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How to start a conversation with a girl


Some guys cannot arrange their personal lives properly due to one very significant and widespread problem - they simply do not know how to communicate with girls. Of course, this problem is completely solvable!

Psychology of communication with girls

If a young man has not mastered the art of communicating with the opposite sex, then he is unlikely to count on the fact that he will be successful with girls or any of his relationships will last happily ever after.

The first step is to establish contact with the person you like. If you do everything right, then after a few minutes of communication the girl will have the impression that you have known each other for a long time and you can be trusted.

Girls are usually quite sensitive and emotional, and to capture her attention, it is not enough just to have conversations with her - it is important to be able to evoke emotions. How to do this the easiest? Of course, with the help of flirting and compliments. During flirting, do not forget to resort to humor, so that communication with you is not stifling, but easy.

Talking to the person who attracted you, let her know that she is really interesting to you, and not just as a friend, but as a potential lover. If sympathy is mutual, then the girl will relax and respond to your efforts. A date should not look like an exchange of information - dilute it with compliments (perhaps with a slight banter), often look into her eyes, smile.

Many guys make the mistake of trying to tell the girls as much about themselves as possible in order to impress them, and at the same time pay little attention to the information that they are trying to convey to them. Noting for himself the "clues" voiced by the interlocutor, the guy can easily build a further conversation with her, asking leading questions on a particular topic.

Also, this method is useful in that the girl sees the interest of the guy and understands that he is listening to what she tells him. Any representative of the fair sex is pleased to know that she is interesting to the young man as a person, and his attention to details will clearly point this out to her. The interlocutor understands that your conversations are not superficial. In this case, you do not need to immediately ask questions as soon as the girl voices any fact - it's not about that at all. You need to remember what she says and ask some questions later.

Also an equally important skill is to provide the girl with details about himself, and not to remain silent. Start interesting topics that she can then develop. So she will feel more comfortable, understanding that she too can prove herself as an attentive and interested interlocutor.

How to approach the girl you like

Many guys approach a girl even worse than starting a conversation with her, and that is why many wonderful acquaintances did not take place in the world. Leave this fear behind so as not to miss your chance. Behave simply and naturally. Some girls are afraid of dating on the street, not wanting to become a victim of a pick-up, therefore, the more elaborate you try to attract her, the more likely it will start to move away. Try to come up and just say: “I’m very afraid that you will refuse, but still I hope that you will say your phone number.” In the first second, the girl may be confused, then you sincerely add: “I really liked you, let's try to talk!”. If you even attracted a little girl, then she will surely give you a phone number. Some girls are embarrassed to dictate their number - in this case, give her your phone and ask her to dial herself, or give her a pen and a diary where she can enter the number. Perhaps this method seems to you too straightforward and imagination offers you many other options. In this case, try to do as your intuition tells you.

What topic to talk about

First of all, find out what the girl’s name is, then later pronouncing her name. Also do not forget to introduce yourself. The point with the pronunciation of her name is very important - many girls like it when a young man calls them by name, this immediately puts them at their disposal. Note that you really like how her name sounds. Find out what it means. If the girl does not know the answer, imagine your option, which she will surely be flattered to hear.

Of course, the first conversation should not include any intimate hints and vulgar topics - this can confuse the interlocutor. Also, there is no need to tell the girl about problems with relatives or difficulties of any other nature - your communication should be easy. Of course, if the girl herself is prone to revelation, and you like it, then in this case you can decide on reciprocity. And yet, do not start such topics first - for many interlocutors, such conversations will seem offensive.

How to behave to interest a girl

The girl will be interested in a guy who knows how to conduct a conversation - this applies both to live communication and to online conversations. If you feel that you have problems with this, then develop all the skills of a good storyteller, taking an example from a more sociable friend or by studying online lessons in this regard. You should have some fascinating stories in stock that you can fill in awkward pauses in the conversation. Topics can be very diverse - your first culinary experience, impressions of a trip and much more. If you understand that you have absolutely nothing to tell, then you are unlikely to interest a girl - make your life richer and more diverse, and then new stories will not keep you waiting.

It is important not only to be a wonderful storyteller, but also to remember another participant in the conversation. This means that you should not reduce all your speeches to yourself - do not forget to give the girl appropriate and preferably not beaten up compliments, listen with interest to what she tells you.

How to talk to a girl if she is silent

If you do your best to talk in silence in the first minutes of your acquaintance, then this will only push you away from you. This girl is probably shy, and in order to begin to reveal herself to the interlocutor, she may need more than one meeting. It is important to understand this, and not to emphasize this. If you like a girl, do not tell her: "You are constantly silent, I don’t know what to talk about with you." She can be closed even more. Show that you are in any case pleasant and comfortable in her company, play “peepers” with her, first ask questions that do not require a detailed answer, subsequently “building up the pace” and touching on broader topics. The main advice in this situation: only an open and sociable person can speak in silence. If you feel that you can not cope, then leave this venture. If the girl is interesting to you, then your work will not be in vain - such silent people, as a rule, are embarrassed only in the company of unfamiliar people, and with relatives they turn out to be quite interesting and deep interlocutors.

Building the right dialogue with the girl

Two of its participants are involved in building the dialogue, and it is important to remember this. Of course, if a girl is silent, and so long as she is embarrassed to open up, it will be right if you mainly will have the conversation. But even in this case, at least occasionally you need to ask her questions. If the girl is not distinguished by increased shyness, then you should not "pull the blanket over yourself", trying to impress the person you like. Some guys are forgotten, and begin a continuous dialogue about their person, forcing the girl to be bored. It often happens that a girl, like, wants to tell something about herself, but first of all, the guy does not let her insert a word or immediately interrupts, again translating the conversation vector onto herself. It is important to learn to be an attentive conversationalist, and not just an excellent storyteller.

Difficulties in communicating with a girl who likes and how to deal with them

Of course, it all depends on what kind of difficulties are in mind. Let's consider some of them.

The girl is ignoring. Despite the fact that you often call her, invite you to dates, arrange surprises, the girl not only does not show much interest in communicating with you, but sometimes even ignores you. In this case, it is inappropriate to take even more initiative. Probably, you either do not like the girl, or she is interested in something else, or she now has problems of a different kind and she is not up to your courtship. In this case, pause for a couple of weeks, and try again to get in touch. If the girl does not show interest in you again, then the pause has to be increased.

The girl agrees to dates, but not to sex. Try to identify the reasons for this behavior. If your relationship has romance, dates, kisses, but the girl is not ready to take the next step, carefully find out from her what this is connected with. You can directly say: “I am very happy with you, I like to spend time with you, but every day I understand that this is not enough for me, and I would like us to get closer. Don't you want the same? ” Already by her answer you will draw conclusions. It may be that the girl is just bored, and in your society periodically kills the cookie or uses you in some way. But this is the worst option. It is possible that she is a virgin, she has different ideas about the speed of approaching pairs, she is confused by something in your behavior, she is not sure of the seriousness of your intentions and the like. A frank conversation will give you more insight into the situation.

The girl does not show initiative. She enthusiastically responds to offers on dates, always answers calls and messages, but she never takes the first steps. Perhaps the girl was brought up with the understanding that a man should always take the initiative, and a woman should take it, and any other model of relationships seems wrong to her. In this situation, ignoring a few days may help. If the girl herself will not call, then you call, and find out why she did not call. She may begin to make excuses for waiting for a call from you. Then invite her to meet and "seriously talk." On a date, explain to the girl that both people build a relationship, and if she remains the same without initiative, then you will have a difficult time.

Smart words for communication that hurt girls

If you want to impress a girl, “hurt her soul”, strike her memory, then it will not hurt you to turn to the work of the classics. Perhaps the interlocutor does not expect to know you from this side. Take on board a few quotes that you can skillfully use in your conversation. Just do not need to quote statuses, which are in abundance in various groups in VK - if they caught your eye, then, most likely, the girl already read them. Search the Internet for quotes about love, quotes about relationships, quotes about friendship, and so on. Think about what you are likely to talk with the girl, and make the appropriate preparations. In order not to get confused yourself, choose small sayings, but spectacular.

What might it look like? For example: “You know, even though Brodsky said, the house is a place where you are not asked too many questions,” but with us it’s often not at all like that. ” It can be said with a smile and then some story on this subject will follow. In general, think in advance, phrases with which you can effectively “shine”.

I don’t know how to communicate with girls what to do

Pickup trainings. Many believe that such trainings primarily teach how to "breed a girl for sex." In fact, this is not at all paramount. you will not achieve any intimacy if you do not learn to communicate with the opposite sex. That is why it is more correct to say that, first of all, at such trainings they teach precisely the art of communicating with girls. Of course, then you already use the acquired skills in the way you want.

If you don’t have the opportunity to personally attend such trainings, then you may be interested in online courses - you will most likely need to easily find on the Web, guided by your favorite reviews. You can also read for free some of the recommendations that pickup gurus share in various videos.

It is possible that you have a friend who can easily start a conversation with almost any girl and interest her. Observe it from the side, draw conclusions for yourself. If it is a close friend, then frankly ask him to point out your mistakes and give any recommendations.

The main mistakes when communicating with girls

1. Excessive flattery

After reading the advice that girls love compliments, you can start to “fill up” the girl with delighted speeches, which in the end can only push her away. Compliments should be used dosed, especially if you are not already in a close relationship. Otherwise, the girl will feel insincerity and decide that you apparently behave like that with everyone.

2. Self-doubt

It so happened that girls are more accustomed to self-confident man - very few people prefer shy or reserved young people. If you have a goal to please a girl, then try to gain confidence in yourself.

3. Monotony and lack of initiative

Your meetings are of the same type, you walk along the same routes. If some changes appear in the usual routine, then usually a girl initiates them. Many people can gradually get bored with such monotony to such an extent that she will begin to avoid meetings.

4. Memories of former girls

If in the company of a current or potential girl, you periodically recall the former sweetheart, without suggestive questions from the interlocutor, then in the end it can push you away. She will decide that you are just stuck in the past.

Some young people like to embellish, or even invent their own achievements, colorfully painting them in front of the interlocutor. Most often, it is immediately obvious to the girl that the guy is either very narcissistic or loves to embellish information about himself - neither the first nor the second option delights the girls. It becomes especially unpleasant when the guy himself pierces his lies or the truth comes up by accident.

6. Tactlessness and obscene words

Demonstrating your rudeness or regularly expressing obscene thoughts, you might think that you look cool in the eyes of girls, but the vast majority do not like it at all. Moreover, if a girl knows that in life you often allow yourself a mate, but with it you restrain yourself, then most likely this will be a big plus for you on her part.

In conversations with you, it somehow turns out that very often you are unhappy with someone, angry at someone, you see injustice in something. The more negativity that comes from you, the more the girl will have a desire to distance herself from this.

You do not remember many of her words, and in your subsequent conversations this becomes obvious. During a conversation, you are often distracted by phone calls, write someone sms, check social networks. Perhaps this way you are trying to show her your relevance. All the described manipulations clearly indicate to the girl that you are not too interested in talking with her, and at the moment there are things that seem more important to you. This will not add you points in her eyes.

1. Random dating

1.1 Introduce yourself. Go to the girl you want to meet, smile and say hello to her. Then introduce yourself and ask her name. A sincere, polite greeting is always better than the bad hackneyed phrases that guys say when they meet.

In any situation, just try to say, for example: “Hello, my name is Oleg. What is your name?"

If you are in a bar, then you can offer a girl some drink. Say, for example: “Hello, my name is Oleg. Can I treat you to something? ”

1.2 Ask how she is doing. To start a conversation with a girl, you can ask how she is doing or how her day goes. Be polite to make a good impression on the girl.

A simple question: “How are you?” Will never let you down. Listen carefully to her answer.

Ask her: “How is your day going? What happened today? ”These questions will force her to give you an answer, which we hope will not consist of a single word. And you will have a chance to show her that you are a wonderful listener.

1.3 Discuss the weather. You can always make a harmless remark about the weather. It seems like a sunny / windy / rainy day today. Here you have a topic for starting a conversation. As soon as she answers you, you can start discussing something more interesting.

Start your discussion of weather with a question, not a statement. Ask something like: “It's a beautiful day today, right?” Or “Rather, it would rain, right?” This will give her the opportunity to answer you.

If you do not want to start the conversation with a discussion of the weather, then select another safe topic. For example, comment on the place where you are. Если вы баре, то вы могли бы сказать что-то вроде: «Ух ты, ну и переполнен же он сегодня, правда?»

1.4 Используйте общие для вас темы. Найдите, что у вас может быть общего, чтобы начать разговор. Задавайте такие вопросы, которые вовлекут ее в беседу с вами.

Если вы учитесь вместе, то спросите ее, что она думает о новом учителе сопромата. Или начните разговор с вопроса: «Ты видела темы курсовых для следующего семестра? Ты знаешь, о чем будешь писать?»

Если вы работаете вместе в одном офисе, то спросите ее, каким проектом она сейчас занята.

1.5 Discuss pop culture. Talking about popular culture is a great way to know the personal interests of another person. Having found out what kind of movies or music a girl likes, you can get a better idea of ​​her. Using this information, you can plan a wonderful date.

If you are discussing television shows, then continue your acquaintance by asking her, for example: “Do you like TNT standup? Who is your favorite comedian? ”

If you are discussing music, ask her: “Have you heard the new Daft Punk album? So what do you think? ”

If you are discussing films, then ask: “Have you watched the last Tarantino movie? I heard that he is just wonderful, but what do you think?

1.6 Mention the upcoming event. Mentioning an upcoming event, such as a music festival or exam, will help you continue your conversation with a girl.

If both of you pass the same exam, then tell her, for example: “I am so afraid of the high school exam next week. I don’t understand anything about her! And how are you?"

If you had a conversation about music, then you could mention the upcoming festival. Ask her something like: “Are you going to“ Learn to Swim ”this year? I went with friends last time, and we were all great! What bands do you hope to see? ”

If any holiday is approaching, then you could say something like: “Halloween will be next week. There will be a costume party at the club and I will be in a werewolf costume. And who would you dress up for? ”

2. Friendly conversation

2.1 Mention a mutual friend. Mentioning a mutual friend or acquaintance in a conversation will help you establish a more personal relationship with the girl, even if you do not know her well. She will feel more at ease next to you, and you will no longer be a complete stranger to her. At the same time, you will have something to talk about (or about whom).

Try to say, for example: “I heard that you are friends with Ivanov. How long have you known each other? ”

Or: “Oh, so you know Sidorov? We are familiar with him from kindergarten! Funny guy, isn't it? ”

2.2 Find a similar life experience. If you both did something similar, for example, looked after homeless animals in a shelter, or worked as sellers of cell phones, then be sure to discuss this in a conversation.

If you both grew up in a village, you could tell the girl: “It cannot be! I, too! The worst thing was getting up early in the morning. My grandfather raised me at 5 in the morning every day so that I would help him! Did they torture you the same way? ”

If you both had practice at school, then you could say: “I think a bad teacher will come out of me. How did you deal with children? ”

2.3 Ask interesting questions. By asking the girl unusual questions that will make her think about the answer, you will direct the conversation in an interesting direction, let the girl express her thoughts, and at the same time show yourself as a guy with whom you can have fun.

Ask her: “If you could be an animal, what animal would you become?”

Or something like: “What five places on Earth would you like to visit before you die?”

Or: "What would you do with a million dollars?"

2.4 Find common interests. Common interests are the basis of a good conversation and their discussion will help to make the girl feel sympathy for you. It doesn’t matter what your common interest is - reading, jogging, rowing or climbing - it is important that you share it.

If during the conversation it turned out that you like to run in the mornings, then ask her what her favorite routes are.

If you both love reading, then ask her who her favorite writer is, or what she thinks of the recent adaptation of the famous novel.

Ask her how she first became interested in this interest, and then compare the stories.

2.5 Ask her a personal question. If the conversation is going well, and both of you are absorbed in it, then it may be time to ask more personal questions. Remember, the goal is to show that you are interested in her and want to know her better. But do not ask her questions that you yourself would be unpleasant to answer.

Do not ask her what she is most afraid of or what is her biggest secret. Ask her about plans for the future, or where she sees herself in ten years. And let her decide whether to answer you seriously or not.

Try asking her about the family. Start with something simple: “Do you have brothers or sisters?”

If you want to know if she has anyone, then just ask her: “Are you dating someone now?”

3.1 Give her a compliment. Be sincere and polite. Tell her that she has a beautiful smile, that you like the smell of her perfume. Let her feel special. But do not overdo it with compliments, otherwise she will think that you are insincere.

Tell her: “You have a wonderful smile!”

Or tell her: “This is a very beautiful dress, red suits you.”

3.2 Use a pickup phrase. A good phrase from a pickup truck will make the girl laugh and will certainly attract her attention. Do not say bad and vulgar phrases. The most important thing is to pronounce them confidently, so do not be shy!

If you are a romantic, then tell her something like: “Hello, I’m Andrey. I thought we should at least talk before we get married. ”

If you like light quirks, then tell her: "I can’t think of anyone else with whom I would rather survive when all the people on Earth turn into zombies."

For easy flattery, say: “My friends argued with me that I could not talk to the most beautiful girl in the bar. Do you want to buy a cocktail for their money? ”

3.3 Give non-verbal signals. Non-verbal signals are the language of your body: postures, facial expressions, gestures. Use them to give your words a romantic touch.

Keep your body “open.” Keep eye contact with the girl and smile!

When you tell her a story, sometimes touch her arm or forearm.

Avoid “negative” gestures: do not cross your arms over your chest, do not frown, do not look down.

4. General rules of conduct

4.1 Radiate confidence. The basis of successful flirting is self-confidence. Women really like men who are comfortable in their own skin, who are happy and confident.

Update your wardrobe. When you know that you look good, then, accordingly, you will feel more confident. Therefore, keep your baggy jeans out of the way and invest in clothes that make you look and feel like 007 Agent.

Speak clearly and confidently. This does not mean that you need to shout down people and constantly interrupt them. Just try to speak a little louder than usual. Avoid parasitic words such as “shorter”, “damn”, “well.”

4.2 Listen carefully. Try not to dominate the conversation. Ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to what is being said. Show the girl your interest.

4.3 But also participate in the conversation. Tell the girl something about yourself that she likes you more. Answer her questions, but don't speak up. Your goal is to interest her, and not freeze her to death with stories about yourself.

4.4 Maintain eye contact. Look into the girl’s eyes when talking to her. Firstly, she will think that you can be trusted, and secondly, she will find you so more attractive. But don't stare at her all the time. Look away during pauses in conversation.

4.5 Smile. Smiling, you tell the world that you are happy and do not shy away from communicating with other people. You also look more attractive. Girls like these guys, so smile as often as possible.

4.6 Try not to ask questions that can be answered with “Yes” or “No”. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to have a conversation. Try asking open-ended questions that require long, thoughtful answers.

4.7 Do not touch on controversial topics. Discussion of controversial topics in a conversation can make a girl feel embarrassed or even make her angry. Avoid those about politics or religion during your first conversation, otherwise your relationship will end before it begins.

Show the girl that she interested you, but don’t be too zealous. If someone else is fighting for her attention, then be prepared to leave so as not to look from the side as if you have no choice.

If you see that a girl is interested in you, then take a decisive step and ask her to give you her phone number. The next day, send her a text message saying that you had a great time with her.

Send her an SMS within the first two hours, in which write the following: “We had a wonderful conversation today. Let's meet another time? ”

If you know her well enough, try politely inviting her for a date.

Start chatting

To start a conversation and manage it, learn to ask the right questions. Conversation builds on open issues. Open-ended questions do not imply a specific, monosyllabic answer. Such questions begin with the words “how,” “what do you think,” “where,” “interesting, but what ...”.

These questions are also great for start a conversation. In addition, with the help of them you can talk to a girl if she is silent and is not configured to communicate.

Do you want to interest the most spectacular beauty with ambition from the site Start your conversation with an open question. You will definitely be noticed and not left unanswered.

Examples of open questions, and application in a conversation, read in this article.

Do not forget to compliment the girl. Here is a good article on how to compliment a girl about beauty.

In addition, your success depends largely on where you lead the girl on a first date. You can read about it here.

How to choose a topic for conversation

Topics that are better to avoid: salary, place of work, former partner, health, personal problems, family secrets, religion.

Male topics so far should not be addressed either. Exceptions - if the girl herself is interested in cars, computers, sports. Yes, there are such women.

Topics on which need to communicate on a first date with a girl: fun learning experiences, esoterics, pets.

The main thing is that the conversation is easy and positive.

A selection of recommendations on how to learn how to get to know and seduce girls: where to start, what to read, where to study, how to avoid mistakes.

A great way to impress is to compliment her on the photo.

Transferring a conversation from one topic to another

When the topic of conversation runs out, change it to another. You need to do this naturally. You can beautifully switch from one topic to another using an open-ended question. Moreover, the second topic, as it were, clings to the previous one.

For example, you talked about flowers, and you need to translate the topic of conversation:

F: My favorite daisy flowers.
M: You know, I heard that flowers are the best gift for a woman. What gifts do you like most?

After that, the dialogue goes on to discuss gifts.

With a girl friend

Talking with a girl that a man already knows is much easier, since notes of coercion of officialdom are no longer there. But another problem may arise, for example, when she treats a man in a friendly manner. How to communicate with a girl friend to conquer her? First, you can make a joke or a joke laugh to relieve the first tension. Then call in a cafe, emphasizing that this is not a date, but just a meeting.

Thanks to this blot, she will subconsciously perceive the meeting as a date. You need to have a conversation and communicate throughout the meeting at ease, between which you can unobtrusively ask what kind of guys she likes. After the answer, you can ask a question about whether he suits her. All such hints will immediately be understood by the interlocutor, it remains only by her manifestations, answers and reactions to understand whether she gives a mutual reaction.

With a stranger girl

It is much more difficult to start communicating with a stranger, as the first impression is more than important. To begin with, a man needs to worry about his appearance, women appreciate neat, stylish, pleasantly smelling and confident men. Topics for conversation can be thought out in advance or be smart as the conversation progresses.

How to start a conversation?

Dialogue is the ability to transmit information, as well as the ability to get close to an opponent.

With a stranger, you can start and conduct a dialogue according to the following rules:

  • First step. If a man is interested in how to talk with girls at parties, you can just go up to her, ask if her table is free, whether it is possible to join her. If she agrees, this is nothing but a green light.
  • Self-confidence. You can start a conversation with an offer to drink coffee in a cozy place. In this case, a man’s conversation should be calm and confident.
  • Self introduction. To easily communicate and have a casual conversation, a man needs to first introduce himself, and then ask the girl's name.
  • Analysis of her reactions. During a conversation, it is important for a man to pay attention to the girl’s behavior. Flirty and flirtation is manifested in her smile, look, manners and movements. If the girl closes, turning away from the man or crossing her arms over her chest, the man has little chance.
  • Humor. Women really appreciate the sense of humor in men, but jokes should not be vulgar and personal, but rather superficial and witty.
  • Compliments. Any girl cares about her appearance and image, so you can conquer her with compliments about her clothes, hairstyle, makeup, eyes and smiles.
  • Talking about her. Having shown interest in her hobbies, hobbies, lifestyle and priorities, you can not only learn a lot about her, but also show your attitude.
  • Timely end of the conversation. How to communicate for the first time, many know, but not all observe the verge of what is permitted. It is better if the first dialogue is short, easy and laid-back. Half an hour of conversation will be enough, and at the end of the conversation you need to make a hint of further communication or an invitation to a second meeting.

When there are difficulties in communicating with a girl

Regardless of how often a man manages to communicate and see a girl he likes, difficulties in dialogue and mutual understanding can arise sooner or later. For example:

  1. Ignoring. If a woman does not agree to a meeting or does not answer calls, it is better to postpone the initiative until better times. It is better to repeat attempts to establish contact after some time, for example, after a few weeks. If you ignore it again, the pause interval must be increased.
  2. Date agreement, denial of intimacy. In this situation, you can’t push not the girl or get angry. Only a frank conversation will help to understand her true motives.
  3. Lack of initiative on her part. This may be the result of such an upbringing, when a girl considers initiative a male prerogative. A frank conversation and an explanation that the initiative is also important on her part will help change the situation.

In a situation where a girl is cold and indifferent, do not make premature conclusions. Perhaps she is too shy and constrained due to inexperience or bad experience in the past. If this situation lasts quite a while, it’s worth reviewing the situation, perhaps she really has no feelings.

How not to communicate with the weaker sex?

Any man can competently and beautifully communicate with the opposite sex, if he knows which topics to raise is extremely undesirable. To learn how to talk with girls, enough practice and gaining experience, as well as identifying common mistakes that are best avoided. The following errors are most typical:

  • excessive fawning in front of her and flattery, excessive admiration for her and an overdose of compliments,
  • self-doubt, isolation, doubts or shyness of a man,
  • lack of initiative and monotonous conversations,
  • talk about ex-girls
  • showing off your skills and achievements,
  • the use of foul language, tactlessness,
  • negative communication about someone
  • abstraction from conversation.

Girls like to communicate easily, receive maximum attention from the opposite sex, and feel their interest. To gain experience, a man can observe other members of the stronger sex, who easily start conversations with girls.

Communicating with a girl who likes, in fact, is not so simple if a man strives to win her heart. To enjoy it, you first need to think about your appearance in order to present yourself in a presentable manner. Next, the man needs to establish eye contact, give the girl a smile, and then go up and start a conversation and a laid-back joke or compliment. In the future, following all the advice of psychologists and pickup masters, you can easily and quickly fall in love with your object of desire.

Useful Tips

Here are 8 useful tips to use when talking to a girl you like:

Lie is ruled out. Remember, any lie sooner or later comes up. You can make a mistake, forget about what they said, or acquaintances accidentally discover the truth.

Your facial expression, look, body movements, voice can betray that you are telling a lie.

The trust of your girlfriend will be lost forever. In order not to lie, just say that you do not want to answer the question yet. You can also answer that this topic is unpleasant for you or that tell about this later.

Obscene expressions repel decent girls. Не используйте в разговоре брань, если не хотите испортить ее хорошее впечатление.

Сюда же относятся и слова-паразиты, повторяемые очень часто: вот, короче, ээ.

Правильная жестикуляция и позы. Жесты, положение тела многое могут сказать о внутреннем состоянии и намерениях.Do not cross arms and legs on each other’s chest - this is a closed, defending posture, thereby blocking yourself from the interlocutor. Do not wave your arms too much. Scratching your nose, earlobes, eyes, chin may indicate your insecurity or desire to hide something.

Complaints not allowed. The worst thing you can think of is to start complaining about life, work, financial difficulties, health, an ex-girlfriend. Girls do not like whiners and losers. They prefer strong and successful guys. If you start talking about your worthless life, then you will fail: this meeting will be the last.

Lead a dialogue. The girl wants to listen to you and tell about herself. The monologue does not interest anyone.

Watch the reaction of your girlfriend. Pause, give the opportunity to ask questions, comment and speak yourself. The dialogue shows that you are interested in the interlocutor, and not just yourself.

Learn to listen. Many people have not learned to listen. They interrupt the interlocutor, do not listen to phrases to the end, begin their story until the interlocutor’s story is over. This causes irritation and perplexity. During the conversation, look at the person you are talking to, nod your head slightly, insert suggestive questions that stimulate a further story.

Speak bright. Boring speech does not cause emotions in a girl who wants an interesting and unforgettable evening. Use figurative expressions, emotional words, bright inserts. Stimulate the imagination.

Here’s how you don’t need to say: “Yesterday my friends and I jumped from the tower on the ropes, it was fun.”

Here's how to say it: “Yesterday, my friends and I decided to jump on the ropes from the tower. It was cool! You imagine, you are standing on this tower, there is wind up there, and you understand that you are completely dependent on the reliability of the equipment. The flight was incredible, my heart jumped out of my chest, but I experienced incredible pleasure. Let's have a trip together somehow? ”

Only positive. Will you meet the girl again? Then avoid the negativity. In no case do not condemn the shortcomings of the interlocutor or other women. It is also not worthwhile to engage in quarrels with neighbors in the cafe, but you did not come here for this. Blaming, taunting and showing that you can not be much smarter. Negative in any form repels. This must be remembered once and for all.

Confidence. Why is a girl insecure guy? She does not want to be mom for you. She needs someone who will protect her and help, instill confidence in her.

If you want to like her, get rid of the words "I don’t know," "maybe," "you need to think."

A direct look, straightened shoulders, a clear speech, a smile, calm gestures, a straight walk are the first signs of a confident person.

Practice in front of the mirror, ask a friend to adjust your behavior, or attend special trainings.

Correct and beautiful speech can work wonders

Have you noticed how enthusiastically the women of announcers and actors listen with a pleasant voice? This is no coincidence. If you have problems with speech, do not pronounce some letters, the voice itself is not very beautiful and bright, then work on it.

Voice can be delivered, and speech made bright and expressive.

Tongue Twisters - A great way to learn how to speak quickly and clearly. Choose simple first, pronounce slowly. Having achieved clarity, accelerate the pace. If you can read a foreign language, then for a change you can use foreign tongue twisters.

Useful exercises. Read any passage of the text aloud daily. Record your voice to the recorder. Listen and find out what can be changed in your speech. Yes, not everyone likes to listen to their voice in the recording, but this is another reason to love and accept yourself, and overcome shortcomings, become confident.

To improve the clarity of pronunciation, you can pronounce sounds and syllables separately. If you have severe problems with speech, then contact a speech therapist who will develop a set of classes.

And most importantly, stop being afraid. There is nothing impossible in this world!