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There is no direct backup of chats like WhatsApp whatsapp, so you will have to copy the application first and then install it. After the first start, the program will prompt you to restore the backup from a fresh archive. Follow the instructions and you will succeed. How to block access to WhatsApp If you do not trust friends or relatives and want to block WhatsApp so that no one can get text into it, you have two options.

Or block the phone itself with a message code the time you turn off the screen. But I would suggest paying attention to the first point.

How to create shortcuts for contacts and messages To communicate more conveniently and always have at hand a quick text for important ones to copy, you can create shortcuts for them on the home screen. Similarly, you can create shortcuts to group chats. For iPhone users, the task will not be so simple, you will have to use additional programs for creating contacts shortcuts. But this does not mean that it does not have non-obvious functions, tricks and opportunities.

Here are ten of the most interesting of. Web version If you type on a computer keyboard several times faster than on a smartphone, the web version may seem like an interesting alternative to mobile text. To use it, you need to find the WhatsApp Web function in the program menu, and then go to the web. After that, the web version will understand that you are you and will allow you to chat on the big screen and from the convenient keyboard. Delivery and reading information To accurately copy when a message has been delivered and read, in iOS you can see it to the left, and in Android WhatsApp with your finger and hold the Info button “i” in the circle at the top of the screen to appear.

Now your friends will no longer be able to tell tales that they saw the message "too late"! However, if the group is large, and there are a lot of participants and they are chatty, then the chat can very quickly get bored with constant notifications of new messages. To pacify him, go to the chat and click on the Android menu button or the message of the iOS group you can read the deleted SMS in whatsap, select "Mute" there.

You can block for 8 hours, a week or even a whole year.

In Android, you can also make alerts still show, but silently. Sending a chat by e-mail Maybe you want to save the chat, remind your friends of the arrangements or send someone a specific conversation - for whatever reason, sending chats by e-mail to WhatsApp is easy and.

So, only users stored in your phone book will see information about. Send documents Send documents directly to chat on whatsapp now from Google Drive and iCloud.

Read messages secretly If you want to read messages secretly, without notice about the text that you did open a chat, the next secret whatsapp function will definitely come in handy. As soon as you receive a message, don’t open it, turn on airplane mode, as it blocks free Wi-Fi and mobile data watsup, copy whatsapp to read the message completely. We read, close, completely exit the message, turn off the flight mode. The deed is done, the message is read, the interlocutor does not know about it.

Disable auto-save files to your smartphone If the files sent by your friends to whatsapp clog up the memory of your device, then the problem with automatic saving is very simple to solve. Add dates to the calendar If you send a date or time in a message, the function is available only on iOS, the date will be displayed in blue and underlined. By clicking on the hyperlink, you can create an event in the calendar.

The function works if you write specific dates, for example, Tuesday 17, and not just Tuesday. It is not surprising that situations where you need to save important information from correspondence are quite frequent and users simply need a function that would allow them to reliably save messages.

Our article will tell you how to transfer data from phone to phone without losing valuable information. Depending on the type of phone and OS, there are different ways to copy and transfer message history. How to transfer message history to iPhone? If you use WhatsApp messenger on iPhone, then the following information is for.

Suppose you bought a brand new phone that is good for everyone, but alas - there are no old and valuable messages in it. How to fix this situation? Now it has appeared with all users. It is convenient and can be useful both in group correspondence and for dialogs.

In the first case, the function will allow you to indicate which message the user is responding to, which was previously difficult for correspondence that is actively being conducted. Let us dwell in more detail on how to quote in WhatsApp. Using the function Developers, as usual, did not complicate anything, so to send a quote you will need to open a chat with the user and select a message.

Next, you need to hold the selected few seconds, which will lead to the appearance of the editing menu. To do this, you need to back up your chats.

Go to Settings - Chats - Backup chats. Then you can choose to back up daily, weekly or monthly.

Whatsapp will vatsap yours as soon as the phone is turned on. If you accidentally delete a message or chats, you can restore them by reinstalling this application. Instead of flipping through hundreds of messages and copying a screen shot to prove that your friend promised to come text hours ago, use the quote function. To do this, you need to select the desired message by holding it and clicking on the arrow on the left on Android or the whatsapp message history button on the iPhone to quote the desired message.

Highlight, bold, italic, or strikethrough text on Whatsapp. WhatsApp is very convenient to use for many things, but like all text messages, it does not convey intonation well.

You can use bold, italics, and even strikethrough for these purposes. If you want to focus on a specific word, you need to use certain keyboard shortcuts.

Turn off chat notifications on Whatsapp. For example, you want to know what time the meeting will be tomorrow. But this simple question turned into a three-hour conversation between the other chat participants.

Now you can avoid annoying notifications by selecting the chat name at the top and choosing silent mode. Click the Do Not Disturb button in the upper right corner and uncheck the option Show notifications.

All files that you receive are automatically saved in the phone’s gallery. If your friends send photos that you do not want others to see, there is a way to avoid this.

For iPhone, go to Settings - Chats and turn off the Save Media option. For Android, you must have a file manager installed, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. When someone sends you pictures, gifs, audio and video files, they are downloaded automatically.

For Android, go to Settings - Data - Media Startup to find.

Ctrl + C will copy free text and links in any Android application

As far as Android impresses with some of its innovative and powerful features that set it apart from other modern mobile operating systems, it can be annoying with some of its shortcomings.

For example, the native Android clipboard manager is only useful in situations where you need to transfer a specific URL or piece of text that you copied from an application. By default, the clipboard can only store one such fragment; therefore, a new copy replaces the previous one.

This is where the help of Ctrl + C comes in handy. This is a free Android clipboard management application that allows you to record up to ten different copied text elements along with a description and embedded URLs, which can then be pasted into any application through the exchange menu.

Ctrl + C can also be a very useful tool for those who are annoyed by the lack in some applications of the possibility (well, the developers did not provide, it happens) of copying text. For example, if you are going to share a link directly to a page, to a YouTube video, to an application, or just text with a friend in WhatsApp, the clipboard will be ready for anything.

On the other hand, as soon as you save the necessary element and add it to the list Ctrl + C, you can simply copy anything else without fear of losing the previous information, even just for yourself. Using Ctrl + C is pretty simple. After you select the desired item, simply select "Ctrl + C" from the Share menu.

As already mentioned, the application will automatically link from text and save all the necessary information in one record in its clipboard. In addition, you also have the opportunity to make some changes to the stored data.

From the main interface of the application, you can access the history of the clipboard Ctrl + C, change the details of the recorded data, choose a copy method and decide for yourself whether to save the description or not.

It should be noted that there is a restriction on the use of the application - if any of the applications used does not support the ability to exchange data at all, then you can not use Ctrl + C. However, this is more of an Android OS, not a specific application.

After copying the necessary information using this method, you can use Ctrl + C to share it in any application of your choice and paste data from the clipboard anywhere.

For simple text elements, you will receive several clipboard entries, and a detailed description of the links may be useful when copying multiple addresses, as it will not allow confusion.

You can download the application for free on the Google Play Store.

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