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Six Ways to Wean Chickens from Eating Eggs


Corruption, which is a third-party magical effect, can seriously damage a person’s energy field. As a result of this, things go awry in life. Besides the fact that failures become a constant companion of life, health status can significantly deteriorate.

It should be remembered that damage must be removed, it itself cannot disappear, unlike the evil eye. There are many ways to get rid of spoilage. But the most famous and effective ritual is the removal of spoilage by the egg. Deciphering it, which is very important, helps to understand how strong the alien information-energy impact was. Cleaning the energy field with the help of an egg is carried out not only by folk healers or magicians, it can be done independently at home.

Most often, a raw chicken egg is used to remove spoilage at home. And this is understandable, because it retains a complete set of vital functions that are protected from the outside world by reliable protection - the shell. Removing egg damage is based on the fact that the negative from a person’s aura is absorbed by an organic object. In connection with the foregoing, it is quite natural for many to want to know how to remove spoilage by an egg?

Features of rituals to remove damage

Rites that involve the removal of spoilage by the egg are absolutely uncomplicated, so they are easy to perform on your own at home.

Chicken egg has always occupied a significant place in all the magical cultures of ancient peoples. If we recall the Slavic mythology, the beginning of the universe was associated with the “world egg”, which floated around the oceans. In this case, the shell symbolized the sky, the squirrel was a symbol of water, and the yolk was a symbol of fire.

The magical properties of an egg are explained by its natural energy structure. Protein is able to absorb negativity and display it with its state. Therefore, an egg test is very effective.

Removing spoilage by the egg consists in rolling the used natural attribute on the human body in a clockwise direction from top to bottom. The effectiveness of such a rite is strengthened if the victim of corruption continues to read the well-known prayer “Our Father”. This is the easiest way. But there are many other variations.

That is why methods that involve the use of eggs are very popular. Rituals are simple and easy to do on their own. But success requires compulsory faith and a desire to get rid of corruption.

Spoilage diagnosis

Sometimes a person who suspects damage to himself is not able to turn to another person for help due to various reasons. Therefore, you need to know the way with which you can diagnose yourself. There is a very simple rite, for which you only need to use a jar of water and a regular fresh egg.

Before going to bed, you need to say three times any prayer that you know. As a rule, most people know a very effective prayer, "Our Father." Then, at the head of the bed, put a jar of clean water and carefully break the egg into it. After that, you need to fall asleep without thinking about anything. But waking up, you need to carefully examine the egg and draw conclusions on its condition.

You can also diagnose damage remotely. Sometimes this is necessary when the victim of the love spell does not want to realize that something is wrong with the negative energy message. To do this, the ceremony will need to use a fresh photograph of a person in full growth. The magic action is that you will need to slowly draw an egg from the image from head to toe. In this case, you need to say any prayer at least 21 times.

Self-rite of purification in the early morning

This ritual should be performed in the early morning during the waning moon. Removing spoilage by the egg is independently carried out in a bright, spacious room in which you need to open a window or window. In the room you need to install the icon and light the front of the church candle. Then you should sit in front of the icon, focus on the desire to get rid of damage.

In thoughts of returning to a prosperous life and perform the following actions:

  • Take the egg in your right hand and perform several circular movements clockwise around the head,
  • Then hold the egg over your shoulders and around your neck,
  • Next, you should perform rolling circular movements with the egg, starting from the right hand, descending along the right side to the foot of the foot.
  • After that, you need to shift to the left hand and carry out similar rolling movements on the left side.
  • At the final stage, you need to draw an egg along the chest and abdomen.

Removing spoilage by the egg should be carried out very slowly, and at the same time, one should not be distracted by any events in the surrounding hands. Therefore, you should take care of silence in advance and remove mobile phones from the room. If the egg has become heavy, then it should be replaced by another. In some cases, up to 7 pieces go to the ritual. It is very important that in a circular motion it is necessary to cover the maximum body area. That is why magicians, answering the question of how to remove spoilage with an egg, argue that the rite must be carried out with an assistant who will help roll the spoilage from the back.

At the end of the ritual, the used eggs should be broken into a preliminary container filled with water. It must be tightly closed and taken out into the street with the shell. Somewhere in a secluded, deserted place, you should dig a hole, pour eggs into it, and also discard the shell and the container itself.

Then say such magic words:

The ritual, which involves the independent removal of spoilage by the egg, is recommended to be carried out every day for a week. You can not refuse it, even if there has been a noticeable improvement.

Roll out an egg to another person in his presence

If you need to help another person, it is recommended to use a very effective ancient rite.

It needs to use:

  • Fresh chicken egg that was laid by a village chicken. This is an important condition, since the egg from the incubator does not have such strong energy and the ceremony will not be indicative.
  • Faceted glass.
  • Spring or well water. Tap water will also reduce diagnostic performance.
  • Church candles.

The ritual is held at sunset. Having retired in a separate room, turn off the artificial lighting and light candles. Pour spring water into a glass and give it to the person who needs help.

Next, the egg should be taken in the right hand and say this spell:

Then you can start to drive the egg clockwise, from the crown of the head and lower in the body to the very bottom. This procedure must be carried out carefully and very slowly. At the end of such an action, the egg is broken into a glass of water, which is held by the person who is being diagnosed. An accurate diagnosis can be made about the condition of an egg poured into a glass.

Removing damage from another person in his photo

You can remove damage from another person using his photo. It is important that the picture is fresh, that is, it must be taken no earlier than three months before the rite.

For such a cleansing ritual, you will need to use the following attributes:

  • Church candle
  • Icon of the guardian angel of man,
  • Fresh Chicken Egg
  • A little holy water
  • Photo of the victim.

Having retired to a separate room, you should install an icon and light a candle in front of it. Before such an installation, you should put a picture of a person whose aura is planned to be cleaned of negative. At the beginning of the ceremony, you should put your right hand on the picture. If you are left-handed, then you need to put your left hand in the photo. In this position, you should sit for a while. This will allow you to tune in to human energy.

After that, you should take a candle in your left hand, and in your right - a fresh chicken egg. Next, you need to start rolling the egg, starting from the center clockwise in the image of the victim. In the process, you need to read the prayer “Our Father” seven times. After that, the egg should be broken and poured into the toilet, and sprinkle the photo with holy water. Then you need to sit in silence and wait until the candle burns out naturally.

Very strong ritual

There is a very strong and productive ceremony, which is carried out for seven days. The ritual is very capacious, so at first you should carefully read its rules and conduct preliminary preparation. For this rite, an assistant will be needed, it is impossible to independently carry out this ritual of removing spoilage. Prior to the ceremony, for nine days, observe strict fasting as a victim, and that person who will perform the cleaning.

For the ritual, you will need to prepare such additional attributes:

  • 14 fresh chicken eggs
  • 7 church candles
  • A container filled with a saint
  • Icon of Panteleimon the Healer,
  • Icon of the Virgin.

The rite of purification from corruption provides for the morning and evening magical acts. Every morning during this period of time you need to wake up before sunrise. In a separate room, the victim of damage should sit on the floor, face up.

The person who will conduct the ceremony sets the Icon of St. Panteleimon on the table and lights a candle in front of her. After that, an egg is placed on the victim’s head, it is held in one position.

At the same time, a prayer to Saint Panteleimon is pronounced:

Next, you need to stand for some time and imagine how the egg absorbs the negative. When the candle burns out to half it can be extinguished, and the egg can be taken out and buried in the street.

In the evening, immediately after it gets dark, you need to conduct an evening ritual. It is carried out similarly, but during it you should turn with a prayer for help to the Blessed Virgin Mary. You can use any prayer for this. The egg must be kept on the victim's head until the candle burns out. Then, along with a cinder, candles should be buried in the street.

The described ceremony should be carried out without interruption for seven days. If it cannot be completed, then after a while everything will have to start all over again.

Passive night egg removal

There is also an effective method that allows you to remove damage passively. To do this, you can remove the damage to the egg at night.

Rite of passage the following actions:

  • Before going to bed, you should read the famous prayer “Our Father”, it is very effective and greatly enhances the rite.
  • Then you need to mix a few tablespoons of holy water with clean drinking water so that you get about half a glass.
  • After that, it is necessary to carefully pour fresh chicken egg into a glass of water so that the yolk does not spread.
  • Then you should put a glass at the head of the bed and go to bed.

During the night, the egg absorbs negative extraneous information. After the removal of spoilage at night, all that will be needed is to pour the contents of the glass into the sewer or into the ground in the morning.

In this case, you need to pronounce the following words:

It is important to read the prayer “Our Father” afterwards and wash your hands to the elbows with cold running water. This rite can be repeated many times until the damage is completely removed. Each time there will be a noticeable improvement in overall well-being, and it will also be noticeable that bad luck and adversity will recede. But if within a month there were no visible changes, or if the condition continues to deteriorate, then you should contact an experienced magician to remove the damage.

Correct decoding when removing egg damage

Removing spoilage by an egg on its own decryption is required. Indeed, the decision on further actions depends on this.

After rolling out the egg, it is neatly broken into a pre-prepared vessel with water. The fact that the rite was successful and the spoilage was completely removed can be judged if the egg gradually sinks to the bottom, fully retaining its natural round shape.

All other signs indicate the inefficiency of the rite, involving the removal of spoilage by the egg. Deciphering magic signs on a natural attribute will help determine the power of corruption and make the right decision for further actions.

The following symptoms should be noted:

  • If a visible film is formed on the yolk or it is torn into several parts, then in this case your energy strength was not enough to completely remove the negative, and the ritual needs to be repeated.
  • A clouded yolk indicates that the spoilage was induced by someone close to you.
  • In the case of the presence of pronounced black, greenish or gray spots on the yolk, you should know that the damage was done to death, so you can’t remove it yourself, and therefore, you need to urgently contact a professional magician.
  • Unclear columns appearing in the structure of the egg indicate the presence of a “birth curse”, in which case it will be necessary to seriously work on cleaning karma.
  • Small, barely noticeable columns of protein make you aware of a weak spoilage, which can not seriously harm and is removed very easily.
  • If something like a white jellyfish spread with a protein, with tentacles affecting the yolk, then damage to the failures and destruction of the family was brought about. Such a spoilage, as a rule, lasts for a year and if during this period the partners stayed together, then they have a chance at the end of this time to establish relations again.
  • The cobweb in the protein indicates the presence of weak damage, which, most likely, was caused not by a professional, but by a beginner. Such a negative program is easily removed using a passive rite with an egg. It is noteworthy that in this case the induced damage returns to the person who made the promise with triple force.
  • Seals in the protein in the form of caps and hemispheres indicate the presence of a negative program. Moreover, if the cap is located on top of the yolk, then this indicates that the negative overlaps the possibilities for creative development. If the cap is located below the yolk, then a spoilage is imposed on the person for money. It affects the financial sector as a whole, and the victim's ability to earn money disappears and over time his well-being worsens significantly. Such damage is removed by the ceremony with the egg, but for this you will need to conduct several sessions.
  • Bubbles scattered around the protein indicate that they tried to harm the person, but the body's defensive reactions minimized the negative. You should not only continue to remove the damage, but also to find out, then he is trying to harm you, because if the enemy understands that he did not succeed, he will attempt an energy attack again.
  • The appearance of blood droplets in the yolk indicates that the negative program was based on a rite of passage with use. As a rule, such a ritual induces severe damage, which poses a great threat to life. If within a week it is not possible to remove it with an egg, then you should urgently contact a professional magician.
  • If the yolk looks like cooked, then this means that a spoilage is imposed on the person, limiting his freedom. Such a negative is quite easily removed by the egg, and the person quickly recovers after that.

After decryption is complete, the egg must be disposed of. It must be washed off to the sewer together with the water used. The glass container should be thoroughly washed under a stream of cold running water, but some professional magicians believe that it should also be disposed of. It is allowed to bury the used attributes away from home. And if possible, it is better to take the egg to the cemetery and pour it on an abandoned grave, and bury a glass container next to it. In addition, at the end of any ritual for diagnosing egg damage, prayers of thanks must be read.

Remember, at the first incomprehensible sensations and inexplicable events in the world around you, you must try to remove the damage yourself. The decryption in this case will tell you what strength was the harmful magical effect and what needs to be done next.

Most negative programs are removed independently. An important condition for success is a belief in the power of magic and self-confidence.

How to calculate an egg eater?

To identify an egg-eater, you will have to check every chicken, or rather its head and beak. With the culprit on the beak and feathers of the head, you can easily find the dried yolk.

If you did not find an egg-eater by contamination around the beak, try making a false egg. A false egg is done simply - you need to empty the shell from the protein and yolk, as described above and fill it with food coloring. Then everything is simple - the egg eater will be painted in the color of the paint with which you filled the dummy egg. As soon as you see this "Chingachgook" so immediately send it to the pan.