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High school is very different from elementary school. In elementary school you had one teacher, two, no more. You easily got grades, since you had one teacher, and you could easily switch from one subject to another. Now everything is different, you have six or eight different subjects taught by different teachers! And, of course, you do not want to disappoint your parents with a mountain of bad grades! You always want to please them with your fours, but in your heart you want to get only fives! Is not it? So, I ask you for an article that will help you! Always, hear, always aim for the best. And never stop hoping, never give up!

Teachers - about grades, students and salaries: 4 opinions. - Moscow

Schooling through the eyes of Moscow teachers
. As a mother of four children, I understand that each child is wonderful simply because he is, and that not high enough marks only indicate temporary difficulties. About estimates. The five-point grading system has long become obsolete. Our gymnasium has been using criteria-based assessment for several years, and since this academic year, the highest mark in all subjects is 8. On technical equipment. Of all the technical innovations of the school, in my lessons I use the iPad and the projector. For example, in a lesson in literary reading, we analyze poems, write down their expressive readings in groups.

A teenager and poor grades: how to influence academic performance.

Ratings - a teenager’s personal business?
. Many people drive a car in the "three", eat "in the three" and clean the house in the "three". Adolescents should be made aware that their successes or failures at school are entirely their own business. For many children, problems at school arise as a result of a conscious or unconscious rebellion, because they believe that if they fail, their parents will suffer, and not themselves. How to build a conversation? Talking with a teenager about academic performance It is important to maintain a good relationship between you by asking the teenager sensitive questions, expressing your interest without anger and letting the natural consequences play a role. See how an exemplary parent handles this situation. Dad: Nathan.

Elementary school: what difficulties await the child? Primary School

Modern programs, homework and school preparation: what parents need to know
. You are laying the future of your son or daughter — do you want violence and rudeness in him? Observe normal daily routine. An elementary school student must sleep at least 9 hours! If you get up at school at 7:00, at 22:00 the student must go to bed. Every day the child needs to walk for at least an hour, and preferably two. Do not be lazy and do not replace a walk with visits to circles and sections. Health is the most important thing! Limit the time you watch TV and communicate with your computer and other electronic devices. 60 minutes a day is the maximum! The child will surely find himself more useful activities if you can limit your empty time at.

Choosing a school in the first and fifth grade: what is important? How right.

School - primary and secondary. How to choose the right one?
. When I was in school, we had a rule: if one of the students did not come to the first lesson, at the next break, the “classroom” called her parents and found out what happened. And if any problems were discovered, one could immediately, before it was too late, “grab them by the tail” and begin to solve it by joint efforts. It is very good when teachers at school maintain personal contact with their parents. In no case should this contact turn into “lecturing” and humiliation of parents - this should be a coordinated and friendly interaction. It is important that you choose a school where teachers and parents respect each other and are “on one side of the barricades” - on the side of the child. From the book "Soul wa.

Russian language: how to become literate. 9 ways and funny.

Mistakes in dictations: where did the “rokobesy” and “freckles” come from? Learn Russian with a child
. Or they read, but not that: in "literary waste paper" you can’t find not only examples of competent speech, but things are wrong with the proof-reading. Internet communication also makes its contribution: the abbreviations adopted there, slang, careless spelling are involuntarily transferred to normal written language. We have to admit deterioration in training in schools and universities. Much depends on the fact that parents are not looking for a problem there. The child receives deuces in Russian, and he is scolded for laziness. He can’t connect the two words, and they push him with all his strength into a strong class with a complicated program: they say that it’s better to be lagging there than in the usual one - the average. And in the end, they launch possible speech therapy problems.

Studying poorly - is it being treated? Schoolboy Health

. School performance depends on the degree of development of the nervous system in the child: in some, it matures by the age of 7, and in others a little later. This can lead to a lag in the curriculum. It is rare for any of the children to develop smoothly, without crises and difficulties. The growth of the body is uneven, and the nervous system does not always have time to adapt to it. For example, the volume of the brain has increased, and the nerve bridges between its departments are still.

Attitude to grades. School grades school grade

. The system of assessing knowledge in most of our schools has not changed for many years. Our children receive the same points as we did at the time, and their great-grandfathers. Yes, our perceptions and reactions are largely individual. Nevertheless, schoolchildren keep, if not in fear, then in constant exertion, any child - from college to excellence. And we create this tension for the most part, we parents. Psychologists asked od.
. Help to master the missing school skills, organize homework, develop attention and memory. Expand the circle of his (her) interests and opportunities. Think about how your requirements and expectations relate to the capabilities of the child. Do not orient him to continuous success in school. Better help to highlight those subjects for which he is quite capable of receiving high marks. And it doesn’t have to be five at all. After all, the maximum mark for each child is different. One is a four, and the other a three. It is important not to compare your schoolchild with other children, but rather to show him how he grew up, developed in comparison with himself as before. Not all students would like the marks to disappear altogether.

Choose a school. How to choose a school for a child in Moscow

Lyceums, gymnasiums, schools ... Now their choice is so huge and varied that many parents of future first-graders are at a loss: where to give their child, how to make the right decision? And you need to make a decision now, because it is in the spring that recording or entering first grade begins.

Should I pay attention to school grades?

I watch how, after class, children come out of school with a fun crowd. And suddenly I notice among them the frustrated face of the boy. The words of the old song immediately come to mind: "And everyone is walking lightly, and you have a briefcase in your hand with a heavy deuce in the diary, with a huge deuce in the diary. And your legs are barely trailing, and your head dropped like a head with two numbers!"

about the attitude to grades - I read all grades of school.

I read everything about school grades and can’t seem to understand something important. My child is still a small first grade, but they give them grades and evaluate the same strictly i.e. for dirt reduced, 2 errors 3, well, in general, without rewards. It seems to me that this is not bad, but nevertheless I am developing a slightly indifferent attitude towards grades, that is, that I would not consider it very important, because it seems to me that it’s still bad when a child is upset because of grades because no one wrote.

Injustice - How to Respond - School Grades

Good day! I ask for advice, I wonder how other parents react. Today I’m taking the youngest from school (grade 3): “Mom, why one for three mistakes in dictation 3, and another for five?” In the process, it turns out that she had three. I take the older one (grade 8): "The teacher went completely crazy, in the literature test for all the correct answers, but with corrections, she put 4, and for her friend for one mistake and one correction 5 with a minus." The answers were already different - and about the injustice of life, and.

Urgently tell me about rounding the final marks - Estimates.

The situation is this: Yesterday, the final marks for the semester began to appear in the electronic journal. And all the marks were rounded down. Today it turned out that the pedagogical council decided that the mark is put up if the decimal point is 0.75. For example, my child has 5 pcs. "4" and 10 pcs. "5" in the area. the world and the final "4", according to the literature 10pcs "5" and 5pcs. "4" final "4", I think this is unfair. The head teacher says that they have the right to this decision, that the ministry is educated.

About the grading system - this is an innovation for everyone, or just us.

Hello girls. Here came after the parental meeting, bewildered. In the new year, we were faced with another experiment that is being put on our children. The fact is that in our gymnasium, from the new school year, they introduce a grading system with different coefficients. I explain. For evaluations of the type of oral response or homework, a coefficient of 1 is provided - i.e. rating is set once. For independent and verification work - coefficient 2 - i.e. the rating is set 2 times. For the control.

self-esteem and grades at school, psychology - Inspired by the message.

Inspired by the message of a frustrated mother: [link-1] And how is self-esteem connected with ratings in general and with the environment above the child in level? The child understands that this is such a special pen where training at a high level takes place, and in the outside world everything is much simpler, more primitive, more relaxed. It is clear that the “double” in the sports school in figure skating, even obscured by coaches and parents, will skate in the yard like God. Or not even formulate it in a different way. What does it depend on.

Grade 7 solid deuces. Teens

I beg the advice of those who have come out of a situation similar to mine. A son. 7th grade. The school is ordinary, class A, consistently ranks second in the ranking of 7th grades. Teachers, students are strong, but here is my child ... The three began in the 4th grade, when my father left the family. This fact was reflected in the child very noticeably. The annual “3” in Russian and mathematics survived, justifying themselves as a crisis in the family. Here, apparently, lost knowledge was drawn and these three went to high school. In the 6th grade, they hired Russian.

About coefficients - coefficient for control in school

The parents of our class are now trying to deal with the coefficient system in our school. And not so much with the coefficients as with the rounding of the estimates. In our school, 5 is placed with an average score above 4.75, 4 with a score above 3.75, and so on. Our parents believe that this is unfair, because the average score has already taken into account all the control and verification with coefficients 3 and 2. It is interesting how things are in other schools? And is there any provision governing such grading, or.

Grading grades in elementary school. - grading grades at school

Is there a gradation of grades in elementary school? Just fundamentally I want to understand the rights of a teacher or not. The situation is this: grade 4, mathematics, the child decided everything, but not in a column, but in a line (using a calculator is excluded!), In one example - an error (which also proves that she counted without a calculator), plus - did an additional optional task, an assessment - 3. And how now to explain to the child that there is justice? I'd like to go and deal with the teacher.

Four or five? - 4.52 what is this rating

Here, tell me, knowledgeable people, how to correctly calculate the score in an electronic diary. Now we have trimester grades in our school, my daughter in math has an average score of -4.52. Five more than fours, in the trimester, the teacher displays 4. It seems that according to the laws of mathematics 5 should be or am I wrong? Should I talk to the teacher or leave it as it is? With regards to the child, she is naturally upset.

If you overstate? - overstatement in school

Daughters finished grade 3, everything is wonderful - all 5. Maths hesitated 4/5, but pulled out. The problem is that by 5 she knows, perhaps, only Russian, English, probably by 4, and mathematics is so purely a triple. For he forgets everything, having left school, regularly brings me to a white heat, inability to solve something elementary. But they have such a fashion in school - to overestimate. There are 7 excellent students in class, I don’t know if they are all of this quality or not. And the children rest on their laurels, I have everything.

A little about grades, a little easy to share. - harm stretched.

A fifth-grader daughter in this quarter got sick a lot, left a little over a week ago. Now we are talking about quarterly estimates. She gets all fives, except for LABOR, on which the three crawls out. She is on the first work after the disease BAD WRITTEN THE CONTROL. The baby is sobbing. I understand that I do not care about grades, I suggest that she not pay attention. I fully admit that the control itself is poorly written. But tell me, with an uncomplicated uncomplicated look, is the whole situation not absurd? Firstly, the fact itself.

Good marks - 4 - good marks

Tell me, I don’t know what to do anymore, my daughter in grade 2 is terribly worried before each control, cries, wants to receive only fives (and receives). Moreover, all that is less, she says, is a bad rating :( - we have another 12 point system. I never scolded her for her ratings and did not pay much attention to them. Today I already said that the ratings do not interest me at all, but she cares about the rating by her own.

And how is it to get the top five on a 12-point system? How much is this?

P.S. In our elementary school there are no grades at all. Fundamentally. That there was motivation to study, and not the pursuit of marks.

But tell me, who knows from which class - from which class they put.

But tell me, who knows what grade of elementary school in Moscow they evaluate knowledge from? And then in a neighboring school they were very surprised that in grade 2 they did not put grades in the journal yet, and said that apparently we were studying at a correctional school. For me it was unpleasant, since they acted like in the usual, and we study like in the correctional one. :-(

Are there any grades in the first grade? - as indicated by a score of five.

Please share your experience. As far as I imagined, there are no grades in the first grade, because the children are learning how to study. We did not have it at the beginning of the year either. And now I’ve found the following in workbooks: a vertical segment drawn with a pencil in the margins (as I understand it, the hell with it), and depending on the quality of work, the teacher puts a red cross above and below (high - like five, in the middle - three, below - two). Well, in the copybooks we have solid "triples", by.

Quarterly grades are unfair! - quarter marks.

We have some kind of bullshit with estimates going on. Not everything is put in the diary. There are many teachers who put, who do not. Two weeks ago, the class teacher pasted a piece of paper in the diary with all the grades from the magazine, in all subjects. There was no English, music, lego, physical education. I went to school, on the pages of these subjects virgin purity. Moreover, the diary estimates for these subjects are. I then wondered what the quarter marks would be. It turned out five in English (one.

Elementary School Choice - Ask for community comments.

I ask for community comments. What should primary school give for your child? How important is school choice? My questions are as follows. There are two schools. The first is a continuation of our homestead, there is an elementary school there. The level of training is average, the teacher is unknown, the conditions for learning are excellent. Daytime sleep in the 1st grade, stay of the child from morning to evening, health monitoring, vision control (weak heredity in my line, the first swallows are already flapping wings).