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All about diaper cream: how to choose and apply


All parents sooner or later resort to the use of diapers for their little children. Some mothers wear diapers to their children exclusively for a night or for a walk. Others use diapers even when the baby is at home. In any case, the use of these absorbent products can lead to diaper rash and redness. Therefore, specialists in the field of pediatrics in order to avoid any skin problems in a newborn baby recommend using a special baby cream under the diaper.

Why do I need a diaper cream

The skin of the baby is quite sensitive and susceptible, and the constant presence in a dense and practically non-breathing diaper can lead to a number of troubles:

  • redness on the ass of the newborn,
  • rash,
  • irritation,
  • dermatitis,
  • peeling,
  • diaper rash (see diaper rash).

Therefore, it is important before putting on a baby a diaper, use a baby cream under it. Modern products have a calming, protective, anti-inflammatory effect and provide reliable care for the delicate skin of the child.

In addition, a diaper can act not only for prevention, but also for treatment.

How to apply cream

Apply the cream under the diaper, taking into account several rules:

  1. The skin of the baby must be dry and clean. To do this, before applying the cream and putting on the diaper, you need to wash the child and dab the moisture with a soft towel.
  2. After this, do not immediately apply the product. Let the baby enjoy air baths for 5-7 minutes. During this time, his skin will completely dry and will be ready to apply a special cream.
  3. Now you can use the tool under the diaper. Gently apply the cream on the area around the newborn’s butt and a little on his buttocks. Pay attention to the folds and inguinal area. Lubricate the product well so that it does not roll. Wait until the cream is completely absorbed. Only then can a baby wear a diaper (See how to choose the right diaper).

Rating of the best creams

Which cream is best used under a diaper is a question that worries many parents. The following brands have proven their effectiveness:

  • Bubchen. The composition of this cream from a German manufacturer contains chamomile, panthenol and zinc oxide. Thanks to these substances, the product has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and allows you to eliminate redness in a short time.
  • Bepanten. Contains provitamin B5. It is considered an excellent treatment for not only diaper rash in children, but also nipple cracks during breastfeeding in mothers. Almost all young mothers use this tool.
  • Eared Nannies. These products of the well-known domestic manufacturer of child care products are very popular due to their quality and reasonable cost. Peach oil and calendula, which are part of this product, have a protective property.
  • Johnsons Baby. This cream for newborns has a calming effect. Being hypoallergenic, it can be used from the first days of a baby's life.
  • our mother. Herbal extracts (calendula, chamomile), as well as sea buckthorn oil, quickly and permanently eliminate redness and diaper rash.
  • Sanosan. Another quite popular diaper product from a German manufacturer. Ingredients: talc, D-panthenol, zinc oxide. Perfectly soothes and protects the sensitive skin of the child.

Powder or cream

Often young parents prefer the use of baby powder. In some cases, the powder does relieve irritation and prevents diaper rash, but do not forget that it dries the skin (and this, in turn, can contribute to the appearance of peeling).

Therefore, choosing what is best to use - cream or powder - it is preferable to focus on the effectiveness and speed of eliminating unpleasant manifestations. Each child has different reactions, even to the same children's remedies. If you noted that the redness and diaper rash on your baby’s ass disappear after using the powder, feel free to use it. If the baby cream is better for the baby, the choice is obvious.

Regardless of which means you prefer, remember: neither cream, nor baby powder will relieve the likelihood of diaper rash and irritation if the baby is constantly in the diaper. Try to put on a diaper for a newborn only in exceptional cases (for a walk, for going to a children's clinic, etc.).

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  • A detailed article on newborn hygiene and essential hygiene products,
  • Types of baby creams (what are baby creams), how to choose the right cream for a particular case, the technique of applying creams.

Why cream is needed

Diaper dermatitis is not always associated with improper child care. Most often, irritation begins with prolonged contact of children's skin with urine and / or feces. No one says that you rarely change diapers.

  • Such a situation can happen if the child defecates in a dream, and all night ahead.
  • Or takes some medicine that changes the chemical composition of urine or feces.
  • Even the “wrong” food eaten by a nursing mother can cause diaper dermatitis.
  • And what about the first feeding? No one knows how a child’s body will react to new foods.

Another cause of irritation is too sensitive and delicate skin. But this is an individual feature, you can’t change it in any way.
A third, even rarer reason lies in the diaper itself. The child simply does not fit the material from which it is made.

Nappy cream - which is better

A lot of the products in question are presented on the market and you need to be able to choose a quality one that has all the necessary properties. In order not to get confused in the variety of offers, you need to remember only three rules:

  1. The diaper cream should create a protective layer on the skin of the baby. But this layer should not be bold! It is important that the protective layer of the cream can let air through, but not allow the baby's delicate skin to come in contact with irritating fluids.
  2. Few people manage to completely eliminate inflammation and irritation on the skin of a child, and this does not mean at all that the care of the baby is carried out incorrectly - this is a feature of the skin of the baby: to respond even to a minor effect. Given this fact, the question “which cream is better to use under a diaper?” Can give an exact answer - one that can relieve inflammation and irritation on the skin.
  3. The product applied to the skin of the child with the subsequent putting on of the diaper should have antiseptic and drying properties.

Based on the "given parameters" it will be possible to make a competent choice. Under all the above characteristics, the cream for children’s protective diaper under the eared nanny from the manufacturer Nevskaya Cosmetics is ideally suited. Two products are combined in its composition - cream and powder, which ensures the formation of a full protective layer and the drying effect when applied. The composition of the cream for children under the diaper "Eared Nanny" is clearly thought out and there is no danger to the health of the baby:

  • zinc oxide - dries the skin, relieves irritation (in particular, relieves redness),
  • zinc stearate - has a bactericidal effect and promotes the rapid healing of microtraumas in the skin of a child,
  • calendula flowers (extract) - has an anti-inflammatory effect,
  • peach oil - make the skin soft, nourishes it with vitamins.

This cream can be applied not only to healthy skin, but also to foci of dermatitis and irritation - it will accelerate recovery.

The Nevskaya Cosmetics manufacturer claims that this product can be used to treat the skin from the first days of a child’s life, so when deciding which diaper cream is best for newborns, you can safely make the choice for Eared Nannies cream.

How to use diaper cream

It is not enough to buy a really high-quality cream for a diaper, they still need to be able to use it, otherwise the expected effect will not be. There is nothing super complicated - you just need to adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Before applying the cream, you need to wash the baby and dry the skin thoroughly with a towel or soft towel. It is not necessary to immediately apply the cream under the diaper after the hygiene procedure - let the skin stay a little in the air, at the same time it will completely dry.
  2. Apply cream under the diaper along the buttocks of the child, paying special attention to all the folds. The cream layer should not be thick, it should not slide into lumps under the arms of the mother.
  3. Wait 2-3 minutes until the cream is absorbed and only after that you can put on a diaper.

Many parents prefer the usual baby powder - this tool really protects the skin of the baby from diaper rash and irritation. But the powder has one not very useful property - it greatly dries the skin, which often leads to their peeling.

Some treat baby skin with a simple baby cream, but it is only good for use outside of diapers. There are also mummies who simply wipe the buttocks and folds of the baby with baby oil. All this can and will help soften the skin of the child, make it smoother and quickly get rid of diaper rash or irritation. But protective functions are not included in the list of advantages of these products, and a special diaper cream does this job perfectly.

Diaper cream is an important product that should be in the arsenal of the baby's parents. Moreover, its cost is quite adequate, and the benefits are simply huge.

Why do I need a diaper cream

The skin of the newborn is particularly sensitive.

Staying in diapers can lead to irritation and rashes. Most strongly lead to discharge: feces and urine. Feces can cause the spread of intestinal bacteria, and the ammonia in the urine can damage the upper layers of the skin, peeling and redness.

To protect the baby’s skin from the negative effects of diapers, it is necessary: ​​firstly, to change the diaper on time, and secondly, use a cream for diapers for newborns.

For more information on caring for a newborn, see the online course Happy Maternity: Soft Care Technique >>>

The usual oily baby cream is not suitable here. It is better to use special creams that create a protective film on the skin. It protects the skin of the newborn from the effects of ammonia and urea.

Special remedies soothe the skin and relieve inflammation. They can be used not only for prevention, but also for medicinal purposes.

The cream must contain safe ingredients and no substances that can cause allergies. Check the composition of the cream, the date of its manufacture and expiration date.

How often to use

If the sensitivity of the skin of the newborn does not reach a critical point, then it is not necessary to apply cream under the diaper with each change. In this case, it is enough to use it only at night. When a baby develops diaper dermatitis, it is necessary to switch to a more frequent use of the cream and apply it after each diaper change.

Diaper dermatitis can be determined by symptoms such as: swelling of the skin and its redness, after which it dries and peels. Redness is both mild and severe. Healthy and fair skin is observed near the affected areas of the skin.

You should not often use creams to get rid of diaper rash and dermatitis. Use them only for a course of treatment and no more than twice a day. Sometimes, instead of cream, you can use powder. Read more about powders for a newborn >>>

Manifestations of diaper dermatitis

There are 2 options for this dermatitis, the development of which depends on the personality of children's skin:

  • Wet edemadiaper rash, weeping, blisters,
  • Hard edema dryness, peeling, cracks.

The first option is treated in a dry way (with powders) or with zinc-containing agents that have a drying effect. The second version of diaper dermatitis in newborns is an indication for the use of moisturizer under oily diapers.

Only in one case is it advisable to use them for preventive purposes: with diseases accompanied by diarrhea. The use of neutral agents is recommended (for example, baby hygiene oil or baby cream without additives), because there is no diaper rash and there is no need to treat it.

They form a thin film on the surface of the skin that protects against the effects of bowel movements. With the normalization of the condition of the child, the use of these funds is stopped.

Application Rules

  • With irritation of the skin, do not use wet wipes. The area of ​​the diaper area should be washed each time with warm water, preferably running water, with neutral soap. If you have to wash your baby often, do not always use soap. It washes the beneficial microflora of the skin, reducing its resistance to external factors.
  • Do not rub the skin of the child during washing or when applying the care product.
  • Also, you can not wipe it after a hygienic procedure, but you need to gently pat it with a soft towel.
  • No towel can completely dry the skin. Leave the child with exposed skin at room temperature until completely dry (about 7-10 minutes). This period will also become a hardening method. Only preterm and weakened children wear warm socks so that they do not freeze.
  • Only now you can apply the product in a small amount with gentle light movements. For newborn boys, the direction of movement does not matter when applying diaper cream. For girls, the drug is applied from front to back so that in no case does the infection enter from the rectum into the genitals. By the way, in the same direction it had to be washed.
  • Wait until completely absorbed and only then put on diapers.

Important! It is forbidden to mix different care products or products from different manufacturers. Their components can enter into a chemical reaction with unexpected consequences.

Best creams

The active substances of the drugs used for diaper dermatitis are panthenol, vitamin B5, herbal extracts that have anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antiseptic effects. Almost all components are natural, so the only contraindication to use and a possible side effect is an allergic reaction.

The drugs are freely available in the pharmacy chain, and some in stores and markets. And price is not always the decisive argument. Even the cheapest one can suit a child.

  • Nappy Cream Bepanten. Mom can also use it to fix nipple problems. It contains 5% dexpanthenol, the metabolites of which contribute to the repair of skin epithelium.
  • The enhanced drug is Bepanten Pluscontaining also an antiseptic. It is used for deep skin damage and is prescribed only by a specialist. The Depantol cream, which is also applied with far-reaching diaper dermatitis, is the same in chemical composition of active substances.
  • Nappy Cream Bubchen. It is a multicomponent product containing zinc, panthenol, chamomile extract and beeswax. The latter allows the use of Bubchen for preventive purposes. The remaining components have a drying, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and wound healing effect.
  • Mustela Cream applied not only under the diaper, but also used to wash the baby. It contains various natural oils, therefore it has a moisturizing effect and is used for dry diaper dermatitis.
  • Eared Nanny used for the prevention of diaper rash, and to eliminate them. It contains zinc, peach oil and calendula oil. That is, the drying and moisturizing effect is balanced in it.
  • Weleda (Weleda) - Another natural diaper cream. It also has a balanced moisturizing effect (due to sesame and almond oil), drying (thanks to zinc) and disinfecting (due to the action of chamomile and calendula extract). Weleda is used for preventive and therapeutic purposes.
  • Fortified cream Our mother with sea buckthorn oil, chamomile and calendula extract is a moisturizer and is used for dry diaper dermatitis.

Useful Tips

  • Feel free to contact your pediatrician. As you already understood, each care product has its own scope.
  • Always read the annotation to the drug: it clearly formulates the rules and frequency of use, possible consequences and contraindications.
  • After washing, bring the child into a room with a comfortable temperature and without drafts, because he will still dry.
  • Пока ребенок сохнет после мытья, сделайте с ним гимнастику, поговорите или поиграйте с игрушкой.
  • Даже если малыш температурит, воздушные ванны пойдут ему на пользу: это физический метод снижения температуры тела.
  • Apply the cream on the entire surface of the skin, not forgetting the folds, buttocks and pubis.
  • If your baby care is top notch and dermatitis continues, you may need to pay attention to diapers.

Baby diaper cream - video

To consolidate and assimilate material, listen to a specialist. Pay attention to the indications for the use of baby cream.

Newborn care products have specific indications for use. It depends on their composition. You can not decide on your own how to eliminate diaper dermatitis - consult a specialist.

Best diaper creams: pros and cons

From a variety of creams under the diaper, your eyes scatter, and deciding which is better is difficult. The first thing to look at when buying is:

  • manufacturer,
  • composition,
  • shelf life,
  • certificate,
  • place of purchase.

By the manufacturer of the cream you can understand how many years he has been on the market, whether he has earned the trust of customers. The composition should not contain dyes and stabilizers, chemicals and perfumes, the presence of natural ingredients is important. Do not take expired cream - this is dangerous.

To make sure that you are not buying a fake, you can ask the sellers to show you a certificate for the goods. Buying creams for newborns is better at pharmacies or official retail chains. It is dangerous to buy on hand, in the market or on the Internet, because there is a risk of acquiring a fake.

It is difficult to choose the best diaper cream for a newborn, there are a lot of them. Here are some well-known, trusted manufacturers:

Consider each cream individually:

  • Mustela cream has established itself as a remedy that protects the skin of a newborn from negative effects, nourishes and soothes it. It quickly heals affected areas and has no smell. However, its disadvantages are that it is expensive, poorly absorbed and difficult to launder.
  • Bubchen heals, softens and soothes and prevents inflammation. Zinc oxide and chamomile extract remove redness. It is convenient in that it has a dispenser, and, consequently, there will be economical spending. It has a pleasant aroma. The disadvantage of this cream is that due to the presence of a dispenser, its price is higher than a similar product without it.
  • "Weleda" relieves inflammation and removes redness. The main components of this cream are chamomile and calendula extract. It has a delicate texture and a pleasant smell. It is easy to rub and absorbs quickly. The first positive results are noticeable after the first application. No cons were noted.
  • "Little Siberica" ​​is different in that it contains the maximum amount of natural substances. Contains water, zinc, vegetable oils and extracts, as well as vitamins. It is easily absorbed, protects the skin from damage and has a low price. The disadvantages of this cream is that it does not apply to medicinal products, does not fight diaper rash, and can also cause an allergic reaction to some components.
  • Sanosan effectively protects the skin from adverse effects. It contains zinc oxide and olive oil. Heals diaper rash, prevents redness and soothes the skin.
  • Cream "My Sun" contains natural substances. It moisturizes and softens the delicate skin of the newborn, and also relieves irritation. Another plus is the low price. But the minus of the cream is that there have been cases of an allergic reaction to some components of the drug.
  • The main components of the cream "Our mother" are extracts of sea buckthorn, calendula and chamomile. All these components soothe the skin and keep it clean. The downside is the lack of zinc oxide, due to which diaper rash would be eliminated.
  • Babyline Cream eliminates redness, soothes and fights diaper rash. It is effective and provides quick assistance. There is a small minus - a dense consistency, which complicates the rubbing of the cream.
  • Eared Nannies is a simple and affordable cream. It contains peach and calendula oil. You can apply it daily, but not to a newborn with skin prone to irritation. It has an affordable price and no smell. The downside is that it is quickly washed off and does not apply to therapeutic agents. It can be used only for prevention.
  • Bepanten has established itself as a cream for the treatment of pressure sores and irritations, burns and abrasions. It is allowed to use to eliminate diaper rash in a newborn. It is easy to apply and quickly absorbed, effectively heals. The downside is that spending it economically does not work, since it has an uncomfortable tube. Read more about the use of this cream in the article Bepanten cream for newborns >>>

Each child is individual and will have to experiment. Only after trying creams of different manufacturers can you understand what your newborn's skin will perceive and what not.