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SAT Exam: Case Studies and Self-Study


The SAT test or Scholastic Aptitude Test (selection test for applicants) is a test that inspires horror and fear to all those who go to college or university. Despite all the horror myths about this exam, follow these simple steps and review the tips below and you can prepare for the test. It’s not so difficult (as it might seem at first glance) to calm down, pull yourself together and make sure that all the necessary information for the test on the exam day is in your head.

SAT: Basic Information

“Academic Assessment Test” or “Scholastic Assessment Test” / “Scholastic Aptitude Test” - an exam that is designed to show knowledge of the main courses of the school curriculum and general intellectual abilities. SAT is required for college or university applicants for 8, 10, and 12 years of schooling in the US and Canada.

What you need to know about the test?

  1. Remember that SAT is standardized, but there are several variations (Subject Tests). Before entering an educational institution, be sure to consult with a representative of the university or college which particular test is needed.
  2. The test can be taken 7 times a year. Duration - about 3 hours 45 minutes + organizational moments. Passing SAT I and SAT II on the same day is prohibited.
  3. You are free to take the test not only in the United States or Canada, but also in official representative offices in Europe. SAT is traditionally held on the first Saturday of the month, however, the exact date can only be found at consultants.
  4. The results of the text are known after 10 days, for a fee they can be delivered immediately to your chosen university.
  5. Cost: SAT I - $ 38 + $ 49 for SAT II.

SAT structure

SAT is divided into two parts: SAT I (Reasoning test) and SAT II (Subject Tests). The first part is universal, it includes three subsections, each of which is rated from 200 to 800 points - so that the results are always a multiple of 10. Often all questions have 5 answer options, from which you need to choose the right one:

  • Grammar (writing) evaluates the knowledge of spelling, the presence of a certain vocabulary and the ability to correctly structure the text for its better understanding (narrative logic). This part is presented in the form of blocks with questions in which there are correct and incorrect answers (sometimes there may not be errors). In addition to the test part, there is also an essay - 25 minutes are given for it, for which the applicant must answer some philosophical question. This part is indicative of many admissions committees, although the essay itself is rated at 12 points out of a maximum of 800 for a complete block. Time: 1 hour.

Example (question to task 5):

  • Mathematics is a section in which there are three parts that evaluate your ability to count (algebra, geometry) and analyze data (mathematical analysis, statistics). You can work with the calculator, however, in the test itself the ability to guess the answer is practically nullified - in addition to test questions, there are blocks with detailed answers. All 58 tasks go on the list with increasing difficulty - the maximum number of points is 800 (different tasks are evaluated differently + your thoughts are taken into account). Time: 1 hour 10 minutes .

  • Critical thinking is a unit in which you must demonstrate the ability to work with information. It is required to supplement sentences using vocabulary, interpret graphics, correctly combine and structure different texts, and also answer questions on them. Time: 1 hour 10 minutes, the maximum number of points is 800.

Example (text fragment and question to it):


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