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Table of English measures and weights


Transformation of measurements is often necessary when you are involved in cooking. Measuring ingredients may require the conversion of liquids from one unit to another. For example, a liquid, such as water, can be converted to ounces or pounds before mixing. At first this may seem like a daunting task, however, when the problem approaches the point where the main equivalents are considered, the problem can be more easily worked out and the conversion made.

If necessary, use a calculator to help convert cups to kilograms.

Start converting cups to pounds with a few basic conversion points. 16 ounces equal one pound or two cups. Another way to look at the equivalent is that one cup weighs eight ounces, and therefore two cups are equal to 16 ounces, and this is the same weight of one pound - 16 ounces.

Convert cup measurement to pounds by applying the formula in the first step to the problem. For example, if you convert five cups to kilograms, you first multiply five (number of cups) by eight (number of ounces in one cup). The answer here is 40.

Divide the number 40 by 16 or the number of ounces in one pound. Thus, in example 40, divided by 16, is two and a half. Answer: five cups weighs 2.5 pounds. Another way to look at the problem is that for every pound you should have two cups.

Weights and Measures Table

Despite the fact that continental Europe has long adopted a metric, decimal system of measures and weights, we are constantly confronted with English and American units of measurement of length, area, volume and weight. The most common among them are inch, foot, yard, mile, acre, pound, pint, barrel.

Many, I am sure, saw a mysterious inscription on bottles with various liquids. fl. oz. In England and the USA, there are many other units of measurement that are less well known in our country.

Most often, we use these units of measurement when we talk about such common things as the size of a car’s tire, TV screen. Size is usually already indicated in inches right in the model name. The situation is the same with the diameter of metal and plastic pipes, the size of wrenches and the bolts and nuts themselves. Mileage of American cars is indicated in miles. Calling the price of oil, they say: "price per barrel", and the weight of gold is often called in ounces. Some cookbooks also include weight in pounds, and volume in ounces or quarts.

And what does the inscription lb or lbs mean in American stores? Read about it at the bottom of the page.

And one more small remark: do not try to remember all this, for this purpose reference books were invented so as not to overload the memory with a routine. So stop by!

It remains only to wish you seven feet under the keel and go directly to the table!

Avoirdupois * - Everdyupoys
short tonshort ton20 short hundredweight, 2000 pounds0.907 metric ton
long tonlong ton20 long hundredweight, 2240 pounds1.016 metric ton
hundredweightEnglish centner (see long centner)cwt112 pounds, 0.05 long ton50.802 kilograms
short hundredweightshort (american) centner100 pounds, 0.05 short tons45.359 kilograms
long hundredweightlong (English) centner112 pounds, 0.05 long ton50.802 kilograms ** or lb avdp, also #
(mostly USA)
16 ounces, 7000 grains0.454 kilogram
ounceounceoz or oz avdp16 drams, 437.5 grains, 0.0625 pound28.350 grams
dramdrachmadr or dr avdp27.344 grains, 0.0625 ounce1.772 grams
grainsharegr0.037 dram, 0.002286 ounce0.0648 gram
Troy - Troy system t12 ounces, 240 pennyweight, 5760 grains0.373 kilogram
ounceounceoz t20 pennyweight, 480 grains, 0.083 pound31.103 grams
pennyweightpennyweightdwt also pwt24 grains, 0.05 ounce1.555 grams
grainsharegr0.042 pennyweight, 0.002083 ounce0.0648 gram
Apothecaries' - Pharmacy system ap12 ounces, 5760 grains0.373 kilogram
ounceounceoz ap8 drams, 480 grains, 0.083 pound31.103 grams
dramdrachmadr ap3 scruples, 60 grains3.888 grams
scruplescruples ap20 grains, 0.333 dram1.296 grams
grainsharegr0.05 scruple, 0.002083 ounce, 0.0166 dram0.0648 gram
U.S. liquid measures - US liquid units
barrelbarrelbbl42 gallons159 liters
gallongallongal4 quarts (231 cubic inches)3.785 liters
quartquartqt2 pints (57.75 cubic inches)0.946 liter
pintpintpt4 gills (28.875 cubic inches473.176 milliliters
gilljillgi4 fluid ounces (7.219 cubic inches)118.294 milliliters
fluid ouncefl ozfl oz8 fluid drams (1.805) cub inches)29.573 milliliters
fluid dramliquid drachmafl dr60 minims (0.226 cubic inch)3.697 milliliters
minimminimum, 1/60 dramsmin1/60 fluid dram (0.003760 cubic inch)0.061610 milliliter
U.S. dry measures - units for measuring dry matter. USA
bushelbushelbu4 pecks (2150.42 cubic inches)35.239 liters
peckpitchpk8 quarts (537.605 cubic inches)8.810 liters
quartquartqt2 pints (67.201 cubic inches)1.101 liters
pintpintpt0.5 quart (33.600 cubic inches)0.551 liter
British imperial liquid and dry measures - Units for measuring liquids and solids. England
bushelbushelbu4 pecks (2219.36 cubic inches)36.369 liters
peckpitch, 2 gallonspk2 gallons (554.84 cubic inches)9.092 liters
gallongallongal4 quarts (277.420 cubic inches)4.546 liters
quartquartqt2 pints (69.355 cubic inches)1.136 liters
pintpintpt4 gills (34.678 cubic inches)568.26 milliliters
gillGilgi5 fluid ounces (8.669 cubic inches)142.066 milliliters
fluid ouncefl ozfl oz8 fluid drams (1.7339 cubic inches)28.412 milliliters
fluid dramliquid drachmafl dr60 minims (0.216734 cubic inch)3.5516 milliliters
minimminimum, 1/60 dramsmin1/60 fluid dram (0.003612 cubic inch)0.059194 milliliter
milemilemi5280 feet, 1760 yards, 320 rods1.609 kilometers
rodkindrd5.50 yards, 16.5 feet5.029 meters
yardyardyd3 feet, 36 inches0.9144 meter
footfootft or '12 inches, 0.333 yard30.48 centimeters
inchinchin or "0.083 foot, 0.028 yard2.54 centimeters
square milesquare milesq mi or mi 2640 acres, 102,400 square rods2.590 square kilometers
acreacre4840 square yards, 43,560 square feet0.405 hectare, 4047 square meters
square rodsquare rodsq rd or rd 230.25 square yards, 0.00625 acre25.293 square meters
square yardsquare yardsq yd or yd 21296 square inches, 9 square feet0.836 square meter
square footsquare footsq ft or ft 2144 square inches, 0.111 square yard0.093 square meter
square inchsquare inchsq in or in 20.0069 square foot, 0.00077 square yard6.452 square centimeters
cubic yardcubic yardcu yd or yd 327 cubic feet, 46.656 cubic inches0.765 cubic meter
cubic footcubic footcu ft or ft 31728 cubic inches, 0.0370 cubic yard0.028 cubic meter
cubic inchcubic inchcu in or in 30.00058 cubic foot, 0.000021 cubic yard16.387 cubic centimeters
* In the United States, the everoirpois system (avoirdupois) is used to measure weight
** In American stores, you can often see for the pound a reduction in lbs instead of lb. This is simply an erroneous attempt to denote the plural.

** Capacity and volume are essentially the same thing, but since different units are used to measure dry and liquid substances, the universal units of volume were placed in a separate section of the table.

Word pound - pound comes from latin libra pondo. First word libra means "scales" - the actual device for measuring weight and an astrological sign, since the constellation resembles scales in appearance. Second - pondo - just the weight. Accordingly, the whole combination libra pondo means "pound of weight" (or, if you want, "weight pound"). In modern English, "libra pondo" has been modified and shortened to "pound", but the abbreviation is from Latin libra - lb.

Often in stores in English-speaking countries you can see a reduction lbs to denote pounds, which, strictly speaking, is a mistake, because according to the international convention, the pound is a unit of measure, and the abbreviations for units of measure in the English language are not plural, as well, by the way, as in Russian. We don’t write KGy or KM.

Pounds to Ounces table

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