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Treatment of lungs with folk remedies


The lungs are considered a system of natural cleansing of the human body from harmful substances. Passing a large amount of air through itself, the respiratory organs themselves can be cleansed and restore their functions. However, working in a clogged, dusty air, the presence of addictions, in particular smoking, a decrease in immunity due to the penetration of pathogenic microflora into the respiratory system - all this leads to malfunctions in the functioning of the organ, its clogging and the accumulation of harmful substances in it.

Few people thought about what changes occur in the respiratory system, when the concentration of harmful substances is many times higher than the amount that can be directly excreted by the lungs. In this case, the development of various diseases that prevent the pulmonary system from performing its functions is noted. To prevent the occurrence of various pathologies, it is necessary to clean the lungs. Today, there are many methods for cleaning lungs at home quickly and efficiently.

Do you need easy cleaning and why

Periodic cleaning will help in improving the functioning of the body, improving the condition, as well as in preventing the development of various ailments. Cleansing the lungs is the key to the proper functioning of the body. You can ask a specialist about how to clean the lungs and what it is for. This procedure must be carried out by everyone without exception.

But the lungs are more in need of cleaning:

  • smokers, especially with many years of experience,
  • people working in dusty rooms and hazardous work,
  • people living in large cities with polluted and gassed air.

Often, a person cannot change life circumstances or conditions, but you can protect yourself from harmful influence. And the procedure for cleansing the respiratory organs will help in this. Preventive lung cleaning should be done once a year. This is quite enough to maintain the functioning of the respiratory system.

It should be understood that all organs and systems are closely related. If some system crashes, it will affect the work of others. If a person smokes, breathes dirty dusty air, often encounters colds, this will affect the work of the respiratory system.

The lungs will not be able to fully perform their functions, which will cause metabolic disorders, lower protective properties of the body, as well as malfunctions of the hematopoietic, SS and other systems.

Lung cleaning will help in:

  • improving the functioning of the respiratory system,
  • cleansing of sputum, nicotine and resins,
  • eliminating cough
  • improving metabolism
  • body rejuvenation
  • improvement of state and well-being.

Can everyone be cleansed

Cleaning methods, both with the help of medicines, and with the help of folk remedies, are not suitable for everyone. Someone may be allergic to a particular component or substance, and someone may have an exacerbation of a pulmonary disease.

That is why, before applying this or that technique, it is necessary to consult a doctor, and also make sure that there are no contraindications.

The procedure is not recommended for people with individual intolerance to one or another component, pregnant and breast-feeding women, as well as those who suffer:

  • exhaustion of the body,
  • cramps
  • tuberculosis
  • oncological ailments,
  • chronic pathologies, in particular asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Preparation for cleaning

Pulmonary cleaning cannot be carried out spontaneously. You need to prepare for this procedure.

So, before you start cleaning, you must:

  1. Consult a specialist and make sure there are no contraindications.
  2. Refuse the most harmful habit for the respiratory system - smoking. It should be understood that there is no point in cleaning if the lungs are contaminated day by day.
  3. Smokers with experience should understand that not only the respiratory system, but also the digestive tract, especially the intestines, suffer from nicotine and tar. Tobacco smoke, tar and other toxic substances provoke the appearance of mucus on the intestinal walls. Therefore, before cleaning the lungs, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary bowel cleansing.
  4. If possible, it is necessary to change the place of work and residence.

You should prepare yourself mentally, since cleansing the lungs is a serious procedure. It is important to take care of your diet - to eliminate the use of harmful products - fat, fried, spicy dishes, sweets, coffee, alcohol. The diet should be balanced and fortified.

In addition, it is important to observe the drinking regime during cleaning. It is necessary to drink at least one and a half liters of purified water per day. This will contribute to the rapid elimination of harmful substances.

It is preferable to replace part of the water diet with green tea, which is a proven antioxidant that helps to maintain cell health and remove poisons from the body.

Since nicotine provokes a decrease in the absorption of ascorbic acid, the diet should be enriched with products with vitamin C: kiwi, citrus fruits, bell peppers, sauerkraut, rosehip broth.

Purification of the lungs with medications, contraindications to the procedure

Today, there are a large number of lung cleansing methods. The most effective include: cleaning with the help of medications, medicines from herbs, in particular oatmeal, inhalation, gymnastics. However, it should be understood that lung cleansing can be carried out only after consulting a specialist.

Inappropriate application of one or another technique is fraught with aggravation of the situation. Complete cleaning of the lungs of all harmful substances accumulated in them is a long and laborious process. If the experience of a smoker is small, the process can take a couple of weeks, in a difficult case (if the experience is long-term), it can drag on for months. This is worth preparing mentally.

Medication Cleaning

This method is suitable for adherents of traditional medicine. There are plenty of medicines to cleanse the lungs. As a rule, these are medicines with mucolytic and expectorant properties, drugs that help in liquefying bronchial secretions, as well as in facilitating its excretion from the lungs.

Often, the use of the following drugs is recommended for the procedure:

  • Ambroxol. The medicine has pronounced expectorant properties, and also helps to cleanse the respiratory system, even for heavy smokers, as well as quick relief of breathing. Take the medicine according to the annotation.
  • Gedelix. Highly effective phytotherapeutic drug, which is characterized by good tolerance and the absence of side effects. Helps in the rapid dilution of sputum and its excretion of their respiratory organs.
  • Mukaltina. Effective mucolytic agent. Promotes the rapid cleansing of the bronchi and lungs of mucus, as well as the elimination of sputum and facilitate breathing.
  • Ascoril. The drug is in the form of tablets and syrup. Helps in facilitating the elimination of sputum, expansion of the bronchi and the elimination of bronchospasm.


Before you start cleansing the lungs with a medication, you need to study the annotation and make sure there are no contraindications. Each drug has its own contraindications. However, there are several common ones. These include: individual intolerance to the components of the drug, the period of gestation and breastfeeding. In addition, it is impossible to apply the technique to people who have not abandoned a bad habit - smoking.

How to cleanse the bronchi with breathing exercises, folk remedies, herbal preparations and inhalations

Respiratory gymnastics helps to improve the work of the respiratory system, accelerate the process of air exchange, as well as the removal of harmful substances. To completely clear the bronchi and lungs, fifteen minutes a day are enough.

In this case, you can use the system of yoga breathing or other copyright methods. You can just do exercises, jump rope or run. All this will make the lungs work to the fullest. If there is no time or opportunity to play sports, you can do otherwise - perform the following exercises.

How to clean the bronchi with exercise can be asked by a specialist:

  1. It is necessary to become directly and deeply inhale through the nose. If the nose is blocked, it must be cleaned in advance with nasal drops and flushing.
  2. Next, you need to hold your breath for several seconds, while the stomach should be pressed to the spinal column.
  3. Then you need to make a slow exhale (through the mouth).
  4. Do not exhale all the air. The remaining air should be exhaled in several approaches.
  5. Next, you need to rest - breathe a couple of seconds at random, and then repeat the exercise.

In order to achieve maximum results, this exercise should be done three times a day, three approaches.

The use of alternative medicine

Someone who, but traditional healers and healers certainly know how to clear the bronchi. In the piggy bank of alternative medicine, there are many ways and recipes for drugs that help improve lung function and remove harmful substances from them.

  1. Cleaning with oatmeal jelly. It is necessary to take whole unrefined oat grains - 200 grams, rinse them and mix with milk - 500 ml. The container must be put on the stove. After the product boils, you need to reduce the heat and simmer the composition for half an hour, while constantly stirring. Next, the composition must be cooled and filtered. Cooked jelly must be consumed in one step. It is necessary to take the drug every day, once a day. The duration of the cleaning course is two weeks.
  2. The use of onion-garlic syrup. Both onion and garlic are rich in essential oils and phytoncides, which have antibacterial properties and contribute to the quick and, importantly, effective cleaning of the lungs. It is necessary to grind the washed onions and garlic, and then pour the resulting mass with sugar (the components are taken in equal proportions). The mass must be mixed and removed in heat for three hours. Next, the composition must be filtered and juice taken in the amount of one tablespoon four times a day, once a week. The duration of the course is one to two months.
  3. Cleansing the lungs with balm. It is necessary to mix the crushed young leaves of aloe with cahors - 400 ml and natural honey - 350 grams. Next, you need to set aside a tightly closed container in a dark place for two weeks. It is necessary to use 10 ml of the drug three times a day.

Herbal application

There are many fees for cleaning the bronchi. Everyone can prepare their own medicines.

Here are some of the most effective recipes:

  1. It is necessary to mix licorice rhizomes with marshmallow, anise seeds and coltsfoot in equal proportions. 30 grams of the mixture must be brewed in two hundred milliliters of boiled water. Next, the product must be set aside in heat for 30 minutes. You need to drink ½ cup filtered drink three times a day.
  2. It is necessary to mix in equal proportions anise seeds with sage, marshmallow and licorice rhizomes. 15 grams of the mixture must be brewed in a glass of boiling water. The composition should be infused for half an hour. Drink it is recommended to take half a glass of medicine three times a day.

Inhalation application

Especially effective, in addition, easy to use is a method involving the purification of the lungs using inhalation. As an inhalation substance, you can take aqueous solutions with essential oils of fir, mint, lavender, wormwood, eucalyptus, and juniper. You can also use decoctions from these plants for the procedure.

They are prepared as follows: 15 grams of raw material is brewed in a glass of boiling water. You can use both steam inhalation and carry out the procedure using a nebulizer. It’s not so difficult to clean the respiratory system. The main thing is to have a strong desire to be healthy. Cleaning is the best way to prevent the development of various ailments.

Aloe treatment

In the treatment of these diseases, aloe can be used not only as a means for oral administration. Compresses with juice also help. 1 part of the plant juice is mixed with 2 parts of honey and 3 parts of vodka. With this mixture you need to moisten a piece of white cloth well, wrap it with a sore spot, put cotton wool and plastic wrap on top and wrap it tightly with a towel or woolen scarf. The same method can be used for arthritis.

It is also recommended that with frequent tonsillitis, squeeze 20 drops of aloe leaf juice into a glass of boiled water every day and gargle with this product for several months. The effect is both therapeutic and preventive.

Important factors

One of the most important factors in maintaining good health is fresh air. We should try to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. This is difficult when a person works daily indoors in an office or factory, breathing stale air there. Those who can set aside early in the morning should take a jog or walk in the invigorating dawn hours. In the early morning air contains more ozone and it is more pleasant and healthy.

In addition to this, we must fulfill exercises for abdominal muscles, sun exercises (surya-namaskar), yoga poses (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama). Those who for some reason can not take walks should definitely do some exercises. Clothing should be minimal, and the body should be open to fresh air.

The second important factor in maintaining health is water. Getting out of bed, we should immediately drink one or two glasses of water, which helps to cleanse the intestines. It helps to maintain a healthy cup of hot water an hour before a meal. Morning rinses with cold water are also very beneficial. After rinsing, rub the body well with a towel.

The third very important factor in maintaining health is sunlight. Sunlight is the main condition for growth in the plant and animal world. The growth of trees and other plants that do not receive enough sunlight slows down. If we substitute our body for the morning rays of the sun, together with the light we will absorb the life force. Jobs should be well lit. Doors and windows should be kept open so that sunlight flows freely through them into the room. Even in winter, you need to keep doors and windows open, then you just need to dress warmer. Clothing should always be light and loose.

The fourth important factor is food. Although we are proud of our civility when it comes to nutrition, we make a lot of mistakes that we don’t even notice. For example, the English food system is not compatible with the tropical climate of India.

Food - It is a substance that builds or arranges tissues, and also provides material for the production of heat and energy. Half of all diseases are associated with poorly balanced diets. But there are no secrets and difficulties in proper nutrition. This can be easily learned. Proper nutrition is the main guarantee of good health and high vitality. Good food is inexpensive. A well-balanced diet is not ruinous.

Unhealthy, stale foods contribute to the formation of irritating toxic substances in the blood, which causes various kinds of health disorders. The liver and kidneys are paying for your luxurious life. Affluent rich people suffer from organic kidney and liver diseases. They have to pay for violating the laws of nature and the laws of health. Alcohol acts on the liver. Meat, such as beef, acts on the kidneys. Nature bills a person who violates its laws, punishing him with chronic diseases in the structure of his vital organs. Thus, Mother Nature punishes her impudent children who violate her laws.

Without food you cannot live, but you eat more than you need.You add seasonings to your food that harm your stomach and intestines. Since any tasty food attracts, a person eats more food than is required to maintain his body. He eats three times more than is necessary for health. He unreasonably overloads his stomach. He loses control over his appetite and loses the ability to stop on time, sitting in front of tempting dishes. He says: “We are plenty today. It’s okay if I overload my stomach and suffer from dyspepsia. I’ll accept a strong laxative, and this is the end. ” How much our appetite affects us! More people die from overeating than from malnutrition. You make your friends eat some more sweets even after a sumptuous dinner. Mothers overfeed their children. Women spend time, effort and money on preparing a variety of delicious dishes. They put their whole soul into the preparation of these dishes. But, in fact, man needs so little on this earth.

The most suitable food for humans - These are fresh vegetables, fruits, roots and milk, i.e. unprocessed food. Fruits and vegetables watered by the sun are an elixir of life and a natural medicine. Animals that eat raw food are stronger and less susceptible to disease. Животные, питающиеся травой, зелеными листьями, фруктами и кореньями, сильнее человека.When cooking, many vital elements are lost, so we cannot draw enough vitality from products cooked on fire.

For a long time, people have become accustomed to eating processed foods, and this habit is difficult to change right away. Therefore, the best compromise is to eat ordinary food once a day, but the next meal should consist only of milk and fruit.

It’s better not to have breakfast at all — you can only drink a cup of milk or lemon juice, eat an orange or tomato with a cup of cold or hot water after the bath. Instead of milk, you can drink whey. If none of this is at hand, a cup of cold or hot water is enough. If this is difficult, you can not completely give up the usual morning breakfast, but try to avoid at least fried and spicy food and sweets.

However, this alone is not enough. You should always avoid junk food. Tea, coffee and other stimulating drinks should be avoided in every way. In the afternoon, instead of tea or coffee, we can eat a couple of fruits, depending on the time of year. It is also necessary to abstain from strong alcoholic drinks, cocktails and other alcohol.

Once a week, we should eat only twice a day - only fruits, vegetables and milk. Our dinner should also mainly consist of fruits, vegetables and milk. Dinner should be completed no later than 7-8 pm.

Intermittent fasting to correct our sins against the natural way of life, such as holiday dinners, is also necessary. Periodic use of an enema or castor oil or other herbal laxatives is necessary to clear the intestines in case of constipation.

It is also important to learn to go to bed early and get up early. To the extent practicable, work late at night should be avoided. We should go to bed somewhere between 10 and 11 o’clock in the evening.

Abstinence from priesty relationships is also necessary to maintain brilliant health. A person practicing celibacy is free from disease. He is healthy and lives long.

Any intemperance in pleasures should be avoided. Too often going to the cinema is also a sin against health and nature.

Consciousness controls the body, so you need to try to maintain a good mood in any circumstances. A strong mind helps prevent disease, and not only that: it helps us maintain health and recover quickly. It is consciousness that creates paradise or hell, so we should try to maintain a good mood in any circumstances.

An ordinary person cannot change the circumstances or make a revolution. But he can adapt to circumstances. Knowing that they are not dependent on us, we are obliged to fight them, while maintaining the hope of success, and this is a slow but sure way if we act in the right direction. We must drive away pessimistic thoughts. God is always good. The visible difficulties that we face throughout our lives contribute to our development, and we must pray to God that he will allow us to find a way and an opportunity to overcome them.

Before going to bed, we should see God with our mental gaze and earnestly ask Him to give us health, wealth and strength to successfully deal with life's difficulties.

The overproduction of luxury goods and weapons of destruction led to the crisis. The severity of the crisis is so great that there is no way to get rid of it. Only the incarnation of God can turn in the right direction the stream of adverse circumstances that bring us destructive forces.

Luxury gives temporary pleasure, but subsequently has a detrimental effect on our health. It turned out that, using all kinds of amusements, a person loses the natural ability to have fun. Previously, people led a more natural way of life, and the health of previous generations was better. Now, despite all the conceivable conveniences, the health of our generation has become very vulnerable.

The modern development of civilization has greatly increased the cost of basic necessities of life. Many people have no means of subsistence. The desire to satisfy personal requests and to obtain superprofits forced industrialists to resort to illegal and unfair methods to obtain high incomes. Industrialization has made a handful of people overly rich, while most people are poor and do not even receive the minimum amount of food to sustain their existence. The only way to get out of this chaos is to return to a simple life and high thoughts. This will give us good health and common sense.

A healthy body is the foundation of a nation’s health. Strengthen your body with natural remedies. Use the healing powers of nature - the sun, water, air, earth, starvation, herbs and more. Do not forget about the rules of food, drink, sleep, thinking and behavior, bequeathed by the ancient sages. Live in harmony with nature.

Types of diseases

Along with all of the above factors, there are congenital pathologies that are transmitted from generation to generation at the genetic level. The most common diseases:

  • Pneumonia (pneumonia)
  • Lungs' cancer,
  • Tuberculosis,
  • Emphysema.

1. Pneumonia or in simple terms, pneumonia can have various degrees of severity. The main reason for this ailment is streptococcus virus, which appears or remains in after illnesses such as flu, bronchitis, SARS, ARI. Other pathogens are bacteria. In this case, a person can get sick at any time of the year.

Symptoms of pneumonia are very similar to a common cold or flu. However, a person should be alerted by several signs. Firstly, it is a high temperature (over 38), which lasts more than three days. In children, on the contrary, the temperature may not be too high (no more than 37.5).

The temperature is accompanied by a cough (dry), pain in the chest area. The patient is experiencing a breakdown or simply quickly overwork. Chills appear at times. The presence of all of the above symptoms in combination requires immediate medical advice. You can cure pneumonia if you combine the treatment prescribed by a doctor with folk remedies.

2. Cancer is caused by the formation of a malignant tumor, which is formed from the mucous membranes of the bronchi and lungs. With the timely detection of this ailment and with an integrated approach, it is treatable. It can be treated with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery when the affected part is removed.

Symptoms of cancer are: a sudden increase in body temperature, constant or periodic weakness, shortness of breath and cough. It is on the cough that you should pay attention. It has a paroxysmal form or begins under the influence of environmental factors. The patient develops sweating and loss of appetite. When expectoration, sputum has a yellowish, sometimes greenish tint. In more severe cases, a cough is accompanied by sputum with blood, while the blood can have a different consistency.

3. Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterial bacillus, better known as a Koch bacillus. This is the oldest disease of mankind. The danger of the disease is that at the initial stage it proceeds asymptomatically and develops without manifesting itself. Like previous ailments, it affects the respiratory system. There are cases when people were cured of tuberculosis using folk remedies.

4. The diagnosis of pulmonary emphysema means that a large number of air bubbles have accumulated in the lung tissue, as a result of which the elasticity of the walls and blood vessels of the lung tissue is impaired. The main symptom of emphysema is shortness of breath, in which a person does not fully release air. This leads to the lowest saturation of blood oxygen. It can be of a hereditary or acquired nature.

Treatment methods

All of the above types of ailments are treated with medication, but in combination and to get the most positive effect, non-traditional methods are also applicable. There is a general recommendation on how to treat various ailments, this is to strengthen the immune system. Oddly enough, but if a person’s lungs are not in order, doctors regard this as an organism response that is not strong enough to overcome the disease on its own.

With tuberculosis and pneumonia, doctors, if necessary, prescribe a course of antibiotics. The duration of the course depends on several factors. At what stage is the disease, what causes it, as well as the presence of concomitant myopathies. With emphysema, breathing exercises are prescribed in the initial and second degrees. However, it often causes an infection. In this case, antibiotics of various groups are also prescribed.

A sick person is assigned a special diet, in which there is the least load on the digestive tract. At the same time, meat products must be present in the diet.

Treatment of diseases with folk remedies

Continuing the conversation about some types of products, it is worth mentioning that this applies more to preventive treatment with folk remedies. These methods are:

  • Mustard plasters
  • Honey (propolis),
  • Herbal fees
  • Dairy products,
  • Milk,
  • Wine berries and more.

1. If you treat the disease with folk remedies, then it is worth mentioning the panacea, which our ancestors resorted to recently, medical banks. Previously, they were present in almost every home. They are set for a maximum of fifteen minutes, provided that they will be installed by a person who has experience in this matter.

2. Other folk remedies that people have used since ancient times are compresses with honey. All components are taken in equal amounts: honey, vegetable oil and dry mustard. Everything is mixed in a cup, which is placed in a water bath. As the honey is melted, flour is gradually added in small portions, while the mixture must be constantly stirred. The result should be a mass, a little thicker than sour cream. Next, put it in a plastic bag and put to warm the chest, preferably the back too. The duration of use of such a compress depends on the duration of the disease.

There are many recipes where treatment is carried out with folk remedies and where honey is present. Ideally, absorb natural propolis daily for two weeks. The amount of propolis should not be less than 1 gram and does not exceed 3 grams per day. Even in the absence of allergic reactions to beekeeping products, the first days the amount of propolis should not exceed half a gram.

Oil is made from propolis, which is used internally with cream. Propolis oil is considered to be therapeutic from 10 to 15 percent. They are mixed in equal proportions and applied 1 teaspoon 3 times a day, 2 hours before meals. The mixture is washed down with warm milk. The course of treatment is two months, but you should stop for two weeks. Each subsequent course is increased by 1 teaspoon.

3. If the disease has to be treated for a long time, then compresses should be alternated. Example, the first day of mustard plasters, on the second day honey cakes, the third day iodine net. There is a slight nuance, the grid is drawn with a cell, but at the same time the stripes should pass between the ribs. It is in these places that many blood vessels pass. On the fourth day, put medical banks and so on. A compress made from cottage cheese and whey should also be included here. It is imposed in the thickness of a finger.

4. Internal pork fat, goose, badger and dog fat are essential attributes when rubbing. Pre fat is melted in a water bath. If you use dog fat, the maximum effect can be achieved if you use soup from a dog at the same time as grinding.

5. Any pulmonary disease is almost always accompanied by a cough. To alleviate the condition of the patient, as well as help soften sputum, it is possible and folk remedies. The main method for treating cough is herbal supplements. Especially good as an expectorant method is the collection of an equal amount of raspberries, leaves of coltsfoot, and also leaves of oregano. All herbs and berries are mixed. The broth is prepared in this way: one tablespoon of the collection is poured with one glass (200 ml) of boiling water. The mixture is infused for 15 minutes and is used in a warm form.

6. Sprouted grain in any form of preparation is a folk remedy. From it you can make tincture or bite it like seeds. The main thing is that the use is permanent. Koumiss and fish (carp), these methods, which are quite strange as a cure, belong to non-traditional medicine. Many scholars of past times mentioned them in their annals.

Cognac in combination with hot milk should be drunk immediately, because after a few minutes the milk will curl. Milk in combination with hot red pepper will serve as an excellent recipe as an auxiliary method to treat tuberculosis.

Even with such a diverse approach to any ailment, any treatment requires a doctor's consultation. If the disease is serious and protracted, then the healer’s methods will become a lifesaver for medical methods.
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