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10 Ways to Improve Intimate Life


Excitement and excitement, trembling and fear, passion and doubt - when will you still experience a set of such conflicting emotions, like before the first sex with a new partner? You waited for this, both prepared, nurtured a desire, and now - it may end not in the way you wanted, because of your experiences and possible mistakes. How to get used to the new lover and make the first sex as pleasant as possible for both of you? We will talk about this today at

The most important thing for a good first sex is the right time when both partners are ready and want to get closer to each other and transfer relations to another level. If the man was too persistent, and the girl is not completely sure and agreed to intimacy because of fear of losing the man, then she is unlikely to be able to enjoy. Therefore, let the decision about the first night always be yours: confidence in your desire and the willingness of the girl is the key to a successful first sex.

1. Smile to embarrassment

Confusion is inevitable. We hit our foreheads, someone's knees crunched - no matter what happens! Do not try to act as if nothing had happened, trying to hush up this awkward moment. Smile and kiss your partner. Beat the embarrassment and continue to do what you stopped at. Sex is not spoiled by awkwardness, namely, an embarrassed attitude towards them, which enslaves partners.

2. Leave experiments until better times

Better times, of course, should not be postponed, but they should not be rushed either. Sex in bright light, unusual and “difficult” places, specific accessories - all this requires a certain level of intimacy with a partner and trust each other. Some agree to experiments only so as not to seem like a notorious simpletone.

Tip number 1. Make sexual dates

If a couple meets or lives together for long years or months, you need to plan dates that necessarily end in sex. Background before sex means a lot. If this is not just a triangle: have dinner, undress, go to bed, sex will become much more romantic and desirable. Go to the park for a walk, ride a carousel, ferris wheel or motorbike, dine in a restaurant, and then have sex. It will bring you much more romantic feelings than in a normal environment. If what you do before sex brings pleasure to both, then sex itself will cause a lot more emotions.

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Tip number 2. Spend nights out from time to time

Strange advice, but it works one hundred percent. Allocate funds at least once every two weeks. to have sex not in the familiar surroundings of your own bedroom, but in a hotel or at your friends ’cottage. Yes, you never know the romantic options that diversify your intimate life. According to psychologists, the best experience in sex is the one that couples get now, not yesterday and not tomorrow. In an unusual environment, the brain turns off and stops thinking about what you would think at home - such as “repair the tap” or “calm the children”.

For those who have been together for a long time, it's good to change the situation from time to time. This will work best in a place that does not contain memories of your time spent together. New sensations in everyday life - new sensations in sex. They may be the brightest in your life ...


Tip number 3. Change the design of your bedroom

The same pathogen for a long time can get bored, say sexologists. Your usual bedroom interior can be fed up with both, even if you provided for it with large mirrored ceilings and a romantic half-light. Redesign your bedroom dramatically. For example, replace pastel colors with bright red or yellow. This simple move can make a big difference in your sexual feelings.

If you are not planning a complete coup, change the little things pleasant to the heart and body. Lay new silk underwear, light candles and buy a beautiful fan. These seemingly small changes can completely transform the interior and make the sensations more saturated.

And one more piece of advice regarding the bedroom - take everything out of it that is not related to sex and relaxation: children's toys, books, unnecessary clothes.

Tip number 4. Confess Yourself to Your Sexual Fantasies

Many people live to a very old age and do not admit to themselves (not to mention a partner) what they really want in sex. Of course, it will become boring if you practice the same missionary position in the same bedroom from day to day. Therefore, gain courage and answer each other the questions: “What would you like to (a) change in our sex with you?”

You can get a completely unexpected answer, not to mention the fact that you yourself can admit to unexpected things. Just the thought that your sexual fantasies are about to come true will already warm you up and make sex more intense.

A discussion of these fantasies with your partner (partner) will bring new notes to your intimacy.

Tip number 5. Ask what your partner really wants from sex

Perhaps you have never asked your soul mate this simple but brave question. Therefore, you do not know what the true sexual desires of your partner (partner) are. Or maybe they completely coincide with your sexual desires, in which you yourself did not admit, and even more so to your partner?

But did you know that one of the most common couples when contacting a sexologist is that one side in sex is much more active or passive than the other. Men and women complain about each other, that one of them is interested in sex much more than the other. Hence the discrepancy of intimate desires. And when does a person lose interest in the process? When everything goes wrong as he wants. Talking frankly, much can be fixed.

Tip number 6. Always learn something new in sex

If you do not do this, the monotony in sex will get bored very quickly, even with great love. Read literature, buy CDs with new sex techniques, change underwear. Try role-playing games - in a word, constantly experiment. This will add brightness and novelty to your sexual relationship.

Many couples are afraid of the slightest changes in sex life. But you just have to try - and you may discover a completely new planet of sensations.

Tip number 7. Confess Your Sexual Issues

You can not wave at them and ignore the difficulties in sex. If you do this all the time, the quality of sex is greatly reduced. If these are medical problems (for example, diseases of the reproductive system), you need to take a short break and deal with them. Many do not do this, fearing that the partner will not understand them. This is fundamentally wrong. If the problem worsens, the quality of sex will decline and a situation may arise where making love will become unpleasant for both.

Obstacles to vibrant sex can be psychological problems. Then they also need to be addressed together. A frank conversation and a visit to a sexologist will help to cope with any tasks on the love front.

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Tip number 8. Do not hurry

When a couple slowly examines each other and is in no hurry to use the most tried but shortest method, it brings pleasure to both. Many couples make the same mistake: they find out what the partner likes and constantly use the same method (or a couple of methods). This is the shortest and surest path to pleasure. But this monotony soon becomes boring. In addition, studies show that premature ejaculation in men disappears without any treatment, as soon as the couple begins to experiment slowly.

With this approach, a woman also disappears in self-doubt, restraint and a desire to finish everything as soon as possible. Playfulness, leisurelyness and creativity are the three pillars on which sex rests.


Tip number 9. Do not compare yourself to pornstars

Comparing yourself with someone whose level will always remain insurmountable for you is harmful. It makes no sense to try to be like movie stars or models. The best way to diversify relationships is to be yourself.

The fact that your intimate life "should be" such or such is such a harmful delusion that makes you waste time and energy. How much time should be spent on sex, how it should be and what it should not be - it's up to you, not the heroes of the reality show that you try to be like. Do not worry about who you might be similar in appearance or in your behavior - or your partner (partner). Think not about what you owe, but about what you really want.

Tip number 10. Do not stop

Do not be afraid that some attempts to improve your sex life will lead you to the wrong place. The most interesting road is the unknown. Follow it and go, it will bring a lot of interesting things to you and your soul mate.

Do not stop trying to finally find a middle ground in sex and get stuck on it. This is an ungrateful way. It is important to constantly study, work - and then your lovemaking, as well as constant experiments with a partner (partner) you will never get bored.

You can read and follow these 10 tips on how to improve your sex life. And you can come up with your own, even more successful and vibrant. The main thing is not to stand still, and your success will find you.

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