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All ways to increase engine power


How to increase car engine power?

Increasing engine power means increasing vehicle speed. Every car owner wants his car to become more powerful, sharper and faster, regardless of how many “horses” he already has under the hood. You can even make engine tuning yourself with your own hands, provided that you have them straight.

Before we begin to improve the engine, you should understand a few simple but important points.

- The more powerful the engine, the more fuel it consumes.
- You have to buy better fuel.
- The wear rate in this turbo mode often also increases.
- When operating at near-maximum power, the oil should be changed more often.

And we’ll separately mention such an upgrade method as chip tuning, you can do it yourself or in the workshop.

It should also be borne in mind that in each car model, engine power can be increased in its own way. For example, VAZ engines are designed as poorly developed: it can be improved by providing high-quality fuel and increasing the power of the accelerator pump. The rest of the work in artisanal conditions is impossible to do.

It is better to entrust the work to improve the engine to professionals, if you can’t cope with something, the engine will respond with a breakdown. As a result, an expensive repair or engine replacement will be required. But if you are ready to take the risk and go the path of experiments, then remember that you can get a more powerful engine only by increasing the volume of filling the cylinders and changing the composition of the mixture.

We increase engine power by tuning the exhaust system and air filter.

Ideally, you need a large-diameter exhaust pipe silencer. If you reduce the resistance to gas flow, the engine will spin faster, and the motor will be able to hold higher loads. A non-limiting air filter and a suitable muffler can increase engine power by about 12 hp.

It is preferable to choose the exhaust system with a silencer with a diameter of 3 ". Many car owners prefer to install a sports air filter. But it must be borne in mind that the flow of hot air can reduce engine efficiency. To avoid this, install additional equipment for cooling the intake air.

Throttle replacement, boring and grinding of the intake manifold, boring of air valves, as well as installing a new one or optimizing the existing boost, will also help reduce air resistance.

The role of candles and wires in increasing engine power.

In the candle market, iridium candles have earned a good reputation due to their stable ignition. Copper and platinum spark plugs are slightly inferior to them. High-voltage wires are able to provide a stable voltage and reduce electrical and magnetic interference.

Exhaust pipe and catalyst.

If your engine has a turbocharger, then replacing the catalyst and pipes with a resonator will increase the temperature level and the speed of the turbine spin. In this case, engine power will increase by at least 12 hp.

Injection processor - win some more power.

Last but not least, the injection processor can be replaced. After that, the speed and maximum speed limiters are removed, the oxygen / fuel ratio in the mixture changes, and as a result, the power of the automobile engine increases.

After the work done, checks and tests, change the speedometer of your favorite car to a new one, in which the speed limit is much higher.

Volume increase

One of the cheapest and most effective ways is to make the engine more. This is done as follows, the edges of each cylinder are wasted a certain distance, thereby increasing the volume in each cylinder and in the entire unit as a whole.

Such a procedure can be done as in some tuning studio, possibly at the service station, and you can do it yourself. There are more horses, but high numbers will not work there, also torque rises in the entire range, while reliability remains the same. Also, this method serves as a good start for further deep tuning, but even if it is not in your plans, you can safely use it for easy tuning. If you bore the cylinders, the intake and exhaust system will not be able to cope as perfectly as before with filling the cylinders and exhaust gas and therefore the engine will become more powerful at low revs. In order to fix this, it is necessary to make the piston stroke longer by replacing the crankshaft with a longer one, and also reduce the total length of the piston with the connecting rod by the same length. Using the bore of the cylinder block and raising the length of the crankshaft stroke, you can hammer the maximum volume, although it will be expensive, but it will provide a good foundation for further refinement of the engine.

Higher compression ratio

This is one of those ways that not only increases the indicator we need and engine torque in the entire range, but also reduces the fuel consumption of the car, but at the same time you will have to switch to gasoline with a higher octane number, that is, from 95th to 98 -Oh.

When the piston in the cylinder reaches the top of the dead point, instead of being located above it it is called the combustion chamber and the larger its volume, the higher your steppe compression, and accordingly the power. It should be immediately explained that the compression ratio and compression are two different things, stereo compression is a geometric quantity, and compression is dynamic.

In order to increase the compression ratio, two methods can be used, the first of which is the acquisition of pistons with a large diameter and, accordingly, the bore of cylinders under them. As a result, you get a higher volume and compression ratio, thereby gaining a plus thanks to two tuning methods.

The second option is to install a thinner cylinder head gasket. This method will give a result, but there are more problems with it, since many details will need to be adjusted for such a change.

Here is the result you can get:

  • from 8 to 9 = 2.0%,
  • from 9 to 10 = 1.7%,
  • from 10 to 11 = 1.5%,
  • from 11 to 12 = 1.3%,
  • from 12 to 13 = 1.2%,
  • from 13 to 14 = 1.1%,
  • from 14 to 15 = 1.0%,
  • from 15 to 16 = 0.9%,
  • from 16 to 17 = 0.8%.

Also, if you greatly increase the compression ratio, these results are summarized, that is, raising from 8 to 17 will give 11.5%. Also, do not forget that from a compression ratio of 12, the 98th gasoline is already needed, and from 13.5 it’s the 102nd, from the 15th 105th, which is very rare and expensive. Some motors do not require a fuel change.

Tuning intake system

Improving the intake is a reduction in the resistance of the incoming air to the cylinders. This is not a very difficult refinement, but it requires changing or adding a large number of parts, which together will give a good result.

The first thing to do is install a zero resistance filter, which will greatly reduce air resistance, since the standard filter has a filter element made of very dense material, and the filter design itself does not allow a large amount of air to be admitted. A little higher on the link you can read more about nulevik, about how to install it and what results can be obtained from it. I immediately want to say that by installing only nulevik, the engine power will not increase much, so it should be set only with complex tuning of the motor.

An oversized throttle is also a necessary replacement for complex tuning. A great result from this part will not work, but with a comprehensive revision, this part is simply necessary, as it reduces the speed of the incoming air, thereby increasing the performance of the intake system. Also at the link above you can find out more about this revision.

Install or replace the receiver

Receiver for better engine power has a large volume and short inlet pipes. Installation of this part gives a good result and therefore it can be delivered even with a slight refinement of the motor. This part smoothes out air pulsations. Due to the fact that the intake pipelines are short, the maximum filling of the cylinders is shifted by large revolutions, thereby horses and torque become larger only at high revs, and slightly decrease at low ones. You can achieve that you will only increase torque at low speeds, but at the same time the engine thrust in the entire range will become less.

You can also install an intake system in which the geometry of the channels changes so that the cylinders are filled with air perfectly in the entire range based on data on the speed and opening of the throttle. This will be the most ideal, but at the same time expensive option.

Lack of intake manifold

Sometimes the intake manifold is removed, and instead of it, the so-called pipes are installed, which are configured for high revs. This allows you to greatly increase the amount of air entering the motor, also reduces idle speed and improves stability at low and medium speeds. At high speeds, of course, everything becomes simply gorgeous.

This is the most difficult in tuning the intake of atmospheric engines, but at the same time it is the most effective and expensive option. You can also install multiple throttle valves, thereby improving the response to the gas pedal. Unfortunately, as a result, the resource of your motor is reduced, and fuel consumption is quite strong.

Tuning exhaust system

As soon as you raise the amount of force, the flow rate of exhaust gases leaving the exhaust pipe immediately increases, and the standard exhaust system does not cope with this, therefore, excess resistance is created. If the exhaust is not suitable, then the pressure in the cylinders may increase, which will make the pumps work more productively. Also, due to the fact that the exhaust system cannot cope, the cylinder may not be filled well with the mixture, since not all exhaust gases have left the space of the cylinders.

The shorter and larger the diameter of the exhaust pipe, the lower the resistance. If your unit has a volume of 1.5 and it allows you to constantly twist it above 8 thousand, which you constantly do, then you need only a pipe with a diameter of about 50 millimeters, if the length is a maximum of 3.5 meters.

Often, a spider is used as a replacement for the collector, which works perfectly with the task assigned to it, and also increase power and torque in the entire range. In most cases, a 4-2-1 spider is used, but 4-1 is sometimes used. You can find out more at the link above. Also can improve the exhaust system exhaust pipe.

A fairly common type of engine refinement, which is used both in complex tuning, and use it as the only source of new "fillies". Chip tuning is a microcircuit tuning, or more precisely, this is the calibration calibration of the firmware of the electronic vehicle control unit (ECU).

Manufacturers for their cars set a certain ignition timing for various regions, most often it is too full due to which the fuel burns out not so efficiently. The manufacturer also sets high corrections in the ignition timing in order to reduce the load on the transmission, but unfortunately during acceleration the engine is more thoughtful and has failures. Also, due to the factory tincture, the car may have increased fuel consumption.

Thanks to chip tuning, you can eliminate all problems and thereby achieve a more pleasant driving experience, as well as increase torque, power and reduce fuel consumption. As a result, it turns out that this type of tuning is relatively cheap, does not require intervention and any technical changes, which will leave the car under warranty and at the same time give good results. Chip tuning is necessary if you change the technical part of the motor, since it must be adjusted to the changed characteristics obtained by installing any part. A good result is only due to chip tuning that sports cars with high data have already received, so if your car is weak, then do not expect any high results from this revision.

This type of refinement has no drawbacks, but most importantly, this type of work is best done by a person who understands this, so do not spare money for the service.

Lightweight flywheel and forged pistons

A lightweight flywheel is installed on tuned cars quite often, since it gives a good result with a comprehensive refinement of the motor. The bottom line is that the lightweight flywheel is lighter (no matter how it sounds), so it spins faster and maximum speeds are reached faster. As a result, it turns out that the engine power is growing, but the maximum that you can get is 4% from the previous one.

Replacing this part is not difficult, so everyone can make this revision. Such a flywheel costs an average of 2-4 thousand rubles, depending on the car. If you do not plan to greatly increase the indicator we need, then this type of refinement will suit you together with a zero-resistance filter, chip tuning, compression and other light modifications, which together will give a good result for enjoying the high-speed characteristics of the car.

Forged pistons are often installed by many tuning lovers, and race car drivers leave positive feedback about them. The bottom line is that the forged piston runs easier due to its lower weight, and also it can withstand higher temperature loads, as it is stronger.

Friction reduction

It is also possible to increase the number of “horses” fairly well if the force of friction between the piston and the cylinder walls is reduced. For this, of course, there is motor oil, but as a rule it is not enough, so various additives are used. Maybe you can recommend Suprotec additive, about which there are a lot of rumors, someone is not sure of its work. Someone says that it really works, we belong to the second type of people and recommend this additive. In principle, you can not trust us and use any other additive from another manufacturer, this is your choice.

Using this method, it is possible to achieve about 7% increase, and at the same time improve the reliability of the motor due to the fact that the friction force of the piston against the cylinder walls will be less. There is also a rumor that this additive reduces fuel consumption, but we did not check it and this rumor will not be confirmed.


This part is often changed in order to slightly increase the hp, while many stop only on this method and eventually abandon it after some time. Shafts is the brain, but mechanical.

The task of sports camshafts is to provide the necessary supply of the mixture to the cylinders due to the greater valve lift height. There are grassroots designed to add horsepower. at low speeds, there are also universal and horsepower, which will raise power at high speeds. In order to understand which one does what, it is necessary to look at how much they raise the valve, if a little, then you will get an increase at low speeds, and if the valves go up high, then as you already understand, the forces will become more at high speeds.

Installing shafts is not so difficult, those who are interested can read about it from the link here. Your task is to choose sports shafts for low or high revs. When you have already installed the new shafts, your task is to adjust the valves using the split gear.

Turbocharger installation and replacement

The use of supercharging is one of the best ways to increase horsepower, as this method gives a very high result. Often you can meet the trumped cars of the VAZ company.

So, first for those whose car already has a turbocharger from the factory. In fact, there are a lot of such cars, the more modern manufacturers have been making turbo engines with a volume of 1.4 liters more and more recently, but there are also other turbo engines. If your unit is already equipped with a turbocharger, then you can significantly increase the hp. by installing a larger turbine or raising the pressure of a standard turbine. There are detailed articles on the Internet on how to make the pressure higher. Replacing a turbine with another one is also not difficult, removing an old one and putting a larger one in its place is not so difficult.

Regarding the installation of a turbocharger on an initially atmospheric car, this is already a more complicated procedure. You should immediately understand that the operation of your car will be slightly different, since you will have to clean the oil and air filters more often, you will constantly have to warm up the installation, even in warm weather.

После установки турбины, характеристики могут измениться в 2 раза, а то и больше, все зависит от ваших рук, размера и давления турбины. You should also understand that simply installing a turbine will not work, since it heats up and the whole engine heats up with it and therefore it needs to be cooled somehow, therefore, there is almost always an intercooler on turbo engines, but it is possible and even desirable to increase the quantity coolant flowing into the radiator, radiator flow, fan performance. Also, in addition to the simple installation of the turbine, it is also necessary to install more efficient nozzles. It also happens like a turboyama.

As you understand, there are many ways that can increase engine power, but easy methods will not give a high result, and refinement methods that give a high result require complex work and additional improvements. You must understand that all the details of the car are calculated for almost all of its components. That is, the gearbox and suspension are able to withstand all the data and most often have a small margin, but the manufacturer will not do for a 100-hp engine. A gearbox capable of withstanding 1000 hp, it makes no sense. Therefore, if you decide to tune your power plant seriously and achieve high performance, then your task is, first, not to dwell on one method, but to use everything, and secondly, to refine the stability of the gearbox, suspensions and take up engine cooling.

In this article, we have listed the most basic and most popular ways of tuning the motor, and we hope you answered your question in sufficient detail. Of course, there are still different ways to refine the motor, but they are rarely used for certain reasons. If you think that we missed some way, write it in the comments and we will replenish the article in this way, also share the article with friends and love your cars.