crossed the border of the Russian Federation? Be sure - the data on this is probably stored in the databases. What about information that has an official or criminal need? And there is one. There are special databases in which there is information about the work of people in certain companies, their work experience, and wages. If you contact the healthcare sector, your health information will be in the same database.

An ordinary person will never get access to these databases, but we always have the Internet at hand, in which, in fact, you can always find the information we are interested in, but at the same time this database is 100% open to everyone. The search for the most important information was made possible thanks to the information resources posted on the servers of official state-owned companies. Regardless of the type of information you are trying to find, whether it’s general information or people search, you can always use open access to a number of sites, including:

  • STSI
  • Moscow addresses
  • Tax service
  • Bailiff Service
  • Phone Codes
  • And others, others, others

How else can you find the person we are interested in? To do this is incredibly simple - just go to one of the popular social networks. Social networks contain the personal data of millions of registered users living both in Russia and in other countries. And each of us, when filling out his profile, voluntarily gives this information to third parties. Take it - I do not want. And let not every person provide reliable information about themselves, from them you can always find the person you need - just enter the name and surname, as well as the city of residence in the search bar. Dates of birth, addresses, and even interests are just a small part of the information about people that can be quickly and easily accessed. As for search engines, they also go to their databases hosted on servers and help find the desired information about any person.

If you decide to arrange an unexpected surprise for old friends whom you have not seen for a long time, or simply please them with a phone call or a telegram - use our resource. Find a person in a huge database that is open to everyone and everyone!

Welcome, guest, on our search resource. If you intend to find a person by last name, first name, then our free people search is at your service.
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  • You do not need to register. All options and filters are available for free. You get data posted on the Internet in the public domain and view it on one page - it’s more convenient than looking for information on different sites.
  • You look at the media files uploaded by a person. The bot pulls up photos and videos that a user posted on VKontakte, on YouTube, in Odnoklassniki or other services - you can easily recognize the user, see how he has changed since your last meeting.