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How to make a paper machine?


Every boy loves to play with cars, he will not soon assemble a metal structure, but it’s very easy to teach a child how to make paper models. Parents will need some time, paper, glue and scissors. You can create such cars using the origami technique or 3D design, for each method there are the necessary materials, instructions and recommendations.

How to make a typewriter machine?

You can create cars not only with the help of ready-made schemes, but also using improvised means, for example, cardboard and matches, wooden sticks and colored paper. For example, take a few cardboard cylinders left after toilet paper, each glue over colored paper. After the fake has dried, it is necessary to cut a rectangular hole on the surface of the cylinder, on the one hand to leave a little space so that you can bend and thus make the driver's seat.

The design can be decorated inside with felt-tip pens or a marker, to create a steering wheel, you should cut a circle from white paper and stick it in front of the seat. The machine can be further decorated with applications of colored paper, choosing various shades. If the car is racing, you can apply a number, if an ambulance or a fire model, then you can also cut out the corresponding signs or draw them. To fasten the wheels, use small bolts or caps from the plastic bottle.

3D 3D paper cars

To perform the work, it is necessary to prepare a printer, paper sheet, scissors, cardboard material, as well as glue, colored pencils, paints or felt-tip pens.

The instruction is very simple, you can assemble a car from paper without special skills or knowledge. First you need to print on paper the model of the machine you like, then stick the sheet on cardboard to make the structure solid. The image is cut out along the contour, this is another advantage of this technique of creating a paper machine.

These white ends must be glued so that the structure does not fall apart, and if the cardboard is strong enough, then you can use not clerical PVA, but super glue. After that, the most interesting thing remains for the boy to decorate the car at his discretion.

A simple way to create paper cars

With paper cars it’s also fun to play, as with metal or plastic ones, you can arrange real races, and also build a garage, decorate all designs with felt-tip pens, and make a flag with a toothpick.

To create a paper typewriter, you need a square piece of paper, it should be folded in half, after which the edges are expanded and bent in the opposite direction to the middle of the sheet. Then, wrap the edges again in the opposite direction and fold the sheet of paper in half. Apply the outline of the car to the material, to do this, wrap the upper corners, then fill them in, two corners will peek out from below. They also fold inward, after which it is necessary to make the wheels of the car.

Bend the lower corners back, rounding them a bit, so that you get the wheels, in front, to make the headlights, the corners must be laid inside. Do the same from the back of the machine, all the details of the vehicle can be drawn, for example, wheels, headlights, doors or the driver behind the wheel. 15 minutes of time and a beautiful paper car is ready.

Origami Machine

This is a unique art, which provides for the creation of unusual paper figures, including cars. For work, it is enough to stock up with colored paper and patience, it is very easy, therefore, children can not only be, but also need to be connected, together you can create a whole car park. Or you can make a car out of a banknote and give as a gift to a friend.

To create, for example, a sports car, you need to take a rectangular sheet, as a rule, the aspect ratio should be equal to 1: 7. Work begins with the fact that the right and left upper corners are bent, so all the necessary bends are created. The next step is to bend the top of the sheet, along with the bent corners on the left and right. Small triangles will remain sticking out, which should also be bent towards the middle of the sheet of paper.

Next, you need to bend the sides of the leaf, fold the bottom, follow the same algorithm that was performed when folding the top of the paper. It remains only to fold the structure in half, fill in the triangles that peek out and that's it, the machine is ready.

Tools and Materials Time: 1-5 hours • Difficulty: 7/10

  • paper,
  • Printer,
  • scissors,
  • glue.

A small instruction on how to use this assembly. If there is a “download” link under the picture, click on it, save it to the computer. If there are no links under the picture, then we save the model you like right away. After that, it remains to print the model, cut and glue.

Paper race car

Racing car IMCA

Red car racing

Sportcar Kodak

Racing Lada

Pescarolo Courage C60 (Something 123) in 3D

Paper fire truck (diagram)

We present to your attention the best model of a fire truck with full instructions and detailed description:

Fire headquarters car

Model of a fire truck TATRA 815 in 3D (patterns and layouts)

Cargo models of paper machines

UAZ 452 truck

KAMAZ truck

UAZ 3303 truck

GAZ 69 truck

Caterpillar 785 3D Dumper (Simulation)

Paper police car

Police car VAZ 21099

Police car VAZ 2104

Police car VAZ 2121

Police car VAZ 2131 (Niva)

Police car (DPS) VAZ 2114

Police car (DPS) VAZ 2109

Police car (DPS) VAZ 2112

Police car (DPS) VAZ 2109

UAZ HUNTER police car

Police car VAZ 2121 (Niva)

Paper models of VAZ cars

Car VAZ 21011 Cuba Taxi

Car VAZ 2121 (Niva)

VAZ 21011 car

VAZ 2112 car

VAZ 2126 car

VAZ 2113 car

VAZ 2115 car

VAZ 21011 car

VAZ 2102 car

Car VAZ 2121 (Niva) (tuning)

VAZ 2106 car (tuning)

Car VAZ 21061 (1976) (tuning)

Paper sports cars

Car Shevrolet Camaro

Ford Focus car

Sports car Lamborghini Miura

Car Ford Fiesta

Paper war machines

Military vehicle GAZ 69A

GAZ 66 military vehicle

Military vehicle MAN 10t Feuerleit ECS in 3D (simulation)

Tanks T-34 and others (7 types)

Paper models of cars of foreign cars

Volkswagen T1 (Hippy Wagon)

Ford Mustang 3D

Mitsubishi L200 Triton


Subaru Impreza-WRC-2000

Subaru bzr

Paper models of cars of the USSR

UAZ 3741 car

GAZ 2705 car

GAZ 3110 car

GAZ 2752 car


Motorcycle Honda-CB750

BMW R16 motorcycle

Origami paper machines (diagrams)

Origami racing car

Such cars were popular in the USSR. Spread and video:

Origami tank

Origami machine

Creative cars - paper crafts (full instructions)

We accumulate quite a lot of tubes after using toilet paper. And if earlier we threw them away, now we decided to make crafts from them. Here are such wonderful cars. Do you want the same? Let's get started!

We will need:

  • Scissors or knife
  • Glue
  • Brush
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Acrylic paints
  • Cardboard
  • White and colored paper (for decoration)
  • Small nails or buttons
  • Pencil

How to make paper cars (instructions)

1) Cooking as many tubes as we want to make machines

2) We paint tubes with acrylic paints. While waiting for them to dry, you can go to the next step.

3) Draw circles with a simple pencil (apply any round object and circle it) - these will be our wheels. On one machine you need 4 large circles and 1 small (for the steering wheel)

4) We paint the mugs with black paint, the middle - white

5) In the middle of the tube, cut a hole - this will be our seat. Glue the steering wheel and attach the wheels with nails or buttons

6) And the last, and also, the most fascinating, we cut out various decorations from paper and paste them on our supercars :)

That's all! We hope you find the model you like!

Origami technique

Origami - a fairly ancient technique, originates in China. The method was primarily used in religious rites; later on, it became available to the upper layers of society. Over time, the technique spread and found a huge number of fans.

Today, origami is engaged not only in adults, but also in children of any age, and there is a huge variety of patterns and patterns of paper cars.

The technique has several varieties:

  • modular - the most popular and widespread system, characterized by the creation of several blocks and three-dimensional figures,
  • simple - designed specifically for beginners or people with disabilities,
  • wet folding - is carried out through the use of water to give the lines smoothness and expressiveness.

Origami - a technique for creating models and figures of various subjects from paper. This method helps to develop logic and spatial thinking. In addition, the creative side of the personality develops due to the active work of thought processes.

Varieties of paper machines

There are a considerable number of options for creating beautiful paper cars. Consider the most common of them.

Assembly according to the instructions. There are special instructions on how to make a typewriter out of paper, which can be easily found on the Internet. In order to make such a machine, you will need to download the circuit, print it on a printer, then it will remain to cut it and glue it.

Sports option

To create, you need a sheet of paper of a rectangular shape. It is important that its sides have a ratio of 1: 7. The upper right corner and the lower left are similarly bent. After fixing, the corners come back. As a result, we get the outline.

After this, it is necessary to bend the upper element, while tucking inward. Next, bend the triangles again to the central part of the sheet. The side parts of the sheet are bent, and the lower part is folded.

At the final stage, the figure is folded in half, and the sticking out pieces of paper are carefully tucked into the resulting pockets. If desired, the car can be decorated.

Simple option

A square sheet of paper folds in half from bottom to top, then unfolds. Similarly, it should be minimized from the perpendicular side. As a result, the outline should be obtained and the central element determined, as shown in the photo of paper cars. The lower quarter is bent to the top, and the corners are bent.

The part located on top bends down, obscuring the lower part. The upper right corner must be bent, thereby we get a windshield. At the end, the figure is recommended to expand.

Handy Machine

No less exciting activity can be the creation of a machine not only from paper, but also improvised means. To create, you can take several figures from a cardboard of cylindrical shape, pasting them with pre-colored paper.

After that, a small rectangle is cut out and slightly bent. It will be a car seat. As wheels, you can use caps from plastic bottles. In conclusion, it remains only to decorate the machine.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the creation of paper models is a very exciting and useful activity, the main thing is to follow the step-by-step instructions on how to make a machine with your own hands. The video shows a master class on paper cars.

How to make a sports car out of paper

First of all, we will create a sports car. To do this, take a rectangular sheet of paper whose sides correspond as 1 to 7. That is, if one side of the rectangle is 4 cm, the other will be 28 cm.

1. We bend the upper right corner and also the upper left. Then we unbend them. So we get the designated fold places.

2. Next, we bend the upper part of the rectangle, tucking the triangles inward as shown in the figure.

3. Then again bend the protruding triangles towards the center.

4. We bend the sides of the sheet and fold the bottom of the paper in such a way as shown in the figure, about the same as we bent the top of the rectangle in step 1.

5. In conclusion, fold the resulting figure in half and fill the protruding triangles into the pockets. Sports supercar is ready! Children will be delighted, especially if they can make such a machine themselves. It can also be painted and signed.

How to make the simplest paper machine

1. Take a square of paper and fold it in half from left to right. We unfold and fold again in half, but from the bottom up. So we outline the places for folding and the center of the square.

2. Bend the bottom quarter of the paper up and bend the corners as shown.

3. We bend the upper half of the paper down, while closing the bent triangles.

4. We deflect the sheet as shown in the picture. The distance from the edge of the paper to the dashed line does not play a special role.

5. To make a windshield, bend the upper right corner, connecting the red dots highlighted in the picture.

6. Turn the figure over, and the machine is ready!

How to make an origami car out of paper

Another uncomplicated version of the manufacture of a paper typewriter.

1. Fold a square sheet of paper in half from top to bottom and unbend.

2. Bend the upper and lower quarters of the square and bend the corners. The tops of the resulting triangles are bent inwards, and the whole figure is folded in half.

3. On the dotted line, bend in the form of a pocket the upper right corner.

4. We make an incision in a sheet of paper as indicated in the picture and slightly stretch the figure.

5. In conclusion, the figure of the machine can be painted, draw doors, windows, lights and everything that you want on it.

How to make a paper car do-it-yourself scheme

You can make a typewriter out of paper according to ready-made schemes. To do this, they will only need to be printed, cut and glued. Here you can download such templates.

If you have a color printer, you can print them in color, and if not, give the coloring matter to your children. They will definitely like this occupation.