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How to celebrate a wedding without a banquet


Very often, the wedding turns into a banal holiday, where guests can eat. The traditionally rich banquet table in the rented hall of a restaurant or cafe is perhaps the main expense item for newlyweds. But for them the holiday will be much more pleasant if, instead of talking at a table breaking from treats, they will be offered horseback riding or a trip along the river or sea on a snow-white boat.

How to celebrate a wedding day without a banquet: original ideas

It would be a good idea to hold the wedding almost traditionally, offering guests a light morning snack at the bride’s house before the ceremony, and then at the groom’s house, after tiring waiting and lengthy official events. Light snacks, sandwiches, cookies and sweets with sparkling champagne and aromatic wines will support the strength of the guests. Then the schedule of the wedding day will hardly differ from the generally accepted:

  • In the morning, the newlyweds put on formal dresses, then the bride’s ransom ceremony is held. It's time to start capturing these precious moments for the photographer and videographer.
  • Then the wedding procession should be in the registry office. If it succeeds, then it is better to set the time for official painting early, 10-11 hours.
  • Before and after the ceremony, the newlyweds can pose in front of the photographer to replenish the collection of commemorative photographs.
  • After a light buffet, guests congratulate the newlyweds and wish them a pleasant honeymoon on the trip. If the money collected for the wedding will be spent on a trip, and not on a traditional lush banquet, then such a festival will definitely appeal to the young. Loving their guests and relatives will only be glad for the bride and groom, and will not be indignant at the lack of refreshments.

As an intermediate option, a banquet in a rented hall, try replacing a democratic buffet. For the money saved, to entertain the public, you can invite a company of artists and showmen, which again guarantees a good mood and great memories to all those present.

It will be even more original to invite all guests after the wedding to a picnic. As a treat in the fresh air, instead of a heavy and expensive restaurant meal, homemade preparations, wines and liquors with aromatic kebabs cooked by yourself will be wonderful.

Reception Scenario

A buffet reception is not a way to feed and overfeed guests. As they say, do not turn a snack into food! Instead of a holiday of overeating with endless changes of various dishes, it is much more democratic to entertain guests with games, dances and a varied cultural program. And to maintain strength, those invited will be able to visit the buffet table at any time convenient for them.

In addition, a magnificent banquet is nothing more than a kind of way to quickly pay off its guests with a plentiful treat. And it’s not a secret for anyone that he won’t have any special memories.

It is much more difficult and at the same time more correct to take care of the rich cultural program of the evening. Moreover, this approach will save you from the likelihood of unpleasant excesses at the celebration in case of overdone guests with alcohol.

Ideally, a cultural program should be prepared independently, although you can turn to professionals. Some wedding agencies establish strong contacts with many artists and performers, and therefore are ready to offer you a wide variety of entertainment options.

For a small wedding, it’s a good idea to invite a jazz band for the evening. However, you can limit yourself to one or two performers. For example, a singer and saxophonist. It would be a good idea to call the director of the first dance of the young to the celebration. For a certain fee, a professional in your field will perform a dance master at your celebration.

Special lovers of a traditional magnificent feast can complain about the disproportion of their wedding gift and eaten. However, a wedding is not a trip to a restaurant. Such guests can only recall that the gift to the young for the celebration and its size is a personal matter for everyone.

Wedding menu

The basis of the buffet table can be cold snacks such as sandwiches, canapes, Chinese dim sum, vegetable and fruit salads. Especially elaborate dishes should not be done, it is better to provide a variety of food with ease of preparation.

Hot dishes, meat or fish, serve is also not forbidden. However, they should be pre-cut into portions in order to increase the convenience for guests and save their time for more interesting things. Please note that seafood dishes are more suitable for a buffet table, due to their "lightness" in comparison with meat counterparts.

For dessert, provide a selection of sweets, cookies, and freshly chopped fruits. If desired, in addition to the wedding cake, you can make a small sweet table with cakes, cupcakes and muffins. For lovers of hot drinks, take care of the opportunity to enjoy freshly brewed tea and coffee.

How to make a table beautifully

Buffet tables are most often placed along the walls. Thus, only the auxiliary role of refreshments in the wedding is once again emphasized. Drinks are placed in the center of the table. Next to them are sets of glasses and glasses. Dishes should not be laid out on the table, but simply placed in stacks of 10 pieces. The same goes for cutlery. They just have to lie in special drawers. On the tables, at some intervals from each other, you should arrange sets of traditional spices and napkin holders.

Snacks and chopped bread should be displayed no earlier than half an hour before the event, so that nothing dries and does not weather. In general, it is easier to arrange a buffet table than a banquet. Although both are best left to professionals.

Banquet Benefits

Of course, a wedding without a banquet is a much more sensible decision, primarily from the point of view of the young. It is not surprising if it is much more pleasant for you to go on a honeymoon than to languish at a table surrounded by a huge number of people.

In theory, banquets are much more profitable in terms of money. It is believed that guests in wedding envelopes will give the newlyweds a sum that covers all banquet costs. But hoping for it is never worth it.

In several cases, the option of holding a wedding ceremony in a banquet format is the only one. For example, at a rural wedding. Villagers simply do not understand the desire of young people to travel. Or in families with an abundance of relatives and friends. Perhaps even the most distant relatives will try to arrive at the celebration. And children and the elderly are unlikely to be comfortable spending all their time on their feet.

Whichever option you choose, take into account the opinions of others, but do not forget about yourself.