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What causes the habit of biting your lips and cheeks and how to get rid of it


Everyone knows that biting lips is ugly and harmful. This ugly habit can be a serious problem in relations with members of the opposite sex. In addition, it can negatively affect the promotion of its owner through the ranks.

If you have such a habit, you need to make every possible effort to get rid of it and take the issue of seriously how to stop biting your lips.

Psychologists say that this habit is pure psychological problemand, therefore, getting rid of it, you can prevail over some of your other problems, which you may not even suspect. Where to start your fight with constant lip biting?

Step 1. Think about the situation.

Think about exactly when you start to bite your lips? Perhaps this happens during moments of strong emotions, for example, when you watch some action-packed movie? Try to start controlling yourself. Set yourself up to be stronger than this habit, and it should not govern you. You need to really want to get rid of your problem. Faith is known to be capable of much. When you feel that you are determined, you can start looking for one of the methods that suits you best.

Step 2. Start lubricating your lips.

Make sure your lips never dry out. To do this, they must be constantly moistened and protected. One suitable option for this is the use of cosmetic lipsticks. Unfortunately, not everyone can use it. Agree that a man with brightly painted lips will cause at least bewilderment among others. In addition, modern cosmetic lipsticks have a pleasant smell and taste, which instead of fighting a bad habit will provoke it on the contrary. For these reasons, you can use other means, such as hygienic lipstick or moisturizing balm with a bitter taste. It’s worth it just to eat such an abomination and you will never have a second desire.

Step 3. Keep calm.

Most people wondering if how to stop biting your lips, faces his problem in stressful situations. Therefore, in order to defeat a bad habit, you must be able to calm down in time and not bring yourself to a state where your emotions will prevail over the mind. As soon as you begin to feel that you will soon be torn off, immediately do something distracting to help you relax. Take a deep breath, hold your breath, and then begin to exhale slowly. Repeat this simple sequence several times. Performing breathing exercises, set your mind to positive and try to remember something from your life that could cause a smile on your face.

Step 4. Find a replacement.

Uncomplicated things like sunflower seeds, chewing gum or sweets can be a good alternative to your bad habit. It is very important to keep the process under control, otherwise you risk the fact that getting rid of one bad habit you, invisibly to yourself, will earn a new one. Therefore, immediately after you manage to resolve the issue of how to stop biting your lips, immediately stop using substitutions until you get used to them.

Step 5. Talk.

As soon as you begin to notice that you have a desire to bite your lips - immediately start talking. During the movement of the lips, you will not be able to bite into their teeth. If you have nothing to say, start singing or reciting poems.

Step 6. Consult a specialist.

If you tried all the possible options, but could not get rid of your habit, contact a specialist who will be able to recommend you the drugs necessary to calm your nerves. It is important to remember that when using such medications, you must strictly adhere to the dosage.

Another way a specialist can help you is through suggestion or hypnosis. If you decide to use this technique, you must be sure that your doctor is a professional, not some kind of quack.

Natalya Maratovna Rozhnova

Psychologist. Specialist from the site

paint with expensive and persistent lipstick, so it was a pity. it helps me

Always keep your lipstick with you. just a little - immediately smear.

buy a good moisturizer. either in duty free, in round jars for 5 euros they sell, miracle. well, you can also buy petroleum jelly. it will moisturize so that there’s nothing to bite!

the same garbage. especially when I'm nervous

nerves must be treated. it's all from the nerves! all diseases in a person from nerves! all diseases in a person from the head! all day you need to smear with lipstick (color).

it is an indicator of willpower .. if a person gets rid of a bad habit, then there is a willpower .. and if he "hates but does it anyway," one must develop willpower

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Why does this habit appear

Lips contribute to the expression of human feelings. There are those who constantly bite them. This is due to the fact that such people are not confident in themselves, are very worried. Such a gesture may indicate a bewilderment, a sense of fear.

The habit appears already in childhood. Common reasons are:

  • lack of attention
  • lack of parental love
  • constantly under stress
  • Nervous breakdowns often occur.

Biting the skin, the child tries not to cry / get angry when he is scolded. He does the same when he does not know the answer in the lesson and is nervous about it. The child bites the skin every time when negative external / internal factors act on it. If he does this too often, biting becomes a habitual action. When a person reaches adulthood, he cannot overcome this habit.

Biting the skin helps to soothe. In this way, an adult seeks to normalize his psychological state. There is an opinion that pain helps calm down.

Negative effects

The bitten lips look ugly. Especially unattractive they look when the lips have a red border. This gives out self-doubt, even good cosmetics are unable to hide a similar flaw.

Other consequences biting habits:

  1. Inflammatory process. The skin often cracks, and microbes can be introduced through the cracks. This is especially true for those who constantly bite their nails. Herpes in women does not look too aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Discomfort For a person with bitten lips, any meal turns into a problem. In areas with wounds, burning and pain are felt. This is especially true for lovers of salty and spicy dishes.
  3. The condition of the skin. Due to frequent biting, the skin becomes very rough.

How to fix the problem

So, a person usually begins to bite his skin in childhood, when he lacks attention and tenderness. The following treatments are available:

  1. Rejoice yourself after any, even a small victory. If you haven’t bitten your lips for a long time, treat yourself. It can be sweet, a little rest, a walk. They splendidly motivate people to go to the SPA-salon and massages. Take care of yourself.
  2. Take vitamins and minerals. Lack of the necessary vitamin and mineral components negatively affects the skin. You need to take special products if you want your sponges to become healthy. To obtain a list of drugs, you need to visit a dermatological or cosmetology office.
  3. Sedatives. If you bite your skin due to stress, use sedatives. They will help to remain friendly, just do not overdo it with the dosage. It is better to check with a neurologist.
  4. Take care of yourself properly. It is necessary to apply special creams, ointments, hygienic lipstick. So you minimize the negative effect of harmful movements.

If the skin is bitten and there are cracks, you can not use lipstick. This may complicate matters. Only special care products are allowed. Thanks to this, the skin will look well-groomed, soft and beautiful.

Relatives can help get rid of the habit. Ask them to remind them that it is forbidden to bite off the skin. You will have a feeling of shame, you will want to quickly overcome your bad habit.

Follow these tips to stop biting your skin. A similar habit has not yet graced a single person.

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