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Than in the test you can replace sour cream


Is it possible to replace sour cream in a recipe with something?

In some cases, sour cream can be replaced with mayonnaise or unsweetened drinking yogurt without additives (or kefir, fermented baked milk), depending on whether it is sweet or salty, whether it is important to have a dairy product or not, whether you consider it permissible to use mayonnaise.

You need to carefully approach this issue, sometimes a delicious dish can suffer due to a meager change of ingredients

If you use cream of 30 percent instead of sour cream when baking, then it’s quite a good substitute for yourself.

And if in borscht, then I think that nothing, some mayonnaise is added, but I think that its taste does not fit at all.

When baking, sour cream can be replaced with unsweetened yogurt, kefir or fermented baked milk.

But if you add these products to baking, for example pies or cookies, then you need to increase the amount of flour or add starch to them.

And if you make desserts then add yogurt with gelatin.

Even in baking, instead of sour cream, you can add French cream or cream-fresh, where the fat content is about 30%.

Sour cream can be replaced with cream in baking, only it will be necessary to add a little vinegar (100 grams of cream 3 tsp table vinegar).

Mayonnaise in baked goods can ruin the taste, as it contains mustard, and for sauces it is quite suitable instead of sour cream.

Actually, mayonnaise was invented to replace sour cream in mustard sauce. In each case, you need to deal with the possibility of replacement. Sour cream and mayonnaise behave very differently when heated, for example.

Looking at what dish you need to replace sour cream, if in soup, then probably with mayonnaise. And if, for example, in baking, then when I don’t have sour cream, but according to a baking recipe I need it, I whip the cream and add instead of sour cream.

no need to change it for anything because sour cream is not interchangeable in all senses and world-wide relationships

useful products, how can you imagine the question, how can you replace fat, there are no answers to

It is clear that sour cream is a special product, but during the preparation of some sauces or, for example, in baking, it can be replaced. For this, you can use, for example,

YOGURT. It is better if it is natural, as well as savory.

You can take thick cream and a spoonful of yogurt (per glass). Let it stand for six hours, sour.

You can use kefir. At three quarters of the norm, take a quarter of butter.

If there is cream, then take a tablespoon of vinegar (lemon juice) in a glass.

Is it possible to replace sour cream in the test with other products?

There are times when in order to cook a particular dish almost everything is ready. Virtually except most important ingredients.

It is in this situation that you can get if the house was not sour cream, and cooking is urgent. It is worth noting that all dishes with sour cream are extremely tasty and nutritious.

However, it is extremely rich in calories. Also, if you are adherents exclusively of a home product, and store samples categorically do not suit you, it is better find a more appropriate replacementthan running to the store.

The most common substitute for sour cream as a dressing can be consideredmayonnaise. It is the same white mass and consistency that has the proper psychological effect if you put them in a salad or borsch.

Of course, mayonnaise is traditionally much less healthy than pure sour cream, because it contains a large amount of synthetic additives, and indeed based on vinegar. In addition, mayonnaise-based dishes are much sharper than with sour cream, so this replacement is not always suitable and not for everyone.

It can be used in first courses, as well as salads, special vegetable cream. Currently, there are a sufficient number of vegetarian products, which, among other things, have much fewer calories than traditional dairy products.

If there is enough in the refrigerator thick kefir, then it will also be suitable as an effective replacement.

In general, if there is no need to exclude the dairy products themselves as such, then instead of sour cream, almost any kind of sour cream, starting from milk and ending with various kinds fermented baked milk and cream.

The main condition is to take most dense in consistency product. In addition, it may need to be thoroughly beaten to obtain the necessary mass.

If you want to make a sauce based on sour cream, then replacing it with a similar one is not difficult. You can take the same milk and create something similar to custard.

At the same time, you do not need to add sugar if the dish is not sweet, but a little salt does not hurt. Adding a wide variety of thickeners to regular milk, such as starch, flour or even semolina subject to proportion, it is quite capable of creating a quality solution.

If we talk about baking and desserts, then in this case it is necessary to clearly and specifically know what sour cream is for. In particular, to improve the consistency of the biscuit cake test or cake layers, it is quite possible to use regular cream or kefir. The main thing is beat a little in a blender.

Shortcrust pastry can be prepared using unsweetened yogurt. Of course, on sour cream this type of product will be tastier, however, if the yogurt is good, then no one will notice the replacement.

If protein is ever needed in a recipe ever, then you can use a variety of cottage cheese desserts where there is a sufficient degree of fat content.

It should be noted that due to the density, such desserts must be used in a smaller proportion than indicated in the recipe. The use of cottage cheese instead of sour cream is quite capable of making the dough too thick, so carefully monitor the consistency, or use two components, for example cottage cheese and kefir.

Bakery products cheesecakes and cupcakes will be successful if you take fermented baked milk or kefir. Creating the most magnificent and delicious treats is possible even if you just add a little more flour and add one tablespoon of starch.

Varied Dessertthat are created on a sour cream basis, it is quite possible to do and based on yogurtif pre-mixed with gelatin.

Even in the case of manufacture cream for cakeIt’s quite possible to do french creamif sour cream is unavailable for one reason or another. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the percentage of fat content in such products may be higher.

If it is necessary to make desserts, then it is quite possible to take the most diverse available soft unsalted cheeses. He showed himself well as a substitute for sour cream mascarpone.

It is worth noting the main thing that in no case should you panic if there is no sour cream in the house. Carefully and sensitively evaluate its function in a particular dish.

There are not so many, while in most cases, a couple of spoons of sour cream it is quite possible to replace by adding a larger amount of the main ingredient, as well as a baking powder, which can act as soda or starch.

Protein can be taken from a variety of appropriate to taste cheese or cottage cheese. Be careful and inventive, and the replacement will only benefit the dish, help create a unique new recipe.

How to replace sour cream in main dishes?

It is believed that mayonnaise can be used as a substitute for sour cream in borsch and salad. But this sauce is most often made with artificial additives and flavor enhancers, which is not very good for health. And the dish itself will taste very different from the version with sour cream dressing.

Therefore, in the first dishes and salads, instead of sour cream, it is better to take cream on a plant basis, they have fewer calories. Is it possible to replace sour cream with kefir in this case? Why not.

You just need to take the dairy product thicker and beat a little.

Instead of sour cream sauce, you can prepare an analogue based on milk according to a custard recipe. Sugar should not be added, but salt is worth it.

How to replace sour cream in baking and desserts?

Sour cream makes pies and cakes more magnificent, improves the consistency of the dough, and is also used in creams and desserts. But what if it was not at hand, and the guests were about to rush? Try to apply analogues from those that are in the refrigerator:

- If you bake cakes for a biscuit cake, instead of sour cream, you can use cream or kefir, which should first be whipped a little.

- To prepare shortcrust pastry, you can take unsweetened yogurt, although it turns out to be tastier on sour cream.

- How to replace sour cream in a cake or cake recipe with a different type of dough? Try high fat cottage cheese desserts. It must be taken a third less than indicated in the recipe, since an excess of goodies will make the basis for the cake too dense.

- When baking muffins and cheesecakes, sour cream is replaced with kefir or fermented baked milk. To make the products lush and tasty, add a little more flour than expected by prescription, or a spoonful of starch.

In the manufacture of desserts based on sour cream, the dairy product can be replaced with yogurt mixed with gelatin. Exquisite cream for the cake will turn out if you beat French cream or fresh cream, but its caloric content will be even more due to the high fat content of the products. Delicious desserts are created on the basis of soft unsalted cheeses, such as mascarpone.

Sour cream can be replaced in most dishes, except, perhaps, sour cream and shanega. If you use analogues in their manufacture, you will get completely different dishes.