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5 simple ideas to freshen up your bedroom


Many owners are not very concerned about how their bedroom is equipped. Most importantly, the room should be comfortable and have a berth, however, according to the results of the research, even the smallest detail will be enough to bring a person into a state of mental imbalance. As a result, a constant stay in such a room can provoke the appearance of mental disorders, irritability. A person will not feel rested and calmed down, chronic fatigue will gradually develop, and he will not want to return to the bedroom.

Even if the room is small, you should take care of a comfortable environment that will really please, and not annoy the owner. The design of a small bedroom should be calm, functional and original. At first glance, a small room seems to be a serious problem, however, there are certain rules and recommendations that will make it possible to create a convenient, comfortable and suitable room for rest from a small room. Consider all the issues associated with the development of a design project for a small bedroom.

Advantages and disadvantages of small bedrooms

In many cities today people still live in Khrushchev and apartments with layouts that leave much to be desired. Previously, designers developed projects for the arrangement of rooms in an apartment, guided by the goals of efficiency, forgetting about the convenience, the need for free space and functionality of the home.

Typical apartments for the most part are not comfortable and multifunctional. They have low ceilings, narrow windows and a small area of ​​individual rooms. Despite the large number of disadvantages, they are easy to turn into advantages and use them to design the interior of a small bedroom.

The undoubted advantage of small rooms is that it is much simpler and easier to create comfort in them, which is so necessary for a person after a hard working day.

In addition, the development of the design of the room, in itself, is an interesting, entertaining event, with a quality approach to which it is quite possible to achieve a positive result.

How to choose a color scheme for a small bedroom

First of all, any landlord should be aware that a bedroom is not a place for fun or eating, a bedroom is a place to relax. This factor is the most important when choosing the optimal color scheme in the room. The gamut of shades should mainly be warm, but as calm and even peaceful as possible.

In addition to this advice, it is worth considering that light shades (white or beige) allow you to enlarge the room visually. However, such colors are not the only ones for the bedroom. In general, any light color that does not act annoyingly will do. This will give the room a modern and creative look.

An extremely important detail that should definitely be taken into account is the rule of applying shades in rooms with different window layouts. For example, for a bedroom where the windows face north, it is better to use warm shades, but for rooms where the windows are facing south, cold shades may well be applied.

So that the overall interior is not boring and too light, it is worthwhile to place bright accents in the design.

The colors can be applied in a variety of contrasting colors or in combination with other decorative elements (carpet or plaid). The colors of the walls should be in harmony with the colors of the furniture, ceiling, and textile.

Features of choosing the decor for a small bedroom

The interior of a small bedroom should be worked out to the smallest detail. An important step is the selection of necessary furniture, since all furnishings should be small and not clutter up the room.

Since it’s difficult to imagine a bedroom without a bed, it is important to choose the right furniture. It is worth paying attention to a bed without legs. Such designs will visually make the ceilings higher, and the bed itself will seem smaller than usual. If we are talking about a children's bedroom, it is best to purchase a bunk bed.

Accents are placed at or near the head of the bed. For example, it can be an unusual decorative back or an original cover. The owners can choose the rest of the furniture at their discretion, but at the same time remember that there should not be much furniture.

For a small bedroom, special furniture with several functions is quite suitable. For example, you can install indoors:

  • built-in mirror cabinet, which will expand the space and at the same time allow you to store the necessary things. Sliding wardrobe will be an excellent solution for a small room,
  • bedside tables combined with shelves. You can store things and books in them, and various decorative trinkets on open shelves.

How to make the decor of a small bedroom

The modern design of the room is not only the right color scheme and the purchase of new furniture. An important step is the placement of the situation. You can purchase a very high-quality bed and wardrobe, however, if the location is incorrect, the room will not get the necessary comfort.

Start by defining a compositional center. In the bedroom, such a center will, of course, be a bed. If a convenient and most optimal position for furniture has already been found, then positioning it will not be difficult. The most important thing to remember is that it is important to leave the space in the middle of the room, otherwise the room will look overloaded.

The next thing to do is place the furniture around the perimeter of the room. It is important not to leave any gaps, as this will not look aesthetically pleasing. If you decide to put bedside tables in the room, then they should not rise above the bed.

It is not recommended to choose furniture in bright colors and walls that contrast with the color. It is necessary that it be two harmonious shades. White color is also not worth choosing, it is better to give preference to light, natural shades. Low furniture of this color visually “raises” the ceilings. You should not have many small accessories and parts in the room. This will create a cluttered room effect. It is enough to make one bright accent in the room, but not in the middle, but rather in the corner.

In a small room, do not use textiles with a large pattern. It will look very ridiculous in a small bedroom. It is best to give preference to a plain fabric with a small ornament.

How to visually expand the space

A narrow bedroom is a problem found in many old houses. It is for this reason that it is important to consider how to visually expand the space and make the room as comfortable as possible. There are several ways. Let's make a small table.

Design ReceptionDescription
Mirrors and glass elementsA large mirror or wardrobe with a mirrored door will allow you to visually expand the room, add volume and space.
It is best to place such an accessory in front of the window, as the light will be reflected, and make the room even brighter. In the event that the mirrors in the bedroom are unacceptable, it is worth using other methods, for example, to make a panel, a stained-glass window from mirror tiles. Due to its individual characteristics, the mirror can perfectly complement the room. The use of glass gives a good effect. For example, you can make them glass shelves on shelves or choose a glass cabinet as the setting.
Glossy walls and ceilingGlossy paint is used for decoration quite often. This material allows you to visually expand the room according to the principle of mirroring. The main thing here is to choose the right shade of the composition. If the paint is bright, then a person will quickly feel tired and irritated in such a room. It is recommended to choose a pastel color, and apply the paint perfectly evenly. When light hits the surface, all pits and bulges will be visible.
Glossy stretch ceilings can be an excellent option. With proper lighting, they will create a powerful effect of infinite space.
Special wallpaperEffectively help expand the space of wall mural with perspective. Today there are a lot of such images, ranging from landscapes to space-themed wallpapers. Such wallpapers should only be glued to the bottom of the wall, which will visually expand the space and create the effect of the tunnel. The most important thing is not to overdo it when applying, because, otherwise, the room may become too long and narrow. It is best to make the disproportionate space more harmonious. For example, wallpaper with horizontal stripes will allow to increase the space well - they will spread the room. Vertical stripes will raise the ceiling.
Do not use wallpaper with a large and overly pompous pattern. This will make the room much smaller, and the sophisticated pattern will create a feeling of congestion. In a small bedroom, the harmony between wall decoration, furniture and accessories is extremely important. If this is not achieved, then the room will not be comfortable.
LightingAn important role in the design of a small bedroom is played by lighting. It is not necessary to make bright, powerful lighting in such a room, as this will not make the room cozy. It is best to distribute lighting fixtures into zones and make every corner of the room lit.
If lamps or luminaires are placed on the walls, then when the light is on, the room will visually appear taller. Multi-level lighting can give a good effect.

Bedroom design with or without balcony

The presence of a balcony in the bedroom is a real prize. Thanks to this, it will be possible to expand the space of the room, moreover, not only visually, but also quite realistically. If you include it in the general decor of the bedroom, then the balcony will become its natural extension. On the balcony it will be possible to make a small corner for a comfortable stay or to do what you love.

If the bedroom has no windows, then this is a serious problem, since the room will not have natural light. To cope with the situation, it will be possible to use some decorative tricks, for example, install a false window that will create a complete illusion of space. You can additionally place windows, stained-glass windows, drawings. Partitions from glass look especially impressive.

What style for a bedroom is worth choosing

The choice of style in the interior of the bedroom is a very responsible occupation, since it is this factor that will become decisive in the future when buying furniture for the bedroom, when choosing wallpaper and other accessories. Consider several styles that are best suited for the design of a small bedroom:

  1. Minimalism. The most common and popular style for such a room. There should not be much furniture and objects should be small in size. Strict geometric shapes should prevail throughout the room, and the color scheme should be restrained, natural shades: gray, white, black. Contrasts are arranged a couple of shades lower than the main color.
  2. Classic. When choosing a style, the interior will be created in a laconic style. The furniture will have clear shapes, the material will only be natural, both for furniture and textiles. Ornaments are used natural, vegetable. As an emphasis, it is worth choosing sculptural expositions or mirrors on the wall.
  3. Japanese style. Very close with minimalism, but with the addition of elements of Japanese culture. Colors are natural, pastel, dim lighting. The floor is natural. The furniture is as simple as possible.

The choice of this or that direction in design will help to quickly resolve the issue of the decor of a small bedroom and make the room as comfortable and cozy as possible. Guided by the recommendations given in the article, you will be able to develop the design of a small bedroom project yourself.

Idea # 1: Paint

One of the best ways to decorate a bedroom is to paint the walls. Change the usual wallpaper with a pattern to your favorite color, refreshing the walls with a plain layer of paint. The bedroom will seem brighter and cleaner. Try a bold new color or soft neutral. You can safely experiment. If you are not inspired by the idea of ​​a one-color environment, you can draw something on one of the walls.

Idea # 2: Curtains and curtains

Try changing the appearance of the bedroom by changing blinds or curtains. Today, both are available in a wide variety of patterns, fabrics and textures. Choose a color that matches the motive of the room, or try something completely different. You can also completely combine different textures, colors and materials. Again, there is a wide field for experimentation.

Idea # 3: Pillows

New pillows are another way to add color to your bedroom. Many pillows on the bed will create a wonderful accent, add novelty and allow you to see how the new colors combine with the main palette. And best of all, they can be easily replaced if you suddenly want change again.

Blankets and bedspreads are another fun but functional accessory. Throw a large bedspread to the floor to match the basic color scheme of the room, and you will see how everything changes dramatically.

Idea # 4: Duvets and bedding

The bed is without a doubt the main subject of the bedroom. So a new (or long forgotten old) duvet can be "it is." Bed linens are also available today in a wide range of colors, fabrics and textures and it can be a wonderful finishing touch. So maybe you just need to get a brand new kit?

Idea # 5: Wall Decoration

Paintings, embroidery, tapestry, mirrors, shelves - all this will help to easily and elegantly decorate the walls of your room. Beautiful paintings can be found in any specialized store. You can try something more creative and put your favorite photos or even pictures from books or magazines in frames. A simple or intricate mirror is not only an attractive detail, is it? In addition, it can visually make the bedroom bigger.

Wall shelves are easy to install and make a great place for accessories (photos, candles, books, small trinkets, any decor items) that emphasize your personality.

These are just a few easy and inexpensive bedroom decorating ideas that will enliven your space a bit. Do not forget that night tables, lamps and rugs are also bedroom accessories that can be added or replaced to give the room a new look.

Some great ideas on how to equip a bathroom so that you don’t want to leave it

The arrangement of the bathroom is one of the most delicate interior issues that always remains “behind the scenes” when it comes to finding an inexpensive rented apartment. You will be guided in the last turn by the beauty of the toilet when ten more potential tenants are standing behind you in the line for the same apartment.

As a result, when entering a rental housing, one can observe post-apocalyptic paintings: from rust and broken tiles to completely uncomfortable walls. We propose to deal with this state of affairs in simple and budgetary ways.

To a dazzling shine
Before dealing with issues of aesthetics and decoration, deal with hygiene. Not many cities can boast of perfect tap water: over time, rust smudges or calcareous “paths” appear on enamel.

To clean the rust will help household chemicals or folk remedies - a glass of vinegar and half a tablespoon of salt. With this cocktail you need to fill in a rusty stain and leave for 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Yellow deposits on the surface of the bath can be removed with bleach, slightly diluted with water. Cleaning the sink and toilet is not a big deal if you know how to handle dirt.

Into the sky
And again a few words about the advantages of vinyl stickers: they are easily attached to any coating and just as easily removed without leaving any marks, and the print can be ordered according to your drawing or selected from a huge catalog.

So, for example, in this white bathroom in the photo laid expensive tiles with an unusual pattern. A similar effect can be achieved if you decorate the plain tiles in the bathroom with stickers. Choose the style of stickers for your taste - the best solution is yours.

All in tone
Faucets, shower heads, fittings and accessories made of different metals create a sense of negligence in the interior of the bathroom. Do not be too lazy to gradually bring all these objects to the style uniformity: if you have faucets with a copper finish, it makes sense to pick up the same handles for cabinets, chrome accessories, respectively, require "cold" companions. Investments will be required not so much, but the room will look several times more accurate.

Another great way to solve the bathroom problem in a rented apartment is to install a new faucet to replace the leaking old one. As a rule, such actions can be included in the bill for the apartment.

Paint the coil
Обычно в квартирах, предназначенных для сдачи в аренду, змеевик вешают, как придется, и больше не вспоминают о нем никогда — по крайнем мере, до тех пор, пока устройство работает.

The metal, meanwhile, rusts, the paint begins to peel off, and it does not even occur to many that the coil can be painted with heat-resistant enamel - it is not afraid of either heating or a humid environment. If you do not want the coil to stand out against the general background, select the paint to match the color of the walls. Or, on the contrary, paint it in a bright contrasting shade - let a humorous accent appear in the bathroom.

It is advisable to decorate the coil in the very days of the preventive shutdown of hot water - most likely it will have to be rid of a layer of old paint, and working with solvents is much nicer on a cold surface.

Water environment
Do not like the pressure of water in the shower? The easiest way to solve the problem is to buy a new shower head, especially since even a child will cope with its replacement. Several modes of water supply, a nice shape, an elegant shine of metal - you will be surprised how in a matter of minutes your bathtub will turn into a spa.

This is the case when you can and should buy an expensive and high-quality model - take it with you to a new apartment: all connectors are standard, a new watering can is guaranteed to fit any modern mixer.