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How to draw a person? Draw with a nude model


Good afternoon, today we will teach you How to draw a female figure, it is difficult on the one hand, and very interesting and exciting on the other. The instructions below and a detailed description will help teach you How to draw a female figure quickly using various graphic effects.

A female figure, like any figure of another representative of the human or animal world, is individual. And consists of various parts: head, body, arms and legs. And all these parts of the body can belong to a young or old woman, and also she can be slim, tall, low or full figure. Therefore, if you get the figure of a girl not like ours, it's okay - all people are individual.

Step 1
How to draw a female face. Before us is a woman's face. The female appearance is very soft and smooth lines. At the beginning, an oval of the face is drawn, its base (red line). Then the female appearance is added to the eyes, nose, hair, eyebrows.

Female face painting sequence

Again, the hair may be long or short, eyes large or slanting. It all depends on your imagination and creative skills. Now some examples of how to draw a hairstyle. As you can see, women's hair also has a soft shape.

Options for drawing women's hairstyles

Step 2
Variants of the image of women at different ages:

Female face options

1. baby
2. teenager
3. middle-aged woman
4. elderly woman

We think that this example will help you in the future with independent work on drawing female figures and individual parts of the body.

Step 3
Image of female eyes. In the image of a woman, the eyes are very important. They can be innocent (2), cunning (3), feminine (4) or naive, it already depends on the image that you draw.

Female eye image options

Step 4
How to draw a female figure. Like the face and hair, the woman's body also has soft lines.

Here are a few examples of the characters, their bodies in motion. The girl who jumps, sits, stretches, stands. There are a million options. It all depends on your imagination and the character you draw.

How to draw a female figure

Step 5
Further types of a female body. Usually women are painted with approximately the same proportions, here we have indicated different types. For some, the hips are wider than the chest, for others, on the contrary. It depends on genetics.

Different types of female figures

Step 6
Perspective, view from different angles. Bottom, top, front. It is very important to know how to portray a woman’s figure in perspective.

Perspective. Angled view of a female figure.

More detailed study

Further more detailed drawing of the figure can be done in different ways, and they can vary from case to case. Each drawing is a new experience, so choose the approach that seems right to you in this situation. However, if you are new to drawing, you can start in the same way as you did quick sketches: look out for large shapes and place them on one line, and then add details.

The drawings of beginners are often flat and illusory, so do everything possible to emphasize the shape of the figure - its bulk mass, strength and hardness. It is possible to emphasize the form, paying special attention to light and shadow.

Another very an interesting method is to start from any partthat interests you. Draw it in detail, and then move around the figure and move on to another interesting area. You may find that the picture looks quite complete when there are some more details that you haven't even started working on. This approach can easily knock some parts out of proportion with others, but this is not a big problem in most cases, and sometimes can add charm the finished work in a completely unexpected way, in addition, this drawing is not so expensive, so you can refuse it and start again - you will always learn something newthat at this stage is main goal drawing. The most expressive drawings are born when you give freedom to your imagination.

Quite often your best and most available modelit's you yourself! This model is guaranteed not to get bored while you draw it! Use a large mirror for this purpose. Mirroring is ideal for building and understanding the shape and structure of the hand, wrist, elbow and knee: you can do anything very quickly understand after a few sessions careful study.

There are many other ways of drawing from nature, but it is impossible to list them all in one article. Only the basic knowledge that you need is described here to show you what an endless range of possibilities is available to you. There are many more detailed literatureentirely devoted to this aspect of the drawing.

Here are some of them:

The book "Anatomy for Artists" Sarah Simblet
The book "Anatomy. Artist's School »Koenig Friedies
The book "Anatomy of Leonardo" M. Clayton, R. Filo

In subsequent lessons, we will study in more detail the structure and proportions of the human body.

The article used materials from Ron Tiner's book, “Drawing Drawing without a model.”