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Author: Nikolay Vedenev
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While driving a car, the driver is obliged to monitor many things - the road, sidewalk, signs, markings, what is happening behind. All this requires a lot of concentration. The traffic situation can change in one second. But the driver’s attention can be dissipated due to a variety of factors, some of which are beyond the control of the driver, while others can be controlled.

Distractions that are beyond the control of the driver include everything that happens outside the car on the road. The driver can be distracted by anything or anyone: on "strange" pedestrians, on a beautiful girl (guy), on the accident that happened, on a beautiful view outside the window and so on.

But there are a number of distracting factors that the driver himself brings to the process of driving and thereby complicates his life behind the wheel. What are these factors?

1. Amulets, toys, pendants

All these things on the rear-view mirror, of course, decorate the interior and create a certain atmosphere in it, but during the movement of the human eye, it involuntarily begins to be distracted by these bright unusual little things. Also, they swing all the time during movement, which worsens the work of lateral vision, dulls the attention and interferes with the review.

Pillows, toys, amulets - all this is not uncommon on the control panel and behind the back of the rear seat. But they, too, are distractions for the driver. From the front, they scatter attention due to the fact that the eye is distracted by bright colors, and from the back they cover part of the glass, as a result it is impossible to fully monitor the situation on the road. This is very unsafe.

Distractions while driving. Warnings of Highway Driving School Specialists

Each driver must understand that driving a vehicle imposes special powers on him to maintain safety on the road. Therefore, the person driving a car or motorcycle should by any means avoid distracting factors while driving.

To test their attitude to this problem and determine their own share of attention and concentration on the road, psychologists of a driving school at the Water Stadium offer to answer the following questions:

  • Are you always ready to avoid a collision with a sharply rebuilt car in front of you?
  • How about braking in front of a pedestrian who suddenly appeared in your way?
  • Do you manage to react safely to the falling debris from the truck ahead?

1. Physical factors

Physical distractions, according to driving schools at the River Station, are influences that can affect the driver while driving, such as, for example, the actions of passengers in a car or technological and mechanical causes inside the car, as well as external sources car limits:

  • Roadside activities such as accidents or vehicles stopped by police.
  • Outdoor advertising, construction sites, etc.
  • Reading cards or newspapers.
  • Personal care such as shaving, applying makeup, combing hair.
  • Food at the wheel.
  • Change of clothes.
  • Search for lost or fallen items.
  • Flying insects.
  • Talking on a cell phone.
  • Tuning radio, tape recorders or CD players.
  • Communication with adult passengers.
  • Paying attention to young children and infants.
  • Smoking.

2. Mental and emotional factors

Mental and emotional influences can lead to the driver becoming more aggressive and less tolerant of other road users. It may also become less alert to environmental conditions and road hazards. Driving schools on Voykovskaya list some mental and emotional factors:

  • Strong emotions of anger and grief.
  • Driver fatigue, drowsiness.
  • Emotional conversations can lead to complete distraction.

Avoiding distractions

  • Be always focused and attentive.
  • Take short and quick glances at the road and avoid looking too long.
  • Never read while driving.
  • Do not attempt to change or remove clothing while driving.
  • Perform all personal care hygiene procedures before departure or upon arrival.
  • Do not let passengers interfere with your driving.
  • Make sure that children and pets are in place and fastened properly. Give children toys or think of activities so they don’t interfere with the trip.
  • Use pet carriers to limit their ability to move around in a vehicle.
  • Stop the car if young children require attention and can distract you from the road.
  • Avoid eating while driving - after all, you need to mess around with napkins, wrappers and drinks, which means that it becomes impossible to see the road. Plan your trip in advance and allow yourself to stop and eat a little from time to time.

Distractions caused by cell phones and high technology

Throughout the civilized world, concern is growing about the dangers posed by motorists using cell phones while driving. In an international survey of 837 mobile drivers, it was found that almost half of them deviated or moved to another lane. The best advice is to avoid using cell phones while driving:

  • When the phone rings, allow yourself not to answer! It is better to use the voicemail of your device or even miss a call than to expose yourself and passengers to serious risk.
  • Use the speakerphone or headset to receive calls.
  • If you need to call by mobile phone - ask the passenger to dial a number or answer the call.
  • If you need to answer the call, find a suitable place and stop to answer.
  • Never record or dictate numbers while driving.

Do not let technology distract your attention and concentration, always be on the alert!

3. Mobile phone

Traffic regulations prohibit holding a mobile phone in their hands, but they are allowed to talk to the included speaker without holding the phone in their hands. However, any telephone conversations while driving impair reaction and attention. If a person will drive along an unfamiliar road, he can easily not see the road sign or not pay attention to the marking. It is better to exclude any conversations during the ride.

5. Vanity in the cabin

During movement it is impossible to get, lift, change, adjust anything. Excessively talkative and noisy passengers must be brought to their senses and made to behave more quietly. In the summer, a wasp or horsefly can seriously distract, accidentally flying into the cabin while parked and seen while moving.

All this works as a distraction. Indeed, at a speed of 60 km / h the driver drives about 16 meters per second. This is a fairly large distance for which you can catch someone, get to the traffic lights and / or pedestrian crossing. Therefore, no fuss - all attention is only on the road.

In conclusion, it remains to be recalled that compliance with traffic rules also contributes to accident-free driving. Do not forget to repeat the SDA and take the voluntary online exam at least once every six months. Existing services support current online traffic tickets valid for the current 2015. This will help to avoid unpleasant situations on the road and inspire additional confidence.

How to avoid accidents on the road?

Every day on the roads around the world, more and more cars. In the end, not only novice motorists but also experienced professional drivers who gained rights back in the Soviet Union and who have a huge driving experience began to encounter difficulties in driving. The reason for this is well known to many, it is heavy traffic on the roads, which in the old days in the USSR never existed. As a result, this has led to the fact that quietly driving a car nowadays has become more and more difficult. Well, this by itself led to a significant increase in accidents on roads around the world (especially in our country), both due to the same carelessness and the inexperience of the drivers themselves, somewhere constantly hurrying and rushing in our space time. Let us, dear readers, learn with us how we all can not get distracted while driving a car and in the future avoid numerous accidents on the road.

I will present to you dear friends a list of the following content, namely, what specifically can distract us (you) on the road and often leads to big troubles (to accidents). Having examined this list more closely, each driver will be able to subsequently change his driving behavior and thereby reduce the risk of accidents on the roads of our vast Motherland.

1) Daydreaming / Thought / Fatigue.

A recent study conducted by the American Institute for Road Accident in the United States found that 46% of motorists had an accident due to a drowsy or drowsy condition while driving (fatigue). It is noteworthy that for this reason people (motorists) of not the older generation, but very young drivers aged 18 to 30, fall into these accidents.

Also, as a result of this study, it was found out that about 20% of drivers get into accidents at the moment when they briefly thought about some extraneous topic, and this certainly led (and leads) to a decrease in their attention while driving.

Thus, remember your friends, if you have felt or already feel a certain fatigue while driving a car while driving, this is a very dangerous condition for you (for each driver), which often leads to accidents. We also advise you to never be distracted from the road while thinking and dreaming about something outside. Please remember that the concentration of attention on the road should always be maximum. The road is not a place where you can dream or think about something outsider.

2) Mobile phones and electronic gadgets.

A common cause of all accidents on the road are mobile phones, without which the whole modern world cannot live in our time. According to some established data, about 30% of all drivers in the world, contrary to established prohibitions (legislatively), use their phones while driving. In our country, this percentage can be approximately 70 - 80%.

Most often, the younger generation of people who use smartphones, tablets, electronic watches, etc., usually use cell phones and other electronic gadgets. Electronic technology is the main source of communication. As a result of all this, every year in the world the number of accidents committed by motorists on the road is constantly growing, which just happened due to the fact that the drivers at the wheel of the car used the phone, in a word, were distracted from the traffic situation while driving.

According to international studies, it was found that a cell phone reduces our reaction by about 50% (!). In some cases, it was proved that a driver who is driving and talking on a mobile phone is no different in his reaction from another driver who is driving while intoxicated by alcohol.

Among other things, it has been established that for drivers who use various gadgets when driving a car, the attention they need while driving a car is sharply reduced. According to some unverified data, this attention can be reduced to 400% (!), And this is already very serious.

Thus, dear friends, we advise you from the bottom of our hearts, just forget while driving when driving a car what a mobile phone is. Please remember that using a cell phone while driving, you several times increase the risk for yourself in an accident.

3) Using voice control in the car.

Surprisingly, this is so, the invented technology for voice control of infotainment systems in cars, primarily designed by technologists to reduce driver distraction from the road, also exactly affects our concentration while driving. For example, there are certain voice control systems that more and significantly distract drivers while driving, which means that they noticeably reduce the attention of these drivers from the general traffic situation. And this is despite the fact that three out of four of all the drivers surveyed specifically stated that this voice control of the infotainment system to a lesser extent distracts them from the road.

In fact, it was found that in dialogue with voice assistants and in the pronunciation and issuance of commands, our brain is also seriously distracted. As a result, it turns out that our attention and concentration while driving are also significantly reduced. Especially when it comes to interacting with voice assistants (Siri, etc.).

Friends also need to remember that seriously and not very good and poor-quality voice control systems can seriously distract the driver. To our deep regret, in most modern cars (even expensive premium ones) the quality of such know-how systems leaves much to be desired today. So, our dear friends, we advise you that it is better not to use this voice control when you are driving a car.

Let dear fellow citizens consider in more detail the following, how can we increase our safety while driving and get less distracted from traffic for the reasons mentioned above:

1) Avoid the risk of an accident if you are tired or thoughtful.

As a rule, and this was established, fatigue behind the wheel occurs mainly either when we did not get enough sleep, or when we fell ill, or most often after a hearty meal. So dear motorists (drivers), try not to drive after eating, when you get sick, or when you just did not get enough sleep. Also, if possible, please try to avoid driving behind the wheel at 6-00 a.m. and from 14-00 a.m. to 16-00 a.m., at the very moment when most often due to our physiology, there will be severe drowsiness (will sleepy).

Also always remember, on the eve before the trip, in no case do not take alcohol. First, remember that an alcoholic drink drunk even in the evening may not leave your body in the morning and then the concentration of this alcohol in the air you exhale will be exceeded. And this can lead to the deprivation of a driver’s license for driving while intoxicated.

Secondly, the alcohol you drink the day before can contribute to lowering your attention the next day and cause you to become drowsy in the morning.

If you feel very tired while driving, it is better to stop and take a rest. As a last resort, you can leave the car in a paid parking lot, return home either by taxi or by public transport.

2) Forget driving that a mobile phone exists.

Before you move off the car, turn off the sound on your cell phone, or put it in the glove compartment or away into the bag. Also, you can turn on your phone in a special mode, that is, in airplane flight mode. This will guarantee that you do not have to be distracted by incoming calls and SMS messages while driving. Also remember that according to Russian law and traffic rules, using a mobile phone while driving a car is strictly prohibited. For this there is a fine of 1,500 rubles.

3) Try not to use the voice control of phones, as well as the infotainment system (s) in the car while driving.

The simplest and most reliable solution to this problem, that is, focusing on the road, is the driver’s refusal not only to use a cell phone, but also a complete refusal to use the infotainment systems in the car while driving, even with the same voice management.

Please remember friends, that not all car models today have a convenient and reliable voice control system. In addition, never use as an alternative in your smartphones any other voice assistants to phones. These assistants are several times stronger and much more serious can distract you while driving from the road than when using the same mobile phone in the traditional way. Remember and don't forget your friends about it.