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11 psychological tricks how to fall in love with a man


Detailed Success Formula for a First Date or Casual Dating

In 1968, the American physician Kenneth Cooper came up with a series of tests for the physical endurance of a person. Each - lasting 12 minutes. For example, the farther you managed to escape during this time, the stronger your body and better athletic training. Later it turned out that “12 minutes of Cooper” have a wider application. So much time is given to firefighters to get to the source of ignition, to the mistress - to make sure that the egg is boiled, or to Michael Jackson - to execute the Thriller. AXA study with two thousand couples proved: 12 minutes is enough to interest a partner. How during an accidental meeting or on a first date to pass the “Cooper test” perfectly and win the heart of a man?

2 a.m. Appearance

About how beautiful you are with your soul, he has only to learn. Provided that you spend the second minute of the test brilliantly. It is at this moment that the partners subconsciously evaluate each other's appearance. More than half of the respondents can still ignore old-fashioned shoes or an unsuccessful hairstyle, but an unpleasant smell will put an end to further communication in 60% of cases.

3 a.m. Synesthesia

Remember Pavlov’s dog, for which the light of a light bulb has always been associated with food? People, like other animals, can react differently to different stimuli. So, for example, a certain aroma evokes unexpected memories from childhood, and the color “includes” a melody in the head. Sexual smell, comfortable atmosphere or pleasant taste will help to seduce a partner unnoticed by him.

6 a.m. Three questions

It's time to start a conversation. Harvard University is in a hurry to help. Forget the cliche like “Who are you working now?”, “How was your day?” Or the notorious “About the weather”. Using a mathematical algorithm, Harvard experts calculated four win-win questions that will determine your compatibility: “Do you like horror movies?”, “Have you ever traveled alone?”, “Would it be nice to leave everything and live on a ship?”, “Which Would you add an ingredient to pizza? ”If a partner answers questions the same way you do, science gives the green light to your relationship.

7 a.m. Whatsapp

82% of men at the first meeting annoy the sound of a vibrating or ringing companion phone. When preparing for a responsible meeting, forget about the existence of instant messengers and social networks and do not get distracted by answering yet another “very important message”.

There are two types of flattery: completely sincere and one that makes eyebrows crawl up in surprise. Yes, men are certainly greedy for compliments, but you still need to avoid cloying flattery. Fake notes in the voice will be ignored at best, and at worst will deprive you of a second date.

9 a.m. Work interview

The most common mistake on a first date is when the conversation turns into a tennis tournament or a job interview in a question-and-answer format. Feel the soil: what topics does your interlocutor willingly support, and which ones are unpleasant to talk about? Famous taboos are topics of material well-being and former relationships. Do not ask closed questions, that is, those for which the answer is yes or no. Choose replicas to help your partner open up. And answer any question yourself as if you are talking about something very pleasant. And then your interlocutor will probably want to call you back.

10 a.m. Speed

The speed with which a man lets a new woman into his life, according to statistics, is much lower than that of a partner. Do not rush things and do nothing too quickly! And on all fronts. If a woman too aggressively invades her personal space, gives out a lot of information about herself or speaks banally quickly - in 83% this causes discomfort. For example, scientists have proven that the most seductive rate of speech is 125-150 words per minute.

12:00 p.m. Second chance

The study also showed that men are almost twice as liberal as women, and even if the first meeting failed miserably, they are ready to once again invite the girl to a meeting. So, most likely, you will be given a second chance.

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How to charm a man

5. Display his gestures

One of the most common ways people show a connection with someone is to accurately copy their gestures.

Such a simple trick really works. A person on a subconscious level perceives another person better if their gestures are similar.

Psychologists note that you can create a closer relationship by copying human gestures, even if these gestures are fully reproduced consciously.

6. Do not be afraid to show him your flaws

Many women want to hide their flaws in order to look perfect in the eyes of a potential partner.

Thus, they expect to attract a man.

Although you definitely do not need to immediately discover all of your weaknesses, you should still show him that you are an ordinary person with your weaknesses and weaknesses. And this is completely normal.

So he will understand that you are a real woman, not an artificial doll.

7. Expect only good from him.

Psychologists call the moment when we form expectations and project them onto a person, the Pygmalion effect.

If you think a person is a clown or a fool, he will behave just like that. With your expectations, you push him to certain actions and actions.

On a subconscious level, you are laying the behavior of a person in relation to you and others.

Therefore, expect that he will be kind and sweet with you, and believe me, that will be so.

8. Let him talk about himself

People like to talk about themselves.

We and our lives are a favorite subject, even if we are not daffodils by nature.

By asking him questions about himself, about what interests him in life, what he loves and what not, you force him to reveal himself to you.

This psychological trick makes the potential partner start to sympathize with you and may even fall in love.

9. Know how to enjoy life without him.

Despite the fact that men like to feel important and significant, not one of them will like it if a woman makes it the center of her universe.

Only a tyrant and an insecure person will like this.

Proceed from the opposite: show the man that you are not a desperate woman, not obsessive, but a completely independent person who can perfectly live without a man.

An active woman always attracts the opposite sex.

And a man just has to be a pleasant bonus in her life, but certainly not her most important component.

10. Show him that you have a lot in common

Studies prove that we tend to fall in love or be sympathetic to someone who has the same values ​​and preferences as ours.

Therefore, if you liked a rebel guy, show him your rebellious side of character.

And vice versa, if he is a family man, tell him about how important your parents, family values, and a cozy home atmosphere are for you.

11. Be prepared to leave if you are not reciprocated

There is nothing more attractive than a girl who knows her worth and will never pursue a man, even if she likes him madly.

A real woman knows when it is time to stop seeking the object of her sympathy.

You need to be ready to leave if the man does not reciprocate with you. If this is your soulmate, he will find you and begin to show interest and show signs of attention. In no case should you be intrusive and persistent.