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How to protect yourself from theft of property from the passenger compartment


With the onset of autumn or spring, theft of wheels from cars is becoming more frequent. This is due to the change of rubber for summer or winter. It is very easy to sell the wheels at this time, as the demand for rubber among motorists increases. The confidence of the motorist that he can get around the theft of wheels and neglect of several rules can lead to disastrous results.

How to avoid theft of wheels?

To avoid theft of wheels from your car, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Do not leave the car for a long time in unguarded parking lots and parking lots. It’s better to pay a few rubles than to run around and look for a car,
  • Be sure to put an alarm on the car. Experienced hijackers and thieves can easily determine if a car is on an alarm.
  • Install non-standard bolts and nuts on the wheel mount. This will increase the time for their removal, and it is important for thieves to do everything quickly,
  • At night, leave the car only in well-lit places. A plus will also be the presence of CCTV cameras in parking lots and parking lots. Not a single thief wants to light up on security cameras.
  • Do not leave personal things: bags, phones, bags with things, unattended even for a short period of time. It is better to protect yourself and put everything in the trunk.
  • Always check if you have turned on the alarm when leaving the car.

Safe parking place

It is important to remember the simple rules when leaving the car on the street. First of all, do not leave cars in dark alleys or courtyards. The machine should be well lit by streetlights. This will scare away the hijackers, as they can be noticed. Hide all your personal belongings in the trunk.

Even the most harmless thing can attract a thief. Therefore, it is better to put all the things in the trunk. Better to park your car in a paid parking lot. In such parking lots there are special tracking people who are responsible for your car. So the probability of theft is reduced to zero. All these simple rules will help keep your property safe.

Lock doors and windows and keep keys in a safe place.

Most motorists will find this requirement pointless, since everyone adheres to this anyway. But here we are talking about closing the doors after the driver got behind the wheel and landed passengers. Some criminals who do not want to tinker with the alarm, being afraid to damage the car, can either force the driver out of the car, or by deceiving him out of the car. The presence of passengers in the car, of course, can frighten offenders, but for complete safety it is worth locking all doors from the inside.

Care must be taken when parking in a disadvantaged area. Leaving the car, close all the doors and check the serviceability of the protection by pulling the handles - a standard alarm will not be able to reliably lock those doors that are not completely closed.

Criminals can take possession of a car by stealing the keys from the owner. Currently, there are a large number of options to make a key copy and a copy of the key fob from the alarm. That is why keys should not be left unattended in the presence of strangers, whether in the office or at a party. Do not give your car keys at gas stations or parking staff.

Avoid storing a spare key in the passenger compartment. First of all, it may be needed in case of loss of the main key, and being in a closed car, it will not provide proper assistance. It can also be lost by picking up random and suspicious fellow travelers, and not immediately discover the loss.

Keep your vehicle alarm system model private

Some car owners, acquiring the latest version of the alarm, and even the most famous brand, consider it their duty to notify everyone (including intruders) about this, and stick the manufacturer’s logo on the car. Most likely, the purpose of such manipulations is to scare off the robber. In fact, these actions work on the opposite principle. The glued logo provides complete information for the offender about what tools are needed to open the car.

But the flashing LED does not provide any information about the model, nor about the level of protection of the security system. Such a beacon will be able to protect property in the car from small criminals who steal things, breaking windows on cars that are not equipped with a protective system.

When choosing a victim for theft, the offender will prefer a less secure one. And with an equal level of security system, the robber will be interested in the one that is of the greatest value. Not every thief will be scared by surveillance cameras, but it is likely that they can identify the offender.

Do not leave the car in a deserted or secluded place. The robber will not “work” in crowded places, but a lonely abandoned car will be just a gift for him.

It is not recommended to park near dubious companies that randomly and aimlessly move around the parking lot. Perhaps these individuals are gunners or accomplices of criminals, tracking the presence of valuables in car interiors.

Under no circumstances should you divulge information that your car is equipped with a GPS navigation system, since, knowing this, this function will be disabled first.

Do not leave valuables in the passenger compartment

For the complete safety of valuables, do not leave them in the passenger compartment, but take them with you whenever possible. Not always, putting your property in the glove compartment, you will protect yourself from theft, because the robber can see your actions.

Pay attention to cars nearby and their owners. If someone suspects you, then you should park your car in a safer place.

Additional vehicle property protection

A car equipped with the most advanced alarm system will not be completely protected from theft - sometimes even expensive GPS navigation is neutralized by primitive jammers at a tuned frequency. When choosing a GPS module, it is worth giving preference to that device which, upon attempted theft and loss of signal, sends a message to the owner’s mobile phone.

Recently, attackers are very well equipped with modern gadgets, and it will not be difficult for them to drown out the GSM and GPS signal. And the number of modern criminals will be envied by the autopsy locksmith. At the same time, a large number of protection systems installed on the machine will increase the time for it to be cracked by an attacker, which significantly reduces the risk of theft, as well as theft of things from the passenger compartment.

With a classic hacking with breaking windows, you can protect yourself from troubles by applying a film with a booking effect to the glass. Such a film with strong shocks will not allow the glass to break.

Also among additional protection options is the marking of car parts. It represents the application of the VIN-number on the main units and parts most susceptible to sale in the secondary market in the form of spare parts.

Mechanisms that block the control of the machine are also quite popular. They lock either the gear lever or the steering axle.

When choosing protection for your own car, you should be guided in the first place by the amount that you are willing to spend on the security system. But the car itself is not always interested in the robber - often he is most interested in the things left behind in the car. Therefore, no matter what security system you choose, always follow basic safety precautions. Each owner will be able to protect himself from the loss of property from the inside of the car if, leaving the car, he will take all the valuables with him.

Tip 2. Use a set of measures to protect the car.

Do not limit yourself to setting an alarm, use a number of mutually complementary methods:

  • mechanical locks on the steering column and hood,
  • immobilizer
  • "Secret" button,
  • turning off the ignition system and starting the engine.

Tip 6. Keep your keys safe.

  1. When visiting public places, keep your keys in your inside pocket.

To prevent theft of a set of car keys, along with the alarm key fob, do not put them in bags or bags when visiting markets or supermarkets. Having seized the keys, the criminal will be able to steal a car without any problems. Get rid of the habit of leaving keys in the hallway.

Many car owners, arriving home, leave their keys on a hanger near the front door, which is not always locked due to inattention of households.

If your car is interested in car thieves, it will not be difficult for them to find out the apartment number and steal the keys from the hallway. Security in the office.

Keep keys with the keychain carefully at work. Some criminals deliberately go to offices to steal keys at the workplace and easily steal a car from a parking lot near an organization if it is not guarded.

Tip 7. Be careful when visiting a car service.

If you still have to leave the car for serious repair for a few days, put the standard security systems in service mode and give the service employee only one key from the ignition switch.

Otherwise, a competent electrician can easily make the necessary adjustments to the security system, preparing the car for theft.

Tip 8. Lock the machine on all installed safety devices.

The banal truth is that many owners of stolen cars with “sophisticated” security systems and mechanical devices were simply lazy to use them each time.

Leaving the car for a short time, the owner did not want to once again install a mechanical lock on the steering column or turn off the ignition system with a “secret” button.

Tip 10. Remove the steering wheel at night.

More suitable for domestic cars and cheap foreign cars.

The method is extravagant and on the verge of paranoia, for expensive foreign cars it is hardly applicable because of its complexity - you need a tool, and you have to work with your hands.

Nevertheless, it has the right to exist as a "grandfather" option, when in certain situations there is simply no other way to protect the car from theft.

Additional security measures

  1. Glass marking - the last 4 or 5 digits of the wine number are applied to all the glasses.

The hijacker will be forced to change all the windows, which dramatically reduces the attractiveness of the car for him. Mechanical anti-theft systems - These include locks on the steering shaft, automatic transmission and brake system.

The most popular are the steering column locks of the Garant, Dragon or Mult-lock brands.

These are the most effective devices that mechanically block the steering shaft; hijackers drop a stolen car if they see such a device.

Of the minuses is the inconvenience of operation, since these are mainly pin versions that need to be installed from below in the pedal area. Electronic systems - These include security alarms and an additional immobilizer.

The second immobilizer is a highly effective measure of protection, usually a contact immobilizer is paired with the main non-contact one.

They block the engine according to different algorithms and significantly complicate the work of the hijacker.

Search systems.

Formally, they are divided into two types:

  1. satellite search and security system (SPOS) - provides constant tracking control of the car and remotely blocks the engine during theft.
  2. Lighthouse-bookmark - does not apply to systems for protecting the car from theft, but effectively helps to find it when the car is already stolen. In the normal state it is in “sleep” mode and is activated remotely, switching to tracking mode.

Where is it better to park a car to protect against theft?

  • Guarded parking.

The most effective way to secure a car. According to statistics, storing a car in a parking lot reduces the risk of theft by 90%. Garage.

The second most reliable way to save a car. Statistics claim that garage storage reduces the risk of theft by 80%. Well-lit place on a crowded street.

If there is no way to leave the car in the parking lot, do not leave it in the dark, back streets. Choose a brightly lit avenue, it is advisable that there are outdoor security cameras nearby a store or other organization.

How to secure a car? Hijackers tips

  1. Lock all doors when moving and when you are in the car.

Often, attackers take the car away from the owner with the help of bodily threats and physical violence. At the same time, criminals seize not only cars, but also documents, money and other valuables that the owner of the car has. Never leave the car interior if an unauthorized person contacts.

Rogues often act in pairs - while one distracts the driver, the second enters the salon to take things or throw the owner out of the car and steal the car. Avoid garage services.

If necessary, contact only reliable service centers that monitor their reputation and carefully select personnel. Auto service and the work of mechanics in such centers is recorded by video cameras, but even in this situation, transfer the security system to service mode and do not leave the alarm control panel for employees. Use multiple protection systems at the same time.

Do not limit yourself to one option of a security system, use comprehensive protection, including a modern alarm system, a “Garant” mechanical lock and an additional secret lock button. Do not draw attention to the car.

Do not keep documents in the glove compartment - do not make life easier for criminals by leaving documents in the car for a car. Never leave bags or valuables in sight, remove the car radio panel, navigator and DVR.

Using the proposed protective measures in combination, you will reduce the risk of car theft tens and hundreds of times. Take the safety of your car seriously, be prudent - and car thieves will bypass your car.