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Is it possible to lose weight by fasting


Increasingly, people are making decisions about fasting. However, the motivation is different for everyone. Someone perceives fasting as an opportunity for spiritual purification and rapprochement with God, and someone refers to fasting as an excellent opportunity to get rid of extra pounds accumulated over the winter. Whatever the motive, every year the number of people observing Lent becomes more and more. Of course, from the point of view of the church, fasting for a believer should consist of sincere prayers, good deeds and abstinence in everything, including food, i.e. bodily and spiritual fasting are inextricably linked, and without a spiritual component, food restriction should be taken as one of the many diets.

Although fasting and losing weight are completely incomparable concepts, many believers are interested in the question of how to lose weight in fasting. After all, it has long been known that many nutritionists approve of fasting, who believe that in addition to healing the soul, fasting can also help improve physical health. However, during the post, many are faced with the opposite problem - a set of extra pounds. Why it happens? We limit ourselves to our favorite treats, refuse many products, and instead of losing weight, we find extra centimeters at the waist! There can be many reasons for weight gain, so before returning to the topic of how to lose weight in a post, you should pay attention to some of them.

1. An unbalanced diet. During fasting, the main thing for our body is diversity, you should not focus all your attention on potatoes and mushrooms, so you definitely won’t lose weight. Making the right diet, making it balanced is a rather difficult task, so at least try to make your fasting menu as varied as possible, make it a rule to eat more fruits and vegetables so that the body does not lack vitamins and nutrients. Then health will be in order, and the question of how to lose weight in fasting will not be so acute.

2. The risk of overeating. Rarely does anyone begin to prepare for a post in advance, more often we find ourselves face to face with an unusual diet. Many are simply lost, not knowing what can be prepared from vegetables alone without the addition of eggs, meat and dairy products. It seems that there is simply nothing, and after a couple of fresh cucumbers in the stomach it begins to rumble after a couple of hours, and we again reach for the refrigerator or begin to actively snack on nuts, candied fruits or dried fruits. By the way, constantly eating fruits during the day is also not recommended, you can significantly stretch your stomach, and then, you just have to return to your usual diet, as extra pounds will not take long to wait.

3. Slowing the metabolism. Some believers, especially those who fast for the first time, decide to strictly follow the canon and the most stringent rules, according to which meals are allowed only once a day, and if it is not a holiday or a day off, you will have to do without oil . If you strictly adhere to the canon, then the question of how to lose weight in fasting, you can not ask. This restriction leads to a slowdown in metabolism, which means that you will gain excess weight from just looking at the excess carrot or apple.

4. A sharp increase in the amount of carbohydrates. We will remove meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, and what remains? Vegetables, fruits, lean bread, pasta from durum wheat and cereals. In their desire to make meatless meals more nutritious, many begin to bake pies from lean dough, eat pasta, bite everything with dryers, halva, nuts and dried fruits. All this leads to an overabundance of carbohydrates, and our thirsty body will not miss the opportunity to turn them into fat and carefully store on our stomachs, sides and hips.

5. Lack of protein. All losing weight have long known that the less protein in the diet, the higher the probability of getting better. Protein food is simply necessary for our body to accelerate the process of burning calories. Of course, many may argue that by limiting ourselves in animal protein, we compensate for its lack of protein of plant origin. But here it is worth recalling the item on nutritional balance. Even experienced nutritionists can find it difficult to balance their diet and calculate the required amount, for example, of legumes, to compensate for the lack of animal protein with their help. Therefore, in order to get rid of thoughts about how to lose weight in fasting, it is worth revising your diet and increase the amount of protein food.

6. Limit mobility. The introduction of restrictions on food will inevitably lead to a decrease in our activity, and in some cases to a loss of strength. And here motivation plays an important role, if fasting for a person is a means of spiritual self-improvement, then it will be much easier to cope with this state, if fasting is perceived solely as a diet, then get ready for increased irritability, lethargy, and as a result - to decrease activity and increase fat reserves.

With so many opportunities to gain weight, how to lose weight in fasting? Despite everything, losing weight in the post is quite real. If you take into account all of the above, it turns out that fasting is a completely natural way to put yourself in order and part with hated folds on your stomach and sides. With the right approach, fasting can become a kind of respite for the body, a time for unloading and purification. So, in order to lose weight during fasting, it is important to follow a few simple rules. Lenten recipes will help you with this.

1. A varied menu. Vegetables do not imply only potatoes, cabbage, beets and carrots, and fruits are not limited to apples. On the pages of Culinary Eden you will find many lean recipes from a variety of vegetables, fruits, cereals and mushrooms. Every day, cook something new, this will help not only to diversify your diet, but also to cheer you up.

2. If possible, exclude “fast” carbohydrates, which quickly create the illusion of satiety, supply the body with a whole cart of extra calories, and after 1-2 hours we already feel pretty hungry again. To lose weight in fasting, it is enough to include “slow” carbohydrates in your menu, which will retain a feeling of satiety for a long time and will not overload the body with excess calories. Do not be lazy to cook porridge, cook dishes from vegetables and legumes and limit the consumption of sweets.

3. Do not overeat. The call to eat more vegetables and fruits should not be taken literally. This does not mean that you can uncontrollably eat them in any form and quantity at any time of the day or night. Your body is unlikely to pass this test. Vegetables and fruits must be present in the diet, it is they that saturate the body with vitamins and microelements, so it is worth consuming them in a limited amount in fresh form and not subject to heat treatment.

4. Try to consume more protein. Focus your attention on legumes, they perfectly satisfy hunger and help the body process the calories received, which will undoubtedly help you lose weight in fasting.

5. Reduce the number of snacks. Changing to a new diet is very difficult. By eliminating animal products and switching to plant foods, many people are hungry. As a result, we constantly eat something, whether it be nuts, candied fruits, dried fruits or other seemingly healthy, but very high-calorie foods. It is better to add them to the main dish and make it more nutritious and nutritious than during the day to make a huge number of snacks.

6. Drive more. So that carbohydrates, which during the fasting form the basis of our diet, do not have time to turn into fat and firmly settle on our hips, they must be converted into energy and consumed. It is not necessary to go to the gym, just walks for at least an hour a day. Then the question of how to lose weight in fasting will be decided by itself, and you will get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

In addition to the basic rules, answering the question of how to lose weight in fasting, you can give a few more tips. If you are determined to lose weight, you will have to switch to homemade food, it is not only tastier and healthier, but so you can control the composition and monitor the balance of your diet. Do not give up soups, they do not require much time for cooking and at the same time combine an impressive list of vegetables and herbs. A salad during fasting can be not only tasty, but also very satisfying, you just need to add rice, legumes, mushrooms or nuts to it. Cooking homemade food takes time and patience, however, it is homemade food that is our best assistant in the fight against extra pounds. And in the fasting section you will find many articles that will help you prepare delicious fasting dishes quickly and easily.

It can be difficult for many to start fasting, especially if there was no preparation, and there was a sharp change in diet, however, it will be much more difficult to complete it. Along with the fasting, the need for food restrictions will end, and for many it will be very difficult to resist and not try all possible treats on the first day. In order to preserve the result achieved in the post and not to collect on the first day everything that was so hard to reset, you should not eat everything at once, it is better to gradually introduce new products into the diet. If you decide to lose weight in fasting, make it tasty, healthy and right. Let your menu for a week remain varied and full of vitamins, and good health and good mood will not leave you!

Why are more and more people fasting

Great, Christmas, Petrov, Assumption fasts are of great importance for a believer. If we exclude the religious side of the issue, we can talk about the incredible benefits of this time for the body. And if you are in doubt whether you are able to bear all the restrictions, the following reasons may convince you that the decision to abide by the post is correct:

  • Allowed foods are mostly vegetables and fruits. And they, in turn, are rich in fiber, which favorably affects digestion and cleanses the body of all unnecessary.
  • A diet involves a large number of plant proteins, and they are absorbed by the body much easier than animals.
  • It is proved that compliance with certain restrictions in the menu cleanses blood vessels and positively affects the work of the heart.
  • Weight loss during fasting is primarily due to the list of prohibitions in the diet.
  • Among other things, there is a cleansing of the kidneys and liver. The liver, by the way, will be doubly grateful to you, because abstinence obliges you to give up alcohol.
  • Smoking is also prohibited - which means that everyone who suffers from this addiction will finally breathe freely. And maybe forever say goodbye to the desire to smoke.
  • At this time, not only the body rests, but also the soul - this is a kind of respite from stress and anxiety. For the nervous system, such a psychological discharge is real grace.
  • If you follow the numerous prohibitions, you can learn to control your desires. Often a fasting person becomes more humble and stronger in spirit after this special time.
  • Without a doubt, the prohibition of profanity also positively affects overall well-being.
  • Among other things, you learn patience (and this is an important quality that many lack today).

What about losing weight?

Many believers care about: is it possible to lose weight by fasting. The fact that you decided to lose a few pounds during this holy time is nothing shameful. On the contrary, getting rid of everything superfluous is a completely natural process.

Fasting is perceived by believers, first of all, as a cleansing and unloading of the body. These processes will only benefit health and weight loss. But in order to achieve the desired result and not contradict religious canons, it will be necessary to adhere to some rules.

Fasting can be considered as a strict nutrition system, however, to lose weight you need to adjust them a little. You should know which foods should be discarded, and which, on the contrary, will be useful to include in the diet. An important role is played by the method of cooking. Of course, we made sure that weight loss advice does not contradict religion.

No prohibitions do not do

Most diets include strict calorie counting and this usually leads to weight loss. But parting with extra pounds in a post is due, first of all, to the list of prohibitions on junk food. Moreover, many of the following products negatively affect not only health, but also the slimness of the figure. Excluding them from the diet, you not only abide by the rules of fasting, but also create the conditions for quick weight loss. So, the following are subject to prohibition:

  • any alcoholic drinks
  • all meat products
  • eggs and all dishes with them in the composition,
  • chocolate,
  • flour products
  • vegetable oil,
  • everything is fat
  • milk and dairy products,
  • fish (except for a few days, according to the church calendar).

The list of restrictions is quite large, so their strict observance seems to many as a serious test. But, of course, most prohibitions positively affect the process of losing weight.

Weight loss during fasting has one big advantage - it is unity with society. It’s great if there are people in your environment who share your views and try to impeccably follow all the prohibitions during the period of abstinence. Most breakdowns in the diet occur because everyone around, as if conspiring, consumes all the most harmful and high-calorie, but so tasty. However, if you fast, you will see that you are not alone, and then the restrictions will not be a burden.

Allowed and very helpful

With the prohibitions, everything is clear. Then what is allowed to eat during fasting? For those who observe the sacrament of abstinence, the valid menu at this time is well known. But perhaps you have not previously considered this period as an opportunity to lose weight. In this case, there will be some restrictions even on permitted products.

For example, fasting rules allow the use of pasta at this time. However, all losing weight are well aware that this treat does not exactly contribute to the loss of excess weight. So what to eat in fasting, so as not only not to violate religious canons, but also lose weight? A menu that complies with these two conditions consists of the following products:

  • fresh and pickles,
  • pepper,
  • corn,
  • zucchini
  • green pea,
  • sauerkraut,
  • potatoes,
  • beet,
  • carrot,
  • vegetable soup with pearl barley or rice,
  • various cereals on the water without adding butter,
  • mushrooms
  • eggplant
  • soybeans
  • legumes.

Some more important rules

If you are wondering how to lose weight in fasting, then information about allowed and prohibited products will be clearly insufficient. To say goodbye to extra pounds, it will be mandatory to observe a few more rules:

  1. Fasting and losing weight should not bring you suffering. Mostly people at this time are worried due to severe restrictions in their diet. However, it is unfair to equate this with a boring and bland menu. Based on fruits, vegetables, cereals and mushrooms, you can cook new dishes every day with an interesting combination of ingredients. Today you can find a huge number of sources that offer a lot of lean and at the same time very tasty recipes.
  2. Fasting is not the time for exhausting workouts and active physical exertion. Unusual restrictions in lifestyle and diet can be a significant burden for the body. And if you supplement this “load” with tedious sports, you can provoke fatigue and a breakdown.
  3. But moderate exercise will be very useful both for general well-being and for easy weight loss. A great option would be exercise and hiking.
  4. If you have problem areas with extra centimeters, you can use an effective massage against them.
  5. We have already figured out what to eat in fasting, so that it is best reflected in the figure. Among the allowed products, we recommend focusing on protein and, in particular, on legumes - they perfectly satisfy hunger and contribute to the quick processing of calories.

The right way out of the post

Often not so much how to lose weight in a post, but how to save the result obtained is of great importance. And here it is worth knowing about a common mistake.

All your efforts can be in vain if immediately after the end of the time of abstinence you abruptly switch to a bad diet and return to addictions. In this case, just the same, and so diligently lost kilos like to return.

Of course, when the time of strict prohibitions ends, you can afford some concessions. But if you set a table in honor of this with an abundance of all the high-calorie, starchy, sweet and fatty foods, this will be fundamentally the wrong approach.

Будет идеально, если принципы того, как правильно питаться в пост, вам понравятся, и вы будете применять их и после — на фигуре это скажется наилучшим образом.

На личном опыте

В теории вы можете только представить, на сколько можно похудеть во время поста. А вот работает ли это на практике, вам подскажут отзывы реальных людей.

I don’t understand how people lose weight during fasting. I follow all his rules, but at the same time I try not to feel discomfort from hunger. During this period, the use of nuts, potatoes, dried fruits, fried foods without oil is allowed - they provide satiety, but also do not allow excess weight to go away.

Every time after the end of the post, I observe my figure that is built. I do not chase weight loss and do not follow at this time for the loss of kilograms, but I can say for sure that every time I lose at least 5 kg.

I must say right away that I did not consider Lent as an opportunity to lose weight - this happened on its own. As a result, about 4 kg took about a week, and on the whole a feeling of lightness appeared in the body.

If you had an idea to lose weight during a post, you can be sure - it is possible. The main thing is to believe in yourself, and then everything will work out!