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How to fold an origami "sailing boat"


Many origami models serve only to beauty and hone their skills. However, our current model also performs certain functions. We present to your attention a sailing boat, which also perfectly floats in the water. The author of the assembly scheme for this model was Henry Pham, already known to us.

So, to build a model of a sailing boat you will need:

  • a square sheet of paper of any format (minimum 15-15 cm) - it is best to take double-sided paper to highlight the sails against a contrasting background,
  • about 20 minutes of free time.

In the video tutorial, you will find detailed instructions, thanks to which you can quickly and easily add this beautiful model. The boat turns out to be quite realistic, which seems to be about to sail, driven by sails. We hope you enjoy this model as much as we do. Good luck

Stages of folding a simple origami model Sailing boat for children from 4 years

1. First, add the base pancake model - steps 1-4. Who knows how to do this right away, go to step 5.

Add the square diagonally. The color of the sail should be visible.

2. Expand the model and fold it in half to make a rectangle, only the color of the boat should be on top.

3. Expand and repeat operation 2 with the other side.

4 Again we unfold the sheet and add the base pancake model.

5. Put the workpiece on the table, open ends up.

6. The top layer of paper is bent in half inward diagonally and tucked into the resulting pocket.

We turn the model over and do the same on the other side.

7. Reduce one of the sails. First, bend it down, then retreating some distance up - we get two concave folds.

8. We correct a small sail, removing the fold inward.

9. We raise the lower corner up to the intersection with the upper side of the boat hull. We smooth the fold

10. The crease from the previous operation, unbend 90 degrees. In this fold, the boat will stand stably on the table.

Our sailing boat is ready.

Origami simple model. Sailing boat for children from 4 years old.

Perfect sailboat

To make a sailboat, first you need to take a square leaf. Then bend it in half vertically. Carefully draw along the fold line to make it more expressive. After sure to straighten, our craft should look neat.

Then bend the side to the center of the vertical bend. Bend the upper and opposite sides to the middle, fix it well and straighten it back.

Bend all corners, then fold them so that folds come out. Flatten the whole sheet. Now we should get a mesh of bends.

Then fold the sheet, as in the diagram below, connect the side points to the center.

Turn the blank over and connect the corners of the square diagonally. At the same time, turn one of the corners away from you.

Open the workpiece and reduce the corners.

Give the boat the necessary shape. Done!

Difficult option

Such a sailing ship will be possible only for those who already have a lot of experience in the origami technique.

To start work, bend the square leaf diagonally, then strongly curl the bends. Uncover back.

Next, you need to wrap all four corners so that they are connected in the center of the square. Then you need to turn the workpiece over and bend all the corners, align in the middle. Turn over the workpiece again and adjust the corners.

Now we need to flip the box. Uncover two small squares located opposite each other.

After unscrew the side squares, fold the figure in half. Now you need to straighten the boat with the pipes.

On a note! If you want, you can decorate the boat, adding brightness and color.