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How to quickly remove emotions?


Hello dear friends!

Sometimes feelings do not just want to turn off feelings, but completely stop experiencing them. This feeling is familiar to everyone, especially in difficult life circumstances.

It would seem that a person understands that there is no sense in mourning and killing, but he cannot do anything with emotions. Stressful situations at work, in the circle of close people or a banal, autumn blues, can turn a person into a morose sufferer. How to turn off your feelings and transform them into an adequate reaction to what is happening?

In fact, completely excluding the possibility of feeling unrealistic. The process of developing sensations is so natural that it can be compared with the growth of hair on the head or nails on the fingers.

Without exception, all people need to learn to understand and realize the whole spectrum of their own emotions. But why, you ask? First of all, it allows you to control your way of thinking. Secondly, it is thanks to the feelings that we are able to adapt, analyze and think, overcoming the difficulties that arise on the way.

Thirdly, the individual constantly learns to adequately respond to stimuli or provocations, which are also inherently present next to our undertakings.

Feelings and emotions should be friends and advisors. From that, the person uses the potential for development, control and awareness of personal reactions to emerging events so qualitatively and effectively, not only his success, but also his mental health depends!

Philosopher Spencer argued that self-control is one of the most important manifestations of a person’s character. This important quality of personality, in his opinion, should develop from childhood if it claims to be a successful self-management in adulthood.

Many do not realize the full force of the manifestation of reactions and the share of participation in life. A key feature of any emotion is its spontaneity and strength, as well as an instant change to the next.

If a person seeks to keep in check a vivid manifestation of any feeling, then he risks becoming a hostage to emotions that will stay away for a long time.

1. Psychological hygiene

Of course, there is a huge list of techniques, under the clear guidance of which you can learn to manage emotional outbursts, as well as "turn them off" at a certain point.

Such methods belong to the type of emergency care, where you need to clearly follow the instructions in order to avoid negative consequences not only for yourself, but also for others.

But first of all, it is worth paying attention to the prevention of surges, and not to the process "fire extinguishing". And in order for preventive procedures to be beneficial, you need to become the master of life and not be lazy to improve yourself.

How can a person turn off emotions at an important moment? The main thing is the control of all aspects of life:

  • finish things on time and don’t accumulate debts, both material and figurative,
  • choose a work schedule and scope, guided by your own taste and desires,
  • bring the planned things to the end,
  • prefer the position of the observer, do not immerse yourself with all your head and soul into affairs (which you do not consider YOUR business),
  • exclude “energy vampires” from your environment,
  • set goals and achieve them,
  • be responsible for your life and the consequences of choice,
  • analyze what is happening and fill with positive attitudes.

2. Imagination as a lifebuoy

If you find yourself in a terrible atmosphere, but you need to demonstrate perseverance, complete calmness and spiritual harmony, then I suggest you use my tips for blocking feelings:

  • if you at the physical level feel a wild desire to launch a stapler into the wall and hit the other person, then do not stop yourself and do the job! Just do it in your own head and in the most vivid details,
  • imagine a solid defense that envelops you in a ball and protects you from verbal attacks. It can be mirrored, iron, in the form of a rainbow, etc. This allows you to feel safe,
  • deep breathing, perfectly demonstrates itself in a stressful situation. Imagine that you inhale crystal-clear, cool air, and exhale hot and black. Thus, convince yourself that you are cleansing of anger and irritability.

5. Down with the patterns!

Manipulation is a technique that people use to achieve their personal, and sometimes selfish goals. Sometimes they deliberately seek to provoke a reaction, playing the role of a provocateur.

The main task is not to fall for their hook-trick. To do this, it is necessary to respond not standardly to attempts to impose an opinion, a call to action or banal games of “insult”. Surprise a person and do nothing stereotyped!

A sense of empathy helps us empathize with what happened and pick up the tone of the interlocutor. But do not forget about personal comfort and try to please everyone, without exception.

Friends, I will end here.

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How to quickly remove emotions?

Life is 90% emotions. In the period of the remaining 10, we analyze their consequences and sprinkle ash on our heads for what we did under a hot hand.

Understanding what happened comes after the storm. And in a fit of emotion we do not belong to ourselves - neither our body, nor mind, nor consciousness. As if all of the above are governed by something else - that makes a decision for us and directs our actions.

“I couldn’t say such a thing”, “have I really done this (a)”, “I don’t know how it happened” - these and similar phrases sound quite often after an attack of emotions. It’s as if a person was absent ... but what if he or she really was not there when emotions were raging? How else to explain short-term memory lapses. And during our absence, the situation is uncontrolled - the consequences of which can be very different in severity: from a quarrel and breakdown to physical injuries and danger to life.

What to do so that a person controls emotions, and not emotions control a person?

Go straight to the point. If there is a problem, then there must be a solution to it.

Emotions used to be difficult to work out before. Especially, resentment, guilt, self-pity, envy, self-importance, fear, depression — hundreds of hours were spent on their relief.

Now there is a technique that allows you to quickly remove emotions, ease the emotional charge, even on your own. This is PEAT. There are several types of method developed by Zhivorad Slavinsky. The simplest and most effective is basic PEAT. Which will be revealed in this article. To attend a PEAT session with a specialist, go to skype:

So, let's get down to basic PEAT itself to quickly remove emotions.
We begin the process.

Examine the drawing and identify 4 points in yourself:

  • thoracic point or “I” point: the lower point of the sternum, in the middle of the chest,
  • 1 eye point: at the inner corner of the eye,
  • 2 eye point: at the outer corner of the eye,
  • 3 eye point: under the eye in the middle.

Now identify the emotion you want to handle. Trust the first sensation that comes. For example, "how to stop being offended?"

Close your eyes. Find the episode / case when you experienced the most unpleasant emotion. For example, someone did not appreciate your work, did not praise - they were offended.
Transfer the past case to the present, as if it happened here and now:

  • how do you feel
  • what are you thinking about?
  • what do you feel in the body?
  • what and whom do you see in front of you?
    Feel the peak of emotion.
  1. Place your index and middle fingers on your chest point and say the phrase:
    "Although I ... voice the emotion that you want to facilitate ... I totally love and accept myself, my body, my personality and ... voice the negative emotion ..."
    Example: "Although I take offense at my husband that he does not value me, I completely love and accept myself, my body, my personality and my offense at my husband for not appreciating me."
  2. Place the same two fingers on the 1st eye dot on the right.
    Feel the emotion as deep as possible. Strengthen it 10-100-1000 times.
    At the peak of emotion, take a deep breath.
    As you choke, you let go of a troubled situation.
  3. Do the same on:
    1st eye dot on the left> then 2nd eye dot on the right> 2nd eye dot on the left> 3rd eye dot on the right> 3rd eye dot on the left.
    Each time end with a deep breath and exhale.
  4. Listen to yourself. An unpleasant emotion will decrease in strength, but the fraction of the charge from it will still remain.
  5. Take the chest point and say:
    "Although I still have ... voice the unpleasant emotion that you want to remove ... I completely love and accept myself, my body, my personality and what I still have ... voice the emotion."
  6. Feel the rest of the negative feeling in all six eye points:
    1st on the right> 1st on the left> 2nd on the right> 2nd on the left> 3rd on the right> 3rd on the left.
  7. Listen to yourself. Removing emotion turned out better. Perhaps she left completely.
    Usually, 2-3 full passes through PEAT points eradicate an emotional charge.

A PEAT session is good to complete with a forgiveness procedure:

  1. “I forgive God / the Universe / Higher Forces (choose what is closer to you) for creating a world in which people suffer from ... voice the emotion that you just got rid of”,
  2. "I forgive all the creatures and entities that participated in the creation ... voice your problem ...",
  3. “I forgive myself for having (a) ... negative emotion ... and for having lived with her for so long”

You have just freed a place - from your body, outside of it, in your universe - from negativity. Now fill it with light:
- imagine the shining warm sun above your head. Fill your body with sunlight from the inside, the light spreads into all parts of the body, and from the outside: your aura to infinity: back and forth, right and left, up and down, and at the same time in all directions.

What do you feel? Feel the part of the energy that has just been released and use it for positive actions.

You can use basic PEAT to quickly remove emotions anytime, anywhere: at home, at work, in a cafe, park, in transport. The method itself will take you 10-15 minutes. Do not be shy around. It is better to look a little strange for a quarter of an hour than to break firewood with a gust of emotions, and then correct the consequences for months. Do you agree?

I feel that there will be questions - contact the blog specialist to help you figure it out.

“Suppressed emotions do not die. They were silenced. And they continue to influence the person from within. ” (c) Sigmund Freud