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How to find peace of mind


Without labor, nothing can be achieved in this life. And no one will bring harmony to you on a silver platter. However, there are a number of rules, following which it will be much easier to find peace of mind.

1. Resist the negativity.
Our world is imperfect and cruel! Hunger, war, cold, poverty, epidemics, natural disasters, dictators, maniacs - these misfortunes have no end to edge. Are you able to change all this? And from the fact that you bring yourself to suicidal depression, worrying that children in Africa are starving, will you really help these children? Learn to filter negative information, especially where you can’t change anything.

To preserve the peace of mind, one should also in every possible way avoid condemning others. Rev. Seraphim of Sarov (1833)

2. Think positively.
Despite all the setbacks and difficulties you must learn to see <позитивные моменты="">in the little things.
The conclusions “I am the most beautiful”, “I will be fine”, “I will solve this problem”, “I will be happy” and the like should become permanent residents in your head.

3. Move from aimless experiences to actions.
If you really take to heart all the problems of mankind, then you can find peace of mind only by eliminating them.
Facebook huskies and reposts, sobbing over a photo of a homeless kitten have not yet brought any benefit to anyone.

Rather than whining and fluttering in front of a computer or TV, it’s better to volunteer - it’s a good thing to choose the right organization today.
If you cannot devote enough time to this matter, then material assistance to charitable foundations is also a good solution.

4. Do not take more than you are able to carry.
Overwork is one of the main causes of stress.
By turning yourself into a burro donkey hung with trunks of problems and tasks, you run the risk of falling dead halfway.

5. Do not engage in unnecessary disputes. Remember the joke about an old man who wondered how he could live to be a hundred years old with full health?

He replies: "I never argued with anyone."
To the opponent’s scream: “But this is impossible!” He calmly replies: “You are absolutely right.”
Follow his example.
Sometimes truth is really born in a dispute, but more often - harbingers of a heart attack.

6. Do not fuss or be late.

Surely many are familiar with the situation:
* you have an important meeting, but you could not correctly calculate the time for the training camp, and now, in a panic, rush around the apartment and are nervous that they ruined everything,
* You have reached the deadline for the submission of the report, and now you worry that even a sleepless night will not help you catch up to date. Discipline, organization, schedules and lists will help you find peace of mind.

7. Get rid of envy, suspicion and other destructive feelings and actions.
Negative thoughts and emotions do not create anything. Moreover, the forces spent on malice, envious gossip, gloating, quarrels, etc., you could send to something useful.

8. Find a place in your life for physical activity.
Going in for sports is an essential component of the life of every happy and successful person. Without active exercise, you will only be a fat, sad loser.

9. Live an interesting and vibrant life.
People who are constantly busy with something, plan something, do not have too much time for bad news, torment and feelings that disrupt mental balance.

10. Find a way to calm down quickly in stressful situations.
You can use existing methods (breathing exercises, count to ten, wash with cold water, listen to music, etc.) or - invent your own.
The main thing is that you can always pull yourself together.

Check out the excerpt from the Kung Fu Panda film, where the Shifu master teaches his ward how to find inner peace 🙂

We look, smile and take note!

Well, do you really want to tell me that the proposed methods, how to find peace of mind, are so complicated?

We ourselves bring ourselves to hysteria, insomnia, neurosis and other “amenities”. While no one is stopping us from increasing our resistance to stress.

The most important thing is to try to be peaceful, and to be peaceful, do not touch anybody else's affairs, dodge various ridiculous chatter, reading newspapers and listening to news. Shiigumen John (Alekseev) (1873-1958).

45 easiest ways to find peace

In our age of haste, lack of rest and information overload, finding peace of mind is not so simple. We are experiencing and chewing on what has already happened, we are nervous about current events and are worried about the future.

The problem is often not even in increased psychological stress, but in the fact that we do not know how to get rid of this anxiety normally. For many, the relaxation process comes down to alcohol, coffee with a cigarette or extreme hobbies. Meanwhile there are extremely simple methods to find peace of mind in just a few minutes. We offer you 45 such methods.

1. Take a deep breath in one, two, three, four, hold your breath for the same period, then exhale as smoothly.

2. Take a pen and write your thoughts on paper.

3. Recognize that life is a complex thing.

4. Write down your three most successful events in life.

5. Tell a friend or loved one what he or she means to you.

6. Sit on the porch and do nothing. Promise yourself to do this more often.

7. Give yourself permission to just sit back for a while.

8. Look at the clouds for a few minutes.

9. Fly over your life in your imagination.

10. Defocus your gaze and just notice with peripheral vision everything that is doing around you in a few minutes.

11. Give some coins to charity.

12. Imagine that you are inside a transparent protective bubble that protects you.

13. Put your hand on your heart and feel how it beats. It's great.

14. Promise yourself that no matter what, you will maintain a positive attitude until the end of the day.

15. Be thankful that you do not always get what you want.

16. Think about how you would live your life if you knew for sure that you would never be rich.

17. Let your body do what it wants at this moment (nothing illegal, of course).

18. Smell the fresh flowers.

19. Listen to the voice of your inner critic, as if it were your best friend.

20. Identify the most stressed part of your body. Tighten it with all your might for a few seconds, and then relax.

21. Go outside and touch something 100% natural. Feel the texture.

22. Look around and label yourself with each object that you see. Realize how simple these things really are.

23. Smile with the dumbest smile in the world and imagine what you look like.

24. Think of your big problem as if your friend had come to you for advice.

25. Imagine that you are connected to the earth and your roots extend to the center of the planet.

26. Do yourself a head massage with all ten fingers.

27. Count from 10 to 1 and listen for an echo after each digit.

28. Feel the bare ground under your feet and realize the connection with our land.

29. Stop focusing on other people.

30. Decide to say no.

31. Write a list of all the problems that concern you. Then filter out those that are not really up to you or not very important.

32. Drink water (dehydration causes stress).

33. Live a life that you can afford.

34. Be aware of the difference between your desires and your need.

35. I sincerely apologize to ... well, you yourself know who to blame.

36. Think about the vastness of the universe and understand how inconspicuous your troubles are.

37. Give up the quick fix for a complex problem and strive to solve it at a deeper level.

38. Take some extra time to chat with your child.

39. Listen to white noise and relaxing music - it really relaxes.

40. Write down the best advice you have ever received and apply it.

41. Walk with the dog.

42. Close your eyes and let the sun warm your eyelids.

43. Give yourself the opportunity to admit your mistakes.

44. Look at other people and admit that they are people like you with their hopes, dreams, fears and struggles.

45. Agree that there will always be someone richer, smarter, and stronger ....

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Which of these tips have you already successfully applied in everyday life to find inner peace? Or maybe you have your own secrets? Share them with us and our readers.

What is peace of mind and why do we need it?

Peace of mind is a state of harmony with oneself and with the whole world. But above all, peace is balance. If you compare the soul with a musical instrument, then an internally calm state is when the strings of the soul sound harmoniously and naturally. The sound is beautiful and enjoyable for everyone! But when we are tense and fussy, the sound will turn out to be strained, unnatural and unpleasant.

Staying in peace of mind, we are full of energy and in a good mood! We are easily able to withstand diseases and the bad mood of others, we are better at any kind of business. We become more creative, we analyze better and solve problems faster. When peace of mind leaves us and we are out of balance, energy falls, we attract depression and illness. During internal stress, we do not succeed as we would like and we make more mistakes.

Each time, as soon as we get angry, scurry in vain or become depressed, etc., we are as if spilling precious energy from our soul vessel. This energy is very difficult to replenish! Think twice before the next time, out of recklessness, lose your temper, start to get nervous, get angry, think negatively, think, speak and just fuss in vain.

Peace of mind is a natural state for a person, that’s why it is so necessary and desirable for us! When it disappears we begin to feel discomfort and insecurity. On the subconscious, we want to return to this state. There is a desire to "be yourself" or take a walk in the park in order to restore spiritual harmony.

Many confuse internal peace of mind with lethargy, laziness or apathy. But this is not so! You can perform active external activity while maintaining inner calm. Activity even, as a rule, turns out to be an order of magnitude better when you are in a state of inner calm. This is the state in which you are collected, aware and attentive.

For people who are engaged in martial arts, it is no secret that maintaining calm and balance is the key to victory. Starting to engage in martial arts, you will learn that strength depends on poise and awareness. It is worth adding negative emotions, inattention or unnecessary fuss, and your song is sung. Balance and peace of mind are sources of our self-confidence. Calmness does not mean drowsiness! Calmness is the control of force, and tension is the opposition to it. Calmness is the ability to see the whole picture without focusing on the details.

Only inside you can find peace and confidence. There is no peace and stability in the surrounding world; everything around is in a state of constant change. How can we deal with the unpredictability of life? Only by accepting her! Tell yourself: "I am ready for all the unexpected and will meet them with calm clarity." Make a decision: "No matter what happens, I can handle this best way." It is not so important what is happening around, what is happening inside is important! A ship does not sink when it is in water, it sinks when water is in it. In whatever fuss and chaos you are in, it is much more important to maintain inner peace of mind. You lost if you lost consciousness, are tense, angry or offended. It is not circumstances that matter, but how we react to them.!

How to maintain peace of mind and balance in any situation?

  • Adoption. Accept everything as it is, it will give you ease. Learn to accept people and circumstances as they are, without the desire to adapt to your standards and desires. Also learn to accept and love yourself as you are, with all the mistakes and shortcomings!
  • Attention. Remove the focus of attention from the stimulus and focus it on yourself, on your inner world, on sensations in the body. Avoid external factors and irritants.
  • Deep relaxation. Remove anxiety, rush, anger, resentment, etc. If tension occurs in the body, remove it. Be inner totally relaxed!
  • Breath. Watch your breath, breathe smoothly and calmly, with full breasts. The exhalation should not be shorter than the duration of inspiration. Take a deep breath and exhale. Keep breathing evenly and measuredly.
  • Mindfulness. Be as conscious and collected as possible.
  • Think positively. Stop creating negative thoughts, and if such thoughts nevertheless make their way into consciousness, then just watch them, watch how they leave you and dissolve, like waves from a stone thrown into a lake. Try to think well about others, about yourself, about life, etc.
  • Respect. Respect yourself and others.
  • Confidence. Be confident in yourself. Encourage yourself, say to yourself, “I will succeed.”
  • Naturalness. Try to be natural, relaxed and relaxed.
  • Smile. Smile more often. Smile always looking in the mirror, communicating with other people. Smile heartily and be in a happy mood. Treat everything with humor!

Be, just be, without any extra thoughts. Be present in the moment. Be an outside observer. Observe the events that are detached, track the causes of events, without thoughts. Just be.

If you want to protect yourself from all adversity, you have chosen the wrong planet. Here we are constantly confronted with situations that push us out of our comfort zone and unbalance us. We must always be prepared for this challenge. Stop living like a cowardly rabbit, take all the challenges of fate calmly. Stop taking the victim’s position, which everyone strives to offend or hook. If something unpleasant for us happens to us, then only in order to teach us something and make us stronger. We just need to make a lesson in this, to draw a positive experience and move on!

First of all, defeat yourself and your negative thinking, your cowardice, anger, resentment, etc. Restoring inner calm, it is much easier for us to cope with emerging tasks! Life will remain a tough fight if we believe in it. But life can be an interesting game if we start to think so. Do not resist life, you need to use the circumstances and opportunities that are at hand. And create a more enjoyable life, achieve the desired goals.

What helps to find peace of mind?

  • Take responsibility for your life. By doing this, you will no longer worry about the political situation in the country or wait for a new president to come and life will become better. It all depends on your actions.
  • Forget the bad, concentrate on the good.
  • Stop expecting only the worst. Learn to trust life. Notice more good things in life.
  • Forgive people their mistakes, the first to seek reconciliation in quarrels with loved ones.
  • Stop wrapping yourself and others in vain. Stop fussing.
  • Connect with strong, healthy, successful people that evoke positive emotions in you. Avoid people constantly complaining about your failures.
  • Meditation is a very good way to restore peace of mind!
  • Listen to pleasant music, watch inspirational movies.
  • Stop watching incident reports, and generally keep watching TV to a minimum.
  • Take a walk in nature, in the park, listen to the birds singing, enjoy the sunrise and sunset.
  • Gratitude for everything that happens, and for the good, and for the bad. All events in our lives can become excellent teachers, you just need to look at them from a higher point of view.

Work out a way to quickly restore peace of mind. You can use existing methods (breathing exercises, count to ten, wash with cold water, listen to music, etc.) or - invent your own.

In order to find peace of mind, you need to develop the habit of periodically giving yourself rest, disconnect from the hustle, hurry and important things. People who achieve peace of mind often perform certain practices. Some pray, others meditate, and some walk in the park in nature. Everyone finds their own way of relaxation and immersion in inner silence. It helps us better understand and tune ourselves.

Each of us needs a place where he can be in peace and quiet. Everyone needs such a treasured place where phones do not ring, where there is no TV, no Internet, no annoying people. Let it be a corner in the bedroom, a corner on the balcony or a park bench - this is our territory for reflection and restoration of internal balance and peace of mind.

Пребывание во внутренней тишине сэкономит вам гораздо больше времени, чем вы на него потратите! Введите это в привычку, – настраивайте себя, как настраивают музыкальный инструмент. Twenty to thirty minutes every day - so that the strings of your soul sounded clean and harmonious. Wake up every morning with the intention of being calm and balanced. On some days you can hold out until the evening, and sometimes only until breakfast. But if maintaining peace of mind becomes the goal, gradually you will learn this, perhaps, one of the most important arts in your life.

An interesting story about peace of mind:

One famous and wealthy person wanted to have a picture, with one glance at which he becomes calm in his soul. He instituted the award and promised a million to the one who would paint the calmest picture of all. And then from different parts of the country the works of artists began to come, and there were a myriad of them.

After reviewing everything, the rich man especially noted only two of them. On one, bright and rainbow, a completely idyllic landscape was depicted: a blue lake glistened in the early afternoon sun, trees stood around, stretching branches to the water, white swans floated along the water surface, and in the distance there was a small village and horses grazing peacefully in the meadow .

The second picture was the exact opposite of the first: on it the artist depicted a high gray rock, towering above the restless sea. A storm raged, the waves were so high that they reached almost to the middle of the cliff, low thunderstorm clouds hung gloomily over the terrain, and at the top of the cliff there were dark and ominous silhouettes of trees illuminated by endless lightning. It was difficult to call this picture calm. But, taking a closer look, under the shadow of a cliff, the rich man saw a small bush growing from a crack in the rock. And on it was a nest, and inside it a small white bird proudly sat. Sitting there, surrounded by the madness of the elements, she still calmly hatched her future chicks.

It was this picture that the rich man chose, considering that it radiates calm much more than the first. And all because, in fact, the feeling of peace does not come when there is silence and nothing happens. On the contrary, when, no matter what happens around, you can keep calm inside yourself.

Fun video about peace of mind:

And finally, a little wisdom from master Shifu about inner peace:

In this article, we have offered you some simple and simple ways to keep peace of mind. Using which you can qualitatively improve your life.

If you still have interesting ways and options how to achieve inner peace - write them in the comments, we are always glad to see you.

We hope that this article was interesting and useful for you. Good luck!