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How to make erotic massage?


Many women are surprised and outraged by the fact that they are both beautiful, smart, and the housewives are excellent, but their husbands "go left." What are the male representatives missing in this case?

As you know, men are fundamentally different from women in nature: they are males, for whom sex and food play a significant role. But do not forget that they are not attracted to coarse sexual intercourse, and one that constantly causes a desire to get closer to their “female” is more interesting.

Unforgettable pleasure for a man - erotic massage

Men are often called "adult children", so they constantly crave attention and affection from their women, and not just during intimacy. If you felt a cold from your beloved, then you should reconsider your attitude to him, and if you do an “erotic massage”, then your beloved person will reward you with love and devotion.

What types of massage are there for your man?

Such a procedure as massage arose in the East, and its goal was to relax and rest the whole body. With the help of affectionate hands, one could feel peace, fill with new forces and relieve tension from the muscles.

A woman who has skillful hands and who performs this procedure with a large dose of love will bring tremendous pleasure to her man for a long time, turn him into an excellent lover and master.

Given the busyness of each representative of the stronger sex, it is very difficult to allocate time to visit a massage room, which means that in this case, a beloved woman will come to the rescue, since massage does not require special skills and knowledge. The only thing that needs to be done to the second half is to get acquainted with the most elementary techniques and types of procedure, purchase special oil and ventilate the room. Having prepared, the process can begin.

There are several types of massage that you need to know:

  • erotic - aimed at improving sexual life,
  • restorative - able to relieve stress from the whole body after a hard working day,
  • sports - promotes muscle relaxation after sports.

As already mentioned, these types of procedures do not require any knowledge, you only need to set a goal - to bring as much pleasure as possible to your man. To complete this task, a woman must stock up on a good mood.

Do not worry about what movements are worth performing, each type of massage has the same manipulations, the training of which will be provided below:

  • Ironing - performed with open and warm palms, starting from the center and ending with the periphery. You need to gently smooth the skin with circular and zigzag-like movements, as if you want to disperse energy throughout the body of your partner. If your beloved has a sports figure, then the movements of the cam or phalanxes of fingers that are assembled together will be quite appropriate.
  • Rubbing is another massage technique that most men enjoy tremendously. Such manipulations are performed at a fast pace and with the help of palms and cams. Usually rubbing is done in the area of ​​the shoulder blades, and at the end of the skin becomes pink and warmed up,
  • Pressure or kneading is characterized by the fact that it is able to process almost every muscle on a man’s body. Usually, this manipulation is performed after grinding, when the skin is sufficiently warmed up. As for the movements, they are similar to the process of kneading the dough, while the palms at this time should be in the pose of the boat, which is directed downward.

If we talk about other movements during massage on the back, then you can pinch and roll the skin roller, but at the time when we are talking about this procedure on the arm or leg, it is worth grabbing the limb with both hands and performing circular manipulations with the thumbs.

Finishing the massage is best done with pats or vibrations: lightly pat with open hands on the surface and gently stroke it.

Acquaintance with erotic massage

Usually, such a massage is done to your partner before sexual intercourse, in addition, this procedure is aimed at strengthening the relationship, filling them with tender feelings.

As for the techniques that are used for this procedure, the technique of performing erotic massage is not much different from other types of this method of relaxation. But still, one difference exists: a woman needs to know the location of the erogenous zones of her beloved. You may be surprised if you find out that the male representatives enjoy not only manipulations with the genitals, but also with the buttocks, ears and back, so every woman must know the location of the erogenous points of her partner.

Such a massage is also done in salons, but it does not end with intimacy, unlike home conditions. Having brought pleasure to a man in this way, he can be forever made faithful and loving.

A bit about male erogenous zones and ero-massage techniques

If you are interested in how to make an erotic massage for a man, then you should determine its erogenous points. It is a mistake to assume that only with the help of the genitals can a representative of the stronger sex get real pleasure, because each “male” is individual: one is excited from touching the shoulder blades, and the other from manipulation of the coccyx. But one truth is known - all men are delighted with touching their ears.

In order for the session to succeed, you need to know some details about the partner:

  • what kind of music does he prefer
  • what smells are favorite.

In addition, it is worth paying special attention to the atmosphere of the room, creating twilight, and make sure that there are no other people in the apartment. If you plan to make love, it is best to be naked.

To start an erotic massage is from touching the hips and buttocks, as they belong to one of the erogenous zones. Next, you should stroke the legs from the toes to the groin area. All this time, your beloved should be in a calm and relaxed state.

The next step will be the concentration of attention in the hips and spine. To do this, lubricate the hands with the necessary amount of aromatic oil and stroke the buttocks from the spine to the hips, making circular movements. At this time, touching his bare part, for example, with his chest, will be appropriate. It is very important to convey all your desires with rubbing and stroking.

Having completed the first stage of massage, it is necessary to proceed to kneading. It is worth remembering that your loved one should not feel pain during the whole process, so you need to be as gentle as possible. By kneading and stroking your back, you can make light spanking on the partner's ass.

Next, you need the man to roll over on his back, as it is time to perform some manipulations on his stomach. All movements should be performed clockwise, starting from the navel and dropping lower. Touching the genitals of a loved one is prohibited, as you always need to keep the intrigue.

Since most representatives of the stronger sex have abdominal hair, it is best to put your fingers in the rake position and this is how to perform all the manipulations on this part of the body. Light tapping on the belly of a loved one will not be superfluous, as if you were playing the piano.

If your massage has not yet turned into violent sex, then it goes to the man’s chest. To do this, you can sit on his knees and begin to massage this area of ​​the body, touching his chest to his body. For sharper sensations, you can use pieces of ice.

To massage the ears, it is necessary to make circular movements with the help of the thumb and forefinger. All grinding of the earlobes and their shells should occur smoothly and slowly, and this procedure ends with stroking with open palms.

Wellness massage for a loved one

When your loved one feels tired, it is very difficult to think about erotic games, therefore, a wellness massage will come to the rescue, with which you can relieve fatigue and pain in the body.

If a man feels pain in the lower back or back, then he should lie on his stomach. As for the surface, a sofa or rug laid on the floor is perfect.

Wellness massage should start from the shoulders and end with the hips, and its technique is described above. Performing this procedure, you must always focus on the pain point of a loved one.

One of the health-improving movements is the “Christmas tree”, which is performed at the base of the spine with your fingers, sinking down.

For pain in the neck, movements should be performed from the head to the shoulders. Having clasped a neck with two hands, it is necessary to rub it intensively.

Sports massage

This type of massage can be performed using special massagers: manual or electric. Especially popular are the "crabs", which are made of plastic or wood.

As for the technique of such massage, it is performed from the bottom up starting from rubbing and stroking, and after that you can use a massager.

Massage is a unique method not only to heal your man at home, but also to bring him a lot of pleasure in sexual terms. But do not forget about contraindications when this procedure can be harmful. In the presence of these factors, do not massage yourself:

  • tumors
  • bleeding tendency
  • hypertension of the second and third degree.

If your loved one has prostate diseases, then you can contribute to his recovery with massage. To do this, you need to visit a doctor together and ask him about the movements that will be useful in diseases of the prostate gland. Spending only four to five minutes a day to your loved one, you can protect him from surgical intervention, and he will be grateful to you all his life. To make such a massage, you need to have gloves, cream and a couple of techniques that you can easily learn from the video.

Melt the cooled heart of your beloved man is quite simple - you just need to give him the pleasure of erotic massage. It is he who will bring new feelings, passion, loyalty and love to your relationship. Pleasing her soulmate, she will answer you a hundred times more.

Relaxing massage

The girl is tired after a hard day's work, and you are full of energy and thirst for love. What to do? Offer her a relaxing massage, but act in such a way as to arouse sexual desire in her.

Here's how to do it right:

  • It is not necessary to undress the partner completely. It is even good if the nightgown or panties remain on it. She will feel your fingers through her clothes.
  • If the girl is tired, do not do too smooth and gentle massage - she will finally relax and fall asleep. Although we call this technique “relaxing”, it aims to relax and relieve tension in a sexual way. Act moderately persistently, do not let her disconnect from the process.
  • Alternate the places of influence - you can switch from classic massaging movements on the back to intimate places - the priest, the inner side of the thigh, the outer side of the thigh, chest (the part that can be reached when it lies on the stomach), neck, but not stiff. So you will remind her of her desires and very soon she will respond to them.

This method will not leave any girl without an orgasm!

There may be many reasons why your partner cannot experience an orgasm, but there are much fewer ways to satisfy a lady. How to bring your woman to squirt? We seriously started searching for information and found the answer!

No matter how men flatter a female orgasm, the achievement of the fair sex often depends on the body. If a girl has a certain set of hormones in her blood in the right amount by nature, she will cum over and over again. And the partner with his unit in this matter is far from in the first place. However, if a girl has low libido, you can dodge over her for an hour and not hear the cries.

That is why the United States not so long ago produced a unique device Maestro Love - a G-spot stimulator that allows you to bring any woman to a jet orgasm! With it, every man will be able to deliver incredible pleasure for his girlfriend. Jet orgasm is achieved very simply. No special skills needed! Everything turns out naturally and effortlessly. Have a great sex!

Such a massage will bring a lot of pleasant sensations to both of you and really help to relieve stress after a hard day, and you will get what you want.

Intimate massage

Intimate massage involves directly affecting the perineum and genitals, as well as the entire space around this lotus flower. This massage is designed to give erotic pleasure to a woman and make the foreplay unforgettable. There are no strict rules and restrictions, but here are the main points that must be observed in order to achieve maximum effect:

  • Oddly enough, such a massage can be done not only to a naked girl, but also if there are panties on her. It will even add piquancy. Do not rush to take off her clothes. And oil can be poured directly onto the thong - it will be unexpected and will give new sensations to the partner. Massaging the clitoris and labia through the underwear, you will bring it to such a state that she will rip off her panties and pounce on you.
  • Intimate massage and masturbation are not the same thing. Wandering movements - you switch from legs to intimate zones and back to legs, hips, buttocks.
  • Do not work intensively on the clitoris - at this stage there is no goal for it to end. Your task is to excite her so that she wriggled and moaned, and the state was pre-anhydrous.
  • If a girl is very wound up, but you do not want to stop the game, you like to look at her growing desire, take time for other parts of the body. You can massage the buttocks or go to the feet. Remember, at this time she only thinks that your hands will return to her bosom - and this is your goal - to make her languish in anticipation of sex.
  • Keep eye contact with her, unless, of course, she lies on her back - it really turns on.
  • The main thing is not to overdo it. Do not play too much, go to sex as soon as you realize that she is on the verge of an "explosion."

Intimate massage is a skillful form of foreplay for couples, not for one-time meetings. Here you clearly understand how and what she likes, what turns her on. Such a skillful approach will definitely please your beloved, and most importantly, set up for sex.

Foot and foot massage

Do not be surprised that we attributed foot massage to intimate massage. The feet are a storehouse of nerve endings and potential erogenous zones. You are aware that we do not know about all the erogenous zones, our own and our partner.

They wander around our bodies rather randomly - appear and disappear in the most unusual places. So the feet are just a treasure for such pleasure seekers. Here's what you should pay attention to massage your legs impressed your girlfriend:

  • Here you can work not only with your hands, but also with your lips. Of course, beliefs may not allow you to kiss and lick her toes - well, in vain! This makes an incredible impression on women.
  • You can turn the usual procedure for applying cream before bedtime on your feet into an erotic extravaganza. Just offer to smear her feet, and you will see, she will be delighted with your initiative.
  • Massaging your feet and working out each finger, do not forget where the legs lead. You can stretch your arms along the entire length of the legs, but do the main emphasis on the feet.
  • Massaging your feet, look into her eyes. The most advantageous pose is that the girl lies on her back, nights are slightly bent at the knees, you sit at your feet facing her and stretch your feet in turn.

Such a massage, with due attention to the entire length of her legs, will necessarily lead to sex.

Thai erotic massage for men

True Thai massage is a real art. However, the simplest secrets will be within the power of any girl. Here are some basic tricks:

  1. Massaging with nipples is very exciting for a male.
  2. If a young lady is the owner of a long head of hair, then caressing a cascade of hair is relevant.
  3. A game with buttocks. You should drive your palms from the bottom up and stretch the skin a little.
  4. Caress the inguinal region with your fingers and tongue, without touching the penis and testicles.

That's all the tricks that you can do with your lover, you can send him to the pinnacle of bliss. And after, a unique and vivid sex will surely follow *.

How to do erotic massage for a man

The very first and most important condition is complete relaxation. You can start with a warm bath with aromatic oils. Sexy lingerie will also help to tune in the right way. Help the chosen one to undress and lay him on his stomach, on the bed. Let him feel his nakedness by touching him with his body. Next, connect your palms - caress your loved one with light massage touches starting from the legs and rising to the neck. Как только возлюбленный начал возбуждаться, добавьте нежные поцелует, акцентируя внимание на пояснице и ягодицах.

Теперь партнер может перевернуться на спину, и начните ласкать грудь и шею, постепенно опускаясь вниз, к внутренней стороне бедер и паховой области. Поцелуи и поглаживания необходимо чередовать, не забывая о самых эрогенных зонах. Seeing the guy’s incredible desire, begin to control the peak of his enjoyment of the slowing down movements. In conclusion, you can lie down and move the body up and down, this will bring the lover to ecstasy and, most likely, push him on a passionate night of love.

Erotic massage for men with continuation

The main goal of such a session is complete relaxation. Moreover, the representative of the stronger sex does not require absolutely any effort, the partner will do everything herself. Any representative of the stronger sex wants to feel the touch of a beautiful female body. Massaging with continuation is the pleasure of gentle touching with the chest, hips, buttocks and stomach in the areas of the excitation zones.

The body of a girl and a guy is lubricated with oil, which gives the greatest sensitivity and all parts of the body and places of contact become one continuous erogenous zone. The chosen one should completely relax and trust his partner, take a comfortable pose and receive heavenly pleasure. The partner is charged with positive emotions, helps to reach the highest point of relaxation and relieves dissatisfaction with sexual life.

Erotic massage for a man with oil

  1. Put oil on your hands and rub it between your palms.
  2. Start from the feet, gradually rising to the head. The skin should be stroked, rubbed, knead and squeeze. Particularly accentuate the feet and toes.
  3. The next step is the hips. Gently massage the inside of the thigh, as if by accidentally touching the testicles.
  4. Climb higher to the buttocks. Squeeze them with strong movements, knead, pay attention to the gap between the penis and the anus.
  5. Go to the hands. Soft squeezing and exciting movements on the shoulders and forearms are very popular with the male gender. By massaging each finger, you can grab the forefinger with your mouth and suck.
  6. Massaging the back should begin with the lower back. First you need to mash and grind it, and then knead it with gentle touches. Let the chosen one feel the touch not only of his fingers, but also kisses, breathing, touching with his tongue and hair. You can rub against your back with your chest, stomach, pubis.
  7. After the gentleman, you must ask to roll over on your back.
  8. Continue focusing on your hips, touching the testicles and penis, which will provoke a new wave of arousal. Also massage your arms and forearms.
  9. Massage the chest should not be hands, but the tongue, lips and chest.
  10. To ensure that the session does not end just beginning, arrange with the satellite so that he does not touch during its holding. He himself will understand when it will be possible to begin active actions.

Relaxing massage for men: erotic

The key to a quality session is the correct internal attitude. Especially when it comes to relaxing erotic massage. Start with light stroking movements throughout the body, repeating each 5-10 times. These techniques have a calming and relaxing effect. Massage with non-tearing point movements, while the hands should slide from the legs to the buttocks and back.

Erotic massage for a man can not only give him pleasure, but also strengthen the relationship in a couple. Also, such sessions help girls to discover their own female sexuality.

* Alena Wormwood prefers to replace the word sex with love.

Head and face massage

Another rather unexpected item on our list - although, it is unexpected only for those who have never been massaged on their scalp. As for women, the vast majority love it when they touch their hair - they sort it out, braid it, put their hand to the roots. Massaging your head and face can bring incomparable pleasure to your partner, you just need to know a few nuances of such a procedure:

  • Of course, you won’t pour oil in her hair. Therefore, this massage is carried out dry. Gliding will not be so good, but the wrinkling of the face is unacceptable.
  • In the evening, lying in bed, plant her so that her head is between your legs, her face is slightly tilted up. The back of a girl rests against your groin.
  • Using gentle circular motions, working mainly with the thumbs of both hands, massage the scalp. Attention, do not mess your hair too much!
  • Go from the head to the ears - massage the lobes and watch her reaction.
  • Massage your neck and chin - gently, without stretching the skin. Such a massage is more like a touch.
  • Directly on the face itself it is permissible to massage only eyebrows - for many girls this is a strong erogenous zone.

From such a pose it is easy to move on to breast massage.

Take care of the atmosphere

Trite, but the muffled light, pleasant aromas and music already set in the right way. So a couple of candles or incense sticks and an unobtrusive playlist will never be superfluous.

The second point that should be considered in advance is the place where you will do the massage. Most likely, it will turn out to be a bed, although the floor or even the table may well fit. In any case, lay a towel in advance so as not to stain the surface with oil, and lay a pillow to make it comfortable for your partner.

Choose massage oil

There are several options: buy the finished composition, make it yourself from natural oils (the recipe can be found in this article) or use one base oil.

Here are a few oils that are perfect for any massage:

  • argan,
  • sesame seeds
  • apricot or grape seed,
  • shea (shi)
  • Coconut
  • almond
  • jojoba.

You can add more sensual aromas to them. The following oils are suitable for this:

Use natural oils in intimate areas is not worth it. For these purposes, it is better to choose the right product in a sex shop. Many of the products presented there are hypoallergenic and have an exciting effect, and some can be used as a lubricant.


A simple and pleasant element with which you can start and with which you can finish the massage of any part of the body. Stroking is also good after more active techniques. Just try so that your touch is gentle and your palms are in full contact with your body.

This technique relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and warms the body before massage. Great for back and buttocks. You can lightly press with both hands on the body or put one palm on the other and make circular pressing movements.

Similar to the previous, but more point element. It removes clamps well, relaxes the tense muscles of the back, neck, arms and legs.

Connect the thumbs and, slightly pressing, make them circular movements. The palms should be in a horizontal or vertical position. The main thing - do not overdo it with pressure, so as not to hurt.

Imagine kneading the dough, and now do the same, but with the body. This will help to disperse the blood and relax the muscles. It is better to massage the buttocks, hips, sides and arms. You should not touch your stomach.

Suitable for massaging the hands and feet without massage oil. The point is to increase the friction between the thumb of your hand and the skin of your partner and thus stimulate the nerve endings. With your finger you can perform stroking, pressing and circular movements.

Develop a sequence of actions

Erotic massage should maximize the use of the body.

  1. Start with a head massage: it is done without oil. Stroke, rub and squeeze with your fingertips the skin of the top of the head and neck, ears and whiskey.
  2. Continue to massage your neck, shoulders, and back using the techniques listed above. At this stage, you need to enter the oil. Only preheat it in your hands so that your partner does not feel the temperature difference.
  3. Go to the buttocks.
  4. Next, go down to the hips and calves. Ask your partner to roll over and massage your legs on the other side. Be especially careful with your knees. Then do a foot massage.
  5. Then massage your hands and palms.
  6. Go on to a light chest massage. In a sense, this stage can already be considered a prelude.

You can end by rubbing the whole body or stimulating the intimate zones. Although, in principle, erotic massage does not have to end with sex. It alone can be just a nice gift for your partner.

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Of course, it would be nice to use oil here - the usual process will sparkle in a new way. The difference between breast massage and other zones is that you can apply more intense pressure - the female breast is accustomed to such effects.

Thai massage

This is more likely a professional erotic massage, but still a little something that is not rooted in our minds. A real Thai massage is an effect on specific points on the body, which cause a wild surge of sexual arousal. It seems that the massage therapist does nothing, but he clicked somewhere and the girl is already all wet.

During an erotic massage performed by real professionals, the girl will not feel the hands of a masseur in intimate places, he will not touch her nipples and even buttocks. Nevertheless, she can get a powerful orgasm only from pressing in certain places - this is art.

A real Thai massage is a great gift for your girlfriend. So do not skimp, because afterwards she will definitely want to thank you.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in erotic massage. Success depends primarily on your desire to bring her new sexual experiences. Anyone can make an erotic massage to a girl, you just need to want to, well, remember our recommendations at the right time.