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How to become a model if you are short


If the project #NotAboutHeight on Instagram did not exist, it would definitely have to be invented! The founders - two charming girls Katya @katrinduerr and Marina @typicalmarina - successfully develop in the modeling business and participate in fashion photo shoots. Looking at stylish pictures from which confident and incredibly charismatic models look at us, it's hard to believe that Katya and Marina had to listen to a bunch of failures and knock on a hundred closed doors. And all for one reason ... because of their low growth! Today they no longer need to prove anything. They achieved significant results and decided to help exactly the same girls dreaming of a modeling career. In their #NotAboutHeight project, they openly share their stories and experiences with subscribers. Where to begin? How to deal with complexes? How to respond to failures? And what exactly can not be done during photo shoots? We talked about this and much more with Katya and Marina in our interview!

Marina: We are a kind of inspiration for girls who have interesting looks and ambitions. But something always stops them: the idea that they are a bit thick or, like us, short. We are not psychologists and are not trying to impose a “body positive”. #NotAboutHeight is a story of ordinary girls who have achieved some success in modeling, participate in photo shoots at the same level as models from professional agencies, despite some non-compliance with standards.

Katya: Growth, parameters - this is important for the model, but not the main thing. There are more significant things that promote you: working capacity, the ability to play in front of the camera, emotionality. In my opinion, nothing is more important than a face. The perception of the model and the image as a whole will depend on the look. There are a lot of beautiful ones, therefore, you can’t stretch out only in appearance; you need to develop other skills in yourself. You can have ideal parameters and growth, but at the same time look boring and uninteresting.

Marina: I have a good shooting experience. But there is one nuance in my spirits, because of which they did not take me to any model agency - my growth. I knew another girl with the same “problem”, I knew that she also tries herself in the modeling business and she is also not tall. She was just Katya. We met, talked and decided that it would be fun to create a project uniting us on the Instagram platform. The concept #NotAboutHeight was invented in just one day and started! They began to do joint photo shoots, collaborate with stylists and makeup artists, create cool content, share their own experience of promotion in the modeling business.

Katya: Marina and I decided why not make a “trick” out of this, present this “drawback” as a plus. To emphasize that we have a small growth, but at the same time we are still shooting, and pretty good.

We want to draw attention to the fact that with low growth you can work and achieve something. Marina and I hope that over time, the modeling industry will revise strict requirements. We are already observing this trend! Short girls, elderly women, and plus size models go onto the podium.

Marina: For the beginning model, the most important thing is to soberly assess your chances, soberly evaluate your appearance and have serious ambitions! Among my friends there are a bunch of girls who seem to want to do this, but take no steps. They do not write to photographers, do not offer their candidacy for filming. But we started from this very thing. It was very difficult to hear the failures. But I learned not to take them personally. I am aware that modeling is a profession. And I understand the photographers who did not agree to cooperate. It is explainable. I had no experience, and they did not want to take risks. And shooting is, in any case, a loss of time, the cost of a studio, and so on. Nothing! It is necessary to write to other photographers, to meet new people, with the same models that are already actively working. As a result, many useful links are being developed.

Katya: I went to many modeling agencies in Moscow. And everywhere I heard the same thing: the growth does not match, I'm sorry. Even when the agencies themselves found me from photographs, when they liked my face and called to auditions themselves, it ended with the same thing. It is enough to see the manager’s first evaluating look at the entrance, after which everything is clear ... And then you observe the same thing: how politely they still measure your parameters and height and carefully say goodbye. I remember going out and thinking: “Well, that's it, it's a sign, it's not mine and nothing is waiting for me.” This is the first emotion, and it is important to survive. Over time, you get used to the refusals and still get a job, they start calling and inviting you. From this comes confidence and drive. I am very inspired when I read the stories of other models. And not only models - the stories of any successful people. What does not happen on the way to the goal! You just do not have to focus on defeats, but move on, be able to switch, as if there were no failures. It seems to me that even in thoughts one needs to be sure, to feel that you are tall, that you absolutely meet all the parameters. Because of this, you start working on the set in a completely different way! All the problems - they are only in our heads!

Marina: Only a real desire to work in the modeling business will push you all the time not to stop, calmly respond to failures. And if you still give up at the first refusal, it means that perhaps you didn’t really want that.

Katya: I started with a model school. I have freckles and red hair, it seemed to me that I did not match in many ways. After all, there was no trend for such a type. I was very lucky with the photographer-teacher, who helped to open up, taught many practical things. It was a very big push, and he gave me inner confidence. It was thanks to him that I became interested, began to develop in the modeling business. It is necessary that the eyes burn, that there is inspiration and interest in the profession. No other way. If you feel that it is yours, then you must not doubt and do it. If you want something for real, everything will go by itself and will certainly add up!

Marina: Now, when they point out to me my height, I’m just starting to laugh inside. I came to the casting, and I thought to myself: “Yes, yes, now he will start telling me that I am short. Guys, I knew! ”You need to understand that this is a business, that there are certain customer requirements, there are regulations. It happens, for example, that clothes look advantageous exclusively on a high model. This should be treated as if you came to the store, and there wasn’t the bread that you need.

Katya: There is a stereotype that the models are stupid, and here I really want to argue! Somehow come to the casting, and you will see how many girls there are with books who, in anticipation of their turn, do not waste time in vain. I admit that at first I thought that the most educated ones didn’t go there, but after talking with many models I completely changed my mind - they turn out to be such interesting personalities in ordinary life! As for me, for example, in the process of filming, I often prepare for exams at the university. My parents had such a fear that if I start working in the modeling business, then I will score for everything. But the opposite is happening! When you combine work and study, you become more organized, learn to plan your time in order to do a lot. And surprisingly, you really do a lot more useful things in a day!

Marina: I totally agree! I study at the faculty of marketing, and my knowledge helps me a lot. I have something to tell the girls, beginner models, about progress in this business. I am glad that I can apply my academic skills in the field that I like - in the field of modeling.

Katya: I can’t say that modeling business is the main activity for me at the moment. I study at the faculty of advertising and public relations, and I do not want to rely only on modeling, as the main type of earnings. As long as there is an opportunity and allows age, I do it, and over time, perhaps, I will switch to advertising and PR in the modeling industry. So much is already connected with this area - it would be great to combine these two areas of activity into one.

Marina: We are often asked how to prepare for a photo shoot? The day before you can not drink at night. Do not eat after 8 pm. Especially if shooting in the morning! This is a taboo! It is advisable to sleep well. And do not forget to take phone numbers from the entire crew to be in touch with everyone. Mudboards help me to be inspired during the shooting, to catch the right mood - usually they are always prepared by photographers. Or you can type in the search for Pinterest the mood that you need to create in front of the camera, look for pictures, pay attention to interesting poses, and repeat them in the process.

Katya: And people really inspire me! While you are preparing, you communicate with the makeup artist, stylist, and tune in to the shooting. Or you walk along the road, meet people, grasp their emotions, facial expressions, smiles, good mood. Sometimes it so surprises and attracts attention that it gives a desire to create, to invent something new. And another important point! I think that models cannot stick out their “I” too much on set. Some people like to give directions, get into the work of a photographer or stylist. It is not right. You need to be able to interact, seek a compromise, and without further ado, understand what is required of you. I'm not talking about not taking the initiative at all. Just do not go too far with your ideas and opinions.

Marina: I wildly do not like when the boundaries of personal space cross a photo shoot. On one of my shootings I came across a photographer who touched me all the time, tried to tweak my butt, explaining that he always puts models like that. Such methods are incomprehensible to me: it was very awkward. We quickly finished, and the result was not very good. Just because of the fact that because of his “methods” I was not able to relax and fully open.

Katya: The hardest thing that can be on the set is a misunderstanding in the team. I always make every effort to understand what they want from me, what result they expect to see, and I try to do it without any questions, to feel more during the shooting. But there are disagreements between the photographer, make-up artist, stylist ... Because of this, the atmosphere is a little tense, this may affect the result. And all that concerns difficult weather conditions, difficult clothes, extreme sports - not a problem. So even more interesting and more fun!

Marina: Try to be yourself, because the photographer takes not only your appearance, but also your personality. Through the camera you can always see very clearly when a person is pretending to be. Well, get enough sleep and do not drink at night (Smiles)!

Katya: Do not be afraid, do not despair, do not take everything to heart, but always remember that there is something to work on! Correctly perceive and analyze any criticism. It is important that there is always a positive motor inside, which, in spite of any circumstances, will help to quickly forget about the bad and move on to the new day. Only in this way will you become better! And be sure to love what you do!





Small models

They are beautiful and successful. And their small growth is absolutely not an obstacle to the fact that these charming women became the face of various cosmetic companies.

Natalie Portman and Eva Longoria:

Zoe Kravitz and Rooney Mara:

Are you convinced that in this case, an important role is played by the face and personal uniqueness?

I want to tell you something else interesting. You probably already know that many large brands started releasing things for owners of small stature: I listed brands for short ones here. So, manufacturers of these clothing lines are constantly faced with the fact that their products are not on anyone to show. After all, models below 170 cm practically do not exist. Therefore, their customers, unfortunately, usually have no idea how clothes should sit on a short woman. And now for the news: Petite Studio brand, stylist Jim Benzing and State Management modeling agency announced the annual casting of models up to 165 cm tall: Petite Model Search. This means that the variety of figures is gaining momentum in the modeling business.

Summing up the above, I sincerely want to wish you good luck. Follow the step-by-step guidelines that I described above and don’t give up. Make your cherished dream your goal, and let everything work out for you! 💫