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How to survive if you fall from a height and it seems that there is no chance


A fall even from a height of one meter can be dangerous for a person, not to mention a fall from a skyscraper or an airplane. However, Alcides Moreno, a 37-year-old window washer, survived in 2008 after falling from 47 floors. How did he succeed and what to do if he himself (we hope that this will never happen to you) found himself in such a situation?

When falling, try to cling to everything that comes in your way.Even if this does not save you from falling, then at least it will slow down its speed. Also try to fall to the floor or another surface so that you roll right away - then the force of the fall will be slightly smoothed out.

A person gets the most painful strokes with tense muscles, which meanstry to relax them before landing, although this is not easy. It is because of this that children (and people who are intoxicated) often remain unharmed when they fall.

Another important point is to try to land on your feet, closing them together.Landing on your feet, you are likely to break them, but the main part of the blow will fall on them and the probability of damage to internal organs will decrease. At the same time, the legs should be in a half-bent state: studies have shown that bent knees reduce the force of impact by about 20 times.

It is also important to wrap your arms around your head before falling. - this will protect her from hitting the ground if you topple over (falling from a height on his head people more often die). Another part of the body that needs to be preserved in the fall is the pelvis, a ring-shaped structure of three bones located at the base of the spine. The pelvis is surrounded by large nerves, blood vessels, as well as digestive and reproductive organs, so trauma in this area can cause significant bleeding, damage to internal organs and, ultimately, death.

The total number of fractures does not greatly affect survival — most of them will heal over time. Injuries to the spine can cause permanent nerve damage and paralysis, but they are usually not fatal. Moreno broke 10 bones in the fall, including several ribs, an arm and both legs, but he survived and recovered over time.

After the fall, lie down and do not move, try to feel what is damaged, and wait for help.

If you fall out of the window

  • While falling, cling to everything that is possible. This will break your flight into several segments and dampen the speed a little. And if there is a canopy in your way, even plastic or even glass, then it, although with losses for you, will help you slow down.

  • We agree, it sounds like a mockery, but as you fall, do not strain your muscles and relax. When falling from a height, drunk people and young children survive better. Firstly, both of them are not fully aware of what is happening, and secondly, alcohol disables panic and relaxes muscles. And in children, the bones are also much softer than in adults, and their skull, most likely, will not crack when it hits the ground, but is deformed.
  • Bend your knees (but not too much), put your feet together so that both feet touch the ground at once, and try to land on your socks to cushion the blow. You are likely to break your legs, but this is the lesser evil in this case. But do not do this: to straighten your legs and set them apart or to put one leg, thinking that this way you will save the second.

  • Cover your head with your hands while you fly. When your feet touch the asphalt (in the worst case) or the ground (this is already better), you will most likely bounce slightly and then fall. So, try to fall on your side. The hands that you previously folded around your head will at least protect it.

  • If you survived, you are very lucky. Now you should lie down and wait for help.

If you fall from an airplane

A fall from a height of 10 kilometers will take you about 3-6 minutes, and its speed will be 190 km / h. Unfortunately, the chances of salvation are catastrophically small, but still worth a try.

  • First, keep in mind that many people who managed to escape were sitting in the rear of the plane.
  • So, if your plane, God forbid, explodes or collapses in the air, first you will feel a deafening roar and hellish cold around and begin to fall. At this altitude, there is very little oxygen, so you will lose consciousness, but when you find yourself in the lower layers of the atmosphere, it will return to you.
  • Try to climb into a chair or "saddle" any chip, this will increase your chances of salvation. Here's what Larisa Savitskaya, a woman from the USSR, who remained alive after falling from a height of 5 kilometers, said.

The wings of the An-24 were torn off, along with gas tanks and a roof, at that moment I was sleeping. I remember a terrible blow, a burn - the temperature from +25 instantly dropped to −30. Screams and whistles of air. I ended up in the tail section, I was thrown into the aisle. And then I remembered one Italian film - “Miracles Still Meet,” as the heroine escapes in a plane crash, clutching a chair. Somehow I got to him. I did not hope to be saved, I just wanted to die without pain. There was a green flash and a blow. I fell in the taiga, on a birch forest - I was lucky again.

Those who survived after a solitary free flight are two times less (13 in total) than those who fell to the ground, clinging to any of the debris. One of these people was military pilot Alan Magie, who fell out of the plane, flew 6 kilometers and survived, breaking the roof of the station with his feet. If you find yourself in a similar situation, remember these tips:

  • Take a pose in which paratroopers fall, spread your arms and legs. This will slow down the fall.

Try to direct your flight: to move in the opposite direction, bend your legs, as if you want to touch your head with your heels. To move to the right, lower the right shoulder and bend the body to the right.

Try not to land in the pond, even if you dive well: from this height you will hit the water as if it were concrete. Direct your fall towards the field, vegetation or bush. True, there is a chance that you will be pierced by a stick. The best option would be a haystack or snow.

  • After you fall, the most difficult thing will begin - you will need to try to stay alive and find people. 17-year-old Juliana Kepke survived in the Amazon forests after falling from a height of 3 kilometers. Her collarbone was broken, larvae wound up in her wounds, and there were only a few sweets from the food, but in the end, after 9 days, she went out to the people.

In addition to knowledge, of course, it is very important that you are elementary lucky, but, in principle, if you read this article, you can say that your chances of survival in such a situation have increased significantly.