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How to behave with a girl at the first meeting: women's advice


It’s hard to do something for the first time: take an exam or go to work. But this is nonsense, compared with the emotions that you experience when going on a date. All the girls and boys are very worried before the first meeting. We could not ignore such a quivering topic and decided to give you advice on how to behave on your first date.

How to behave to like at the first meeting?

And so, the moment of the first date is already on the nose, and the guy does not know how to prepare for this and how to behave. It is better to think through everything in advance, although all the nuances cannot be lost. You need to read the advice of real girls and understand what exactly the representatives of the opposite sex like and think about how to turn women's dreams into reality.

How to talk?

The question of how to behave with a 1 on 1 girl will never go out of style. And so, the first meeting of young people begins at the level of views and immediately after that they begin to talk. This conversation should be lively and friendly, interesting for both and unobtrusive.

And so that the conversation with the young lady was successful on the first try, following the advice of real girls who have already experienced their first dates, the guys should act according to this scheme:

  • politely say hello to the young lady first,
  • ask the girl how she is doing and her mood,
  • to say that she looks great and is very stylish,
  • if a girl wants to say something, do not interrupt her,
  • do not ask questions that may be superfluous (please tell about previous relationships and the like),
  • if a girl talks about her interests, try to support the conversation as much as possible and express interest,
  • you can’t just be silent for a long time, but you don’t need to talk without stopping either,
  • do not use obscene words or phrases in a conversation,
  • during the conversation you should not brag about something and present your advantages in a very bright light,
  • The conversation should not be too loud.

To please a girl on a first date, you need to express your own words in your own words and facial expressions, because only then will the young lady be comfortable and calm with the guy. You should not jump from one topic of conversation to another very sharply, but it is also impossible to go into small details. The conversation should be easy and relaxed, only then it will be successful.

What to talk about?

Choosing a topic for conversation is a very important point, which can be decisive for a first date. And so, going with a girl on a first date, the guy probably for some time talked with her on the phone or on a social network. If there is such a practice, then the young man already knows about what topics for conversation will be interesting for the lady, what unites them, and what else would be interesting to tell the girl. Possessing this information, you can choose a topic for conversation. And so, on the first date with a girl, you can safely talk about such things:

  • discuss common interests and hobbies,
  • talk about your own hobby,
  • share impressions of visits to some beautiful places,
  • discuss some relevant topic and express their positions regarding it,
  • discuss the beauty of the place that I had to visit together.

It’s not worth talking trite about the weather, politics or school, because there are things more interesting and suitable for a first date. You need to carefully ask the girl about her interests and hobbies, find out what kind of music she loves, what films she watches, what loves to eat. This will help to get to know the young lady closer, to find out what surprise she can arrange and what she likes the most. Choosing a topic of conversation, you need to focus on the fact that it should be interesting for both people, because only then everything will be held at the highest level.

What should i avoid?

The question of how to please a girl at the first meeting will always be relevant, because it is on human relationships that the world is built. Going on a first date, a guy should think not only about where to call a girl or what to talk to her about, but also take into account those moments that simply cannot be allowed. At the first date, you should avoid some indecent talk, touching, trying to pay attention only to yourself. You should not interrupt the girl, be obsessive at some point, insist on something. The first date is essentially an acquaintance, so there should not be anything superfluous.

Where to go on a date with a girl?

The first date should be romantic and interesting, so the guy should make a little effort to answer the question of where to take the girl on a date. To choose a suitable place, the guy will have to find out a little about the preferences of the girl and her tastes. And so, the first meeting of young people can take place in the following places:

  • a cozy cafe or restaurant,
  • city ​​lake or river in the country,
  • in a movie or theater
  • in the park, on the waterfront, exhibition,
  • on the roof of the house or in nature,
  • in the city where the girl was not yet.

Choosing a place for a first date, you need to consider the fact that it should not be too noisy, so you should not call a battle to a disco. It is better to invite the girl to a cozy cafe, treat her with dessert and calmly talk, getting to know each other better. Romantic walks in beautiful places is also a great option and it can be a good solution for a first date.

Leave a good reason for a second date

And so, knowing where to go on a date with a girl, you can safely invite her. But going on a first date, do not relax too much on it, because you need to prepare a good foundation for a second meeting. To do this, you need to draw up a detailed plan of action and clearly follow it. And so, in order to prepare a good basis for a second date, the guy should behave as follows:

  • give flowers on the first date to the girl,
  • show good manners by caring for a lady,
  • to have a pleasant, lively, but unobtrusive conversation,
  • take a girl to some beautiful and interesting place,
  • make a girl a pleasant surprise or a gift,
  • Give her reasoned compliments
  • Do not make unnecessary allusions to some indecent things.

These actions can prepare a good basis for a second date and show the guy in a better light.

Take her home

Knowing how to behave in a cafe with a girl, you should not think that this is the height of manhood. To really impress and conquer the girl, after a successful first date, she should be held home. The guy should not think that she herself will get home. Having made such a nice sign of attention to the girl, you can be sure that the second date will take place and leave a pleasant impression about yourself.

Having led the girl home, you need to say goodbye to her affably. Such gallantry of a guy will surely hit a lady and attract her attention. Polite guys who spend girls home without any hints are a rarity and that’s exactly what you should strive to become.

Don't let too much

Girls do not like when on a first date the guys allow themselves extra words and actions. Young people may think that it is cool and modern, but in fact there is nothing good in it and no girl will appreciate it. And so, on the first date with a girl, you should categorically avoid such things:

  • persistent flirting,
  • indecent touch
  • offers to continue the evening in a more modest atmosphere,
  • praise and exalt oneself too much.

If you can avoid these things, then the first date will go well and the guy will get a chance for the second. The main thing is to behave with dignity and as a real gentleman, because that is exactly what the girls want.

The first date is always an exciting and crucial moment, so you need to gather your strength and thoughts as much as possible in order to organize everything correctly. Of course, every guy wants to please a girl at first sight, and for this you need to make an effort. But do not, trying to show yourself in the best light, to behave unnaturally, because it is very noticeable.

On the first date you just need to be yourself, not forgetting the elementary rules of etiquette and behavior. If a girl realizes that the guy sympathizes with her, treats her well and behaves with dignity, then she will definitely want to meet this gentleman. The main thing to remember is that the first impression always plays a crucial role and it must be good. But this does not mean that on the second date you can behave worse, because girls are subtle natures who like to be looked after. You can find an approach to each lady, but for this you will have to carefully study her and call not only on one date.

How to behave on a first date with a girl?

Let's start with the girls, yet for them this is a more exciting event:

  • First, I want to say that don't be late. Although it is believed that a girl should do this, it is better to come on time. After all, your new acquaintance is the same person, he was preparing for the meeting, now he is nervous and waiting. Why make him worry again?
  • Further it should be noted that do not be too shy and close. It is very difficult to be open and frank now. But excessive constraint sometimes repels. You can’t say a word, turn your eyes away and fall into a stupor - he’ll just get bored,
  • Pay special attention manners. When communicating, follow facial expressions and body movements. Too loud laughter in response to his jokes or elongated proud chin repel. A modest smile and an open interest in the eyes - always hit the guys for a living.

This is about behavior. But more often girls are more concerned about how to look at the first rendezvous. We will write about this below.

Clothing for a girl's date: what is better to wear?

The girls, having received an invitation, begin to think what to choose from clothes, which hairstyle to make. Opening the closet, they frantically sort out things, believing that the success of the meeting will depend on this. Dozens of layers of varnish and make-up fall on all possible surfaces of the skin. But perhaps this is not worth doing.

In addition, naturalness is in fashion today. If you want to look neat, just put on a discreet make-up that hides minor facial imperfections and style your hair so that it emphasizes advantages or hides flaws.

Simple dresses and skirts, tight jeans and low heels always come from clothes “with a bang”. This image seems to say to the man: "I have nothing to hide, it will be easy and interesting with me."

Do I need to kiss and when?

And of course, the most exciting moment is kiss. Girls and boys are worried about how this will happen and when?

There are no obligations in this matter. Even if a guy generously treated him to a cafe, took him to the cinema and escorted home, you could just say goodbye in words.

Another thing is when you like this man so much that you feel the need to touch. Of course, you should not attack, but you can hint:

  • Look in the eyes when communicating. If you turn away, he will decide that you are not interested in him,
  • Overcome the barrier of touch - lightly touch the shoulder or arm at the right time. The movements should be light, non-intrusive, but speaking,
  • Take a look at his lips. Do not look closely, of course, but occasionally lower your eyes to them.

Or act decisively - just ask for a kiss. In general, everything is in your hands, want to kiss - kiss, no - put it off until better times.

How to behave after the first date?

In fact, it’s not the date itself that is scary, but what will happen next. You will return home and begin to analyze what has happened, to understand emotions. However, do not rush to draw conclusions, for several hours of communication it is impossible to know a person enough. Maybe he was behaving wrong, he said nonsense.

Still remember that he was worried too. Therefore:

  • Do not attach much importance to trifles - how he was dressed, what flowers he brought or did not bring. The main thing is how you felt, whether it was interesting and exciting,
  • But refuse meetings, if he gave disturbing signals - he was rude, he went about it and allowed too much.

How to behave if you like him? Like that:

  • Send him a bedtime message: "Thanks, I had a great evening!»,
  • Do not wait until he invites you again, call yourself, offer to take a walk.

But alas, it does not always happen the way you want. If the guy has not experienced the same feelings - accept it with dignity. Do not call him, do not look for meetings. If you do not want to - communicate with others, look for your soul mate.

How to behave on a first date with a man?

It is also difficult for young people to go to meet a girl. They preen and worry no less. But the main rule is one for everyone - stay yourself, well, and there are a few tips:

  1. Take the whole initiative. Women like confident and decisive. So choose where the date will go and the other nuances. And let her determine the time,
  2. Do not forget about manners. If you know about your shortcomings, for example, you can skip a rude word - get rid of them,
  3. According to statistics, most ladies prefer guys, of course held financially. But these same data confirm that sense of humor is more important. A man who can easily amuse and amuse leaves competitors behind.

As for flowers, there are no rules. If you want to give the atmosphere of romance - buy a bouquet. And you do not need gorgeous flowers in huge quantities. Better surprise the woman you liked with simplicity, give daisies or sunflowers. They can now be bought at flower shops.

What mistakes should be avoided?

Below we want to list common mistakes that everyone should avoid. Thanks to these little things, many pairs have not already taken place:

  • Do not be late. This is especially true of the beginning of a relationship,
  • Do not talk about previous partners. Do not talk about this topic at all if you are not asked. And if they ask, try to translate the conversation. Such conversations usually do not lead to good,
  • Put the phone down, turn off the sound on it. Show respect, show how important a person is to you,
  • Do not overdo it with alcohol. Yes, maybe a glass of wine will help relieve stress. But it’s better to have a fresh mind and behave appropriately,
  • Do not be smart. It is interesting to spend time with an erudite person. But no one will like it when this person over-exposes his intellectual abilities. Be an interesting and simple conversationalist.

So, what conclusions can you make when thinking about how to behave on a first date? Everything is elementary - do not make hasty conclusions, behave as naturally as possible and respect the person who is nearby. The rest is trifles, they can be fixed.

How to not behave on a first date

Every man has stereotypes about how to behave on a first date. Usually they are imposed by society, television and women themselves in order to promote a man for money and increase female self-esteem. But they do not lead you to success.

Here are a number of popular ineffective first-date beliefs:

      • a man must give a woman flowers or one rose,
      • a woman can be late for as long as she wants, and a man must wait for her,
      • a man must pay for a girl
      • it’s forbidden to touch and kiss a woman on a first date,
      • the guy must necessarily lead the girl home after a date, etc.

As you can see, everything is for women and nothing for men. But understand the main thing, such actions on your part in no way lead to the successful completion of a date for you, that is, to sex. It may be pleasant and interesting for a girl to communicate with you if you do all of the above, but when you offer her to go to your house, she will say that she is not ready yet.

Indeed, why would she go to you if she had already received all the nonsense from you for nothing, and you didn’t arouse her at all? You didn’t touch her, didn’t bother her, didn’t cause her the necessary emotions, indulged her whims, paid for her and acted like a snot. What was she supposed to get aroused from? And then the guys are surprised when they are told the coveted phrase: "Let's stay friends." But there is nothing surprising here, she really will perceive you as a friend. And she will fuck with someone who does not care about her opinion, who does not pay for her, but constantly touches and excites. She understands that a date with a girl is not a gift for such a person, and any other girl would like to be in her place. Such is the harsh truth of life.

How to date, two possible strategies

There are several possible options for developing a first date. I already talked about them, so I will not repeat myself. We are now interested in two possible options for the development of events that will be at your fingertips. Since for the most part they depend only on your actions, they can be called strategies of behavior on a date.

Your goals on a date should be:

      • do you want the girl to come on another date,
      • you want to get her to bed tonight.

Depending on your goal, your actions may specifically differ. В первом случае достаточно быть просто интересной личностью, вызвать у девушки доверие и слегка возбудить ее, оставив на пике эмоций. Во втором случае, возможно, придется проявить немало настойчивости, чтобы достичь поставленной задачи.

It also happens that you plan to have a first date with a girl so that she later agrees to the second, but you see that the girl is clearly excited and wants you. Or you planned to seduce her today, and she does not even allow to touch her hand. In such cases, you should be flexible and act according to circumstances.

Remember!If the girl is ready to surrender to you right now, do not wait for the next date - act now! If you want sex with her, and she reacts negatively to all your actions, take a step back and try to interest her even more, arouse trust and arouse.

If you want to understand the topic of pickup well, I advise you in one half of the cases to make the girl agree to another meeting, in the second - to have sex for the same evening. If you want to become a cool seducer, at first the result is not so much important as the increase in your experience with women in different situations and working out the right actions. So just do what you need without hope of success, and he will come sooner or later.

How to behave on a first date, so that the girl wants to meet with you again

If you decide to follow the first, simplest way of seduction - to do everything so that the girl agrees to come to another meeting, most likely you have little experience with women, and you are afraid to miss her.

Be honest with yourself. Understand that if you do this only for this reason, you behave inefficiently. The main secret of success on a date with a girl is to do what you like, without worrying about the results of your actions.

Of course, you should have some plan for a date, but in this case the plan is a labile thing. All the same, you will not fully calculate all the options, and it makes no sense to turn a date with a woman into a chess game. Learn to catch the buzz and enjoy communicating with the fair sex. In the end, not doing what you want, pleasing only the girl or acting strictly according to the scheme, you miss the best moments of your life in which you could do what really would bring you pleasure.

Remember!Do not lose your life! Understand that on a date you can do absolutely everything you want within the framework of the criminal code. Everything else is prejudice!

If you want to hug this girl - hug! Kiss - Kiss! Tell her a verse - do it! Pinch for the ass or chest - go ahead! It is important that you catch the buzz from the girl, from hanging out and from life, because you have one, there will not be another.

Remember!Do not miss a minute! Do not look for excuses for yourself! If you can sleep with this girl today - do it! Tomorrow you may no longer be corny, or stop standing, or something else. Therefore, in order not to regret the incompetently lived or missed moments, act today and right now!

Of course, you may have objective reasons why you cannot sleep with this girl today:

      • you didn’t excite her enough, interested or didn’t inspire confidence in yourself, because of which she refuses to go to your home, and you don’t have time to live,
      • you are not sure yet whether you want to continue communicating with this girl, since you have other girls.

If you want a woman to agree to meet with you again, on a date you should arouse her confidence in yourself and increase your importance. You can do this through your actions and words.

Some tips on how to behave on a first date

  1. Invite a girl only to a place you know well. You can go to a new place for the two of you, but it’s better to go where you know everything well. There you will feel at ease
  2. Do not splurge heavily. You should not arrange a feast for the whole world on the occasion that she agreed to go on a date with you. Take this issue wisely and measure spending with your income,
  3. Behave naturally. Let the girl perceive you as you are. Do not be afraid she does not like. Do not like this - like another,
  4. Sometimes it’s appropriate for a girl to pay for you. It’s paradoxical, but as she becomes more interested in you,
  5. Be polite and gallant. At the same time, you can suggest that the girl take care of you, for example, pour tea, give the phone, etc.,
  6. The more emotions, the better! The more emotional the date is, the more interesting it will be. Tell funny stories, touch on erotic topics. If resources allow, you can invite a girl to an amusement park or just suddenly pick her up and twist her. You can get wet together in the rain - it all depends on your imagination,
  7. It’s good to touch her things. Ask the girl to look at the phone or keychain - whatever. Play with this thing a little and give it back. Subconsciously, a girl will have confidence in someone to whom she has just trusted her things and they returned back whole,
  8. Go away at the peak of interest. If you have taken the path of several dates, do not stay too long. The optimal time for a first date is 1 hour. Try to leave at the peak of interest. Act on the principle of Brazilian series - each series ends in the most interesting place, forcing viewers to look forward to the next.

How to behave on a first date to have sex with her today

If you decide to try to sleep with this girl today, you may have to overcome a difficult path, but not always. It often happened to me that a girl herself wanted sex on a first date without much effort on my part. And it was impossible to characterize it with an indecent word. I even managed to breed virgins for sex on a first date. And if you think that this is unrealistic, you simply have not had such an experience yet.

To breed a girl on sex on a first date, you also need to interest her, arouse trust, plus, arouse her. In addition, you will need to be persistent enough. I’ll also talk about how to breed a girl for sex on the first date - This is the topic of a separate article. For now, remember the fundamental feelings that you need to arouse on a girl on a first date in order to have sex with her:

If you decide to seduce her today, you have to go all the way. The trick is not to be afraid of the girl’s refusal. Better you lose it now than in a few days - this way you will save time that you can spend on seducing other, more accommodating women.

Be prepared for the fact that the first reaction to your harassment will almost always be a refusal. But you must not give up. I can give a lot of examples, both from my life and from the life of my friends, when the girl first refused, and then the guy showed enough perseverance and she gave up.

Important!You need to understand the clear line between perseverance and rape. Unlike perseverance, rape is a serious, criminal offense. Therefore, if you see that the young lady clearly and resolutely refuses to sleep with you, take a step back and make sure that in the previous stages you did everything right.

Of course, there are girls who get pleasure in sex only when the guy takes them hard, and sexual intercourse occurs on the verge of rape. Such women need to be felt, and with the growth of your experience you will get better and better. But remember, in this case it’s better not to do than to do and then regret the rest of your life.

If a girl refuses you severely, and not for decency, then you are doing something wrong. If you want to sleep with a girl on a first date, the order of your actions should be as follows: interest her, inspire confidence, excite, act. If the young lady obviously does not want to sleep with you, then you messed up at some of the previous stages. To breed it, one must return to the previous stages of seduction and evoke the necessary feelings among the fair sex.


Summarize. On a date, you can follow one of two effective strategies:

  1. Behave so that the girl comes on a second date,
  2. Seduce her today.

I advise you to follow the second scenario, as it trains courage, bring more pleasure, increase your self-esteem and save time. If a girl clearly and decisively does not want to sleep with you, but you really like it, behave in such a way that she agrees to come to another meeting.

For the girl to agree to come on the next date, you need:

  1. Something to interest her,
  2. Build trust
  3. Lightly stir
  4. Leave at the peak of interest.

Thus, you will increase your importance in her eyes, as well as increase interest in your person.

If you want to sleep with her, you need to:

  1. Interest her
  2. Build trust
  3. Excite
  4. Show sufficient perseverance and have sex with her.

Each of these steps requires a separate detailed analysis, which I will soon post on this blog.