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Bought a new iPhone, how to transfer data from an old phone to a new one


To change the name of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch:

  1. On your iOS device, go to Settings> General> About This Device.
  2. Click the first line that displays the device name.
  3. Rename the device and click Finish.

Change the name of iPod classic, iPod nano, or iPod shuffle

  1. Connect your iOS device or iPod to your computer.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. Find and click the icon for your device.
  4. Click the device name at the top of the left sidebar.
  5. Enter a new name for the device and press the Return key. iTunes automatically syncs your device.

You can also use this procedure to change the name of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Transfer data from your old iPhone to a new one using iCloud

On an old iPhone:

1) Connect the device via Wi-Fi network.

2) Go to the “Settings” menu and select the “Backup” function in the iCloud section

3) If necessary, activate the switch responsible for backups in iCloud ”and select the option to create a backup.

4) Wait for the end of the process.

On the new iPhone:

It is important to know: if the new iPhone is already configured, it is important to perform a full reset. In the device’s settings menu in the “Basic” section there is a “Reset”, where you need to select the “Erase content and settings” function. After it, the iPhone can be used as a new device.

1) Turn on the device and follow the instructions until the “Programs and Data” window appears.

2) Click on the option to restore from iCloud copy. "

3) Enter the Apple ID to log in to iCloud.

4) Select the last backup created in the list to download the current content and settings.

5) Wait until the recovery process from the iCloud backup is completed and complete the setup of the iOS device.

Thus, you transferred all your data from the old to the new device. The process with iTunes is similar.

How to change iCloud on iPhone

Since iCloud is a more important account (here is the “Find iPhone” function, backups, iCloud Drive, etc.) we will start with it. Briefly on the points:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. We are looking for the iCloud menu item and go into it.
  3. Scroll the screen to the very bottom and see the line “Exit”.
  4. We click and meet the first warning: “If you log out of your account, all the photos of the Photostream and iCloud Drive stored in iCloud will be deleted from this iPhone.” What does it mean? This means that when you change your iCloud account, the above data associated with it will be deleted from the iPhone. No need to worry, they will remain in the “cloud” itself and they can be accessed from the site We agree with that.
  5. A second warning pops up - "All iCloud notes will be deleted from the iPhone." Topical for those who used the application notes and synchronized its contents with cloud storage, computer, etc. Again, you need to understand that they are not deleted entirely, access to them will remain through the site.
  6. Another question - “What do you want to do with calendars, Safari data, contacts and reminders?” I choose - leave on this iPhone. In which case, you can delete them yourself later.
  7. We are prompted to enter a password from iCloud - we do this. That’s it, we are signed out of this iPhone.
  8. We enter new data - iCloud is replaced.

2 ways to change your Apple ID

Now you can change the second identifier on the iPhone - Apple ID. There are two ways here:

  • In the event that you have already logged out of iCloud (as described above), you can simply erase everything from the phone and then it will be completely new and clean “like from the factory”. Naturally, no information will remain on it! Next, just create a new Apple ID account and specify it directly during activation.
  • Or change your Apple ID through the menu. Which is convenient, in this case all the games, applications, music, ringtones, etc. will remain on the device. downloaded using the previous account.

How to do it?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. We open the menu item - iTunes Store and App Store.

As you can see, all manipulations occur exclusively in the settings and do not take much time.

Despite the fact that I tried to describe in as much detail as possible the process of replacing accounts on the iPhone, it may well be that something remained incomprehensible. Can? Of course! Therefore, do not be shy and write your questions in the comments - I will try to answer everyone.

Transferring data from an old device using iTunes

On an old iPhone:

Important: the latest version of iTunes must be installed on the PC. You can update iTunes on your PC through the Help menu → Updates, and on Mac through updates to the built-in store. The latest version of the online store can be downloaded from the Apple website.

1) Connect the old phone to the PC and launch iTunes.

2) Select a device in iTunes.

3) Click on "Create a copy now." To save such applications as “Health” or “Activity” in a backup copy, check the box next to the function responsible for encrypting the backup copy and specify a password.

4) Wait for the end of the process. You can check the result through the menu “Edit” → “Settings” → “Devices”. The backup date should be shown next to the created backups.

On the new iPhone:

1) Turn on the gadget and follow the instructions until the appearance of "Programs and data."

2) Select the recovery function from the copy of iTunes and click "Next"

3) Connect your device to PC / Mac and run the store.

4) Select a phone in the iTunes window.

5) Select the restore function from the copy for the previously created backup. It is important that the last copy is selected for recovery, focusing on the date and size.

6) Wait until recovery is complete.

7) Complete the phone setup.

Everything! You have transferred all the data from the old device and fully prepared the new gadget for further use.

How to reset iPhone 5 when changing ownership

In connection with the continuous improvement of various gadgets, any owner has a desire or need to update it, i.e. acquire a new model, while the old one becomes superfluous and is resold. Any device must be cleaned before being transferred to a new owner. The owners of Apple products often ask the question: how to reset iPhone 5 before selling?

Zeroing an iPhone implies returning it to its factory state, i.e. delete all additionally installed games, programs and erase personal information.

In fact, to figure out how to reset iPhone 5 and complete it is not at all difficult, but such a procedure will take very little time. First of all, before cleaning your smartphone, you should definitely back up the data contained in it. Next, in the device’s menu in the “Settings "You need to select"The main ", Go down and click on the function"Reset ". A list of actions appears, among them you need to select "Erase content and settings ».

Together with all the data (photos, music, games and others), iCloud, Game Center, iMessage are automatically disabled during this cleaning. Do not forget about the function "Find iPhone ", For iOS 7 users, i.e. you need to remove your binding to Apple ID (log in with your personal password, delete data from the device and erase the device from your account).

The contents of the device in iCloud storage will be preserved if cleaning is performed in the standard way. If you try to delete it manually, then everything will be deleted from the iCloud server. Even if the iOS device is already in the new owner, and it has not been completely cleaned up in a timely manner, then there are certain ways to reset iPhone 5, and for such situations.

The simplest thing, if there is a connection with the new owner of the gadget, is to contact him with a request to clean the device.

For those who have iOS 7 installed on their phones and, therefore, have the “Find iPhone” function, you can also delete data from the device remotely using the website By going to this site, you can select your device and click on "Erase". After that, when the information from the device is deleted, you need to click on the "Remove from account ". The time for which this operation will be completed, and it will become possible to connect the iMessage application on a new device - one day.

How to change Apple iD on iPhone

Many users use their smartphones and do not know the data from Apple. So they deprive themselves of the "privileges" of "apple" gadgets, because even to install the application from the AppStore, you must enter the password for the ID. In the event of any failure, not knowing the account information, you will not be able to go through the authorization stage, and you will remain with a locked device. Apple phones cost a lot of money, no one wants to be in this situation. How to change Apple ID without data loss?

How to change Apple>

Many do not use their account because they believe that with a change in ID they will lose all their personal data. This is not true. You can change your account on an iPhone without losing your personal information. Another misconception is that you must use a credit card to register an account. No, not necessarily. Registration is free.

To replace the data you do not need to use authorization on the site, you can do this directly from the phone. It’s good if you already changed the data earlier, if not, then there are several ways to replace it: using a PC, through iTunes and directly from the device.

Change Apple ID from phone

If you bought a used smartphone, it may turn out that the previous owner left his account ID. To replace, do the following: open the AppStore application icon on one of the desktops. In the application’s working window at the very bottom of the main page, click “authorized Apple ID” (it will be displayed as an email address).

A menu will pop up, click "exit." You will again be on the main page, click on “enter” (the item is located in the same place where the authorized address was just). In the proposed menu, select "With an existing Apple ID." Enter your details for authorization. The change was successful, you can use the gadget further.

PC replacement

You need to go to the Apple ID management page from your PC. After logging out, log in using your account information. A section will appear in the workspace titled “Manage Name, ID and Email Address”. Additional features will be displayed below. Opposite the column called “Apple ID and primary e-mail” click the “change” button. Next, indicate the address of the current email, and an instruction letter will be sent to it. Next, open the letter and follow the link to confirm the changed data. After these steps, the account information will be changed.

Use to replace iTunes

Check for updates for the program, if found, install them. Open the program and go to the "store". It is located in the upper right of the work area. As soon as you go to the section you need to log in. Log in, then click on your account and click on the “account” column in the pop-up menu. In the "Account Information" section, click "edit." Now enter the new email address in the required field. After you click "done" a letter will be sent to this address. Open it and follow the link in the letter to confirm the data change.

Create Apple>

Not everyone has the opportunity to buy a new phone in the store. Perhaps you purchased a used phone and you still do not have your account, then you need to create it. Open the AppStore store icon located on one of the screens. On the bottom page of the main page, find the “log in” item. Click on it, a menu will pop up. In this menu, click "Create Apple ID." Specify the region and follow the instructions. Read the user’s terms and click accept. After clicking this button, you automatically agree with everything that was written in the user agreement.

Next, you will be asked to fill out the fields with personal data and answer security questions. Answers will allow you to regain access to your account if you forget your password. It is recommended that you write down the answers to your security questions and save them somewhere in a safe place so that you can restore access if something happens. Enter only real data. After entering, click "Next."

On the page with the payment, indicate the card number. If you do not want to use the card, then you need to start registration by choosing some free application. When it downloads, it will ask for authorization and you need to select the item in the menu "create Apple ID". Further steps will be identical. When you get to the card, select "no" and click "next." Further steps are identical. An instruction letter will be sent to the indicated email address. Check your mail and follow the link in the letter. This will complete the registration.

If you are not yet 13 years old, creating an account will not work. Because there are age restrictions. Password for Apple ID must be from 8 characters and not have three duplicate characters in a row. Must contain numbers. Password must not match characters with login. Keep these points in mind and you will be able to register easily.

Apple Creation and Change>

Apple ID is a unique username that everyone who is among the potential customers of the iCloud service that supports Apple devices needs. It should be noted that this platform is needed to make various purchases on the AppStore and iTunes Store. No less important is the fact that users of American gadgets through Apple ID can online order products from the manufacturer, as well as contact, if necessary, Apple technical support.

In this article, we’ll show you how to set up an iOS device account.

There may be several reasons why the iPhone owner wants to change his ID. Most often, users have to change their username after purchasing a used device. when the new owner simply does not know the unique name previously assigned to the gadget. Creating a new ID is not at all difficult, it is only important to remember several fundamental subtleties on which the success of an undertaking directly depends.

First of all, the consumer of the iPhone or iPad should know that you can change the Apple ID directly from the device, which significantly reduces the time spent on the procedure. User does not need to additionally register on the manufacturer’s website. The data stored in the phone or tablet’s memory will not disappear anywhere, photos, contacts and previously installed applications will be saved. In addition, the owner’s credit card is not required to create a new identifier.

A quick way to change your username in an Apple app

So, if the device user has purchased a device previously used for its intended purpose and knows the ID of the previous owner, but wants to change the previous identifier to its own in its iPhone, you should follow the instructions below.

Some iPhone users may for a long time neglect their direct advantages, which lie in the ability to download and install new software products located on the AppStore on the gadget.

In order for the purchased device to bring not only joy, but also benefit, you should understand the principle of changing the user name in the program of the manufacturer.

Create New Account

If, for example, there is a need to first create an Apple ID on the iPhone 5s. the user must register by creating a new unique name in the developer program. When buying a new device, do not neglect the Apple ID setting, since it is of strategic importance.

Account Change

If you need to change the old Apple ID on your iPhone, you need to enter data that allows you to use iCloud services. Modern gadgets, in particular the iPhone, have at least two places in which you can enter the relevant data. The user will be provided with greater convenience by going to the following address: Settings -> iCloud. After the application window opens, most likely, the previous account will appear on the screen, if you do not know the existing password, not a single known trick will allow you to leave your account. In view of this circumstance, when acquiring a supported gadget, it makes sense to find out the account password from the former owner, otherwise it will not work for the new owner to change it in the future. If the password is known, you should scroll through the window that opens to the “Exit” button and click on it.

The third step to helping you change your account is to sign up for the iCloud app. If by luck, the data input field in iCloud turned out to be empty, you just need to enter your personal data into it and click on the "Login" command. You should not wait for a lightning-fast response of the program, since checking the recording can sometimes take more than a minute.

So, if you change the ID on the iPhone, you can get free access to such a modern "store" of information, such as cloud storage. It is worth noting that iCloud reserves 5 GB for its users. Using iCloud, you can save copies of the information blocks located on the iPhone. Важным достоинством является возможность быстро синхронизировать любые данные. например, контакты и календари, между несколькими типовыми устройствами, которые были созданы американской фирмой-производителем.

Кроме всего прочего, тем, кто решит сменить Apple ID на iPhone, будет подвластна функция, позволяющая отыскать телефон при утере или краже. Активация этого приложения — это та самая стратегически важная вещь, которая поможет владельцу даже удалённо заблокировать гаджет, удалить с него все персональные данные, а также отследить его местонахождение по карте мира.

Find my iPhone service will help you track the location of the device in case of loss

Benefits of iCloud

After the user managed to create or change the Apple ID on the iPhone, he will be able to use the iCloud service unlimitedly, purchasing goods in the iTunes Store and AppStore. As previously described, American-made phones and tablets have two places that need to be entered into a personal account. After all the above steps are completed, you should again go to the gadget settings and select the iTunes Store and AppStore programs. The instructions describing the second step of actions will help to change everything. Again, the user will not need specialized passwords, he will only have to leave his previous account and enter new credentials.

Apple ID will make many useful features available to your device.

The done manipulation allows you to change the previous account, registered by the former owner to a new one, which the current owner of the device could create. Using the entered Apple ID, you can buy products in the iTunes Store and AppStore. It is important to know that purchases made will be recorded and stored directly under the user's personal name. Due to this, once purchased the goods do not have to be purchased several times in case of loss, and the applications for which the agreed amount will be paid will be constantly used by the owner.

In view of this circumstance, the user has the opportunity to enter in iCloud not only his personal data, but also others. To some, this behavior may seem strange and illegal, because the introduction of someone else's username makes it possible to download for free everything that was previously purchased by the previous owner. Today, on the expanses of the World Wide Web, you can find many services that for a fee (relatively small) allow everyone to use specialized general accounts, in particular, accounts that have an impressive database of various purchased programs.


The gadgets of the American manufacturer Apple attract users from all over the world for its popularity, capabilities and extensive functionality. Almost every modern person wants to have a world-famous device that provides its owner with a lot of opportunities and advantages. Using all the delights developed by American software engineers iPhone or iPad allows you to create a unique account, which should be on every device. As it became clear from the above material, creating or changing an ID is quite simple, it will take very little time and effort.