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A hairdressing salon is a line of business that has shown good growth in Russia over the past 10 years. The competition here is still not so high, and there are always customers. But, as in any service sector, the profitability of an institution depends on the skills of the performers and the quality of the service. We will tell you how to open a hairdresser from scratch step by step and how much the cost will be required for this.

Defining the concept

A business project begins with setting a goal, which is to open an economy class establishment for 2-3 places, providing the following services:

  • haircuts - simple, model,
  • creating hairstyles and hairstyles,
  • the implementation of hair care procedures,
  • hair coloring,
  • hair curling
  • shaving.

At the beginning of the activity, such a basic range of services will be enough. Gradually, as it develops, it can be significantly expanded.

Barber and beauty salon as a business

In general, hairdressing as a business is now one of the most promising areas of activity in terms of ease of entry and profitability. Almost any person with minimal investment can start such a business - at least in the format of providing services of a private hairdresser. If you have sufficient starting capital, you can think about opening your own hairdresser or beauty salon. In this case, there is no need to even be able to work with hair and do hairstyles - this work may well be performed by hired employees and employees.

What are the advantages of the hairdressing business and why is it so good in Russia? The answer to this question lies in a few simple points:

  • Demand. Hair grows in almost all people and almost throughout life, which definitely requires a haircut and care for them.
  • High profitability. The profitability of hairdressers can reach up to 70-80% with the right approach to organizing a business.
  • Low start-up capital requirements. You can start your own business in this area without actually starting capital and significant investments.
  • Quick payback. A hairdresser can pay off within one year under a successful set of circumstances.

Of course, like any other type of business, the beauty salon has its own certain disadvantages. These include the requirement for certain knowledge of the entrepreneur himself, as well as the very serious influence of competition and the increased dependence of the volume of services on seasonal indicators. However, to mitigate such shortcomings or at least reduce their impact can be done with a minimum of effort. And to figure out how to open a hairdresser, the following simple step-by-step instruction can help:

  1. First of all, you must choose the format of the enterprise.
  2. After this, you should decide on the target audience and location of the hairdresser.
  3. Next, you need to draw up a business plan for the hairdresser, calculate the necessary starting capital and find it.
  4. To conduct business, you must register as an entrepreneur.
  5. Then you should buy equipment for a hairdresser and equip the room.
  6. Subsequently, you need to select staff for a hairdresser.
  7. The last step will be the organization of advertising and analysis of activities.

Some steps do not have to be performed in the indicated order. So, when you open your own hairdressing salon, it will be more convenient to first register and draw up a business plan to search for start-up capital, and only then, with the finished documentation and the company, raise additional funds.

How to choose a barber shop format and open your own business

The very first step in preparing to open your hairdresser from scratch will be the choice of its format. All subsequent actions will depend on the chosen method of doing business, as well as the cost of start-up capital, the target audience and the geography of placement. In general, there are several main areas of hairdressing, the format of which is radically different:

  1. Private hairdresser. Such activities will require the entrepreneur to have sufficient personal skills to independently provide services at home or at the client. The advantage of such an activity is both the absence of the need for rent and arrangement of premises, as well as the ability to provide hairdressing services on more convenient terms for the entrepreneur or client. The disadvantages include a low level of customer confidence in such masters and the inability to perform the full range of services offered by full-fledged stationary hairdressing salons, as well as increased difficulties with advertising and the lack of prospects for business development in general.
  2. Ordinary hairdresser. The opening of a classic hairdresser implies the presence of at least several places for clients and the work of several hairdressers at the same time. In general, classic-style hairdressers are oriented to work simultaneously with 2-10 visitors and have the corresponding number of masters. This option is the best hairdresser in terms of the ratio of initial costs and profits.
  3. Beauty saloon. The creation of a full-fledged beauty salon will also require the organization of a wide range of additional services and, accordingly, the hiring of more employees. At the same time, the dimensions of a beauty salon or a beauty center can be either larger than in ordinary hairdressing salons, and can also be designed for simultaneous visits of up to two clients. The organization of a beauty salon or center will require large expenses, however, the profit from its activities will be much higher.
  4. Custom formats. These include the now fashionable barber shops designed to care for male beards and mustaches, as well as simple beauty studios that can be found in many shopping centers offering quick styling, braiding and similar procedures. In general, such unusual options for hairdressers can be found not so often, and their activities are often fraught with additional risks and prospects. But further it will be considered, first of all, the opening of a classic hairdresser.
  5. Franchise for hairdressers or beauty salons. Work on a franchise can offer an entrepreneur a wide range of additional preferences, as well as definitely provide him with a certain level of advertising due to brand recognition. Of course, work on a franchise also requires unquestioning compliance by the entrepreneur with established network standards. In addition, for most franchises, it is also necessary to pay an initial lump-sum payment and monthly deductible royalties.

In general, it is not necessary to dwell on one format of activity and follow exclusively its rules and principles of work in the case of hairdressing salons. Nevertheless, this choice will help to initially determine the subsequent appearance of the enterprise, simplify the determination of the target audience of the business, search for employees and selection of the necessary equipment for further activities.

Target audience and location of the hairdresser

After choosing the appropriate format of activity, you should determine the target audience, and with it the intended place of business. Both the pricing policy of the business, the equipment, and the requirements for employees will depend on determining the target audience and compiling the image of the average consumer. In general, the target audience can be divided according to the following criteria:

  • Age. Most hairdressers work with clients of all ages, however, companies specializing in children's haircuts can firmly and reliably occupy this particular niche if it is free in the village, which will allow avoiding competition in a certain amount.
  • Floor. Some hairdressers specialize exclusively in men's or women's haircuts. This approach to determining the target audience will increase the relevance of the institution in her eyes, but at the same time reduce the total number of potential customers. It is optimal to isolate the hairdresser by the gender of the clients in case of great competition - this will make it possible to distinguish it favorably in comparison with most ordinary public institutions. In addition, it will also simplify staff requirements.
  • Income level. Not the least value in determining the target audience is its level of affluence. So, depending on the income of the target audience, both equipment and personnel should be selected, service packages should be drawn up, and the geographical location of the enterprise should be selected. You should not think that focusing on the low-budget category will be worse than creating a premium institution. Reasonable prices in this case can easily be offset by a high flow of clientele.

After determining the target audience, special attention should be paid to the location of the future beauty salon. So, for budget options, small inexpensive premises near transport interchanges and subway stations would be an ideal placement. In such places there is a sufficient flow of potential customers, and the cost of renting premises for a hairdresser is not too high.

For customers of the premium segment, it is best to choose the appropriate prestigious premises located either in the blocks of new buildings, or in the historical or business center of the city. Hairdressers for children show themselves well near the crowded places of the target audience - near schools and kindergartens.

Business plan for beauty salon and hairdresser

A responsible approach to business planning is the key to the success of absolutely any business. Do not neglect the preparation of a business plan for a hairdresser, even in the case of conducting activities as a private hairdresser, and even more so you should not forget about a business plan when opening a beauty salon. Carrying out all the necessary calculations in advance, at the preparation stage, will make it possible to assess the overall profitability and payback periods of the business, provide an opportunity to think through solutions to possible problems in advance and generally understand what will be your own business. A business plan should be drawn up as an official document - after all, it can later be used to attract partners or investors.

In general, a ready-made business plan for a hairdresser can be found on many Internet sites, but such documents are often outdated and do not contain the full necessary information. Or, they simply do not fit the specifics of conducting a particular business. Therefore, they can be used only as an example. Another thing is the decision to order a business plan for a hairdresser. You should resort to it when you open a beauty salon or a stationary hairdresser - professional calculations and market analysis will cost from 10 to 50 thousand rubles for this industry and will allow you to clearly understand all the prospects for future business.

You can also draw up a business plan for a hairdresser or beauty salon yourself. It will definitely need to indicate the following points:

  • A general business concept and a brief squeeze of all the business plan information on the first two pages.
  • Describe in detail UTP - a unique selling proposition that explains the benefits of a particular hairdresser.
  • Carry out an analysis of the existing market, supported by factual information.
  • Calculate the costs of opening an enterprise and the planned profit on the basis of the analysis.
  • Conduct a comprehensive SWOT analysis of future business.
  • Describe the solution of organizational issues of the enterprise.

With a ready-made business plan, it will be much easier to start looking for direct investors if start-up capital is not available.

However, for private practice, the necessary starting capital will be minimal - for less than 50 thousand rubles you can easily register an enterprise and purchase all the necessary equipment and consumables for doing business. To open a stationary hairdresser, the initial costs may look something like this:

  • Registration and organizational activities - up to 20 thousand rubles.
  • Repair and arrangement of the premises - about 80 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of equipment and tools for work - about 150 thousand rubles.
  • Payment of rent for 2 months - about 100 thousand rubles.
  • Payment of employees for the first month of work is about 50 thousand rubles.

Thus, it is quite possible to open an ordinary small mid-level hairdressing salon, having about 400-500 thousand rubles in hand. For larger projects, respectively, large investments may be needed, as well as for doing business in the capital's regions, where all costs will be an order of magnitude higher. However, in such situations the expected income will also increase.

Buying a premises for a hairdresser instead of renting will be a good investment, taking into account the long-term prospects, as it will significantly increase the profitability of the enterprise, and the premises themselves can be an additional safety net in case of a failed business - real estate is always a valuable commodity.

At the same time, sources of start-up capital for your own hairdresser or beauty salon can be either personal funds or other options. For example, obtaining a consumer loan, or a business loan secured by property. In addition, in some cases, such institutions may be eligible for grants or government support for small businesses. Also, it is possible to co-establish such a business with several partners, or to attract a third-party investor under an investment agreement. In most cases, to raise funds for opening your hairdresser, you will need a business plan with a serious justification of the profitability of the enterprise and its potential success.

Give a business plan to third parties should only be against receipt of personal information not used in the document. This will protect copyright for a specific idea and protect it from possible theft.

Hiring staff for a hairdresser

The hiring of personnel for a hairdresser should be approached with the proper level of responsibility, because poor-quality haircuts can sometimes be impossible to fix. However, far from every settlement has specialists with a sufficient level of qualification for a professional hairdresser. In this case, it is best to order workshops and express courses for hairdressers for employees.

If you have the proper skills, the entrepreneur himself can also provide training, and if they are absent, there is an opportunity to save on staff wages and pass the necessary training on your own.

Hairdressing staff, in accordance with applicable laws, must have medical books and undergo a medical examination at least once every six months. This standard is designed to exclude the possible presence of potentially dangerous diseases of a dermatological and parasitic nature and the transfer of their institution customers. A good decision when assigning wages to employees may also be to provide interest on the volume of services rendered.

In the hairdressing business, the appearance of the hairdressers themselves is of great importance. Care should be taken about the presentable appearance of the employees and, first of all, about the presence of truly professional and high-quality haircuts, even if they do only simple haircuts for every day at the hairdresser.

Barber advertising and additional nuances of earning

The first and easiest step in advertising an already opened hairdresser is to design a sign. Current legislation allows the installation of a sign with the name of the type of activity directly at the entrance to the institution without additional permits and fees. But in this case, the sign should contain only the name of the type of activity, and not of the enterprise itself, that is, simply the word "Barber". Outdoor advertising is most effective for hairdressers of average and budget level.

For elite hairdressers, advertising will be more effective using more modern means of promotion, for example, on the Internet, as well as through promotion. Holding various actions, participating in city events can also be an excellent way to attract customers to the enterprise. Promotion also shows itself well in this matter.

Of great importance in the activities of hairdressers and beauty salons is the general range of services provided. Manicures and pedicures are some of the most popular and widespread in this spectrum - they practically do not require the purchase of additional equipment and equipment. В более широком масштабе, салон красоты также может предоставлять возможность прохождения СПА-процедур, эпиляции и депиляции всех зон тела, массажа и других комплексных мероприятий.

Парикмахерская или салон красоты

Чем отличается парикмахерская от салона красоты? Официальных требований к салонам красоты нет, но принято считать, что они должны предоставлять больший ассортимент услуг. This is not only haircuts and coloring, but also a nail service, cosmetology procedures, body care, stylist services. Ordinary hairdressing salons are limited only to the creation of hairstyles: haircuts, curls, styling, hair coloring. Sometimes masters of manicure and pedicure also work in them, if the area allows you to organize a separate office for nail service.

Nevertheless, a hairdresser can also bring high incomes, in addition, it will pay off faster because it does not require such expenses as a salon. A license for procedures with hair and nails is not needed, so you can start such a business quickly enough. As for the categories of hairdressers, then, like beauty salons, they are conditionally divided as follows:

  1. Economy class. Often located in the basement or on the first floor of high-rise buildings in residential areas, they do not spend a lot of money on repairs and advertising, while they have the highest workload - 60-65% of the working time. The cost of a regular haircut rarely exceeds 500 rubles.
  2. Business Class. Open in the city center or large shopping centers. Masters are qualified not just as a hairdresser, but as a hairdresser-stylist, can give individual advice on style and fashion trends. The cost of a haircut reaches 2000 rubles. Workload - about 50% of the working time.
  3. Premium class. Such institutions are not open in every city, because They are focused on exclusive service. Most often these are author's salons, they are led by masters with a name, winners of international competitions and championships. The workload here is the lowest - no more than 30% of the working time, but the customers are loyal and regular. Rates are not always published openly, in large cities the price for a haircut starts at 3,000 rubles.

Of course, the higher the category of beauty enterprises, the more money you need to invest in it at the initial stages. If we talk about the mandatory requirements for the organization of a hairdresser, then they do not depend on the class and are set for all institutions in this service sector.

Sanitary and epidemiological requirements

The main document that contains the requirements for the organization of work of hairdressers is SanPiN SanPiN was approved by the Decree of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation No. 59 dated May 18, 2010, but in 2014 Appendix No. 1 was excluded from it, which obliged you to have a certain size for the hairdresser. For example, for one master’s workplace, 4.5 to 8 square meters were required. m, for the lobby - from 6 square meters. m, for laundry - from 9 square meters. m

Now the opening of a hairdresser is allowed in a relatively small area, but if there is a separate room or place:

  • for disinfection, cleaning and sterilization of instruments, equipped with a sink with hot and cold water,
  • for storing inventory, trash and cropped hair,
  • lounges and meals by staff, bathrooms, pantries.

If reusable linen (towels, napkins, sheets, capes, hats) will be used in the work, then it must be taken to the laundry under a contract or equipped with a separate room for washing. In addition, at least 3 sets of reusable tools per master are required by sanitary standards. How much money is needed to open your hairdresser from scratch depends on these requirements.

We consider the costs

How much does it cost to open an economy class hairdresser in a small city for 4 jobs? Let's calculate what investments are needed if the premises chosen for rent require cosmetic repairs, and we will not equip our own mini-laundry. We purchase furniture, equipment, consumables and tools for professional use.

Methods of registration as an entrepreneur and taxation

To open a beauty salon as a business, you should choose a registration system as an entrepreneur. It can be LLC or IP. To start better and easier with individual entrepreneurship, and then, if the business expands, go to LLC.

The tax system depends on the type of service in the cabin. If these are household services (haircut, manicure, eyebrow design, pedicure, etc.), then the UTII system is provided. In the salon where cosmetic, medical manipulations are performed, taxes should be paid according to the simplified taxation system.

The following articles will help you understand this question in more detail:

Documents and regulatory organizations

What documents are needed to open a beauty salon? After the repair of the premises, you need to start paperwork. The main paper is the technical passport of the room, you can get it at the BTI.

The beauty salon must be registered with such authorities:

  • City or district administration
  • SES
  • Vodokanal,
  • Fire Service,
  • Energy control.

In the future, these services also control the work of the institution.

In addition to the fact that the room for the interior should look modern and presentable inside, and outside there are also requirements from the SES, the fire department.

It would be nice for a novice businessman to get acquainted with the full list of requirements from the SES, they are spelled out in San PiN 2.1.2631-10. For an example we will give the most important excerpts from this document.

  • can not be used for salons and hairdressers basements of houses,
  • it is possible to open such establishments in former residential apartments, but only after transferring them to a non-residential fund,
  • the size of the room is not less than 14 square meters. m for the main hall and 7 square meters. m for other rooms,
  • prerequisite - the presence of sewage and water supply,
  • ventilation systems should not be combined with ventilation of residential apartments and public buildings,
  • wall decoration indoors should not be done with paper wallpaper,
  • the illumination of each workplace should be at least 40 lux.
  • the entrance to the salon must be separate,
  • the room should be divided into zones: reception room, hall (male and female), a disposal room, a warehouse, a locker room, a shower and a toilet.

Equipment requirements are such:

  • Mandatory availability of passports, certificates and certificates for all supplied consumables, equipment, tools,
  • devices must be authorized by the Ministry of Health of Russia, otherwise their use is illegal,
  • all technical equipment must have warranty service, contracts serve as evidence.

Linen (towels, peignoirs, aprons) should be in three sets. One in the wash, the other in the work and the third shift. You can conclude an agreement with the laundry, but recently it has become convenient to use disposable sets. You can order them from suppliers of consumables. They are inexpensive and solve the problem of hygiene.

Experienced hairdressing directors advise introducing a special uniform for staff. This will help maintain a working mood and corporate image that customers like.

For SES such documents should be prepared:

  • magazines: instrument sterilization, general cleaning, bactericidal lamps, disinfectant metering,
  • medical books for each master,
  • export agreement: garbage, hair, medical waste,
  • if there is no disposable laundry, then a laundry contract,
  • documents for the ventilation system (acceptance certificate of the transmission and passport),
  • contract with honey. inspection institution.

Poztekhnadzor must submit papers and documents for opening a beauty salon:

  • staff training magazine
  • documents for fire alarms,
  • fire escape plan,
  • an order to appoint a person responsible for fire safety,
  • employee action plan in case of fire
  • document - the conclusion of firefighters.

It is necessary to monitor the constant changes in the rules and regulations of the inspection bodies. Therefore, it takes about a year to prepare for the opening of a beauty salon from scratch.

In addition, it is necessary to draw up a visitor’s corner where they should be: a complaints book, rules of trade, copies of permits from firefighters and SES, warranty periods, a brochure with laws on consumer protection, a work schedule, a license.

If the salon does not provide medical services, then licensing activities will not be needed.

How to choose a salon concept - types of beauty salons

Where to start the opening of a beauty salon for a novice businessman?
First of all, you need to think about the concept of the institution. In other words, to determine what services will be offered in the salon, their level and class, how many craftsmen will be needed.

These questions will help answer marketing research - opinion polls and other statistical indicators that give an idea of ​​the solvency and needs of future customers. A good research option is to visit the nearest salons and find out how things are going there, adopt positive techniques and draw conclusions about the demand for services.

One of my friends told me how competitors often visited them in the salon, they all asked what and how, looked at the interior design, asked about the services provided. The fact is that after the opening of the beauty salon of my friend, the attendance of the neighboring salon fell sharply. As they say, everything is known in comparison!

If you neglect this information, you can open a budgetary institution in the area where people are accustomed to the services provided at the highest level.

Beauty salons are divided into the following levels:

  • Economy option - salons that provide inexpensive services for manicure, hairdressing, some cosmetic procedures. Differ in inexpensive repair and equipment. Cosmetics are simple in composition and cheap. The level of qualification of the staff is low.
  • Business Class - these are already rooms with solid finishes. Services are presented in a wide range, but their prices are higher than in the previous version. Specialists are qualified at a decent level. Cosmetics of famous brands. Equipment and furniture are in the middle price category.
  • VIP Class, Luxury, Prestige. Such salons have the highest level of service. The decoration of the room is expensive and presentable. Cosmetics only an elite class. A lot of services, as a rule, are performed by highly qualified masters at a high price.

Luxury class differs from prestige by the use of unique techniques in the provision of various services. Accordingly, prices in such salons will be higher.VIP- salons, as a rule, of a closed type. Differ in an individual approach to each client.

For a novice in the salon business, it is better not to think about opening luxury, prestige or VIP establishments. If only he doesn’t have an eminent master in mind or the brand is already promoted.

Farsighted, experienced entrepreneurs first open a budget version of the salon in one city. Then gradually, if things are going uphill, they open several business class salons in neighboring cities. Masters gain experience and simultaneously learn constantly in courses. A businessman has money to buy expensive equipment, and on the basis of a middle-class salon, he opens a luxury or prestigious institution.

Now it’s fashionable to call your beauty salon “beauty studio” or “beauty boutique”.

Requirements for the placement of a beauty salon

Successful entrepreneurs in the field of hairdressing and salon business assure that 90% of success depends on the right place. How to open your beauty salon in a good place?

  1. It is necessary to pay attention to the popularity of this place, that is, its patency.
  2. It is important that there are no other similar salons with the same range of services nearby.
  3. Entrance to the cabin should be from the roadway, sidewalk, but not from the yard.
  4. If you rent a room in a business center, it is not necessary to choose the first floors, the main thing is that the salon can be easily found. It is necessary to take care of the sign not only outside the building, but also inside.

To open a salon in a residential building, you need to ask permission from all tenants and fix this in writing.

The cost of renting in shopping centers is usually expensive. Therefore, with all the temptation to create a salon in a crowded place, you need to consider some points:

  • The number of people coming to the mall,
  • The average price of goods in boutiques, and how it relates to the average check of a future salon, for example, if the hairdresser has economy class status and the surrounding boutiques offer luxury goods, then renting in this shopping center is not practical.
  • The customer flow to the shopping center is not the salon’s customers, so in order to attract people you still need advertising and other tricks.

Mid-level beauty salons are best placed in a residential area of ​​the city. For the center, opening an institution with an expanded range of services and a higher average bill is suitable.

Beauty Salon Equipment

The choice of equipment depends entirely on the choice of the concept of the institution.

For economy class salons, the minimum that is required is:

  • chair swivel for the client
  • large mirror
  • shelves and racks for tools,
  • water heater
  • sink combined with an armchair.

If the salon has manicure services, then you should purchase:

  • comfortable seats for the master and client,
  • a table
  • baths for hands
  • UV lamp for drying gel polish,
  • autoclave for sterilizing instruments.

Cosmetology services will require acquisition:

  • special chair
  • mirrors with shelves and backlight,
  • refrigerator for cosmetics
  • tool cabinet
  • special couch
  • sinks with cold and hot water,
  • apparatus for carrying out procedures.

To save on the purchase of equipment, it is better to place an order through the Internet.

Consumables for a beauty salon

For one experienced hairdresser, you need to purchase the following set of tools:

  • combs, different in shape and purpose - 4 pcs.,
  • straight scissors - 3 varieties,
  • clipper,
  • hair brushes - 3 pcs.,
  • thinning scissors - 2 varieties,
  • dangerous razor - 1 pc.,
  • hair dye brushes,
  • towels, napkins,
  • curling irons of different thicknesses,
  • hair dryer - 2 pcs.

Do not forget about all consumables: shampoos, liquid for coloring, curling, treatment.

Requirements for staff in a beauty salon

There are no special requirements for the education of employees, if we are talking about non-licensed household services of the salon - cosmetic and hairdressing salons (makeup, wax-free bikini design, manicure, massage, eyebrow correction, etc.). It's all at the discretion of the owner of the institution. Is he interested in the masters having qualifications and diplomas, or is he at his own risk and hiring staff, and then monitors his work.

As for the cosmetologist, the requirements are very strict. Only a dermatovenerologist with the specialization in Therapeutic Cosmetology can be accepted for the position. He can perform:

  • hardware tattooing
  • deep and medium peels using chemical compounds,
  • anti-aging procedures with injections.

A cosmetologist can work in a salon with a secondary medical education in the specialty "Nursing in cosmetology". On hand should be an appropriate certificate. Performs such procedures:

  • surface and chemical peels,
  • gentle hardware cosmetic procedures,
  • medical makeup.

Medical books must be provided to all employees of the beauty salon. They should be guided in work in terms of hygiene by SanPin and the rules of public services for the population.

The Regulation on the licensing of medical activities contains a clause according to which the salons producing medical services must have a manager with higher honey. education.

In addition to the masters in the beauty salon, the following employees are required:

  • administrator,
  • accountant,
  • cleaning lady
  • client manager,
  • storekeeper,
  • security guard.

If necessary, then the seller, for the implementation of hair, skin, and nail care products.

To reduce staff turnover, it is necessary to stipulate all the conditions before hiring and adhere to such rules:

  • creating a growth system for young professionals,
  • constant opportunity for masters to improve their skills,
  • make sure that new masters have clients,
  • send experienced employees to workshops.

There should be a separate item for the cost of training masters. This is important for the prosperity of the entire beauty salon. Specialists will be aware of all new trends and will be ready to meet all the needs of customers.

How much does it cost to open a beauty salon - total costs

How to open a beauty studio from scratch so that there is a profit? You need to correctly calculate the total cost of starting a business. But the following question naturally arises: how to calculate how much it costs to open a beauty salon? Let's use the example of opening a hairdressing class as an econom to calculate approximate expenses.

  • repairs - from 150 thousand rubles,
  • purchase of furniture and equipment: hair dryer, sinks, hair clippers, chairs, cabinets, etc. - up to 300 thousand rubles,
  • cosmetics (compositions for curling, styling, painting, shampoos) napkins, towels - all with a margin of 2 months - from 150 thousand rubles,
  • advertising costs: flyers, signs, banners - from 30 thousand rubles,
  • salary for employees (depending on revenue) - 40-60 thousand rubles,
  • accountant services, the introduction of taxes - up to 13 thousand rubles.

Total: about 700 thousand rubles.

Will the costs pay off quickly? The cost of a haircut in this type of salon is about 200-350 rubles. The price depends on the region of the Russian Federation. In addition, the masters perform - styling, painting, perm. These services are more expensive from 500 rubles. Если заведение популярно, то его посещают от 20 клиентов в день. Получается, выручка за день составит от 4 до 10 тысяч рублей. За месяц – от 120 тысячи рублей при условии 7 дневной рабочей недели.If you take the minimum value, then the investment will pay off in 2 years.

How much does it cost to open your own elite class beauty salon? Investments in this case will increase two to three times compared with a conventional salon. But the price of the service will be as many times higher. Payback periods will be the same, if not faster.

In order not to work at a loss, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • The net profit of any service should be 30%, not less.
  • The number of regular customers after six months of the institution should be 60 percent of the total number of visitors.
  • If the sale of cosmetics is carried out, then it should bring 20% ​​of the profit.
  • To calculate the salary of the master, the following scheme is used: 10% of sales and 30% of the cost of the service. At the initial stages of the salon, salaries are accrued regardless of the workload of the staff. Otherwise, it will be difficult to keep the masters.
  • Administrator as a bonus - 1% of all salon profits.
  • When the rate of production of one master falls, you should check whether he is working for himself and if he has a conflict with the administrator.
  • We must be prepared for the fact that in the first months we will have to work at a loss - expenses will be more than income.

There are times when employees substitute expensive cosmetics for cheaper ones or even steal them inconspicuously. To prevent such actions, strict adherence to the cost standards per client is necessary. It’s useful to keep a daily record of supplies.

Is it profitable to open a beauty salon? Definitely yes, if a businessman has sufficiently studied the marketing plan, knows how to interest the client, he paid sufficient attention to effective advertising. In this case, the flow of customers will provide good profitability.

How to attract first customers to a beauty salon

Consider 4 types of advertising that can be used for a beauty salon.

  1. Advertising booklets - should be beautifully and colorfully decorated. Spread them better in nearby houses by mailboxes. Clients who live nearby are the most important, because it is they who become regular.
  2. A sign on the outside of the building should be located so that the name of the cabin was visible from a long distance.
  3. Electronic Reference 4 Geo and 2 Gis. You can add your beauty salon to these systems for free, and they will surely bring new customers.
  4. Local TV Advertising. It’s better to advertise an event, for example, an action in the salon or its opening.

In order to build up a client base in the future, "word of mouth" is the best advertisement for beauty services. Therefore, professionalism and creativity are important. Service should be carried out according to the principle - the client is always right so that a person wants not only to return to the salon, but also advises the services to his family, friends and colleagues.

Problems at the salon opening stage

To understand all the intricacies of opening a beauty salon, you need experience, but where to get it if the businessman is a beginner. And at the opening stage, he is faced with a series of snags. Next, we present the most common problems and methods, suggestions for their solution.

Search for masters in a beauty salon

First you need two specialists who can carry out the full range of services of the institution. In special schools, you can recruit young masters who are easily trained in a particular style. After the salon picks up a customer base, and all systems work stably, you can expand the number of seats and recruit more staff.

Obtaining permission from state authorities

To open a beauty salon you need permission from the Territorial Property Management, SES, fire inspection. How to quickly open your beauty salon from scratch if you have to delve into all the nuances of collecting documents for these organizations and preparing the premises for a long time. You can contact a specialized company that will take care of all the problems associated with state authorities and the collection of documents for them.

Bad idea of ​​how much money you need to open a beauty salon

Often, an entrepreneur does not know what the real amount he needs and gets into an unpleasant situation when there is a lack of funds at certain stages of opening.

To answer the question of how much it costs to open a beauty salon from scratch, you need to draw up a detailed business plan. For convenience, hire a special company that will calculate all cost items, risks and possible profits.

Correctly calculate the costs and then you will know how to open a beauty salon to make a profit.

The advantages and disadvantages of opening a franchise beauty salon

Opening a franchise salon or franchising in another way is an opportunity to acquire the right to bear the name of a promoted beauty salon.

  • organization of work and a detailed business plan are provided by the parent company,
  • sometimes the cost of advertising is also borne by the representative of the franchise.


  • strict compliance with the instructions of the main company,
  • the owner of the salon has practically no voting right.

Another thing is when an entrepreneur himself understands the question: how to open a beauty salon from scratch and is the only leader to whom no one has the right to specify how to conduct a business. But here there is a minus in comparison with franchising - a lot of competition due to the lack of promotion of the brand.

9 common mistakes newcomers when opening a salon

What is needed for the profitability of a beauty salon?

  • proper marketing
  • advertising campaign,
  • business processes,
  • master professionals
  • high level customer service.

Often a visitor comes to a large beautiful salon with sophisticated equipment.

But there are no masters or other customers. What could be the problem?

Register a business

In general, when opening a hairdresser, you can register it as an individual entrepreneur or as a legal entity in the form of a limited liability company.

For a number of reasons, the most optimal variant of the legal form in this case is an individual entrepreneur. Why?

  • Firstly, potential consumers of services are individuals.
  • Secondly, with approximately the same level of opportunities for LLC and individual entrepreneurs, the degree of responsibility for LLC actions is significantly higher.
  • Thirdly, LLC registration is impossible without a minimum authorized capital, drawing up constituent documents, the presence of the necessary attributes - legal address, current account, round stamp, etc.
  • And finally, IP has fairly easy accounting and not high taxes.

If, however, several people decided to combine their efforts and finances to open a hairdresser, then LLC will be the most suitable form.

As for the OKVED codes, the following are suitable for you:

  • 93.02 - “Provision of services by hairdressers and beauty salons” - the group includes: washing hair, cutting and trimming, styling, tinting and coloring, straightening and curling hair, trimming beards, shaving, facial massage, makeup, pedicure, manicure, etc. .
  • 52.33 - “Retail sale of cosmetic and perfumery goods” and 52.13 - “Other retail sale in non-specialized stores” if the hairdresser plans to sell cosmetic products and skin and hair care products.
  • 85.14 - “Other activities for the protection of health” and 93.04 - “Fitness and recreation activities” - are suitable for expanding the business and include activities to improve the physical condition of a person and ensure comfort (tanning beds, saunas, weight loss and weight loss procedures , massage rooms, etc.)

Features of taxation

It is worth noting the changes in tax legislation that entered into force on January 1, 2013 and related to the provision of hairdressing services to individuals by individual entrepreneurs. From this date they can apply on a voluntary basis one of the following taxation systems: UTII, STS, and also switch to the PSN patent system (letter of the Ministry of Finance of Russia dated 01.25.13 No. 03-11-11 / 31).

In general, taxation in the form of UTII is more profitable for hairdressers. However, if the estimated annual income is more than 900,000 rubles per year, it is more advisable to purchase a patent, the cost of which is calculated by the formula: Estimated annual income from a hairdresser * 6%.

Thus, for the city of Moscow the cost of an annual patent for hairdressing services will be equal to 54,000 rubles (Law of the city of Moscow dated October 31, 2012 No. 53 “On the Patent System of Taxation”).

It should be noted that PSN can be used exclusively by individual entrepreneurs, while the average number of employees in the tax period should not exceed 15 people.

Required Permissions

A hairdresser license is not required for the operation. However, a sanitary-epidemiological opinion on public services is needed.

  • According to the current legislation (Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 16.07.2009 N 584), before the start of hairdressing, it is necessary to provide a notice of the beginning of entrepreneurial activity to Rospotrebnadzor.
  • Equipment, premises, conditions of the hairdresser must comply with the requirements of SanPiN This is also monitored by Rospotrebnadzor.
  • The premises of the hairdresser must comply with all established fire safety standards.
  • Obligatory presence of medical books at hairdressers.

It is also worth noting that it is advisable for the owners of a new hairdresser to undergo a voluntary certification procedure that will confirm the safety of the services provided, their compliance with all norms and standards.

Barber Room Requirements

The choice of location of the institution must be approached very thoroughly, because it directly depends on what income the hairdresser brings. The best place to open an economy class establishment is in residential areas. When choosing a room, it is worth paying attention to the availability of communal and electric networks, to its compliance with the requirements of fire supervision and SES.

The footage of the room is selected at the rate of 6-7 m2 per workplace. In addition, it is worth providing a waiting area, a bathroom and a small area for staff. Thus, 40 sq.m. will be enough to accommodate an economy-class hairdresser. - an area comparable to the size of a one-room apartment. However, it should be borne in mind that it is impossible to place a hairdresser in residential apartments, unless they are transferred to a non-residential fund.

Creating a technological project is to calculate and plan all the necessary zones. Based on it, a engineering communications project is formed (electricity, water, sewage, ventilation). And, in conclusion, they make up a design project.

As a rule, the selected room will have to be repaired. In this case, you should carefully approach the choice of a construction company and pay close attention to the clauses of the contract for the implementation of repair work.

Equipment required

Equipment for a small hairdresser is not required a lot, but do not forget - it must be of high quality. Professional equipment intended for salons should be chosen: household equipment will fail, as it is not designed for significant loads.

To work, you will need:

  • Equipment and instruments: hair dryers, dryers, clippers, chairs with a hydraulic mechanism (according to the number of jobs), one sink equipped with a chair.
  • Tools: combs, scissors, clips, curlers, razors.
  • Interior items and furniture: cabinets, bedside tables, mirrors, sofa, coffee table, chairs or several chairs for the waiting area, a hanger, a table for the computer.
  • Textiles - towels, wraps, napkins, uniforms or workwear.
  • Cosmetics and supplies.
  • Computer.

Specialized companies that provide services of a complete set of salons can help choose hairdressing equipment. In addition, there are many online stores where you can independently choose everything you need for your hairdresser - from equipment and furniture to professional cosmetics.

Check with suppliers of equipment for beauty salons and hairdressers.

How much does the organization of one workplace cost?

Let's calculate the cost of a hairdresser's workplace using the example of a popular equipment supplier LLC “Image Inventor”:

Sink "LENA" Frame: metal. Overall dimensions (LxWxH, mm): 1200x730x940111 895 rub.
Trolley 07-VIP67 Overall dimensions (LxWxH, mm): 370x310x860.13100 rub.
Hairdressing chair "Alex" pneumatic Overall dimensions (LxW, mm): 600x580. Lifting mechanism: pneumatics. Base: five-pointed chrome.15700 rub
Dressing table "Sapphire" Overall dimensions (HxWxD): 1740x660x300 mm.13050 rub.
Hairdressing tools18000 rub.
Total:31 745 rubles

If we add to this list the accompanying hairdressing products, such as bowls, brushes, gloves, curlers, clips, brasings, elastic bands, etc., it turns out that the minimum cost of equipment for one hairdresser is about 40,000 rubles.

Consumables (paints, shampoos, balms, etc.) are bought, as a rule, based on 3 months of use. These costs are estimated at approximately 20,000 rubles.

Total equipment of one workplace requires investments of about 60,000 rubles.

Staff requirements

For an economy class hairdresser you will need:

  1. administrator,
  2. 3-4 masters working on a floating schedule,
  3. accountant (part-time or outsourcing).

There is no universal way to find a good master. You may prefer young professionals or opt for more experienced ones, while it should be borne in mind that the latter will most likely cost more. You can search for employees by announcements, online, and by recommendation. Of course, a good selection of specialists is an important component in deciding how to attract customers.

The earnings of the master hairdresser are usually set at the rate of 20-40% of revenue. It is necessary to officially formalize labor relations with employees and remember that all employees in the hairdresser should have sanitary books.

It is also worth considering the following peculiarity of the business: regular customers, as a rule, want to be serviced by a certain master, therefore, in case of dismissal of a specialist, the salon is likely to lose the clients served by him.

Franchise in the topic: "Spinning in order" is a public hair salon, investments of 0.5 million rubles., Payback 7 months.

1 mistake: Lack of promotion on the opening day

The entrepreneur opened a salon and hired craftsmen, but the client base has not been developed yet and employees are starting to leave for more developed salons. To avoid this, you need to pay great attention to advertising at the stage of repair in the room. Make sure that by the opening day there were customers. How to do it? Mass advertising campaign - here, what you need to open a beauty salon.

  • Firstly, create a website, place on it all the services of the institution, advantageous offers, advantages of treatment, a description of the qualifications of the masters, tell us about the cosmetics you use.
  • Secondly, create a large banner at the entrance. It indicates the opening date, promotions, phone number. Flyers are distributed with attractive open-door service offerings that are hard to refuse. Already by the opening day you can get a good customer base.

3 error: Ineffective advertising

Many entrepreneurs do not understand how to properly create ads. For example, a small percentage of the discount and a lot of conditions to get it are indicated in the leaflet, this is registering on the site, filling out the questionnaire, and receiving a coupon. The second case, when the percentage of discounts is large enough and the validity period of the action is extended for several months. The client begins to suspect that the salon is not all right - poor equipment, unprofessional craftsmen and more. Proper effective advertising is a whole science, which needs to be paid much attention, it is better to hire professionals in this field.

4 error: Unprofessional work of administrators

Administrators are the face of the salon. The first impression of the salon depends on their work. These people must meet the following criteria:

  • courtesy with regular and potential customers,
  • awareness of all salon services and all the features of their conduct,
  • well-posed competent speech.

If there are problems with clients coming to the salon, advertising is established, the wizards work professionally, then an administrator should check the work of the administrator. To do this, just ask to call your friends in the salon and listen to how the conversation is conducted. You can secretly invite your man to the salon and ask him about his impressions.

8 error: Wrong pyramid of values

There are no other opinions - the main masters in the beauty salon. They work and provide money to the entire salon. In second place are customers. Often there are salons where the masters do not have the right to vote, the management team dominates all personnel. It must be remembered that the work of the masters is creativity, and it depends on the mood and freedom. It is difficult to create when a person is constantly under pressure. Это чувствуют клиенты, и перестают обращаться в данный салон.

9 ошибка: Отсутствие позиции салона и индивидуального подхода к клиенту

Для того чтобы клиент чувствовал себя наиболее комфортно, нанимаются клиент-менеджеры. Эти люди не только ведут запись на прием, но и рассказывают подробно об услугах, проводят экскурсии по салону. Offer drinks and magazines to bored customers in line. This is an important component - because the client will definitely return to where he was well received and served.

Salon concept- This is another technique that can attract a client. It’s good to come up with your own story for the salon and arrange everything in accordance.

The secret to success in this type of business depends on whether the entrepreneur loves his job. It is better if he himself will be a good master: hairdresser, beautician or makeup artist. It is important to start working in other salons, to understand the beauty business thoroughly and find your niche. A future businessman must understand that he cannot live without his beloved business and only then open his own salon.