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Want to know about his feelings? Watch him hug you


Hugs are one of the closest and most romantic things you can present to your partner. This is more than just intimacy - it is a comforting message that tells your partner that you are always there, that he is warm and safe in your hands.

Studies have shown that couples who hug more are happier. Even sex cannot replace hugs.

7. This is a different level of communication.

Leading GPs continue to argue that hugging is a very effective way to get close to your partner.

After all, when you meet someone, you are usually on a whole new level of communication. In addition, this is a way to tell them that you will always support them and come to the rescue if necessary.

You can even be silent, the main thing is to cuddle!

5. Help against depression.

It is scientifically proven that when you hug your partner, your body releases a hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin is responsible for happiness and satisfaction. As soon as you hug your beloved / beloved, your body constantly produces oxytocin, which automatically makes you smile and forget about everything bad.

Stay happy and hug more often!

Types of hugs

Hug from the back

This is a sure sign that he is in love. This helps him to feel unity with you, and is also a gesture of protection. Such an action suggests that he demonstrates his masculinity, strength and dominance. Also, the partner can do this if there are problems in the relationship, and he is afraid to see the rejection in your eyes. He is afraid to look eye to eye, because he worries that your feelings are not mutual.

Hug with pat on the back

Sometimes we need a little confirmation that everything will be fine. When we stroke the back of a partner during a hug, we promise to be with him in good and bad times.

It can also mean a simple desire to touch something more intimate. The back is a rather vulnerable part of the body, you do not see the back, and touching the back can be scary. This is an innate demonstration of desire and the need for attention.

Hug pat

A pat on the back is different than stroking. Patting is not intimate and confirms friendly feelings. It can also be a friendly embrace between former partners, and means that although the spark of love has passed, friendly feelings remain between them.

In addition, this may be encouraging from the partner, or typical of those who do not like to publicly express their feelings.

Hug around the waist

When a partner wraps around your waist, this is a sign of protection. Thus, it gives you a sense of security and love at the same time. Such a close hug means that he wants to connect with you physically and is not afraid to demonstrate it.

Hug sitting astride

This is one of the most sensual actions that can often be seen in lovers. Such a hug is a good sign, and is a sign of passion and desire.

The meaning of hugs

A hug with your hand in your pocket

When a partner hugs you with his hand in his trouser pocket, this is a very intimate act. Thus, he is trying not to show affection too publicly, and also says that he is relaxed and comfortable with you.

Hug looking into each other's eyes.

The ability to look into each other's eyes while hugging confirms the connection that exists between you. Thus, you communicate on a spiritual level.

Shoulder to shoulder hug

When you put your hand on your partner’s shoulder, it is a sign of strong friendship, not a romantic relationship.

Hug in the distance

If you hug while keeping your distance in your lower body, this means that you are not comfortable enough with the person. Perhaps you doubt him or do not know him well. In any case, this is not an intimate act.

Slowly dancing, hugging

If you go into a slow dance, hugging, then you want to leave the outside world behind. Your partner wants to make you feel true connection and life.

Very tight hug

The realization that you are in love can be overwhelming. A tight hug that feels like you can't let a person go may be the only way to let him know how real your feelings are.

4. Normalize blood pressure.

Medical research has proven that hugging helps you get out of depression. And the less depression in your life, the more stable your blood pressure.

And with good blood pressure, you are less likely to suffer from headaches, fatigue, and other everyday problems.

1. Strengthen partner satisfaction and love.

Studies have shown that couples who hug more often tend to be more satisfied with each other. They tend to trust each other much more, no matter what challenges life brings them.

And they feel an inexpressible and indestructible bond, which not all couples can brag of.

So what other evidence do you need? Hug your soulmate right now!

1. Hugs have a good effect on the heart, reduce the risk of heart disease.

If a person with high blood pressure often cuddles, they will certainly decrease their pressure and risk of developing serious cardiovascular diseases such as stroke.

If you have a weak heart, help your heart - express your love to relatives and emotionally, and physically (stroke your husband or daughter, snuggle up to your loved one), and it will thank you that the heart pain will go away.

Perhaps that is why lonely people often bring cats and dogs - they can’t talk to them heart to heart, but they can at least stroke their four-legged friends and thereby reduce their pressure in the vessels.

2. Thanks to hugs stress goes away.

Hugging, a person calms down. When a girl is in the arms of her beloved man, she gets out of a state of stress, even if before that she was very excited. This is due to the fact that hugs increase the level of oxytocin - one of the hormones of happiness - in the blood, and thanks to this, the excitement goes away, and joy and peace fill the soul.

3. Hugging means strengthening relationships with a loved one.

Hugs are an expression of feelings and appreciation, a sign of closeness and trust between partners. But if the psychological benefits of close kinestic, tactile contact are obvious, then from a biological point of view there is also benefit.

When a man and a woman hug, such glorious hormones as dopamine and serotonin are released - hormones of happiness and antistress. As a result, the mood improves - it becomes peppy and upbeat, health and harmony in relations in general are strengthened.

If you want to be happy and a loved one, live long and have strong immunity, have a higher self-esteem and get rid of the risk of developing a number of serious diseases (including Alzheimer's disease), then more often hug, kiss, give each other time and smile. The secrets of happiness are very simple!