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How to wash one's shoes: in the washing machine and manually


Welcome dear visitors of this information resource on the pages of this site. Right at these moments, we bring to your attention an interesting review, which will tell you about the features of shoe cleaning brand Vance. Vance are proven sneakers that can go through many trials. But at the same time, improper shoe cleaning can spoil the wear resistance of the model. We recommend that you follow these tips, then you will definitely be satisfied.

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Shoe shine is always a responsible occupation. This is an important process that will show how long a particular model will serve you. Why? That is because many people do not clean their shoes correctly, doing them more harm than good. We think that after reading this review you will know how to do it right and “beautifully”.

They came from the street, and pieces of dirt and swamps fall off your sneakers? No need to rush to pick up a brush and a rag. Let Vance dry. The drying process is also no less important. Shoes must be allowed to dry without the direct effect of heat. That is, without direct sunlight, without direct contact with the battery or heater. “How to dry shoes then?” You ask indignantly. The answer is extremely simple - the shoes should dry at room temperature, or outdoors, but in the shade. It is advisable to fill the inside of the shoe with paper so that there is no risk of deformation during the drying process.

After you dry the sneakers, pick up a regular brush and a cloth. If this “arsenal” does not help you, then shoes will be used. By the way, a lot of one-piece is made with a suede outer cover. In this case, you will need a different arsenal of cleaning products. Minimum - a brush with a rubber tip, which carefully and efficiently removes dirt without harming the suede surface ...

We think that our tips will help you solve many problems associated with shoe shine.

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Washing rules

When starting to combat pollution on sneakers, you need to take into account several rules:

  • products with leather and suede inserts must not be washed,
  • before washing, laces and insoles are removed and washed separately,
  • the sole must be free of dust and dirt,
  • be sure to study the tag on the product,
  • all detergents are pre-tested in an inconspicuous area,
  • despite the quality of the pigment used by the brand, it’s better to wash bright colored wanches by hand,
  • models with metal and other decorative elements cannot be machine washed.
Rules for washing sneakers

Following these recommendations, you can return the original appeal and purity to the vans, without risk of damaging the shoes.


Choosing this method of purification, you can be sure of the safety of colors and shape of the product. Bright prints and stripes require gentle cleaning. Leather models also only require hand washing.

You can wash your textiles from the textile using the following algorithm:

  • before washing, remove the laces and take out the insoles,
  • remove all dirt and foreign objects from the surface and sole,
  • pour warm water into a container and add a little detergent,
  • put the sneakers completely in the container for fifteen minutes,
  • use a soft brush to clean the fabric and the sole,
  • wash the laces separately and clean the insole,
  • rinse with plenty of cool water.

It is important to remember that the temperature of the wash water should not exceed thirty degrees.

Leather models tolerate water procedures worse, so the washing method is slightly different:

  • remove the laces and take out the insoles,
  • clean the product from dirt,
  • with a well-wrung sponge, remove dirt from the leather part,
  • brush the sole,
  • wipe the leather surface with a dry cotton cloth,
  • wash the laces and clean the insoles.

In case of significant contamination, a weak solution of laundry soap may be used. Insoles and laces are washed with a soap solution.

Washing machine

Textile models can withstand machine wash, if you follow certain recommendations:

  • remove all removable parts, laces and insoles,
  • clean shoes well from dirt,
  • put the vans in the laundry bag,
  • choose the mode of washing sports shoes or delicate washing,
  • the temperature should not exceed thirty degrees,
  • additional rinse required
  • laces and insoles can be washed with sneakers,
  • do not apply spin and machine drying.
How to wash sneakers in a typewriter

Adhering to this algorithm, washing your favorite pair of one-piece shoes will take place without unpleasant consequences for shoes.

Laundry Detergents

Gel for colored or white linen is quite suitable for machine cleaning, depending on the color of the shoe. Washing powders are not recommended, due to the appearance of white streaks from an incompletely washed off product.

Manual cleaning involves a wider selection of detergent products.

You can use the following tools:

  • concentrate or gel for washing clothes,
  • liquid or bar soap
  • dishwashing detergents,
  • liquid soap.
Washing gel

For manual cleaning, brushes of varying degrees of hardness and sponges can be used.


Over time, the white sole and upper material may turn yellow. Such a nuisance significantly affects the appearance of the one. But there are many bleaching options to quickly and easily return the whiteness to your favorite sneakers. Before proceeding directly to the fight against yellowness, shoes need to be prepared. Namely, remove all dirt, traces of dust and stains.

  1. The most popular method of whitening athletic shoes is to treat the surface with toothpaste. The product has a good visible effect and a delicate attitude to the fabric. Thus, both the sole and the upper material can be cleaned.
  2. A paste of washing powder and table vinegar, in proportions one to one. It is rubbed into the product with a brush. After a few minutes, the resulting foam is washed off with plenty of water.
  3. Household soap has a good whitening effect. With the help of a medium-hard brush, yellowed sneakers are intensively processed. The remnants of soap and dirt are washed off with running water.
  4. Chalk can be used to remove the yellowness and gray effect of the “fade”. It must be crushed to flour and applied to yellowed areas. After two hours, the shoes must be washed.
  5. The canvas fabric, from which the vans are sewn, will easily tolerate the effects of bleach. It is applied according to the instructions.
  6. Leather sneakers can be whitened with talcum powder and water. It is rubbed in a circular motion into the yellowed areas. After drying, the remains of talcum powder need to be removed with a soft brush.

The use of aggressive bleaching agents is not suitable for leather products. Chlorine-based bleaches must be tested in barely visible areas.

Dry clean

Products with suede inserts can only be cleaned using the dry method. Suede material is rather capricious; from excess moisture, it can become withered and “bald”. Therefore, suede-trimmed sneakers are cleaned with a special double-sided brush.

First, the dirt is removed by the hard side, then the pile is combed with the rubber part. Severe dirt is removed with a special cleaning foam.

In the absence of special cosmetics, you can clean the suede product with the help of improvised absorbent products. These include potato starch, talcum powder or baby powder. Means is sprayed on the area that needs in-depth cleansing. After an hour, the residues are removed with a brush.

Brush cleaning

Stain removal

Hand and machine wash with a standard set of traces of dust and dirt.

In order to remove complex and stubborn stains, you need to use more intense detergents and solutions:

  • coffee and tea stains will cleanse a mixture of salt and glycerin,
  • greasy stains can be removed with paste from baby powder and water,
  • traces of grass are well removed by lemon juice and ammonia,
  • suede can be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in gasoline,
  • universal soap is household soap,
  • textile stain removers are applicable to textile models.

Before using one of the tools, it must be checked in an inconspicuous area.

Drying the vans, keeping their shape, is quite simple.

To do this, carefully consider the following tips:

  • do not dry products on radiators and batteries,
  • do not leave to dry in the open sun,
  • to maintain the shape inside, light paper is packed,
  • all metal parts are wiped dry immediately after washing,
  • Do not try to shorten the drying time with hot air using a hairdryer.
How to dry one

There are several ways to speed up the process:

  • frequent paper changes inside the pockets,
  • immediately after washing, excess moisture can be removed with a towel,
  • underfloor heating, due to uniform and gentle heating, can significantly reduce drying time,
  • special electric shoe dryers,
  • bags with silica gel, absorb moisture from textiles in a few hours.

Drying in a well-ventilated area will allow the shoe to dry naturally, keep the material soft and not deform.

You can extend the life of your shoes by using cosmetics for shoes. This primarily relates to products made of genuine leather and suede. Immediately after cleaning, they must be treated with moisture repellents.

To remove dirt and stains from leather and suede elements, it is better to use products recommended by the manufacturer. And then the shoes will retain their original gloss and presentable appearance.

Used Quick Shoe Sneaker

Remove any adhered dirt from the outside. If your sneakers are really dirty and you want to clean them, first remove all dirt from the outside. Put the sneakers in a suitable place where you can squeeze out all the dirt. If the sneakers are too dirty, you must first dry them to make the dirt cleaning easier. Use a soft shoe brush or a toothbrush to remove dried dirt. Also clean the sole by removing any small particles of dust and dirt.

Use dishwashing detergent and warm water. Fill the bucket halfway with warm water and add one or two tablespoons (15-30 ml) of dishwashing liquid. Stir until foam appears.

Take a medium or large soft brush and dip it in soapy water. Hold the shoes in one hand and move the brush back and forth on the surface of the shoe with the other. If the shoes are too dirty, you can dip them slightly in soapy water and brush them more thoroughly.

Rinse off the foam with clean, warm water. After you have thoroughly wiped the shoes with a brush, immediately rinse them with warm water. Dry your shoes thoroughly. Put wet sneakers on a clean white towel and wrap it around each sneaker. Squeeze excess water out of the cloth with a towel. Do this with every sneaker.

  • Put your shoes in the air. If your sneakers are white, place them in direct sunlight to help whiten your Vans.
  • Fill them with hand towels or paper towels that absorb moisture. This will help to avoid shrinkage of the fabric and dark lines in the places of bending when walking.

G deep shoe cleaning

This method is only suitable for fabric and synthetic sneakers. Sneakers are made of various materials, including leather, which deteriorates when wet. Look at the sneaker label and determine what material they are made of. If you have leather or suede sneakers, you should use cleaning methods designed for leather and suede shoes. You should not wet them or wash them with detergent.

Pre-treat stains with stain remover. If serious dirt or oil gets on your sneakers, use an enzymatic stain remover or other product of your choice. Use the stain remover according to the instructions in the instructions, and leave it for a while while starting the washing machine.

Set the delicate wash mode in cold water. You need to use the mildest washing mode so as not to spoil your shoes. It is not good if the shoes beat against the walls of the washing machine, so everything must be done correctly.

Put the sneakers in a pillowcase. Many are afraid that the glue will soften or the seams will come apart while washing the shoes in the washing machine. If you put the sneakers in a pillowcase and wash them with other things, such as towels or small rugs, this will protect the sneakers from bouncing during washing. Your sneakers will be all right. Your Vans should be fine. As a rule, it is not recommended to wash the sneakers in the washing machine more often than once every six months, since you risk damaging the shoes. If you are worried about the various inserts and details of your sneakers, the best option would be to completely remove them and replace them with new ones after the streak.

Use half of your usual amount of laundry detergent. Be sure to use a mild detergent, such as liquid hand soap, and put the sneakers in the pillowcase along with the rest of the items. If your machine has a vertical load, in order to reduce the time of soaking shoes, you can wait until its drum is half full. Shoes still fit well, but will not be in the washing machine for so long.

Dry your sneakers outdoors. Do not put shoes in the dryer. The fabric may dry out and the seams will come apart. In this case, you can still damage the dryer. If you need to quickly dry your sneakers and not worry about the seams, put them in a dryer with several towels to soften the blows on the walls of the machine.