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How to win the lottery? Psychics Tips


It is difficult to give an answer to the question “What is the most winning lottery?”, Because all our games are unique in their own way. There are always good chances for success, and we will tell you how to win more in each of them. Based on statistical observations, we have compiled a series of 7 tips for lottery lovers, who we share with you with pleasure. Learn how to win the lottery online even faster!

To significantly increase your chances of winning, play with a detailed bet

An expanded bet is a bet that contains more than one combination of numbers in one playing field. For example: choosing 6 numbers in “Gosloto“ 5 out of 36 ”, you get 6 minimum combinations in one playing field, and choosing 7 numbers - all 21.
The cost of such a choice will be higher. What is the benefit? If you guess at least 2 numbers in such a bet, you won not 40 rubles, but 4 times as much, 160 rubles. And if you guess 5 numbers at once, 20,000 rubles will be added to your super prize! So a detailed bet not only increases your chances of guessing the whole winning combination, it also increases the amount of any of your winnings.

How are winnings calculated on detailed bets?

The easiest way to consider the example of 2 guessed numbers.
Suppose you marked 6 numbers on the playing field: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. You can make 6 different combinations of 5 numbers from them. If two numbers coincide in the draw with your combination - for example, 2 and 3, then they will immediately appear in 4 combinations, and for each of which you will be awarded.
1 2 3 4 5
1 2 3 4 6
1 2 3 5 6
1 2 4 5 6
1 3 4 5 6
2 3 4 5 6

What games can I play with detailed bets?

Games on the site of the lottery supermarket, in which you can play with a detailed rate:

Please note that in the game "Rapido" additional numbers can be selected only in the field number 2.

An expanded bet, although it increases the cost of a gaming coupon, but also significantly increases the chances of winning.

Has this happened to you: your soul is full of forebodings about an imminent gain, but by some chance you missed the opportunity to play. For such situations, please note our tip 2.

To participate in each draw, use the option “Lot Draw”

Large circulation - bet on several circulations in advance.
This is a very popular game strategy for those who want to be in the game with minimal effort. Almost like subscribing to your favorite magazine. Once they made up several numerical combinations, chose the number of runs for the game, paid - and you get the results. In each draw, the lottery drum gives out lucky numbers, each time new, and - as it really happens - one day they can coincide with yours!

There is a known case when one German family played for many years with a combination of numbers made up of birth dates. Tickets were usually bought by mom. But once she was busy and asked her teenage son to go to the lottery kiosk. And he, like many at his age, took this seriously. And it turned out that it was in this circulation that their very family combination fell out! And the ticket, as it later turned out, was not bought.

But with the participant of the "Top 3" lottery, the opposite situation occurred. He bet on for 10 runs ahead. The combination 9, 4, 5 fell in the penultimate draw, in which the bid took part, and the lucky winner won 250,000 rubles!

How to win the lottery using a lottery bet on Choose any of the following lotteries where the lottery is available:

Good luck in the game! Our third tip will come out exactly in a week. It is definitely useful to everyone who has many friends.

When you feel that luck is almost there, and so you want to make a big detailed bet. invite your friends to share it with you, as well as the possible joy of a great victory.

Create friendly syndicates: the more bets, the more chances

A lottery syndicate is a group of people who buy lottery tickets together and distribute the resulting win in proportion to the contributed shares. This allows you to make larger bets, leaving the costs of each participant within the available limits. And the higher the bet, the higher the probability of winning and the clearer the answer to the question “how to win the lottery?” The syndicate can buy a large number of tickets, play large deployed bets or make multi-run bets - choose numbers automatically, or during lively discussions, or trusting the choice to one of the most discerning of the participants.

For example, you are ready to spend a little more than 2,000 rubles on the game. In “Gosloto“ 5 out of 36 ”this is one playing field with 8 numbers, or 56 game combinations. And to mark 10 numbers out of 36 and get 252 possible combinations, you will need 10,080 rubles already. Invite four friends to the game, each of whom will invest 2 016 rubles on a par with you. If you are lucky enough to guess all 5 numbers, you will be able to split the super prize plus 20,000 rubles due to the deployed rate.
And if you want to win with the help of a syndicate in the Russian Lotto or in the Housing Lottery, then just buy a large number of tickets for one circulation and agree that no matter which ticket from the acquired pool you won, you will divide everything in proportion to the shares contributed.

Important! Syndicate ticket winnings are paid out only to the details of one participant, so carefully choose the people with whom you join the syndicates. They must, in case of winning, justify your trust by 100%!

The game "Gosloto" 6 out of 45 "is known for a lottery syndicate of 8 people. They played for almost 2 years, there were no particularly large wins, but faith in victory only increased. And so it happened. The companions took off 105 rubles each and made a detailed bet - 6 fields of 7 numbers each - worth 1,260 rubles for the 582nd print run of Gosloto 6 out of 45. They guessed 5 numbers in one of the bets! The total ticket winnings amounted to 458,671 rubles.

World history knows the fact of a lottery syndicate of bus drivers (it happened in 2012 in England), which won 38 million pounds for 12 people, which is equivalent to 1.7 billion rubles.

Tips for seasoned syndicate lovers

Never deposit your money for friends and do not take funds for your bet from them. Most often, such syndicates are "in the red." Do not forcibly participate in the syndicate. Do not take knowing skeptics and losers. The game must be a joy!

The experience of playing together is paying off!

Each ticket purchased for distribution can win much more than usual.

Participation in distribution runs increases the chances of winning

Distribution circulation is a raffle in which the accumulated amount of the super prize is divided among all the winners of the circulation. The frequency of such draws is regulated by the Law on Lotteries, which prescribes their holding at least once a year, if during the whole year no one wins a super prize. According to the decision of the lottery organizer, distribution runs can be carried out more often.
The distribution significantly increases each of the winnings, because the share of the accumulated super prize is added to the usual part of the prize fund, which falls on the winning bet. Many Gosloto 6 out of 45 members have become millionaires thanks to distribution circulations. To do this, it was enough to guess not even 6, but 5 numbers - and in some cases even 4! And as a result of the 143rd distribution of the game according to the “7 out of 49” formula, which took place on September 27, 2013, 6 numbers were guessed in 3 lottery tickets - one winner won 5,098,339 rubles, and the other two who played with detailed bets received more than 10 million rubles each! There is a millionaire and among those who guessed, only 5 numbers. And in the 83rd distribution of the same game, an even more incredible story happened - one of the winners guessed 6 numbers in two lottery receipts at once! His total winnings amounted to more than 16 million rubles.

Follow the announcements on the site and do not miss a single distribution circulation!

Draw statistics is an interesting tool that will help you win more often.

When you want to substantiate the choice of numbers with facts, not feelings, use the statistics of circulations. How to get it? Write in a notebook (or save in a separate file) winning combinations of each of the draws. Experienced lottery lovers monitor the number of drops of each number in circulation, keep statistics on the number of even and odd, “hot” and “cold” numbers. In addition, there are interesting statistics on the calculation of circulations in which balls fall sequentially one after another or numbers that for some reason often fall out in pairs.

On the site, you can use the automated statistics for each game on the pages of the archives of circulations (for example, statistics “Gosloto“ 5 out of 36 ”). But the most interesting about statistics you will find in the "Numbers" section of your personal account! There are numbers that personally brought you more money, and a combination that brought the maximum gain in the history of the game, and the ability to make a bet from the numbers that you liked in different sections of personal and general statistics.

As, for example, Maxim E., the winner of the 524th edition of Gosloto 5 out of 36, acted in the game. He chose the numbers that are most often dropped out in one of the game fields and added three more random ones. It was this detailed rate that brought him a super prize in the amount of 2 million rubles.

Igor S., who won 47,368,520 rubles in the 1349th Gosloto 5 out of 36 draw, admitted to us that he looked at the statistics of the site and from time to time based on it when placing bets.

Explore lottery statistics, draw conclusions!

The multiplier is an option with which you can increase the winnings by several times.

The ability to use the multiplier exists in the daily games KENO-Sportloto and Top-3. The number of the multiplier is the number of the same bets that will be accepted for the draw, and the number of the same fixed wins, which in case of the necessary match you will receive. The cost of the bet is growing accordingly. For example, in “Keno-Sportloto” you can increase the amount of potential winnings by 10 times, and in “Top-3” - by 100 times.

In the history of the game "KENO-Sportloto" in the 23317th edition, the largest win was recorded - 550 000 rubles. The participant managed to win such an amount precisely using the factor of 10 and a combination of 10 numbers - 9 numbers coincided. And if he guessed all 10 numbers, he would have won 10,000,000 rubles!

The maximum gain in the "Top 3" without the use of the multiplier is 5,000 rubles. With a multiplier, you can grow it up to 500 000 rubles! And combining a not-so-large multiplier with the same combinations in several receipts, you can win even more. This happened in the 1540th draw, where two participants made more than 10 bets with a factor of 10, each of which included a combination of 1, 5, 4. As a result, each of them won 600,000 rubles!

So if you feel confident in your numbers, give them 10 or even 100 times more chances.

How to bet and win

Useful tips on how to win the lottery My grandfather handed me the inheritance. He loved gambling and constantly won. Everyone around was amazed at such luck and considered him a minion of fate. After all, he not only hit a good cash jack, but also got the most charming wife. Grandfather met the lady of his heart right at the time of issuing the prize and lived with her soul to soul all his life. Here are the secrets of guaranteed winning he left me a legacy:

  • The most accurate numbers are the date of your birth,
  • Following a special diet attracts happiness,
  • Take a break after three wins in a row,
  • Buy lottery tickets and place bets in person.

If you are already thinking about how to win the lottery, then note that if your date of birth, for example, is January 5, 1972, then the numbers of luck will be 5 (birth date), 1 (month of birth in order) and 19 (you need to add all the numbers of the year of birth).

If you need to select six digits, see which numbers correspond to the initials. We recommend that you create a table based on the alphabet, where 1 is the letter “A” and 29 is the letter “I”.

Also, the day and month when you decide to bet or buy a lottery ticket are of particular importance. Make a purchase on a day that matches the date of your birthday. And also, remember the favorable days of the week: this is the first half of every Monday and Tuesday, as well as the afternoon of Saturday and Sunday.

How to win the lottery using magic

Put on the special decoration that day when you go for a lottery ticket. You should be wearing things in dark colors, preferably black. In no case do not wear a shirt or dress with stripes, peas or clothes with a colorful pattern - all this can scare away luck.

You can not wear new things, as well as gold jewelry. Only modest silver items are allowed. Attach a guard to the inside of the collar. Let it be a pin with the head down.

Psychics Tips: Three days before buying the coveted lottery ticket, start a special diet: eat only eggs, fruits and meat. Categorically discard garlic, beets and dairy products. Good time to buy lottery tickets - full moon

But when luck starts smiling at you and the question is, how to win the lottery will turn into a voiced coin for you three times in a row, be sure to relax and enjoy the victory. You cannot exploit the support of magicians, otherwise you can seriously harm yourself. But to take advantage of the advice of psychics how to attract good luck and money in your life does not hurt.

How to buy a winning lottery ticket

You can not ask friends, acquaintances or neighbors buy a winning lottery ticket or place a bet for you. Never borrow money to participate in a gambling game. Then the winnings won’t need to be shared or discussed with anyone. Victory must be celebrated modestly and without too much noise and pomposity.

About what you found out how to win the lottery and got the right advice from psychics, you should not tell anyone. This is purely your personal business and a little secret. After all, if tomorrow you win a million, and a neighbor will know that the money to buy a lottery ticket was borrowed from him, there will certainly be misunderstandings.

The history of the biggest lottery winnings knows examples when people forgot about their promises after they plucked a big jackpot into the lottery. All of this threatens torn friendships or protracted litigation. Many argue that with the help of light magic you can attract money into your life.

But it also happens that you have to give too much after recklessly made a promise. So, the American Raul Zavaleta said goodbye to the amount of 20 million after he nobly promised to give people money if he won.

However, no one forbids giving or accepting lottery tickets as such a gift can bring additional luck. And be sure to choose a fair game where you will have good chances to become a winner.

How to calculate a winning combination in a lottery

The real winner will never bet on popular numbers, since in case of winning the prize will have to be shared with thousands of people. Even if you hit the jackpot of 10 million, provided that you bet on numbers from 1 to 7, you will get only a miserable ten to twenty thousand due to the excessively large number of winners.

Although here you yourself must decide on the priorities and choose what is more important for you: get more chances to win with a small jackpot or strive to win to the maximum.

Often people choose numbers that make up all kinds of geometric shapes on the ticket grid, as well as letters of the alphabet. Numbers from 1 to 9 are most in demand. Such round numbers as 5, 10, 15, 20 and so on are considered popular. Also, quite often bet on numbers that are multiples of seven. This is 7.14, 21.28 and so on to the number 49.

Some players like to mark numbers on the playing field of a ticket in the form of a certain letter of the alphabet or figure.

How to win a million in the lottery

The strategy of each person’s game is developed according to the extent to which he is more lucky. Some people believe that after the first win you need to gradually increase bets. Others prefer the theory of activating their activity during certain periods of life, when luck smiles more readily. We will give such advice:

  • Set a solid monthly limit on the funds that you are willing to spend on the lottery,
  • Follow the terms, rules of the game and double-check the information about your winnings in several sources,
  • Take the game calmly and measuredly, without fanaticism and extremes.

After you have received the advice and recommendations of wise people about how to win the lottery, be sure to try your luck on yourself. If you are lucky and you will quickly hit a good jackpot, try to follow the formalities and meet the agreed deadlines for receiving money.

Remember, the bank to which the funds will be transferred must be reliable, and the entire amount of the winnings is mandatory taxed. Laws cannot be violated, as a fine for late payment will follow.

Ну, и самое главное условие, гарантирующее Вам победу, это умение вовремя остановиться. Если Вы почувствовали, что сейчас финансы не позволяют включиться в большую игру, правильнее будет дождаться более счастливого периода своей жизни. Ни в коем случае не злоупотребляйте расположением Фортуны и не впадайте в зависимость от игры. Победа любит людей с твердой волей, холодной головой и горячим сердцем.