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How to make a research publication plan


We will also describe in detail the contents of each item. research project plan schoolchild and give important explanations and recommendations that will help to plan and execute research work correctly and competently.

We will try to answer the questions and plan how to write a research paper, give an example of writing and completing an educational research work, as well as each section of a student’s project. These recommendations will be important for teachers to carry out research and design activities at school.

3. Introduction of research

In the Introduction of the research work, the relevance of the chosen topic is substantiated, the object, subject of the study and the main problems are determined, the purpose and content of the tasks are formulated, it is reported what the novelty of the study is (if any).

The introduction also defines research methods, substantiates the theoretical and practical significance (if there is a practical part) of the research work (project).

  • Search for the necessary information, knowledge for the study.
  • The choice of ideas and options, their justification and analysis.
  • The choice of material, methods for conducting research.
  • Selection of equipment and organization of a workplace for research (if this is experience).
  • Description of the stages of the study.
  • Safety measures during the performance of work (if this is experience).

6. Conclusion

Conclusion of research - These are brief conclusions based on the results of a student’s research or project, an assessment of the completeness of solving the tasks.

In the Conclusion of the research work, the results are consistently stated, their relationship with the common goal and the specific tasks formulated in the introduction is determined, and self-assessment of the work done is also given.

In some cases, you can specify ways to continue research on the topic, as well as specific tasks to be solved.

When planning and drawing up a plan of research work (project) of a student, the conclusion of the work is very important and significant, it is necessary to pay special attention to it.

7. Used literature

According to the plan, after the conclusion it is customary to put in the text of an individual research paper a list of literature used in studying the material of the theoretical part of the study, conducting search work on the Internet or archives.

Each source included in the list of references should be reflected in the explanatory note. Works that were not actually used in the research project should not be included in this list.

8. Applications

The application of the research work and the project contains charts, graphs, diagrams, photographs, tables, maps. According to the plan, the application section is placed last in the work.

Auxiliary or additional materials that clutter up the bulk of the work are placed in applications. Each application should begin with a new sheet (page) with the word “Application” in the upper right corner and have a thematic title.

If there is more than one application in the work, they are numbered in Arabic numerals (no sign No.), etc. The numbering of pages on which the applications are given should be continuous and continue the general numbering of the main text. Its connection with applications is through links that are used with the word “see” (see), enclosed together with the cipher in parentheses.

If you strictly adhere to the research plan, your individual or group project will meet all the norms and requirements, and of course it will be highly appreciated.

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