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How to improve the quality and quantity of sperm?


The main reason why it is necessary to increase sperm volume is medical indications for an effective fertilization process.

In some cases, after watching films of a certain genre and established stereotypes, men develop a false impression that a large amount of sperm is an intimate sign of male dignity. After this stereotype, they try to end the sexual intercourse with the maximum release of ejaculate, and when this does not happen, they may become depressed and / or try to increase sperm formation by any means. It is important to understand that to get an orgasm, to satisfy a woman and to fertilize, you don’t need a lot of sperm, its quantity should be within the normal range. In fairness, it is worth noting that the more sperm is excreted during ejaculation, the brighter and longer the orgasm a man experiences. This is due to the fact that with an increased sperm content there is a greater muscle contraction during ejaculation, which increases pleasure.

Medical statistics have calculated that the average volume of sperm secreted per ejaculation is between 2 and 6 ml. Sperm volume of 1.5 ml is required for fertilization. This amount of fluid contains about 20 million male germ cells - gametes.

Despite the fact that one sperm fertilizes an egg, such a quantity is necessary because of the difficulty of passing the path into the vagina. Some of the sperm die at the beginning of their path, another part will not be able to overcome the mucus of the uterine neck. Therefore, the more sperm cells get to the egg, the greater the chance of fertilization.

The phenomenon when the amount of sperm is less than the established norm of 1.5 ml is called oligospermia.

Important is the quality of sperm secreted by the body. To determine the quality, sperm motility and the ratio of living gametes to dead are examined.

Normally, there should be 15 million sperm in 1 ml of sperm. The presence of fewer mobile male cells is called oligozoospermia.

How to determine

It is believed that sperm content can be determined by its color. In most cases, sperm is white with shades of gray. This indicates a normal sperm count. If the shade of sperm is yellowish - this indicates a reduced content of gametes. A greenish tint indicates a very low content, and an excess of gray indicates a large number of male cells. A pinkish color may indicate an increased number of red blood cells, a dirty yellow color may indicate impurities of pus and the inflammatory process.

To independently measure the volume of secreted semen, you can use a medical syringe. It is necessary to remove the piston from the syringe and pour the semen selected after intercourse into the hole formed. The most convenient way to do this is from a condom. Then insert the piston back and pushing it, carefully displace the air. On the syringe scale see the result. Of course, such a calculation will be approximate.

The exact volume and quality of sperm is determined using a spermogram.

If oligospermia or oligozoospermia is detected, additional tests are prescribed to detect STDs, viruses, bacteria, allergies to identify abnormalities.

Treatment is prescribed only after all necessary studies.

Proper nutrition

  • Bring weight back to normal by choosing the right diet from healthy foods.

  • Add to your menu dishes of meat, fish, nuts, eggs, cabbage, which contain natural protein, which is involved in the formation of sperm.
  • Do not use processed foods of any kind. Limit or completely abandon fried, spicy, salty and smoked foods, which are heavy foods for the stomach and liver.
  • Go to steamed dishes, which, thanks to the peculiarities of heat treatment, contain many useful substances.
  • Eat more vegetables with fruits. Grapes, pumpkin seeds, avocados, bananas, broccoli are considered natural spermatagon drugs. Beans, cranberries, blackberries, apples, prunes contain many antioxidants that increase sperm vitality. Very useful nuts of all kinds, containing proteins, minerals and vitamins necessary to improve the quality of male cells.
  • Diversify the diet with seafood that is rich in zinc, which is involved in sperm production.

Actors of the erotic film genre, increasing the amount of sperm in a natural way, use a cocktail of bananas and sour cream. To prepare it, beat 5 crushed bananas with 0.5 l of fat sour cream and consume 3-4 hours before the intended proximity. Drink a cocktail in parts after a short period of time.

Fluid intake

Seminal fluid in the bulk consists of water. This helps moisturize and alleviate sperm exit pathways. Therefore, men are recommended to drink a daily intake of water in a volume of 2 liters. Related material: How is water good for health and how much should you drink?

When drinking alcohol, water is eliminated from the body much faster, which generally reduces the quantity and quality of sperm produced. In approximately 85% of children born at conception intoxicated, various forms of deviations are detected.

Exclude from the diet:

Carbonated drinks. It is proved that when taking 1 liter of a drink with gas daily, ejaculate production decreases by 30%, and with a longer regular use, the percentage increases significantly.

Moderate, regular exercise.

It is necessary to lead an active lifestyle and go in for sports. You need to find time for jogging, for exercising in the gym or doing exercises at home. Moderate exercise helps to improve metabolism, as well as saturate the body with oxygen and the necessary substances that will contribute to the production of testosterone, and hence increase sperm production.

Particular attention should be paid to strengthening the muscles of the pelvis. They contribute to maintaining the health of the prostate, help increase the duration of sexual intercourse and improve sperm. Kegel exercise is very effective for these purposes!

Healthy lifestyle

It is necessary to exclude smoking, taking drugs and alcohol. Smoking affects potency, reduces sperm formation, its motility and quality. In this regard, fathers of smokers often children are born with deviations and pathologies.

Establish a good rest, protect yourself from stressful situations and experiences. Numerous studies have established a direct relationship between stress and the ability of the testes to produce testosterone, which is involved in sperm production. During stress, a significant decrease in the production of the necessary hormone was observed. For peace of mind, you can learn meditation, start yoga or visit a psychologist.

Medical treatment

After determining the cause of a small amount of sperm and / or its low quality, the attending physician prescribes drugs to eliminate the root causes. Assigned:

  • Antibiotics with inflammation of the genitourinary system.
  • Vitamins with reduced immunity and weakening of the body.
  • Sedative with stress, depression, nervous disorders.

In addition, in an auxiliary quality, drugs can be prescribed to increase the quantity and improve the properties of sperm. These are dietary supplements based on medicinal herbs:

SpermPlant - increases the number and fertilizing ability of sperm, improves the tone of the body.

SpermActin - promotes the growth of germ cells, improves their functionality.

Profertil - improves sperm performance.

Tentex Forte - increases sexual activity, improves sperm quality.

Speman - In addition to improving sperm, it favorably affects the prostate.

Tribestan - improves the quantity and quality of sperm, enhances attraction, prolongs sexual intercourse.

Speroton - contains zinc and selenium, stimulates spermatogenesis, increases sperm motility.

Independently and folk methods

Temperature mode

It is necessary to prevent overheating and hypothermia of the testicles. For normal sperm production, a temperature of no higher than 37 ° C is necessary. An increase in temperature at the location of the testes can lead to the death of sperm and reduce the number of their production. To avoid this, it is necessary:

  • Do not sit in a foot-to-foot position. In this position, compression of the nerve endings and blood vessels occurs, which has negative consequences for the spine and provokes the phenomenon of stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. Inflammatory processes begin to develop, leading to a violation of the sexual functioning of organs. In addition, in this position, the testicles are pressed against the body, which leads to an increase in temperature and loss of sperm.
  • Do not wear tight underwear. Such underwear interferes with the natural ventilation of the testicles, while the temperature in the scrotum increases, which leads to the death of sperm and a decrease in sperm.
  • Do not abuse visiting hot spots. This includes a visit to the bathhouse, steam rooms, jacuzzi, as well as long trips on heated seats.

Moderate abstinence

To avoid stagnation of sperm, prolonged abstinence should not be allowed, but a short break is useful. The male body produces sperm at an average rate of 1,500 pcs. per second, respectively, per day from 130 million livestock. With frequent ejaculations, sperm become smaller. It is restored with abstinence for 2-4 days. With longer abstinence, sperm quality deteriorates and slow stagnation processes begin. Therefore, it is considered optimal to have sex 2 times a week.

Interrupted intercourse, delayed ejaculation provoke stagnation in the prostate, due to the accumulation of sperm in it. Which in turn leads to a decrease in the secretion of the gland and a decrease in the volume of seminal fluid.

Special exercises

There are reviews that the following exercises increase erection, increase sperm count and sperm quality:

    • Testicular compression. Before doing the exercise, you need to warm up your hands by rubbing or in another way. With one hand you need to lift the penis, and the second gently grab the testicles, squeezing a little. Squeeze and unclench the testicles, pulling them down a little and gradually increasing compression. Squeezing should not cause pain or discomfort. Pressure should be small, about 1 second.
      Perform about 60 squeezes with one hand, then change hands and continue the exercise with the other hand.
    • Massage. Holding the penis with one hand, massage the testicles with the thumb of your free hand. Massage is carried out within a minute, with a gradual increase in time.

Improving the quality and quantity of sperm in most cases occurs after a change in lifestyle for the better. Only those prescribed by a specialist doctor should be used after the diagnosis and identification of the causes of the deviation from the norm.

Factors affecting sperm count

Quantitative indicators of seminal fluid indicate the health status of the man as a whole. The following factors influence this criterion:

In many sperm counts depend on lifestyle.

Long cycling

  • exposure to stress factors and excessive emotional stress,
  • traumatic injuries of the external genitalia and scrotum,
  • age of man
  • alcohol and drug use, smoking,
  • regular consumption of coffee and fatty foods (see "What is harmful to coffee for men"),
  • excessive physical activity.
  • Factors Affecting Sperm Quality

    The qualitative composition of seminal fluid depends not only on external factors and a man’s lifestyle, but also on the general condition of his body. The following factors can have a negative effect on the quality of the ejaculate:

    • Wearing the wrong clothes. If a man prefers to wear tight pants and tight swimming trunks, then he falls into the risk group for the formation of infertility. This is due to regular circulatory disorders in the external genital area (see How to improve blood circulation in the pelvis),
    • Deficiency of zinc and vitamin C in the body. The lack of these components negatively affects the motor ability of male germ cells,
    • Acute and chronic diseases of the genitourinary system. Such diseases include chlamydia, prostatitis, and sexually transmitted infections. In addition, such diseases as rubella, viral hepatitis and diabetes mellitus lead to a decrease in the quality of seminal fluid.
    • A visit to the sauna and bath. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures has a detrimental effect on male germ cells. To maintain fertility, it is recommended to visit the steam room no more than 2 times a month (read more in detail “Bathhouse - Benefits and Harm for Men”),
    • Increased physical activity. Overtraining helps to reduce the concentration of testosterone in the blood, which leads to a decrease in the number of sperm in the ejaculate,
    • Pathology of the immune system. Some diseases of the immune system provoke the production of antibodies to the cells of the testes. These diseases are quite rare,
    • Blockage of the vas deferens. The congenital narrowing of the vas deferens, as well as the scar formed as a result of an infectious or non-infectious inflammatory process, can interfere with the passage of germ cells.
    • The effect of pesticides. Given the latest medical research data, male contact with pesticides often ends with a change in the quality of seminal fluid.


    To normalize the main indicators of seminal fluid, methods are used to eliminate the key causes of decreased fertility. Drug correction of these conditions includes the intake of such groups of drugs:

    Injections of chorionic gonadotropin improve hormonal levels and spermatogenesis.

    Hormonal drugs. The use of such medications is advisable in the presence of hormonal imbalance (for example, stimulating therapy with chorionic gonadotropin),

  • Antibacterial agents used in the event that the cause of the decrease in the quantity and quality of sperm was infectious diseases,
  • Multivitamin complexes containing minerals. The use of this group of drugs will help strengthen the body as a whole, and saturate it with trace elements such as zinc and folic acid.
  • In the correction of reproductive health, the organization of the diet is of considerable importance. To improve the quantitative and qualitative indicators of seminal fluid, the following components should be present in the diet of every man:

    Some food components have a positive effect on sperm.

    L-Carnitine. This substance is found in abundance in meat, fish, as well as dairy products,

  • Zinc. A large amount of this trace element is found in seafood, meat and poultry,
  • L-lysine. A large amount of this substance is part of sardines, quail and chicken eggs, hard cheese and red meat,
  • Folic acid. Contained in cereals, fresh herbs, nuts and asparagus,
  • L-arginine. The largest amounts of this amino acid are found in peas, walnuts and pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and olive oil.
  • In addition, men are advised to stop using:

    • fried and spicy food
    • semi-finished products
    • fast food
    • alcohol
    • carbonated drinks.

    Additional methods

    Physiotherapeutic procedures have a universally recognized therapeutic effect. In men with low fertility, the hypobaric pressure chamber technique is used. The essence of the technique is the effect on the body of pressure, the indicators of which are below atmospheric. In addition, the following physiotherapy procedures help to improve the quality and quantity of seminal fluid:

    • acupuncture,
    • magnetotherapy
    • laser therapy.

    With organic pathologies that entailed a decrease in reproductive function, surgical methods of treatment are used.

    In order to strengthen the whole body and increase its reproductive performance, it is recommended that each man fight against a sedentary lifestyle. Hiking in the fresh air, a visit to the pool and therapeutic exercises have a positive effect on male fertility. You can also perform special exercises on the pubic-coccygeal muscle.

    What determines the amount of sperm secreted during orgasm

    The amount of sperm secreted during orgasm can cause a man to suspect if it is impossible to conceive a child for a long time, as well as raise doubts about the state of health in the reproductive system. If we exclude various pathologies, and the amount of seminal fluid does not change, and it is too small during ejaculation, then the question arises about the necessary volume for the full fertilization of the female egg.

    A large amount of sperm is not enough for conception to occur; it is necessary to find out the number of viable sperm in a man. Для этого мужчина проходит исследование эякулята-спермограмму.It gives specific data on the condition and amount of seminal fluid.

    Various factors, from environmental influences to dysfunctions in the body, can have a positive or negative effect on male seed production.

    What is considered the norm of seminal fluid

    Sperm production and excretion in men does not have exact values ​​that would be considered a constant. But medical research has established the average volume of secreted semen during orgasm, which is enough for the full fertilization of the female egg. This is 2 to 6 ml of seminal fluid.

    A quantity of less than 2 ml of seed may also contain a sufficient amount of active sperm to conceive. But with the release of 1.5 ml of sperm and less, there is reason to talk about oligospermia, which makes it difficult to conceive, and health conditions and an increase in the amount of sperm are required to increase viable sperm. Qualitative sperm is considered while maintaining about 50% of viable sperm in it.

    Related articles:

    Why there is a violation of sperm formation

    A small volume of ejaculate leads to infertility, so it is necessary to find out the cause of this dysfunction. One or several factors can affect the state of the ejaculate, the number of sperm and the total sperm volume.

    Good sperm has a liquid appearance, a slightly thick consistency, because sperm live in the environment of the seminal vesicle, which consists of prostate secretion and seminal vesicle fluid. The presence of mucus or clots in the ejaculate indicates a violation of the functions of the reproductive system and inflammatory diseases. With such dysfunctions, sperm begin to die, the amount of sperm decreases.

    What factors affect the amount of sperm produced

    Psychological and organic causes can affect the amount of sperm produced:

    1. Physical and emotional stress. Fatigue, stress have a bad effect on well-being, the body is not able to fully perform its functions, working capacity decreases, energy fades, sexual activity weakens, the genitals slow down their basic functions, producing a male seed,
    2. Body poisoning. Alcoholism, drug addiction, smoking, harmful production, poor ecology provoke pathologies in the body, gradually atrophying sexual instincts, which affects sperm production,
    3. Passive lifestyle. Sedentary work, low motor activity lead to obesity, impaired production of sex hormones, dysfunctions in the body. Sports, diet and daily routine will help restore body tone and increase sperm production.
    4. Sex. With prolonged abstinence, the reproductive system does not tend to produce ejaculate, as the natural working activity of the genitals is reduced. With too frequent sexual intercourse, sperm production occurs, but its quantity is not large enough. It’s important to find a middle ground and regularly have sex, not neglecting this occupation, but also without fanaticism,
    5. Natural aging. Age suggests a decrease in the quality and quantity of seed due to changes in the work of the whole body of a man, especially in the hormonal system. But to maintain the quality of sperm with a small amount of it is possible in adulthood, performing preventive measures to maintain health,
    6. Chronic sores. Genetic diseases, diabetes mellitus, spinal injuries affect sexual functions, problems with the production and release of sperm begin, the amount of ejaculate also suffers from this,
    7. Male diseases. Prostatitis, inflammation of the testicles and other pathologies in the genitourinary system lead to the fact that spermatogenesis is impaired.

    We recommend that you look at these drugs.

    How to increase and improve the quality of seminal fluid

    A man who wants to become a father, but does not have such an opportunity due to the small amount of seminal fluid, must consult a doctor to find out the fault of such an unpleasant phenomenon. The doctor will prescribe a set of laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures, after which he will make decisions on ways to improve male fertility. Comprehensive treatment has a greater result in multiplying male seed.

    It consists of several treatment methods:

    • taking medication
    • physiotherapy
    • preventive measures and taking vitamins,
    • surgical intervention.

    Preparations for men with low quality and sperm count

    The appointment of drugs for enhanced production of seminal fluid is prescribed by the doctor after establishing the causes of the reduced volume of ejaculate. With impaired function of the testes and prostate gland, hormonal agents can be used that can increase the amount of testosterone in the body of a man and stabilize the spermatogenesis process.

    One such drug is Omnadren. It is prescribed as an injection in men with problems with the functioning of the gonads and age-related hormonal imbalances in testosterone. The treatment period and dosage is determined by the attending physician.

    Homeopathic medicines are used to treat male fertility in complex therapy. Such drugs correct the functions of the genitals involved in sperm production: the testes, prostate, and also enhance the metabolism in the tissues, removing toxic substances.

    An example of homeopathic remedies will be Testis (injections), Afala (capsules) for men with low quality and sperm count. The drugs have an anti-inflammatory, vasodilating, stimulating effect on the prostate gland and other organs of the genitourinary system. It is necessary to use the funds in accordance with the instructions, preferably after consulting a doctor.

    In the inflammatory process in the body, it is necessary to eliminate the focus of infection with antibiotic drugs, then carry out treatment to restore spermatogenesis, using additional methods of therapy.

    A group of vitamins and drugs to enhance spermatogenesis

    In nature, there is a group of vitamins and minerals that acts in an exact way on the production of sperm in the body of a man:

    Zinc, seleniumEssential trace elements for the productive function of the prostate gland and the favorable condition of the testes
    Vitamin AActivates sperm nucleation, vital activity
    Vitamin EAffects the quality of seminal fluid, the number of sperm capable of fertilization
    Vitamin CIncreases sperm viability, improves the condition of the genitals
    Folic acidA necessary element for a full conception, strengthens sexual functions, contributes to a normal sexual process

    You can take vitamins separately, but it is better to use vitamin-mineral supplements with a balanced composition of the components for prevention and therapy: Speman, Verona.

    For more ejaculate We recommend drinking a full course of the biological supplement Volum Capsules. The natural composition does not adversely affect health. It can be taken as concomitant therapy for various male sexual problems and pathologies in the reproductive system.

    The initial and main effect is aimed at stabilizing the state of health, enhancing spermatogenesis. In addition, the drug actively helps to prevent sexual ailments and increase erectile function.

    How to quickly increase sperm volume at home

    When planning a child, a man and a woman should responsibly approach this: lead a healthy lifestyle, cure diseases, regularly receive medical advice from a doctor, take the necessary vitamins. The method of sperm accumulation is the reduction of sexual contacts. When a man leads an intense sex life, the ejaculate does not have time to accumulate in the right amount for conceptiontherefore, the number of active sperm is reduced.

    With abstinence for several days, the male body will develop enough seed, and there will be a greater chance of conceiving a child. Together with this practice, it is permissible to use herbal remedies, exercise, generally nourish and prepare the reproductive system for the production of high-quality sperm.

    Alternative methods and means to increase sperm activity

    Traditional medicine recipes are based on the medicinal and medicinal composition of natural ingredients. When plant ingredients enter the body, they begin to increase blood supply to the genitals, the metabolism in the cells improves, the activity of the sexual functions increases, the body begins to actively produce seminal fluid, and sexual activity awakens.

    The following recipes will help in this:

    Rosehip brothIt increases the working capacity, activity and energy of not only the whole organism, but also catalyzes spermatogenesis in particular
    Infusion of elecampaneThe brewed root of the plant is taken in a tablespoon 3 times a day until the spermogram improves
    Parsley brothFresh herbs can be eaten in pure form, and dried herbs should be boiled with boiling water and drunk instead of tea, 2 cups a day. The broth helps maintain sperm activity
    A mixture of dried apricots, raisins, walnuts and honeyRestores the body's strength for intercourse, enhancing the natural sperm production process

    Foods to improve sperm counts

    Every day, eating foods, we sometimes do not know why they are useful. But different groups of nutrients are rich in their own set of nutrients. To increase the quality and quantity of sperm also have their own products. It is in them that there are the necessary vitamins and minerals for the uninterrupted synthesis of seminal fluid. As a source of the necessary substances can be considered:

    1. pumpkin seeds,
    2. nuts
    3. honey, bee bread,
    4. oysters, squids,
    5. grapes
    6. parsley celery
    7. lean meat
    8. dairy products.

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    Ways to increase sperm count

    To begin with, we should clarify one point. The greatest amount of sperm during ejaculation in men is observed with sexual abstinence in 4-6 (individually) days. With a longer abstinence, the amount of sperm, if it increases, is so insignificant that it can be noticed only with laboratory measurements. Therefore, we will take this amount of sperm as a starting point.

    We will consider the issue of increasing precisely this volume, that is, how and by what means can be achieved maximum sperm count.

    Products affecting sperm count

    The first thing that comes to mind in this case is "you need to eat something — a thread." Indeed, the diet affects the volume of ejaculate, but will not increase "your rates" by more than 10%. You will achieve these maximum possible indicators if, during abstinence, give preference to a protein diet, for example, chicken breasts or turkey fillets (preferably), eggs, cottage cheese, nuts (peanuts or cashews) and it would be nice to add pumpkin seeds.

    The people are very fond of attributing the miraculous properties of sour cream and pomegranate juice, but this is not so. Better pay attention to the products listed above.

    But, as I said above, the result will be, but not "amazing". To achieve more noticeable results, it is necessary to apply more effective means.

    Effective remedies

    To noticeably to increase sperm volume, it is necessary to more effectively influence spermatogenesis (the process of production and formation of seminal fluid). Certain substances, vitamins and minerals that accelerate and maximize spermatogenesis can help with this. Moreover, it is necessary to take these components in an increased dosage. There is nothing top-secret in this list, lecithin, zinc, L-arginine, folic acid and vitamin E directly affect spermatogenesis. These are only the main components, they work most effectively in the presence of several more vitamins and minerals, but their value is not so important. Yes, all these substances are contained in some products, but there is a nuance: in order to get and absorb the right amount of substances you need to eat an amount of certain foods that, at best, will threaten you with an ordinary indigestion, and in the worst case, threatens metabolic disorders. Plus, this process will be lengthy, in order to feel at least some changes, it will be necessary to adhere to a certain diet for at least a month.

    Therefore if you want really noticeably increase the amount of sperm, then you need to look towards complex drugs and dietary supplements. Only in this case can we expect an increase in ejaculate volume by 60-80%.

    Personal experience

    Of the most effective means for increasing the amount of sperm, one can note the complex preparation "Semenax", the producers of which promise an increase in the amount of sperm up to 70%. The statement is confirmed by research and measurements, but we know that at the same time ideal conditions are observed, which in everyday life are quite difficult to reproduce, so we can confidently count on numbers of 50-60%. I’ll say from myself that there is a result, and very, very noticeable, literally in a few days. There were no side effects (taking courses in 10 days for 4 months), but this, I repeat my personal experience.

    The disadvantage of the drug is one - the cost. Well, a little convenience is that it needs to be ordered, it is not in our pharmacies. And even if it were, it would cost twice as much, this is an axiom. You can look at the prices for the drug in the screenshot, it makes sense to place an order "by default", i.e. 3 bottles worth $ 154.95 (for 3 months of daily use). In this case, you will save $ 25, but do not forget about delivery (to Russia), which will cost you a minimum

    $ 20, so the approximate price of a monthly course is $ 60. You can significantly save by ordering the complexes for 6 months ($ 289.95) and for a year ($ 399.95), then the cost of the course (per month) will be $ 51 and $35 respectively. Let me remind you once again that, in principle, it can be taken in courses of 2 weeks, the effect remains for another week. Well, or just start taking it 7-10 days before the upcoming events, if those do not happen too often :)

    Simplified version

    Semenax - a drug, of course, effective, but expensive. A relatively reasonable price comes when ordering 12 bottles, but initially a decent amount will have to be spent. Many can not afford it, but the effect of increasing the volume of ejaculate is still necessary to achieve. I have to look for options.

    Knowing the list of the most important elements affecting spermatogenesis, you can make up your own complex, which may be inferior to the Semenaks effect, but nevertheless also effective and allows you to increase sperm count by about 40% (this is from personal experience), and this is a lot and also quite noticeable.

    So, we will need (course for 2+ months):

    1200mg Lecithin Capsules Cost

    ₽825 (200 capsules per pack). The main element involved in spermatogenesis. Soya lecithin is more effective, but in such quantities it can cause increased production of female hormones, and we don’t need it, so we choose lecithin from sunflower. 2 capsules per day, the first preferably on an empty stomach. Zinc Citrate 50 Cost

    ₽380 (60 tablets). It interacts with lecithin and accelerates the process of spermatogenesis. One tablet daily. L-Arginine 500mg Cost

    ₽864 (120 capsules). A necessary catalyst to accelerate sperm production. 2 capsules per day Tribulus extract 625mg Cost

    ₽646 (100 capsules). Increases libido! Also involved in the process. Recommended for continuous use by men after 40 years. One capsule per day. Vitamin E400 with tocopherols. Cost

    ₽1498 (250 capsules). The most male vitamin. Recommended for all men regardless of age, after 35 years in high dosage. Slows down the aging process and prostate cancer protection. It can be taken every other day, older men about 5 times a week. Packing is enough for a year or more.

    In terms of cost, such a scheme is comparable to the cost of Semenax, if you make a maximum order of Semenax immediately for a year, that is, approximately $ 30 per month. I repeat that you can apply the scheme and weekly courses, 7 days before the "rush hour".


    So, to summarize some of the results. Of course, it is possible to increase the amount of sperm, but you should not expect a super effect, as, for example, in famous films about German plumbing. Believe me, in the production of films of this kind, various tricks and special effects are used. But to increase the volume of ejaculate by 40-70% is real. Either you trust the reviews about Semenax, or use the iHerb drug regimen - the effect will be in any case. Just do not forget about the individuality of any organism and metabolic rate. Someone will have just excellent results, someone more modest, there's nothing to be done.

    In any case, in order to achieve maximum results, you need to follow three rules:

    • 1. The maximum volume of ejaculate is possible after 4-5 days of abstinence.
    • 2. Follow a high protein diet.
    • 3. At least a week, start taking these drugs.

    Everything is quite simple and easy to do :) Good luck and new sensations!