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How to become a pope


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Only an unmarried man over 35 years of age who has the rank of cardinal and a doctorate can become a pope. This is the highest step in the career of a Catholic priest, which is incredibly difficult to achieve. But why do so many want to achieve this?

Us in Bright Side It became interesting what are the advantages of such a high title.

10. The pope has a cool car

Papamobile - this is the name of a vehicle specially designed for the pope. Previously, the pontiff was worn by 12 people on a special throne (which, in general, is also not bad), but with the advent of technology in our world, it was replaced with a car. But why is he so strange in shape? Yes, to enable believers to see the head of the Catholic Church while he moves around the city.

Each time, when dad goes to other countries with visits, he does not take the car with him, it is usually built on the spot. A papamobile does not have to be expensive and grandiose: the current His Holiness moves on democratic brands, while his predecessors preferred Mercedes and BMW.

9. Vatican hosts exorcism courses

Not that it's a big plus to being a pope, but rather just an interesting fact. Exorcism is a ritual recognized by the Catholic Church, and Vatican even holds educational courses for exorcists. Of course, not everyone can come to them, but only priests. The courses have both a textbook and a professor, but there is nothing Hollywood about all this: exorcists are taught to release the obsessed with prayer, qualified doctors and psychiatrists.

8. The pope has a really interesting job

What decisions do you make at work? The pope decides matters of universal significance. For example, only in 1992, John Paul II put an end to the trial of Galileo and recognized that the Earth is not a motionless body, but revolving around the Sun.

7. Incredible clothing and shoes

Infula, zuccetto, mozzetta - this is not the menu of the Italian restaurant, but various parts of the wardrobe of the Pope. And he has a rather big one, besides, fabrics such as velvet and silk are mainly used for sewing clothes, and gold, silver and ermine are used for decoration. Some dads order a personal perfume.

In addition to special clothes, the pope has the opportunity to wear red leather shoes, as well as the legendary “fisherman’s ring”. But not everyone uses this luxury: the current pope Francis wears simple shoes, and the ring asked himself to cast only gold-plated silver.

The only negative of all this beauty is that it is poorly compatible with windy weather.

6. Absolute power in the Vatican belongs to the pope

Unlike the monarchs of many states, the pope is not a "decorative" position at all. If you omit all sorts of boring details, then the pope has complete power over the entire Vatican and the Catholic Church, and the title is assigned to him for life. He can personally excommunicate from the church, dispose of its property, proclaim saints and much more.

5. Vatican - a rich country

And about the property. The Vatican is a rather rich country, all the financial flows of the Catholic world flock here: donations, income from tourism, etc. The Vatican owns a lot of large real estate in Europe and Latin America. The Vatican has enough money to invest in industry in developed countries and buy shares (General Motors and IBM, for example).

4. Portrait of the reigning pope adorns coins

The national currency of the Vatican is the euro, but for this state coins with their own design are minted: a portrait of the current pope. While you are going to vainly take your selfie with at least a dozen likes, His Holiness's face runs throughout Europe at euro cents.

2. And what citizenship does the pope have?

Well, okay, let's say, some person decided to devote himself to the service of the Lord, studied at the seminary, climbed the career ladder to the cardinal, then he was chosen by the conclave, and now he became the pope. What will his citizenship be? Vatican citizenship, of course, is logical. In the photo above, the passport that will be issued to the newly-made bishop of Rome. True, this passport is needed only for international diplomatic trips, but inside the state, plastic ID cards act as a certificate.

Vatican citizenship is issued only for the time that he serves / works there, so if the pope abdicates the throne, he receives an Italian passport.

1. But what about worldly joys?

If no jokes, then the head of the whole Catholic world is a very serious and important post, which is very difficult to take, because for this you have to sacrifice a lot.

The whole Catholic world is looking at the pope, so this is a big responsibility. But His Holiness is also a man, and nothing human is alien to him, so the pope has his own twitter and football team.